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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Thank you Mr Mallozzi for giving us a little of your time
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    Amanda Tapping interview
    Ben Browder interview
    Beau Bridges interview


      Originally posted by Wallpaperman
      What are you talking about ???
      Skydiver is asking Joe a question about something that was in the DVD commentary for Lost City.

      Please keep on topic - that means avoiding posting anything that is not an actual Question For Joe Mallozzi. Thanks.

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        Sorry, post edited
        And thanks again to Joe Mallozzi!

        Amanda Tapping interview
        Ben Browder interview
        Beau Bridges interview


          Hi Joe ,

          I don't know if you already answered that kind of question but I'm a bit worried about season 9.

          I think season 9 is gonna be lots of a change with all those new people coming in the show .

          Do you think the show may be renamed a little ???!!!! so that we can separate it a little bit from Stargate SG1 ..

          I 'm just worried that the new show may tarnish the Stargate SG1 show itself .

          It may be a good idea to call it "Stargate SG1 Reloaded" or something like that ..because this is what 's happening is being reloaded and at least if it fails (I say If!!! ) then it won't affect Stargate SG1 but only the new show ...because fans will say ..I loved Stargate SG1 but not so much Stargate Reloaded ...or vice versa .

          I'm not pessimistic just worried because I was a fan of the x-files and the last 2 years of that show (Because they brought so many people in ) tarnished the whole show ...and now some fans won't even recommend the x-files to watch at all I thought the first 7 seasons were great ..and all they should have done was to just rename the show instead of having the 2 mixed up together ....Then fans who loved the show would have said "I love the x-files but I hate "x-files ensemble".

          Do you see what I mean ?!!!

          Good luck with season 9

          Thank you very much for popping round and answering questions


          and Sam and Jack together
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            Hi Mr.Mallozzi!

            1. How long will the Wraith be the enemy of Atlantis? I think this storyline must ended with a truce, because I won't see a war without end for 3-4 season. I hope that you and the other writers will write about more their origin, tradition, their connection to the Ancients (and the Alliance) and speciel abilities (illusions like Nox).

            2. Why will the Wraith choose the combat style of kamikaze if they are almost immortal?

            3. Are the Genii the part of the Brotherhood?

            4. dr. Weir hasn't send troops for the last 3 planets before the Siege, where they could have found ZPMs. Why? Were they unable to dial there? I hope they will continue the searching in Season 2 in JF's story!

            5. How can the city be on the ocean without sinking? Will they fly away later? Is there any lifeforms in the ocean or on the continent?

            6. Will they revisit the planet Hoff (Poisoning the Wheel)?

            7. How many stargate systems are? At least we saw three galaxy, but I would like to see a reference for this (and for the next spin-offs ).

            8. Is there any chance to find a chrystal skull or an alternative universe mirror in Pegasus?

            9. Will Janus return? What happened in the past with Sheppard and Zelenka? Are they really dead or the Ancients have lied to Weir? How was he able to build a time machine if they weren't able in the 4x06 WoO?

            10. Are the Ancients and the Gatebuilders the same race? Why was in the Rising that the city flied away million years ago? I think the timeline should be reconsider, because Aiyana was 3 million year old, but the people of Janus lived only 10000 years ago. Why?
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              any plans to follow up on the Dagans from the Brotherhood and perhaps steal the zpm back?

              What is CJ's writing status for season 9? One ep (with Ishta?) or multiple, like he seems to want to?

              Is it true that Bridge studios bought the Blade Trinity sets for just 1$ as I once read?


                Hi-first of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and address our concerns.

                and speaking of Sam???? When are we going to get the real Sam Carter back?

                thank you

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                  Ho Joe! Thanks for your time, it's much appreciated

                  I hear there's gonna be a new general in S9. Any chance we can get a woman general? We need more women military in the show It'd be cool to have one at the top
                  May our transmatter beams cross again...

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                    You know who's doing the Audio Commentaries for SG-1 Season 8 and Atlantis Season 1?

                    And on more thing, when will the U.S. DVDs have the same featurettes as the U.K. DVDs?

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                      Originally posted by Cpn. Chris(tine) Bowman
                      Ho Joe! Thanks for your time, it's much appreciated

                      I hear there's gonna be a new general in S9. Any chance we can get a woman general? We need more women military in the show It'd be cool to have one at the top
                      weirs at the top
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                        Originally posted by Wass
                        Hi JM my question is now that we know a little bit about the wraith from “The Gift”
                        The wraith are human/(those creatures from “38 Minutes”) hybrids
                        are there any plans to explain why the ancients came to Pegasus galaxy and how the wraith become so powerful so fast.
                        Yup. We do have a backstory that we'd like to reveal over the course of the second season.


                          Originally posted by Teal'c
                          I may as well ask you Joe, did I see Damian in another walk-on role in Citizen Joe or am I just having visions of his life?
                          Yes, that was Damian and, I suspect, his attempt to get a con invite - or a recurring role.


                            Originally posted by ChevronSeven
                            Hi Joe!

                            I am anxiously awating the second half on this season. It looks great!

                            Would you have any idea how I could get in touch with Peter DeLuise?

                            Send your letters to Peter Deluis c/o The Bridge Studios, 2400 Boundary Road, Buraby BC...I don't recall the postal code but I'm sure you can find it online. He receives and reads all of his fan mail (unless they're story ideas of course).


                              Originally posted by SaharaGate
                              1. From where do you feel you learned the most about becoming a successful TV writer (and what was the most valuable to you) -- your education or simply writing, pitching and being in the industry? Also, what are some differences between writing for TV vs writing for the big screen, in terms of script structure and the pitch.

                              2. We've been hearing a lot about crossovers between Atlantis and Stargate. Are the last few episodes of both seasons inseparable? Due to scheduling differences, a lot of people will see both parts of The Siege before Moebius...will this give too much away? .

                              Thanks a bunch for spending so much time on the forum when you're busy writing!
                              1. I'd say working with very talented people has taught me more than I could have ever learned from any books or classes.

                              2. Moebius I and II fall before Siege II - but seeing one before the other won't be a problem.


                                Originally posted by Harlan
                                Hello Mr. Mallozzi !
                                I'm from a far far away planet (P5X-138, also known as "France" )
                                First, I'd like to thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions .

                                I have a specific one to ask you ...

                                We saw a lot of flags on the Atlantis Expedition Members Uniforms :

                                Australia / Belgium / Canada / Czech Republic / Germany / Japan / Paraguay
                                Philippines / Russia / Scotland / South Africa / Spain / Sweden / UK / USA / Zimbabwe [ See this thread ]

                                And I've been waiting for a French flag on Atlantis since the series premiere ...
                                And now I can't believe I have the opportunity to ask it right now to THE MAN :
                                Will there be a French member in the upcoming Atlantis episodes ???
                                ... at least a few seconds on screen ... but I'd be so cool for us !

                                You know, there's such a big SG fandom in France ...
                                SG-1 is broadcasted again and again on our TV, and the ratings are always higher and higher !
                                So ... we're just asking for a little flag on screen ... it'd be very kind ...

                                This question is mostly a little joke, but ... yes ! We really want it !

                                Thanks Joe for your great job !

                                Oh ... sorry for the bad grammar, english isn't my mother tongue .
                                Yes, there are definitely French members of the expedition. Are you sure you haven't seen a flag yet?