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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by arthurdenu
    nothing that's really good is ever easy!
    Couldn't you make each episode self contained, featuring both teams but focusing mainly on its own, each with its own resolution?

    Its like when they brought out the Constructicons when Transformers were big. You were able to play with each toy individually, but when you combined them all - you got a rampaging robot of destruction!

    That would satisfy those who can't see the "partner episode". And would add a whole new dimension to the show. I want to see what each team says about the other behind their backs!

    Thanks for answering my question Joe.
    Congratulations and all the best with season 10.
    Having the entire team crossover to another series would cost huge $$$ and just wouldn't be feasible.


      Originally posted by Easter Lily
      Hi Joe...
      Had a blast with Torri and Co. at one of the Australian Cons.
      So what about you, Joe? Will we ever see you Down Under and get to personally experience more of your finely tuned wit?


      I'd say definitely not. They're more interested in the guy who played Jaffa #12.


        Originally posted by Skydiver
        Care to share which ones???
        7 episodes in season 1.
        3 episodes in season 2.
        3 episodes in season 3.
        3 episodes in season 4.
        3 episodes in season 5.
        2 episodes in season 6.
        3 episodes in season 7.
        1 episode in season 8
        4 episodes in season 9.


          Originally posted by JMallozzi

          *grin* How about something less traditionally cuddly, like an armadillo?
          Granted, it could be one of those alien furry armadillos.

          Does this mean you get a co-story credit?


            Originally posted by pittsburghgirl
            Really?? I like Chachi-will Joanie join him??

            Seriously though-although I am gratified to hear that Sam will be firmly rooted in SG-1-having her stretch and be involved in Atlantis is a good thing. My question is with the possible regular communication between the SG-C and Atlantis would Sam be involved in the R & D aspect of her involvement with Atlantis or will she be a traveling scientist showing up when her expertise is needed?

            We have discussed numerous scenarios for not only Carter but other members of the SG-1 universe (and the same goes for Atlantis). Nothing has been firmly decided yet.


              Originally posted by aaobuttons
              Do the actors have to get prior approval for changes to their appearance (like if Torri wanted to go blond, or David wanted to grow a beard), or is that sort of thing just worked into the show or not mentioned at all?
              The actors will give us a heads up if they want to change their appearance (ie. Teal'c's blond soul patch).


                Originally posted by LaCroix

                If AT does return and her time is split between SG-1 and SGA, is there a chance that she might direct an episode for SGA?

                Thank you.
                We have yet to finalize our director's schedule.


                  Originally posted by Unamed
                  Hey joe, Is there any chance of underground or hidden facilities on the the mainland on Atlantisis planet? Or even weapons....
                  Its a pretty big planet. And a pretty big city for that matter.


                    Originally posted by lilslim142000
                    Dear Joe,

                    These are the following questions.

                    1. Will we be seeing some H.P. Lovecraft tales in season 10 for Stargate SG-1
                    2. Will we know who created the Hot Zone virus on Stargate Atlantis in season 2 or season 3?
                    3. Will we be seeing more of the Lucian Alliance in season 10?
                    4. Can you give us some spoilers on the episodes for season 10 and season 3?
                    5. Are we going to see a new enemy in season 10 of sg-1 and season 3 of atlantis.?
                    6. Are we going to see more of the Asgard's Ida Galaxy in season 10 because appears that they are the only race/species in that galaxy.
                    7. Will we see the Replicators/Oma Desala/Skaara/Anubis/Baal/ in season 10?
                    1. No.
                    2. Yes.
                    3. Yes.
                    4. No.
                    5.Yes and Yes.
                    6. Probably not.
                    7. Yes's, no's, and maybe's.


                      Originally posted by JMallozzi
                      An Australian team? Nope. An Australian team member? Probably.

                      Pick me!!

                      On another topic altogether --- icecream (something dear to my heart!)
                      A place near me has caramelised pear. Divine.... You need to come to Aus for a con so you can try it!!
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                        Hi Joe,

                        What about David Nykl/Dr. Radek Zelenka becoming series regular in Season 3?

                        Is there any posibility or chance?

                        BSG.CZ - Your Guide To Battlestar Galactica in Czech.


                          Hi Joe! Thanks for the great TV show.

                          Are we gonna ever see Sam get sarc'ed? I'd love to see what that would do to her crazy head. How 'bout a Sam/Vala catfight? Two ex-symbiotic could kick the crap out of each other. You know a friendly fight, that both actress have to train for months for.hehe

                          Thanks again, lots of love
                          A life without ship is no life at all.


                            You mentioned you'd like to do a dark comedy after SG1, have you ever seen Dead Like Me? Would that be something to what you'd like to do after?
                            Stargate Destiny - Coming Again Soon


                              Hi Joe,

                              Thank you for giving your time to answer questions

                              Will there be any particular episodes were we will get to see the Daniel and Mitchell friendship explored?


                                Quick question:

                                Why no mention of the EU in Stargate?
                                You have France and Great Brittian as players in the Stargate universe. But both of them are members of EU and yet not a single mention that fact.