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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Mr. Mallozzi,

    why can't I shake the feeling that the show truly doesn't like or know anything about the United States Marine Corp? I mean don't get me wrong I'm honoured that there are Marines running around both shows, however; the uniforms and the way the actors look it's just insulting. The Marines on SGA look so bad, that one could never mistake this for not being a scifi show.
    Just call them Army or Airforce okay, their sporting the maroon and black berets already why not just make it offical. I will say on a side note that
    SG-12 on SG-1 did look alot better this year, then what were used to seeing.
    Must of found a good deal on ebay huh?


      hi joe I was wondering if you will ever do a bratac origin epsoide. We know how teal'c came to belieave that the gould are false gods but we never found out why bratac came tobelieave that the goulds are false gods. That would be a reall interesting episode.


        Joe - just curious - do you read threads such as "End Vala", "Anti Season 9 - For Complaints and Misgivings Only", "Tired of Bad Sexual References", etc. to get an overall view on what the fans really think?

        Thanks for your time.


          I bow before Joe in humble aboad. Thank you for answering all of our questions. Most sci-fi shows woudlnt even dream of this so thank you.

          Season 4 "Window of Oppurtunity":

          O'neil and Teal'c studied and learned the ancient language with Daniel Jackson as there teacher. Now we would think after months after training and deciphering of the ancient language that they would have that language emblazed into there skulls.

          But, there was no more mention of this in the series? In fact they completely disregarded this episodes facts. Especially in the Lost City Episode 1 when O'neil tells Daniel "and who translates when you go ancient."

          Hmmmm...... I dont know O'neil how about you and Teal'c?

          Anyways I was wondering if this was just an oversite or this was a planned side step to that information. Like for example it was just conveniant to not acknowledge this information.

          I dont mean to be disrespectful. But it's something that just pulls at the back of my mind when ever I hear people talking about Daniel being the only one qualified in ancient.



            I've noticed someone asked you about reading so called "Anti-Vala" and "Anti-Season 9" threads. My question is what is your opinion on this kind of actual war among fans, 'cause I personally am in the "Pro-Vala" camp and would love to see as much as possible of her adventures in the future. Plus, IMO Vala is definitely the most interesting character this season, honestly. In need of some further development, of course...


              There seems to be some confusion over Jack's current military status.

              Now, I was under the impression that Jack was still in the military and his position as Head of Home World Security was a military position. Others are under the impression that Jack may have retired from the military and his current position as Head of Home World Security is a civilian post.

              So, has Jack retired from the AF, and if not, is there any chance that he will retire from the AF later in S9?



                Hi Mr. Mallozzi,
                I'm new here and my question is about SGA 38 minutes episode. Here it goes:

                If that bug that attacked Shep was an ancestor of the Wraith as I understood from The Gift, and probably the reason why they feed on live force instead of normal food, why didn't Shep get any old by the end of that episode? The bug was clinged to him for about almost 38 minutes counting the time on the planet and as we have seen ever since Rising when the Wraith touch you you already get old. If they touch you as long as 4 minutes you are a raisin. So does the bug eat more slowly or the hybridization with humans made it eat more in a fast way?

                And if your answer is going to be something like "Watch season 2" which episodes of it would say more except, of course, for Conversion I think.

                Thanks for your time to answer this question.
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                  Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

                  I was just wondering if you could tell me if you have any big plans for the end of the season? I'm not asking for any spoilers, I just want to know, is it going to be big and is it going to be shocking? Thanks for your time.
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                    Hey Mr. Mallozzi-
                    2 Quick Questions:

                    My First Question is are the deadalus class ships Production model X-303s or X-304s?

                    And my second question is with the new deadalus class ships, particualrly the <spoilers>Odysey</spoilers> will the prometheus maintain an active role in the stargate universe?

                    thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

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                      [crawls out from corner]

                      OK, after I watched 9x05 - The Powers That Be, (LOL, nice name choice!) something kept bugging me;
                      Why didn't Daniel mention his ascension at all? It would seem like a good way to help make his point, if only to the other people listening.

                      [crawls back into corner]
                      This poster has a Superiority Complex. Apologies in advance.


                        Will the Wraith featured in "Condemned" become the Pegasus Galaxy's Apophis equivilent, or is he just another Wraith?
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                          Joe you wrote this in your blog dated 8/12/05

                          "Oh, and before I go, thought you'd like to know that Paul and I will be writing the big SG-1 season finale. Rob pitched out his idea to Paul (while I was finishing up The Scourge) and its going to be fantastic. You already know we'll be ending this season with a cliffhanger - but what a cliffhanger! Stay tuned for more information about our final two SG-1 episodes: Crusade and Camelot."

                          So I wonder is this a 'cat out of the bag' way of revealing that season 10 is a go?

                          I know I have been hearing through industry sources that Scifi/Sony had picked the show up for a tenth season, but was still hesitant to reveal that even as speculation. However since you have made these comments, I feel it's ok to reveal that I have been hearing that the show has been picked up for season 10.

                          But official confirmation would still be nice..and you look very official to me
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                            i'm nto sure if you will understand this but this shoudl eba spoiler to Ethon if this makes any sense to you but let me explain it sense Ethon gnawed theliver of the human Prometheus then...

                            Liver is ot human as What is to Prometheus (The ship)



                              is there a chance that we'll learn more about Vala's past? About her former boyfriend (the one she used to be engaged to) and the Tok'ra who healed her removing the Goau'ld symbiote? And what happened to that healing ring she used to have in "Prometheus Unbound" she healed Daniel's arm with? I was wondering about it watching "The Powers That Be" today (wonders of technology ), brilliant episode, BTW. Finally the REAL Vala, and I hope for MUCH MORE of her in the future!


                                Originally posted by qasimjavid
                                What do you mean by back half of Atlantis?

                                Will there be eps about other unsung members?

                                Thanks for taking the time to answer questions - much appreciated
                                By "back half" I mean the second half of the season.