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    4/15 – BEST IN SHOW, StaRZ, 8:20AM
    4/16 – THE GUARD, ION TV, 9:00-11:00pm (she doesn’t appear in every episode)
    Teryl Rothery also had a small role in the 2009 syfy miniseries Alice.



      Voice of Ben 10 Yuri Lowenthal at Supanova Brisbane pop culture expo

      EXCERPT: IT'S hero time! Cartoon fans might recognise that refrain as the catchcry of animated superhero Ben 10, but it is also an apt description for this weekend's Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane.
      Mary McDonnell, star of Battlestar Galactica, is a late addition to the roster of Supanova Brisbane guest stars, who also include Karl Urban (Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings), James Marsters (Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Caprica), Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1) and Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood), along with comic book icons Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Supanova is at the RNA Showgrounds today until Sunday. For more information visit





        Created and written by George F. Walker, Dani Romain and Joseph Kay

        Directed and executive produced by legendary Canadian comedic talent David Steinberg

        New Canadian original series from Movie Central and The Movie Network premieres Friday, May 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/MT on HBO Canada

        Online audiences get a sneak peek when hosts the first episode for two-weeks starting Friday, April 23

        (Toronto, Canada) – Steve Unger had it all – money, a beautiful wife, a mansion, and a great kid – until greed got in the way. Premiering Friday, May 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/MT on HBO Canada, a multiplex channel of Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada) and Astral Media’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada), Living In Your Car is the offbeat story of one corrupt business mogul’s fall from grace and his faltering and often pathetic attempts to regain the life he lost.

        “With Living In Your Car’s timely and poignant theme, we are thrilled to give our viewers another great Canadian produced series on our HBO Canada service,” said Erica Benson, Vice President Programming, Movie Central. “This show has given us another opportunity to work with the powerhouse team of George Walker and Dani Romain, and having the superbly talented David Steinberg on board only adds to the great calibre of Canadian talent working in homegrown pay TV.”

        “Living in Your Car comes from one of the most insightful, creative teams working anywhere in television, and also has the distinction of being the project that lured the inimitable talents of David Steinberg back to Canada,” said Diane Boehme, Director, Canadian Independent Productions, Astral Television Networks. “We’re proud to facilitate the love/hate relationship Canadians are sure to develop with Steve Unger.”

        With the unstable economy as a backdrop, Living In Your Car follows the winding karmic adventures of Steve Unger (John Ralston), a fallen corporate executive whose rule of the financial world comes to an abrupt halt when he is arrested and charged with fraud, obstruction and racketeering. After cutting a deal to get out of prison, Steve quickly realizes his old life no longer exists: his former colleagues shun him, his wife and daughter don’t want to live with him, and even his own parents refuse to help him. As he clings desperately to the last vestige of his former self – a luxury sedan – Steve finds himself under court order to teach an ethics class, forbidden from working in any position that involves other people’s money, and making a new home for himself in his car.

        Along for the tumultuous and often comedic ride are soon-to-be ex-wife Lori (Ingrid Kavelaars), daughter Kate (Mariah Horner), lawyer Neil Stiles (Colin Cunningham), and quirky “neighbour” Carol (Lucia Moniz).

        Living In Your Car is a 13-part, half-hour series from The Nightingale Company (The Line, Chicks with Sticks, Lipstick & Dynamite) and Walker/Romain Productions, created by George F. Walker, Dani Romain (This Is Wonderland, The Line) and Joseph Kay, and written by Walker, Romain, Kay and Courtney Jane Walker. The series is directed and executive produced by David Steinberg (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, Mad About You). The series is developed and produced with the financial participation of The Movie Network, Movie Central, the Canadian Television Fund and Rogers Cable Fund in association with BeActive.

        The series will premiere as part of the Friday night comedy line-up on HBO Canada with Less Than Kind at 8:30 p.m., The Ricky Gervais Show at 9 p.m. and followed by Real Time with Bill Maher at 10 p.m. and Funny or Die Presents at midnight.

