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    Originally posted by illuminarok

    Did the Ori Prior in the SGC Briefing Room kill himself, use a form of Ori beaming technology or did he ascend?

    The reason I ask is because I noticed the Ascended Ori are beings that appear as fire, so maybe ascension by them would be 'fiery'.

    If he would have used a beaming technology he would have had to 'appear' to have killed himself so that we wouldn't go looking for him while he waits on a way to get the hell out of there. [ala Atlantis destruction mind trick]

    Thanks in advance Joe
    Nope. He really killed himself.


      Originally posted by binkpmmc
      Great - thanks Joe. The following is a question that follows up on a post about Carter's storylines in S9 and a post you made several pages back: it is a question that did not get a reply post, can you indicate if it was due to 1; 2 and if it was 2 any idea when you answered (a week ago, a month ago, 6 months ago, etc.); or 3 and if 3 can you post about the question

      If it's easier maybe just a reply to this: Since Carter does not have the command of SG1 to make an arc this season is there a signficant, central and contributing, continuous arc for Carter (for example the history with Jolinar and her abilities from that had great potential) or would you say that all of her stories in S9 are one-offs within the episodes and that she plays a secondary role?

      As always, thanks for your time.
      The character of Carter had some major arcs over the course of the past couple of seasons where other characters (like Daniel and Teal'c) did not. That said, all of the respective team members will get their opportunity to shine over the course of season 9.


        Originally posted by Lida
        Hi Joe, another Ice cream freak here.

        My question, will Julian Sands be reprising his role as Doci? I thought he was fantastic and a wonderful choice.


          Originally posted by purpletoo1
          Thanks again for answering here Joe,
          In "Runner" when Beckett operated on Ronon, how did he heal fast enough to go fight Ford without bleeding all over the place or ripping stiches and such? Is he secretly addicted to the wraith enzyme giving him the ability to heal quickly like Ford? I know, if it is a secret you won't tell me but it is begging for an explanation! You are awesome!
          Ronon is special. His healing abilities are all natural.


            [QUOTE=Anunnaki]Hey Joe! Don't post here much because, well, I don't really have many production related questions. Hopefully I'm not persona-non-grata for that. But I did catch your blog yesterday, and since we're off from the studio today (being a gorgeous holiday and all!) I thought I'd ask: you have pugs?! As in plural? What are their names?

            Mine are Mylo and Mackenzie. Ha. Pugs. Anyone who loves a pug is my kinda people...

            - You're little guys are very cute. What are their little personalities like? I have three: Jelly, Maximus, and Bubba.
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              Originally posted by DelTrax1
              Hopefully this hasn't been asked but if it has may I take 1000 lashes from a bamboo stick. I seem to remember hearing that the Ori have more power than the Ascended Ancients in our galaxy. Is this true or am I drinking to much coffee? If so...why would there powers not be equal?....Sorry..kinda a two parter.

              Also....just so you don't miss this question....there is a question I made that is at the end of page might miss it if you don't know it's there.

              thanks Joe for all your time.
              No one has said one faction is more powerful than the other.


                I don't know any of the fans who seem to dislike Jonas in the way TPTB do. (Even the faint ire that came up in S6 faded away once D came back.) That being said, why are you folks so resistant to bringing him and Corin back into the fold to please the fans? We'd even take him on Atlantis! And please don't say he's needed on Kelowna, because he's really not, while there are several story threads that were left hanging when the character was abandoned. We know Corin is willing, as he's said it publically.
                - Mary
                SG1 needs it's Fifth Man - Why should we settle for less? Bring back Jonas Quinn!
                Jack O'Neill would die for any member of his team. But there's only one he'd live for: Samantha Carter.


                  Hi, Joe!

                  You have said that Jack didn't need a "fond farewell" because of the possibility for him to return. However, will we ever hear this season the "where/what/why" of Jack's new position?


                  Token ~


                    hi joe, hopefully you can answer this for me.

                    in condemned, shep tries to break a branch over his knee. the reaction that joe gave looked as if he really did slam that branch into his leg. was that a prop branch? and if it wasn't, was it just a good camera angle that made it look like he slammed it onto his knee, or did he really slam it onto his knee, either by accident, or on purpose to make himself give a good reaction?

                    also, you said we might be seeing an aussie in atlantis in season 2? any news on that yet?



                      can Daniel/Vala shippers hope for them both admitting that they REALLY like and need each other?
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                        I was watching The Ties That Bind again today and noticed that there were a few intertextual references to The Princess Bride.
                        I was wondering whether this was this done before or after Wallace Shawn was cast?

                        These pop culture references are something I've always enjoyed in the show, and It's always interesting to find out the background to why they were chosen.



                          Joe, it is great to see some feisty, interesting female characters in Season 9 with both Vala and Carolyn Lam.

                          My question is, when will we see some explanation of what made Carrolyn Lam have such a prickly and interesting relationship with her father?
                          Fred T


                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            We didn't want to bid the character "a fond farewell" because we wanted to leave the door open for his possible occasional return.

                            Of, course, explaining *why* Jack decided to leave, where exactly he is now, would not be bidding a fond farewell at all and would NOT close the door on a possible occasional return. So, I'll ask again why you chose not to (on screen) let the audience know why Jack left and where he is and really expect no serious answer to it ;-)


                              I guess it's that time again.

                              If you do not have a question for Joe, DO NOT POST in this thread.


                              You're not being clever by pinning him down while he's "on vacation at his ranch." You just irritate a butt-load of folks who come to this thread to read questions and his answers.

                              I don't care if Mister Mallozzi is the rooftop killer who just eliminated your least favorite ex-mother-in-law and you want to tell him how much you appreciate it. Joe comes here to answer questions, not to consider how you feel about what he says. That's why there's a Reply feature in his blog. Use that. Or, better yet, open a new thread so everyone can discuss your opinion.

                              Don't have a question? Do us all a favor and excercise self-restraint by not posting until you have something to ask.


                                I also see that it's time to remind people that we've asked that you not try to get around the one question per post rule by making multiple posts in a row on the same page. We have asked that you limit yourself to at the very least one question per page but preferably one question until Joe answers your first one. There were a couple of people on this page alone who have ignored that rule.

                                It was, is, and always will be GREEN