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    I'm a newbie droppin' by to say Howdy!

    I was introduced to Stargate in the movie theater when it first came out and was an instant fan of the movie. It took a bit for me to see the shows because of my lack of cable/dish access, but now I'm catching up through watching the DVD boxed sets. I really enjoy watching all the actors and characters, their interactions are what make the show fun to watch!

    Other scifi I love, Firefly for sure (the movie starts filming very very soon! Yay! ), I used to be a fan of Roswell, then it turned odd ...Star Trek, Star Wars, Pitch Black, etc... Love it all (mostly ) I'm known as Kliska/Kaliska on several different boards...

    Other info about me; married to a Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D., just graduated with my MS in counseling psych, love to hike, read, draw, and take pictures. I enjoy studying many things independently; religion, ancient and modern cultures, physics, and...dogs

    Great site ya'll have here, don't know how much I'll post, just wanted to say hi!


      My apologies, I didn't see this thread when I first posted this originally. I was just so anxious to make my first post I didn't notice this thread. How embarassing. Anywho, here's a repost of my "first post";

      Hello there, I just gated in from offworld and thought I'd try and get to know a few people here.

      A little about myself:

      I recently got hooked on Stargate SG-1 through my wife. I'd seen a couple episodes a few years back before I got married, and own the movie on VHS tape. While I thought what I saw was cool, I just simply never took the time to sit down and watch the show on a regular basis. Over time, it pretty much went out-of-sight, out-of-mind I'm afraid. I've always been a Star Trek fan (more of the newer Generations than Classic, but to me it's all good) and have been buying the box sets as I can. Now I've got all of Next Gen, DS9 and am starting on Voyager.

      My wife had been watching Stargate SG-1 on Sci-Fi channel religiously while I was at work at my old job--I worked for a Panasonic branch's manufacturing facility, second shift. She knew I was a big science fiction buff, and she is to a degree as well, and knew I enjoyed watching the episodes of Star Trek in the box set format. She had seen the Stargate SG-1 box sets in the store and urged me to begin purchasing them in an effort to get hooked on it. Well, darn it, it worked. I surprised her a few months ago when I ordered Season 1 off the net and sat down to watch it with her. I remember seeing "Children of the Gods" a few years back on Showtime when it was first airing but I had forgotten how cool it was. Now, here I had a chance to sit and view the episodes in order without those annoying commercials getting in the way. Consequently, when we finished a box set, we'd go and purchase another one and now have all six that's released. I've seen only one episode from Season seven ("The Lost City, part II") so I'm actually at a loss for anything now pretty much past the last episode of season 6. I'm going to try and hold out and watch S7 when it comes out in box set, that is if I don't already get lost when watching Season 8 when it airs. I also eagerly await Atlantis. The Stargate universe is very cool, and am thrilled with the show thus far.

      So, now that we've got my "'Gate background" out of the way, I just turned 29 years old. I currently work for Pepsi as a merchandiser. I'm an avid collector of Transformers toys (mainly the ones from the 80's, but I like almost all of them) and currently run a website specifically for collectors, I love science fiction, as I stated earlier, and Major League Baseball (don't have a particular favorite team, but I'm partial to the Braves, Marlins, D-Backs, and Devil Rays).

      That's about it for me, how 'bout you guys and gals?

      Jaffa, KREE!


        Hello, fellow gaters...

        I was going to do this about 40posts ago, but I forgot, so.... I'm from Finland as some of you might have noticed (no, we don't have polarbears and penguins here.. only in our zoo)
        I'm a huuuuuge fan of stargate, have been since fourth grade when they first aired The children of the gods. From that point forward I've been so deep in the gate, there's no way out

        But that's enough about me.. just letting you know that your finnish backups have arrived. And looking forward to season 8

        See ya-
        Sir Ruff


          Hi guys,

          Raptor here, I'm from Singapore, I've been a huge Stargate fan since the Original Movie. When the series came out I started watching and now I'm very deep into Stargate. Love the show it has both Sci-Fi and Military rolled into one.


            New here, just saying hello. Didn't realize the forum changed from Delphi until recently. I definitely prefer this setup.


              Same here. How long has the forum been like this anyway?

              But more to the point.
              Hello everyone!
              Its been a while.....a long while. Probably 99.999999% of people here wouldn't be familiar with me. I never really posted on the Delphi forums (maybe 3-4 posts), but I am one of the very very old guard. I came to Gateworld's forums back in the days before Delphi when Darren's site was still in its infancy. If memory serves, it was August 2000 and I went under the username of Apophis. Since then I've been using the the Username of Daniel Jackson at the Star Trek website
              Unfortuately, D'J's and Apophis' name were taken so I decided on Indy for reasons that will become apparent soon.
              I'd just like to say that its good to be back. I think I will make this forum my new home as my previous home at no longer holds my interest as much as it used to. Besides Gateworld was the first forum I ever registered at so it makes sense to come back to where it all began.
              I look forward to getting to know many of you in the months and years ahead, and although I am not a daily poster, I will endeavour to keep up with the discussions. See you all in the forums!