        Living In Your Car will be simulcast on HBO Canada HD, and will be available on demand. The first episode will be available online at for a two-week sneak peek starting Friday, April 23, and also on The Movie Network OnLine with Bell TV following its network premiere.

        HBO Canada is a multiplex channel offered by Astral Media’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada). HBO Canada brings Canadians the current slate of signature dramatic programs for which HBO is known, together with new and never-before-seen programming including comedy series, live specials, sporting events, behind-the-scenes content and titles from HBO’s extensive library – all in an uncut and commercial-free environment. HBO Canada is offered in high definition on HBO Canada HD and programming is accessible on demand where available by service provider. For more information, please visit

        Movie Central is owned by Corus Entertainment Inc. (CJR.B/CJR), a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. Corus is a market leader in specialty television and radio with additional assets in pay television, advertising services, television broadcasting, children’s book publishing and children’s animation. Experience Corus on the web at

        The Movie Network is an Astral Media Television Network. Astral Media is a leading Canadian media company, active in specialty and pay television, radio, outdoor advertising and interactive media. Astral Media's solid and dynamic presence in the country's major markets rests on its commitment to offer a unique combination of high-quality, targeted media for all its audiences. For more information about Astral Media, please visit

        For access to The Movie Network’s media room or Movie Central’s press site, please visit or


        Media contacts:

        The Movie Network (Eastern Canada)
        Nicolle Bale
        (416) 956-8638

        Movie Central (Western Canada)
        (416) 530-2249


        --thanks to the colincunningham group for the tip


          SG1 - Carmen Argenziano - Guest starred on Flash Forward:

          Thanks to a Wormhole Riders tweet for the info!

          Carmen Argenziano (SG1's Jacob Carter) guest starred on Flash Forward's episode Thursday night, 'Queen Sacrifice.'


          For those in the US who may have missed this episode, it's available for viewing on HULU.

          SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
          SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
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            'Supernatural': Call Someplace Paradise, Kiss It Goodbye

            [synopsis review of last night's episode with Michael Shanks - major spoilers]

            AT LINK ABOVE


              Chicago Tribune review of Michael Shanks' SUPERNATURAL - massive spoilers!




                AMANDA TAPPING

                Read further for Stargate related info.

                The official e-mail newsletter of
                the TCON Promotional Society
                Featuring information on
                Polaris 24
                The 2010 Constellation Awards

                Information Line: (416) 410-TCON (8266)
                E-MAIL: [email protected] WEB:
                Twitter: TCONtweets

                July 16-18, 2010
                Sheraton Parkway North
                600 Highway 7 East
                (At Highways 404 & 7)
                Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

                In this issue:




                We received your nominations, we've tabulated them, and now the time has come to pick the absolute best science fiction film and television of 2009. Here are your nominees for this year's Constellation Awards, by category:

                1) Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode
                * David Tennant, for "Doctor Who", episode "The Waters Of Mars"
                * Gareth David-Lloyd, for "Torchwood", episode "Children Of Earth: Day 4"
                * Jensen Ackles, for "Supernatural", episode "The End"
                * John Noble, for "Fringe", episode "Grey Matters"
                * Misha Collins, for "Supernatural", episode "The Rapture"
                * Robin Dunne, for "Sanctuary", episode "Pavor Nocturnus"
                * Ron Livingston, for "Defying Gravity", episode "Kiss"

                2) Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode
                * Agam Darshi, for "Sanctuary", episode "Penance"
                * Alona Tal, for "Supernatural", episode "Abandon All Hope"
                * Amanda Tapping, for "Sanctuary", episode "Veritas"
                * Erin Karpluk, for "Being Erica", episode "Yes We Can"
                * Laura Harris, for "Defying Gravity", episode "Kiss"
                * Lena Headey, for "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", episode "Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep"
                * Michelle Ryan, for "Doctor Who", episode "Planet Of The Dead"

                3) Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2009
                * "Being Erica"
                * "Defying Gravity"
                * "Doctor Who"
                * "FlashForward"
                * "Sanctuary"
                * "Stargate Universe
                * "Supernatural"

