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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    I have a question about all of the episodes that deal with Oma, Keb and Daniel's ascension and eventual "visits" in season six. All of the zen sayings that Oma, Daniel, etc. say, who thinks of that? You know, the stuff about the candlelight, etc? Does the writer of the episode do research into Zen Buddhism or Hinduism or another type of faith such as that to write them? Whoever has written them has a very poetic soul.


      Mr. Mallozzi,

      I noticed that there are currently 17 episode names released for both Season 9 of SG-1 and Season 2 of Atlantis. How many episodes are there? 20 or 22?

      My friends and I live in Ladner, a suburb of Vancouver, Stargate’s Head Office, and we’re head over heels over Stargate. We were wondering if it would it be remotely possible for a fan-written episode for either the remaining unannounced episodes or for the next season of SG-1 and/or Atlantis to be filmed an aired? Like if you hold a contest WITH a disclaimer saying that the participants could not take legal action against if the episode was aired, then would that be ok? The contest could have specific subjects (ZPM’s, allies, history of Ori/Alteran, etc.) Stargate has a million fans all over the world. It could relieve some stress on the writers and could increase the Stargate-hype and audience! A fan-written episode could tie up some loose ends and introduce some new ideas for the writers. Thanks, Joe!

      - Xanderic
      Hallowed are the Xander. Love, Worship, and Rep/Green your all-powerful, omniscient God!


        Mr Mallozzi, if I am writing you today is to tell you how much I miss Jonas Quinn and how much he needs to come back.

        I had been very very disappointed by Jonas' last appearance in SG1 , because as a lot of fans Jonas' past is very foggy.

        We only know few things about him, his gift, his involvment in Langara and the fact he is an evolved human being.
        What does that mean? Is he ancient? How do he get this gift?

        Here are a lot of questions without answers these are the main reasons why we want him back and because we love this character. He brought a lot to SG1, like fresh air. But since his leaving, I have the feeling that SG1 is turning around and around. That's why I'm turning on ATLANTIS. I think that thanks to Jonas' arriving on SGA, we will have those answers and we need it because we had the feeling that this character had been used only Daniel's ascension and it is really a pity. Like a wasted character.

        Please, Mr Mallozzi, do something!

        Thanks for reading this message.
        a faithful fan of STARGATE ATLANTIS and Jonas Quinn

        I want more Cam/Sam and Dala
        Paul Mc Gillion back as regular in season 5!

        We want Farscape on M6! 538 people signed! What about you?
        March 19th 1999-March 19th 2008 : Happy Birthday Farscape !

        Stargate cast members I would like to meet :
        Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Paul Mc Gillion and Amanda Tapping



          In an earlier post someone had asked if we would be seeing any Daniel/Mitchell interaction on the same level as Jack and Daniel's scenes in Abyss, and you said we will.

          I was wondering if there are any episodes that have any Daniel/Sam interaction of that same caliber?

          I've always felt that the exploration of Daniel and Sam's relationship has been rather superficial and I'd love to see these two in a situation together that would let the viewers get a glimpse of what they mean to each other. (i.e. the depth of their friendship.)

          SueS ... who's hoping that by the time you read this you will be quite content because you've just put the finishing touches on the final act of The Scourge.



            Recently you said in your blog:

            Fan reaction continues to be very positive across the boards. In fact, there is one board whose fans have been consistently negative about the show over the years who have found much to enjoy in season 9, which is nice. Of course, there is also a handful of perenially negative posters who are having a tough time reconciling their sudden enjoyment of the show with the fact that its being written and produced by the same people who were responsible for the past 5 years of SG-1. So what do you do when the people you've been complaining about all these years produce something you can't complain about? Easy. Denial. Refuse to believe that they're responsible. The script elves wrote the first two episodes of season 9!

            I am wondering if you have considered the possibilty that what the fans might be reacting so positively to with the new season 9 is actually the new actors and not the writers?

            Just curious.


              Hi joe I was wondering if you have any comment on the controversy that Teryl Rothery *dr.janet frasier* wasn't given a leading role on Stargate Atlantis. There were whole bunch of rumours that she would be a main character on stargate atlantis, before the series begun. That she would be a perfect fit because she would give some kind of continuity with stargate sg1. Alot of fans were disappointed when you killed off her character. There were talk about reviving her character, in stargate sg1 10th season, and hopefully put her character in stargate atlantis. As in most science fiction shows, a resurrection of a character is the norm, will you consider bringing back Teryl Rothery in some form or another, and not in flashbacks.



                Joe, The Ties That Bind is such a fantastic romp, what will be the repercussions of the Civilian Oversite Committee that we leanred about?


                  Mr, Mallozzi

                  Hi, it's me agian, i was wondering, if you guys were or are trying a romance theme with Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard. I seen that jack and sam finally admited their feelings for each other. I have just seen a lot of scenes with these two, plus the scene with them in seige part 3 was cool. yeah so i was just wondering.

                  thanks for your time.
                  Sheppard/Weir Forever


                    Joe - was The Ties That Bind considered a romp when it was written and filmed? I recall reading a quote from RCC in Cult Times #117 from May 2005 that said: "The galaxy is about to become a very dangerous place again and there’s no time for all that romping around.”? Will there be more romps in S9?

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                      Originally posted by Sheppard141
                      Mr. Mallozzi

                      Hey, i have one question, but first i just wanted to say hi and what you guys are doing with the show is great, it's my favorite show. My question is in the last bit if season 9 episode Mobieus part 2 at the end was the jack, sam, daniel, and tealc, still the geeky ones from the other time line or where they back to normal, like the orignaly ones? I hope that makes sense.

                      Yeah Mr. Mallozzi, I've heard a lot of comments, especially one particular user on a yahoo group that insists in believing on the "Fish Theory", that because there were fish in Jack's pond, the entire new season is an AU. Do you have any comments for these people? Or is it just better to just let them believe whatever they think is right?

                      Jake in Florida.
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                      "We came here in peace, we expect to leave in one...piece..." ~~ Col. Jack O'Neill
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                        I have to say, Duet totally cracked me up. Hats off to David for pulling that off so well. The timing was perfect, the reactions of everyone around him as he is seemingly losing his mind... all of it. Very entertaining!

                        Now, on to my question!

                        What are the chances of us seeing Jaime Ray Newman back on Atlantis? Considering what she went through in the last episode, she would probably make for an interesting recurring character...
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                          Dear Joe,

                          Loving SG1 this year. But SGA? I would like to know for Duet, did any of the writers ask a wife or girlfriend what SHE would do if SHE found HERSELF inside a man? Gotta tell you, you only got one thing right....check him out where it counts.
                          Causality should not be taken lightly.


                            Hey Joe,
                            I was wondering if the daedalus might take back a puddle jumper to earth so they can reverse-engeneer them?

                            Best Stargate quote:
                            Sheppard: (yells to McKay) Canadian football is a joke! Celine Dion is overrated! Zelenka is smarter than you are!
                            Green is your friend.


                              Hi Joe - I'm a first time poster but a long time viewer.
                              During the 3 part opener for SG1, I kept waiting to hear about Jack's departure. Why was he leaving? What was his new assignment? I was disappointed that these questions were never addressed and was wondering if we would be finding out more later in the season.
                              I appreciate that the show is moving in a new direction, but after 8 seasons as a main character, it seems that poor Jack got an awfully shabby send off. Even Jonas got more than that.
                              Thanks for your time.


                                Hey Joe
                                With the success of Battlestar Galactica has there been any thought given to giving Atlantis (since its still a relatively young show) a similarly darker feel and storylines I think it will really help the show in its longevity.
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