                I know I'm not new, but I haven't had forum access for a little while now, and it's back up and if I could type the way I'm speaking this it'd be like OMGICAN'TBELIEVETHEFORUMISFINALLYWORKINGANDICANCOMEBACKINANDSTARTPOSTING!!!!



                  Hello, I'm new to this forum, just registered yesterday. I have been Stargate-sg1 fan for 6 years now and i like this show very much. First episode that i saw, was Children of the gods, i started to like the show and have watch it till today.

                  I'm 15, student. I live in a small country called Estonia.


                    Hi, im new to this forum bboard(do we call it a bboard here?)One could say that i moved from the "other" part of town to here.I have been visiting gateworld for about a year and since i was posting at that "other" sg1 BB,i didnt bother to register here.unfortunatly what was once a nice place to visit is not very appealing anymore so i joined up with this alliance.I wont give up totally on the "other" place 'cause there is still a lot of cool people there.I hope to meet more cool people here and run into a few familiar identitiies here too.some who know me here will tell you that im pretty decent(well, i hope so)and a little bit o'whacky : .Im still not to sure of how to navigate through this forum, so please be patient with me.I will get the hang of it.:confused


                      Greetings, I registered a couple of days ago but this is my first post to something like this. I have been into Stargate for the past year and anxiously await season 8 of SG-1 and alantis. (Pardon the spelling, I's terrible at it.)


                        Hey I just joined up in the forums, although i have been visiting the Gateworld site for months. This is a really great site for Stargate news and information! I used to to post at but have moved over to Gateworld because it is a more active site.

                        I have been a Stargate fan since I accidently stumbled on the series premiere way back in the day and have been watching it ever since. I have seen the show grow from its humble beginnings to today where it is a science fiction show to be reckoned with.

                        Thanks to the owners of this site for making it great.
                        Lt. Ford to Dr Zelenka: "Is this some sort of payback for me beating up guys like you in high school?"
                        - Stargate Atlantis: Season One - Hot Zone

                        Dr. Beckett: "...Mom...I miss you terribly...*breaks down*...I can't do this!"
                        - Stargate Atlantis: Season One - Letters from Pegasus

                        Sen. Kinsey: "Do you trust this man?"
                        Col. Jack O'Neill: "...No..."
                        Mayboune: *shrugs*
                        - Stargate SG-1 - Chain Reaction

                        Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis I love science fiction


                          Hey all,

                          I'm a newbie to any kind of forum and I seem to keep wondering if I'm acting stupid! It's incredible. Even my name makes me sound like a dork... everything else I wanted was taken, and this popped into my head.

                          I stumbled upon Stargate when I turned early to watch Farscape... and never watched it until around September 2003. I'd seen the movie, but the series made no sense for a while until I realized who was who and what was really going on.



                            Hi, everybody! I'm a sci-fi fan from birth. I watched the movie but since the show started on Showtime, I never tried to watch it. The first time I tried to watch an episode start to finish was S7's "Space Race." I was so impressed with how Carter was a 3- dimensional person (as opposed to a padded bimbo in a catsuit) that I gave the series a try on Sci-fi Mondays.

                            Just weeks later, I bought my S1 DVDs and it was all over from there.

                            I'm all caught up on SG1 now, and I'm about to BURST now that Atlantis is about to debut.

                            I live in the US and I'm a historian. I LUV to write but I've never gotten the guts up to write sci-fi.
                            "You're creepin' me out, Mc Kay." Carter


                              Hey, Hey, Hey! Well, just LOOK what happens when you don't visit Gateworld for a Millennia or two! The whole darn Forum moves!

                              Yup, the Hefty Fee has indeed returned (yet again!) - thanks to info provided by Sam in Chicago - one has now ventured back into the wonderful world of Stargate Fandom!

                              Fee will keep this short in case there are lots of folks out there who are going "who the heck is this weirdo?" Hope ya'll will let me join ya again - look forward to spending a little bit of time here every weekend (still can't get the ol' work/life balance to work out!).

                              Hailing Frequencies Closed
                              PS: Rather different from Delphi Forums!


                                Hello All,
                                I am one of the lucky few to have seen SG-1 from the VERY beginning. Yep, big time couch potato.

                                I have seasons 1-6 on DVD, season 7 on order and usually tape the curent season on VHS so if your dog eats your DVD or what ever, ask me, I might be able to help .

                                I have only been reading this Bboard for a few days now but I recognize more than a few names here. Those of you who remember me from the scifi board already know most of my quirks, the rest of you will just have to get used to me .

                                About me:
                                I live just south of Boston, MA, 35-49 years of age, male and really enjoyed seeing my first Stargate/Star Trek convention here in Boston (actually Quincy) Last November.

                                I Also like:
                                Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise,
                                Blake’s 7, Dr. Who, UFO (on DVD),
                                Space 1999 (on DVD), Battlestar Galactica(The Original) (on DVD)
                                and of course Babylon 5.
                                I have two Amazon parrots and the scars to prove it.
                                Zat Gun
                                aka: URGO, aka: Stu