                4) Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series
                * Chris Pine, for "Star Trek"
                * Jackie Earle Haley, for "Watchmen"
                * Karl Urban, for "Star Trek"
                * Sam Rockwell, for "Moon"
                * Sharlto Copley, for "District 9"

                5) Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series
                * Aurora Buchanan, for "Doctor Who: Victimsight"
                * Dakota Fanning, for "Push"
                * Emma Watson, for "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince"
                * Zoe Saldana, for "Avatar"
                * Zoe Saldana, for "Star Trek"

                6) Best Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series of 2009
                * "Avatar"
                * "District 9"
                * "Moon"
                * "Star Trek"
                * "Watchmen"

                7) Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Production
                * Starz Animation, for the animation in "9"
                * Weta Digital, for visual effects in "Avatar"
                * Stargate Studios, for visual effects in "Defying Gravity"
                * Image Engine, for the creature design in "District 9"
                * Michael Wilkinson, for costume design in "Watchmen".

                8) Best Overall 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Script
                * "Being Erica - Leo", written by Jana Sinyor
                * "Defying Gravity - Kiss", written by James Parriott
                * "District 9", written by Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell
                * "FlashForward - No More Good Days", written by David S. Goyer & Brannon Braga
                * "Stargate Universe - Time", written by Robert C. Cooper
                * "Torchwood - Children Of Earth: Day 1", written by Russell T. Davies

                9) Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or Television in 2009
                * Amanda Tapping - Producer & Actress for the series "Sanctuary"
                * "Being Erica" - Series produced in Canada
                * Bruce Greenwood - Actor in the film "Star Trek"
                * Damian Kindler - Producer & Writer for the series "Sanctuary"
                * "Defying Gravity" - Series produced in Canada
                * Robert J. Sawyer - Creative Consultant for the series "FlashForward"


                In order for you to be eligible to vote, at least one of the following must be true:
                1. You are either a Canadian citizen (not necessarily living in Canada) or a permanent resident of Canada, OR
                2. You were a member of the TCON Promotional Society in July of 2009 (during Polaris 23), OR
                3. You are currently a member of the TCON Promotional Society, with a membership not expiring before Polaris 24 (July of 2010).

                Go to where you can download our PDF ballot, or vote using our online ballot. Paper ballots will also be available at various events and specialty stores across Canada. All ballots must include the $5 voting fee, and must be received by JUNE 7th, 2010. And remember: The Constellation Awards winners will be announced on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 at Polaris 24.



                Polaris 24 is pleased to announce that on top of her regular appearances (onstage, Blastoff Party, autographs & photo sessions), our actor guest Lindsay Wagner will also be hosting her own special Meditation Workshop at Polaris 24, entitled "Shift Your Perspective; Experience The Difference". Here is a description of the workshop in Lindsay's own words:

                "We will be exploring one of the most empowering realizations I've had in my life. That is, our experience of any life circumstance is a function of personal perspective, more than the circumstance itself; that as our perspective changes so does our experience. There will be relaxation techniques, the Oneness Meditation - opening to the natural peace and joy from within and beautiful music."

                Please note that there is a $25 charge to attend this workshop, and that all workshop participants must be 18 years of age or older.



                "You Gotta Have Character" -- Writers Workshop By Author Guest Of Honour Kelley Armstrong

                A good plot is wonderful, but there's no sense putting your characters in physical, emotional or psychological danger if the reader doesn't care what happens to them. That's the professional feedback Author Guest of Honour Kelley Armstrong got about her first (and still unpublished) novel. So she threw herself into studying the art of character building. Today she has 16 books published in three New York Times bestselling series, and readers tell her it's her characters that keep them coming back for more. Want to know her secrets? Come to this workshop and find out! Limited space may be available at the convention, but to guarantee your spot, pre-register on our website at

                Please note that all workshop participants must be 18 years of age or older.



                Do you agree that no zombie costume is complete without some authentic rotting flesh? Do you have a desire to fake all sorts of nasty-looking bites, bruises, and gashes to scare your friends and neighbours with? Want to see how the film industry makes it all look so cool and realistic?

