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    Originally posted by (",) Gater
    Wow... I like what you've done to the place.

    Hello. I'm not new, well, not really. Used to go by the name of gaterscaper and lurked quite a bit in ye ol' delphi place.
    Gater!!! *waves & jumps up & down excitedly* You made it!

    Nice to see you here!



      You guys should know me pretty well by now and I've already put in a few posts in the SG folders. Still getting used to the new format but still hanging around.


        Originally posted by thelittlesis
        Gater!!! *waves & jumps up & down excitedly* You made it!

        Nice to see you here!

        *jumps up and down excitedly as well*

        I'll see you in the food fight thread! Mwhahahaha.
        (",) Gater

        Kawoosh! Stargate Music Videos

        Gater on LJ

        I don't read. I vid.


          Just gotta say its about time GateWorld expanded more.
          This format is also very spiffy.
          Sg-1 fan since the beginning - till the end


            Good to see all of you!

            You might have known me before as "spazdance" on the Delphi Forums. I know that it's probably pretty difficult for anyone to see the resemblance between the two names, but try to humor me.

            I like the format, felt a bit bombarded at first, but it was definitely in a good way. ;p

            I'm an American, a younger one, and very... unique. Yes. We'll go with "unique." That's a safe word.


              Ah right Rope er Gate um place.. ya place is a good word. Anyway hi all I am on and posting for the first time I have always loved SG and probably always will. Anyway just thought I would anounce Myself.


                Hello all

                Taking this opportunity to re-introduce myself. Used to play on the old forum many moons ago under the name Mehitabella

                Haven't been following SG quite as fanatically as I used to, but I don't half miss the folks on here.

                Hope to see ya'll more often!


                  Hi everyone! *waves*

                  Still relatively new to the forum. In fact this is the first forum I've ever joined in so still trying to find my way around and not stepping into other regular forumer's shoes. I've posted up a few topics and replied to a few threads, but still pretty much in lurkdom and just happily reading other peoples post.

                  I'm from Australia, but not born here. I'm a mother of 2 and happily married. Been a fan of Stargate since the movie and the first episode of SG1 and will be till the curtain goes down and the fat lady sings! I will of course see what Stargate: Atlantis has to offer, if it will be showed in Australia, and reserve my judgement until then.

                  In the meantime, just want to say this place rocks! And I'll be seeing you all later.
                  If I were a Goddess - let it be that of Love & Beauty


                    Hello everyone. My name is Erin and I am from the United States. I live near where Stargate: SG-1 is filmed. Kinda. And I got interested in the show when it first came out. Though, it wasn't until recently that I decided to go on the internet and find fansites and information on the show. Wow, I had no idea that there were soo many fans! In all my friends, I am the only one who watches the show. My friends call me a nerd, but hey, if the shoe fits! No but really, I really love the show and the actors! By the way, Michael Shanks is hot! But anyways. If you want to welcome me, go right ahead, if not, your loss!

                    Go ahead and send me a message!


                      Hi, I'm Jeff, as my name may well imply. I live in Florida and I'm a huge fan of several prominent science fiction shows. My favorites are Farscape and Stargate. I'm sixteen years old and I'm glad to be here. My favorite character is Daniel. He's just so cool! I hope Atlantis has great characters and story development like SG-1!
                      If you've seen a Jeff O'Connor or a JeffZero or a Jeff Zero or a JeffZeroConnor elsewhere on the net, there's a considerable chance it's me.


                        Hi everyone! Been reading up on the news pages, but I've only just started to post here today. I've been watching Stargate for quite a few years now, and I recently got hold of the entire DVD collection.


                          Hello all.

                          I just decided to register since I saw you had the shiny new vB3 forums. I've been into Stargate for ages now, and I've swung by the ole Gateworld site more than once in the past. I'm an experienced forum lurker in general, this username is my game/forum name so you may have seen it around in other places (this Internet thing ain't so big, when it really comes down to it ).


                            Hi my name is amy. there's really not much to tell. but my friend got me to watch stargate about a year ago and lets just say im hooked. I can't wait for season 8 and stargate alantis it sounds like it could be good.



                              Welcome Amy, Firestar, Icarus, Jeff, Erin, and the other zillion people up there who haven't been officially welcomed yet! We're glad you decided to stop by our neck of the woods and join up. We hope you have a blast, and let us know if you have any questions about the place.

                              We're now over 1,100 members! Woo-hoo!
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                                I used to visit the Stargate site that had a chatroom type thingy, gave you a rank and missions to take part in and you could play a game where you shot down gliders that were attacking a Stargate and other such stuff (using a diff handle now tho') till "They" decided they didn't want us furriners in the system

                                So I'm new here, but I'm old when it comes to MB's and the like ...
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