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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Harlan
    Mr. Mallozzi ! Another question just came out from my Naquadah brain !

    You know, I really LOVE the McKay character, especially since he was extended with Atlantis (such a good idea to make him come back, by the way ).

    And I wanted to know some details about Jenny, McKay's sister. First, whose idea is it ? And has it been invented especially for 'Hot Zone' and 'Letters from Pegasus' ? Or was it an old idea you had since I don't know when ...

    Thanks again for answering us !
    We created backstories for all of our characters way back when - but as the series progresses, we're able to add depth to those backstories in the form of, say, a sister.


      Originally posted by AmberMoon
      Mr. Mallozzi,

      Howdy! We've seen mainly Egyptian and Norse mythology...are we going to see any Greek/Roman mythology-driven characters? I'm a big time Greek/Roman mythology buff and they would make some really interesting Goa'ulds.

      Thanks for your time.
      There was Cronos of course but, looking ahead, we're going to have our hands full with a whole new villain.


        Originally posted by Major Fischer
        Similar to Sdermot's above, and related to...

        Having recently watched all of Babylon 5, and it being a series where they were told they had to wrap up the series in four seasons, they did, and than ended up getting a fifth season and had trouble filling it.

        Has there ever been a sense that it was dangerous to wrap things up too much even when you did think that it was going to be the last season?
        We've been wrapping up storylines since season 5 - and have yet to run out of ideas. In fact, a lot of the time, finishing up one storyline will open up a host of new possibilities. Nowhere is this more evident that in season 9.


          Originally posted by Purpleyin
          1.Will we be seeing Sora in Season 2?

          2. Will there be s9 sg1/s2 sga crossover involving Carter and McKay working together? (presuming McKay isn't that unexected loss in The Seige - I really hope not, got too attached to the annoying but lovable genius)

          3. Given that David Hewlett is quite liberal in what he will do for his acting, will we be seeing McKay written into any embarasing situations involving lack of clothing anytime? (presuming McKay is modest in that respect)

          4.What's up with the thing in (mostly later) SGA episodes where Weir/McKay (or rather the actors playing them) seem to be directed in a way that they are always in each others shots and have a few otherwise unnecessary scenes between them that never the less make the cut for a reason (such as the messages sending bit in Letters To Pegasus where they are together in the briefing room) usually it seems like the friendship/relationship is being focused on somehow and not merely a coincidence.

          Thank you if you do answer any of my questions.
          Also about the conventions - it would be great if writers and producers and behind the scenes people were at them, it's always nice to find out more about that sort of stuff. I always love finding out about that in 'making of''s which is why I'm really looking forward to the new seasons coming out on DVD, for all the special features we get on them.
          1. Its possible...but unlikely.

          2. A stronger possibility.

          3. Unlikely, but that hasn't stopped David from pitching the idea over and over and over...

          4. Hmmm. Not sure what you mean.
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            Originally posted by sueKay

            Not Stargate related but...

            Was 'Patrick Pig learns to talk' about a pig whose parents take him to the Blarney stone so he'll talk????

            *runs off to rumage through the attic to look for the book*

            What can I say...I'm a kid at heart!!!


              Originally posted by impulsivelad
              1. S1 saw Teyla embrace Earthly ways (to the point where she wears a uniform a lot of the time) in S2 will we see her in her role as the “leader” of her people? I’d like to see her alien-ness explored a bit.
              2. More flags! Will we see more nationalities on Atlantis? More little flags on shoulders and more accents? I like the idea of having a mini-Earth in another galaxy and it adds great texture to the show.
              3. Will the ancient gene carried by a lot of our crew be developed? These people are the decedents of an alien race, the gene had been dormant on Earth but now it’s being frequently exercised, this has got to have some impact on their biology.
              1. Yes, we will definitely be exploring Teyla's "alien-ness".

              2. More flags, yes. More accents...we'll see.

              3. There will be some developments regarding the gene, but not in the way you're suggesting.


                Originally posted by majorsal
                Hi, Joe,

                I was wondering if we'd see Replicarter again in season 9?

                Check out the back half of season 8 for the answer to this one.


                  Mr. Mallozzi,

                  1. Something of great debate here is what the 9th chevron is used for. Will we ever get to see this use in any upcoming episodes?

                  2. After SG-1 comes to an end (after like season 15 I hope) has there been any thought of another spin off like focused on the Ancients and how they built the Gates and the war with the Wraith? Or maybe like the ride SG 3000?


                    Originally posted by sharky277
                    Technicle Question Here:

                    What kind of software do you guys use for the visual effects and CGI's? They look great and I know the software is godawfully expensise, but it's nice to dream. Some one said you might use Maya but I'd like to get it from the horses mouth.
                    I'll have to ask Michelle or James the next time I see them. guys should try to get them invited to a con. I know that they would have a lot of cool/interesting things to tell you all.


                      Originally posted by Erik Bloodaxe
                      Well, my last question kinda sucked, so hopefully this next one will be better. Anyway, the question of the hour on my own board (link in the signature) is as follows: "What's Christopher Judge's status for season 9?" We've noticed there's been no announcement yet, and there's another thread around here that claimed that you'd already mentioned he was on board, but I didn't find any evidence of that when I did a search. We just want the word straight from the "horse's mouth" in order to be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Speaking of my board, ever visited it (assuming, of course, you've even ever heard of it)? j/k

                      Oh, and another good question is, if the series continues its recent habbit of improving like a fine wine w/ each year and thus also keeps getting season after season, any chance of getting those bloopers/deleted scenes on some of the box sets as opposed to the "special disk after the series" idea, which may make for a longer wait by this point? "
                      Chris is definitely back for season 9.

                      As for the behind-the-scenes stuff ending up on DVD - I've already told MGM that of all the extras fans would like to see, outtakes would rank at the very top of the list.
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                        Hi Joe nice of you to answer our questions

                        In “Hot Zone”
                        we discovered that there was a more advanced race/enemy out there that created this nano virus to kill humans
                        my question is will we learn more about them in season 2.

                        Thank you
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                          Originally posted by rocket4477
                          Mr. Mallozzi--
                          I was wondering, how do you decide what name a certain character will get?
                          Usually, the writer will decide on a name - and then it will go to Legal. If the name clears, we use it. If it doesn't clear, we have to come up with an alternate. For instance, Teal'c's original name was Gazoo, but it didn't clear.


                            Originally posted by Kliggins

                            If there has ever been a question you wanted someone to ask, but it never has, consider that I asked it and will you please answer it?

                            The answer is "yes" there is a question, and the answer to the question is also "yes". Thanks for finally asking.


                              Originally posted by MicaelJ
                              Mr. Mallozzi,

                              I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about how "Threads" came to be an episode preferrably aired in a 90 minute format rather than the ordinary shorter one.
                              For instance, when in the creative process did the production staff come to realize that it was a candidate for a lenghtened airing, and what makes the episode sufficiently special (without revealing spoilers of course) compared to others that the lenghtening was motivated?

                              Thank you,
                              A LOT happens in this particular episode. So much so that Robert felt it would be better served in a 90 minute version.


                                Originally posted by Angelique
                                Hi Joe!
                                This might be a silly question, but I was watching Macgyver the other day and saw that one of the head writers name was John Sheppard. So I as wondering if RDA had anything to do with naming Major Sheppard?

                                Thank you so much for coming here and answering our little questions!
                                Interesting, but no.