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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe.

    Is there any chance of seeing McKay's sister, Jeanie, in season 2?

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      Now that season 10 is official, are there any characters, planets, races, or story arcs from seasons 1-8, which we haven't or won't see in S9, that you would like to see in S10?



        Hi Joe,
        Will the SGC ever send a ship (and Daniel) to the planet in "The Torment of Tantalus"? They didn't have that option back in season one, but now that they can get there with out the Stargate, surely Daniel wound want to go back.
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          Hi Joe,
          I'm not sure if this has been raised (probably has) Is there any chance of running an episode of Atlantis and an episode of Sg1 simultaneously, both set at the same time, where we see the teams interacting to solve a common problem but showing the story from each team's point of view? It'd be great to see what they think of each other.
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            Well, someone's gotta ask (as many of us remember the infamous 'show is renewed for season 6 but no, Daniel isn't coming back scenario'). Are all the cast members coming back to each show?

            Stargate SG-1
            Ben Browder
            Michael Shanks
            Amanda Tapping
            Chris Judge

            Stargate Atlantis
            Joe Flanigan
            David Hewlett
            Torri Higginson
            Rachel Luttrell
            Jason Momoa

            So, simply yay or nay on each would be nice


              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              Using that line of reasoning, you could argue that Jack didn't really bring anything to the team either beside his self-deprecating sense of humor. Mitchell was given command of SG-1 at a time when there was no SG-1. Like many of the other SG team leaders out there, he had no experience in off-world travel when handed command. The previous members of the team had gone their separate ways, so he wasn't taking command away from anyone. Rather than build a whole new team, he chose to go with what worked, the old SG-1. Eventually, he reunited the team. In the writers room, we did debate the whole leadership issue and eventually compormised, deciding on a co-leadership.
              Wow Joe - as bad as this excuse was when a couple of fans tried it as an excuse for Mitchell's lack of purpose I never thought we would see one of TPTB use it. It is almost as disappointing an excuse as it is telling regarding the co-leadership mess. First let me clarify - I NEVER said "that Jack didn't really bring anything to the team {snip} beside his self-deprecating sense of humor". This is not MY reasoning as I never thought he "didn't bring anything to the team", apparently, though, there are those that do. IMO, Jack's purpose was clear, as is/was the purpose of Sam, Teal'c and Daniel, Mitchell's, however, is not.

              I thought that TPTB message was "Mitchell is not Jack"; has that message changed for the sake of an excuse for Mitchell?

              The purpose of my original question was not to get an excuse for Mitchell's lack of purpose it was simply to ask, and hopefully find out, what Mitchell's purpose is - what does he bring to the team that was not already there with Sam, Teal'c and Daniel, other than to apparently take Jack's place by bringing nothing to the team? (Edited to add a portion of the review done for the S8 DVDs: "Not forcing a new person into the SG-1 equation works surprisingly well for the fabric of this surprisingly multidimensional season." )

              Really - is it the male lead thing? You can tell us.

              As always, Joe, thanks for your time.
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                Joe, if there was only one thing you could go back and change in the entire SG1 series, what would it be and ofcourse why would you change it?

                I'm assuming, ofcourse, that you aren't bound by some sort of NDA : )


                  Joe, I know you have a lot of ideas/plans bubbling around in that great evil head of yours... which one are you most interested in working on once you leave Stargate? Or Stargate leaves you.


                    Hi Joe. First time asking a question, so if it's been asked I'm sorry, I don't think I've seen it before.

                    If you could've written/produced any other show for any time period (i.e. today, twenty yrs ago) what would it be?

                    I know you're a busy man, so thanks a bunch for taking time out to answer our questions! Hugs from Massachusetts! P.s. I'm waiting for your ice cream to be available in stores.

                    Thanks Suekay for the sig!


                      So Joe,

                      If Sam Carter's going to be splitting her time between Atlantis and Earth next year, might that mean she ends up with a command, similar to Caldwell's, of one of the new Daedalus-class ships in Earth's growing armada?


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                        Thx in advance for reading this!

                        Question: Did or do you plan on using some fan fiction as the base for an episode?

                        Joke question:
                        Are we gonna meet the Furlings?


                          Joe - if Amanda Tapping does the smart thing and takes the other opportunity she has how will you fill that incredibly strong, intelligent, competent void left by the loss of Sam Carter - other than throwing a lot more cheap, sexual innuendo in there with vala?


                            Dear Joe, i must say as a UK viewer that i'm really enjoying s9, at least i was untill i heard the news that TPTB don't know what to do with Sam and as a fan of this show and of Amanda herself surely you must have many more layers for this wonderful character?

                            My question to you is, if Sam is no longer wanted on SG1 and Vala ia brought back is she going to be "the new Sam"
                            Thankyou for your time in reading this.
                            From a very sad fan tonight in the UK


                              After the fantastic response to Vala by critics, the media and fans, her recent return for more season 9 episodes and her annoucement as a major guest for next years Creation Cons, and added to the news that there might be less Sam in season 10, dare we hope that the lovely Vala maybe a full time cast member next season? I know a LOT of people who would be very happy about that!



                                Tell me it’s not true that there will be less Carter on SG-1 in season10.Stargate needs Carter.
                                I don’t understand the problem, if they want to have Vala on the show why can’t they have both Vala and Sam. Vala can’t replace Sam they are nothing alike. Besides Stargate won’t be Stargate without Sam Carter. She has been there from the beginning and deserves to be there. Plus there are a lot of us out there that want her there, if she wants to stay. I’m one fan that won’t watch if Carter is not on the show. I just can’t believe that TPTB would do that to the fans that have been fateful for so many years.
                                Amanda Tapping is one of the reasons why so many people have watched for all those years. Please tell us that Carter will still be a big part of Stargate SG-1 in season 10.

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