                Then you want to come to our horror makeup workshop, where you can learn how to design some terrifyingly awesome effects for costuming, Halloween, or even stage and film! Conducted by Emily Schooley, who has over three years of experience in horror makeup artistry for film productions and ten years in theatre and special events, you will learn how to create realistic-looking cuts, burns, claw marks, rotting flesh, and more in this hands-on workshop. No previous makeup experience is necessary.

                There will be a $25 charge, to cover the cost of supplies, and all workshop participants must be 18 years of age or older. Visit the Pre-Registration page on our website ( to sign up! Or, if you have already pre-registered and would like to add the Horror Makeup Workshop to your membership, please contact our Pre-Registration department at [email protected].



                Ever watch "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and think you could be funnier than Colin? Feel the need to ride the subway pantsless to see what people would do? Think that one or both of these sounds like a great idea? This introduction to the world of improv (or, spontaneous, unscripted performance) is a perfect place to develop your quick-thinking skills while having fun and playing a variety of games designed to get you moving and laughing.

                The workshop will be led by Emily Schooley, who has over twelve years of improv experience and who will be taking additional training with the Impatient Theatre Company starting in April 2010. Take this opportunity to explore your silly side and get to know some of your fellow congoers in a free-spirited and creative environment.

                Space is limited, so be sure to select "Improv Workshop" when you fill in your online registration - or contact Programming at [email protected] to reserve your spot! Please note that all workshop participants must be 18 years of age or older.


                For more information on these and other TCON Promotional Society Events, please visit


                  SG1 - Sean Patrick Flanery - Video Trailer 4 Mongolian Death Worm:

                  Ah, Mongolian Death Worm. With a title like that, you KNOW that it's got to be a made-for-tv Syfy movie.

                  Yes, watch the video movie trailer at Syfy:

                  Mongolian Death Worm - Sneak Peek

                  Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Mongolian Death Worm." Premiering Saturday May 8 9/8C.

                  Cast includes Sean Patrick Flanery [SG1's Orlin in Ascension], Drew Waters, George Cheung, Victoria Pratt and Cheryl Chin.

                  Dread Central has an article:

                  Finally a Syfy Flick About Mongolian Death Worms!

                  SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                  SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
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                    SG1 - Actors in Other TV Appearances:

                    Tony Amendola
                    - The Practice’s - ‘Man & Superman’ airs on FX Sun Apr 18 at 8am. Also co-stars Steven Culp (SGA’s Miller’s Crossing). Forbidden Warrior airs on Showtime Extra throughout April.

                    Richard Dean Anderson
                    - Repeats of MacGyver air daily on the Sleuth Channel between 3am to 5am.

                    Carmen Argenziano
                    - Appears in the first few minutes of Angels & Demons airing on the STARZ channel throughout April.
                    -Co-stars in Swordfish airing on various HBO channels throughout April.
                    -Guest stars in Lou Grant’s ‘Charlatan,’ airing on the FAMNET channel on Mon Apr 12 at 2pm.

                    Claudia Black
                    - Pitch Black airs on AMC on Wed Apr 21 and Thur Apr 22 (please check your local listings for the times).

                    JR Bourne
                    - Selling Innocence airs Fri Apr 16 at 1pm on LMN. Also co-stars SGU’s Patrick Gilmore (Dale Volker), David McNally (SG1’s Demons and SGA’s Epiphany).
                    - NCIS: Los Angeles’s ‘Breach’ (repeat) on CBS, Tue Apr 13 at 9pm.

                    Beau Bridges
                    - Spinning Into Butter airs throughout April on the various TMC channels.
                    - Max Payne airs throughout April on the MOMAX channels.
                    - Hotel New Hampshire airs on the INDIE channel on Mon Apr 12 at 6:45am and 2:05pm, and on Thur Apr 22 at 7:30am and 2:30pm.

