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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Mr Mallozzi, one more question (sorry if it has been already asked) :
    I wanted to know if the writers & producers had decided a specific number of persons in the Atlantis Expedition, since it has not been precisely mentionned in the show so far ...


      Originally posted by Brandie
      I second this question!

      *waves at Joe*

      The music composition for both shows is amazing. I'm a fan of soundtracks and scores, so adding another SG-1 or SG:A compilation to my collection would be sweet

      So having the scores available for purchase would be stellar They wouldn't go unsold, thats for sure
      I'm asking this question again!!!

      I love the music, especially Atlantis'. it would be great to have a cd soundtrack!


        Oh boy, is Joe going to have a lot of a reading to do !

        *Evil grin on both faces.* One of the perks of being Janus.

        But my question was:

        What happened to the Glider Teal'c and Hammond used to save SG-1 from Hathor ?
        I mean, the one that fitted through the Gate.
        Why wasn't that ship ever used again ?

        SGU Continued....


          A question in regards to the recent Lowdown special...

          It's pretty apparent you guys get some pretty strange mail.

          1) To your recollection, what is the strangest piece of fanmail you've ever seen?

          2) What's the strangest rumor/gossip about the show that you've seen fans bandy about?

          of course, no names of the writers need to be mentioned



            With the recent announcement that Rainbow Sun Francks/Lieutenant Ford will be a recurring character in Season 2, there has been quite a bit of (in my opinion, unfounded) speculation that either Torri Higginson or Rachel Luttrell will also be recurring. Can you confirm one way or another so we can put that little debate behind us?

            Secondly, the episode "Hot Zone" opened a barrel of monkeys with regard to the leadership of Atlantis. Will the show further develop those differences between Sheppard and Weir, and will we get to see more of how the conflict affects both their working relationship and their personal relationship? I hope that their unfinished conversation at the end of the episode isn't the end of that development.

            Thanks for taking the time out to answer questions here.
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              Speaking of "Hot Zone" I was wondering can we expect a follow up episode in season 2 or 3 that would explain who created the virus.
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                Put my 2-cents worth into the request for SG1/SGA soundtracks. The music is great.

                Many fans are into the recurring character of Kolya of the Genii - hope to see him pop up now and then in Season 2.

                Any plans for a recurring Wraith villian? Wraith have come in and out the first season but are quickly killed off just as they become interesting (Steve, etc.). Would love to see a recurring Wraith that we can love to hate!

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                  Hi Joe! My first question!

                  Who's idea was it to build up Sergeant Walter Harriman's (Chevron Guy) Character this year (Finally!), and are you planning to further develope the character in Season 9 of SG-1, and possibly Season 2 of Atlantis?

                  Anything with Walter in is great!

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                    When they have the "practical puddle" rear-projection in place on set, how close to "real" does it make the Stargate look? Or does it just look like a rear-projection? And how much does using a practical puddle instead of a visual effect puddle save?

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                      Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

                      I have a question regarding Lt. Colonel Carter. In the episode 'In the Line of Fire' Carter was blended with the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar and we later learned that due to this blending she now has Naquadah in her blood and has attained the ability to use Goa'uld technology ( as seen with the hand device in "Seth" and the healing device in "Thor's Chariot" and "Meridian" ).

                      However, though she appears to have the ability to use these devices, she seems to have limited control over these items. I'm curious if there were reasons why Carter hasn't spent more time learning how to use these abilities, especially with her father now being a Tok'ra. Is the ability to use a Goa'uld device effectively something that can only be obtained through genetic makeup and not learned?

                      Also, is there any chance you might delve into this particular aspect of Carter in the future? I think it would add depth to her character to allow her blending with Jolinar to become more than just the ability to sense another Goa'uld, or an interesting specimen to be studied.



                        Dear Joe,

                        First off, thank you so much for the great episodes you've penned over the last 4 seasons. I always now I'm going to have fun when I see your name in the credits.

                        I do have a very, very important question: Will you and Paul be writting new lyrics to the StargateG1 theme song now that RDA will not be a regular in Season 9?

                        I only ask because my Mom heard me singing the theme song one afternoon (while watching Stargate!) and asked me about it. "What are you going to do when O'Neill is gone?Still sing the same words? It would be kind of odd, wouldn't it?"

                        Oy! Parents!

                        Just, you know, wondering....

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                        by Nikkirose


                          Not sure if someone asked this already but:

                          Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

                          How long can it take to come up with an idea for one episode? After the idea is thought up how long can it take to write an episode? And what are the things you need to consider when writing a script? (Budget, talent, directors style etc.)

                          Thank you for your time,

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                            Joe - thanks for your time. Curious if you or others have seen comments on Gemini. There seems to be a growing negativity from many fans who feel that the direction Carter has taken over the past 2 seasons or so has been damaging. Do TPTB see this as what is happening, if not can you give some insight into what exactly is happening with this once strong and respected character and why? What can you say to allay the concerns/worries of the growing number of fans that feel Carter's character has truly been damaged by the way she has been written over the past season or so?

                            As always, Joe, I very much appreciate your taking the time to visit here and reply to the fans questions.


                              Dear Joe,

                              First off--thank you so much to you and the others from Stargate that have given me the best entertainment I've had from a TV show since the days I watched Star Trek with my grandfather.

                              Now on to my question. Concerning scripts and story ideas for the show, do you or anyone in the production area accept them from outside sources? I'm not talking about the ultimate Sam and Jack hook-up scene, I talking about in depth story lines and adventures that are original. If there is a way to get them onto someone's desk--how would I go about doing it?

                              Thank you for your time--

                              Elizabeth A Thomas

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                                Dear Joe,
                                Will Christopher Cousins be back on "Stargate SG1" as Joe Faxon? I expected a rescue mission ages ago.

                                I see you have a fair amount of posts. What other threads have you visited?
                                Hatshepsut, Queen Pharaoh