                    Don S. Davis
                    - 1995’s Black Fox (a made-for-TV movie) airs Mon Apr 13 at 8:05am on the Encore Western Channel. Also co-starring Tony Todd (SG1’s Lord Haikon), Lawrence Dane (SG1’s Chain Reaction), Dale Wilson (SG1’s Smoke & Mirrors) and Byron Chief-Moon (SG1’s Spirits).
                    - Don has a very brief appearance in Con Air, airing Mon Apr 12 at 9:40am on the Encore Action channel.
                    - And The Unquiet airs Mon Apr 13 at 3pm on LMN (Lifetime MOVIE Network), also co-stars SGU’s Julia Benson (Lt. James)

                    Christopher Judge

                    - House Party 2 - airs Tues Apr 13 on the Comedy Channel at 3pm and Wed Apr 14 at 11am.

                    Michael Shanks
                    - Judicial Indiscretion - 2007 made-for-TV movie airs on LMN (Lifetime MOVIE Network), Sun Apr 18 at 3am.

                    Teryl Rothery
                    - Exhuming Mr. Rice airs on the INDIE channel on Wed Apr 14 at 3:25 am and 1:20pm and Mon Apr 19 at 7:15am and 2:30pm. Also co-stars Garwin Sanford (SG1’s Narim and SGA’s Simon), Colleen Rennison (SG1’s Bane and Rite of Passage), Frank C. Turner (SG1’s Desperate Measures), Terry David Mulligan (SG1’s The Nox), Peter Bryant (SG1’s Family, Affinity & Endgame) and D. Neil Mark (SG1’s First Commandment).

                    Amanda Tapping
                    - Repeats of Sanctuary air on Syfy Tuesdays at 3am and Fridays at 5am.

                    SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                    SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
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                      SG1/SGA/SGU - Guest Actors in Syfy Movies week of Apr 12

                      From Syfy's schedulebot:

                      - Tue, Apr 13 at 12:00pm - Co-stars include: Andrew Wheeler (SG1’s Prisoners), Alex Zahara (variety of roles in SG1), Shawn Reis (SG1’s Point of View, Upgrades & The Sentinel), Don Thompson (SG1’s Wormhole X-Treme! & Stronghold)

                      Alone in the Dark

                      - Tue, Apr 13 at 11pm - Co-stars include: Frank C. Turner (SG1’s Desperate Measures), Matthew Walker (SG1’s Merlin), Mark Acheson (SG1’s Prisoners), Kwesi Ameyaw (SG1’s Olokun, SGA’s Outcast), Mike Dopud (SG1’s Full Alert & Bounty, SGA’s Tracker, upcoming in SGU’s Subversion and Incursion, Parts 1 & 2), Ona Grauer (SG1’s Frozen, SGA’s Rising, Part 1 & SGU’s Emily Young)

                      - Mon Apr 12 at 1am and Wed Apr 14 at 10am - Co-stars include Vincent Gale (SG1’s Nightwalkers), Venus Terzo (SG1’s Frozen), Greg Anderson (SG1’s Fail Safe and Ori Prior), Bill Dow (SG1/SGA/SGU’s Dr. Bill Lee), Bruno Verdoni (SG1’s Camelot & Flesh and Blood), Kimani Ray Smith (SG1’s Allegiance, SGA’s The Intruder)

                      Peter Wingfield
                      - Highlander: ‘Methuselah's Gift,’ Wed, Apr 14 at 1am, and Highlander: ‘Through a Glass Darkly,’ Wed Apr 21 at 1am.

                      SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                      SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
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                        SG1/SGA - Star Trek: Enterprise mini-marathon Syfy Fri Apr 16 :

                        From Syfy's schedulebot:

                        Former guest stars of SG1/SGA are co-stars in Star Trek: Enterprise:
                        John Billingsley (SG1's The Other Guys), Jolene Blalock (SG1's Ishta), Connor Trinneer (SGA's Michael)

                        10:00A PRECIOUS CARGO
                        11:00A THE CATWALK
                        12:00P DAWN
                        1:00P STIGMA
                        2:00P CEASE FIRE
                        3:00P FUTURE TENSE
                        4:00P CARBON CREEK

                        SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                        SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
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                          SG1 - Total SciFi Online: Morena Baccarin Interview:

                          At Total SciFi Online:

                          (Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

                          Wednesday 07 April 2010

                          Morena Baccarin: "People are really in for a thrill…"

                          Rio-born actress Morena Baccarin is no stranger to sci-fi, having played iconic roles in Firefly (as Inara Serra) and Stargate SG-1 (as the villainous Adria). Her latest role is Anna, the beautiful alien leader in the US remake of V. She took time out to speak to Abbie Bernstein on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, where the show is filmed…

                          Were you a fan of the original V series?

                          MB: "I was a big fan of it when I was growing up. It was really, really creepy!"

                          You're playing a version of the Diana character that Jane Badler played in the original, but your character's called Anna…

                          MB: "Yep. It's supposed to be just a re-imagining of the old series."

                          How does Anna differ from Diana?

                          MB: "I have a different take on the character, because I haven't seen the original show since I was six years old and this is a whole other show. It's similar in the sense we're both aliens, I guess, but I think Anna is seen more as a world leader – the leader of her nation and her people, a diplomat –
                          whereas I think that Diana was more strictly evil. I have big shoes to fill as being the face of what people want to see [Anna has made her appearance appealing to humans].

                          There's no way to prepare how to play an alien. I did some research, but there's not a lot out there [laughs]. So I just am trying my best to be as trustworthy as I can be and to be what I would like somebody to be like if they were to come down to Earth.

                          I think there's an aspect of a politician in that, because you need to embody what everybody of every nationality and persuasion wants to see, and at the same time you have your own agenda..."

                          ... V is currently airing on ABC in the US. It begins airing on the Sci Fi
                          Channel on 13 April 2010 in the UK.

                          SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                          SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
                          Morjana's Blog Twitter


                            SG1/SGA/SGU - Guest actors in 'Disturbing Behavior,' Sat, Apr 17:

                            Airing Saturday, April 17 at 6:30pm on FLIX, 'Disturbing Behavior,' the 1998 feature film (filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada) and has some familiar Stargate faces in the cast, including:

                            Tobias Mehler (SG1's Lt. Simmons), Katharine Isabelle (SG1's Camelot, and Sanctuary' s Nubbins), Terry David Mulligan (SG1's The Nox), Robert Moloney (SG1's 2001 and SGA's Ghost in the Machine), David Paetkau (SG1's Forsaken), Jay Brazeau (SG1's Harlin and SGA's The Tower), Glynis Davies (SG1's 1969 & Homecoming, SGU's Marion Wallace), Gillian Barber (SG1's The Gamekeeper and Amb. Dreylock), Peter LaCroix (SG1's In the Line of Duty & Revisions), Daniella Evangelista (SG1's Crusade), Doug Abrahams (SG1's Cmdr. Hale and Ori Prior), Julie Patzwald (SG1's A Hundred Days and SGA's Childhood's End), Stephen E. Miller (SGA's Outcase), Sean Amsing (SG1's Children of the Gods & Full Circle), Fulvio Cecere (SG1's Family Ties & Dominion), Gary Chalk (SG1's Col. Chekov) and Tamsin Kelsey (SG1's Thor's Hammer & Thor's Chariot) -- Ooops, and Tygh Runyan (SGU's Dr. Caine).
                            Last edited by morjana; 12 April 2010, 12:17 AM.

                            SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
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                              SG1 - Ben Browder - Deadline: Browder cast in CW's Hellcats:

                              At Deadline:

                              (Please follow the link for the complete column.)

                              By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Tuesday April 13, 2010

                              ... In other pilot castings, Ben Browder, repped by Gersh and Hank McCann, rounds out the series regular cast of the CW’s Hellcats.


                              At IMDB:

                              Hellcats is merely listed as being in development, with more info available at IMDB Pro.

                              SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!
                              SG1-Spoilergate Richard Dean Anderson Fans Abydos Gate Morjana
                              Morjana's Blog Twitter


                                TERYL ROTHERY


                                West Coast Tap Dance Collective presents its 7th annual tap day celebration, Simply Tap, at 7 p.m. Sunday, April 25 at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Theatre on Granville. Yes, that is in Vancouver, so quit whining. Tickets are apparently going fast, and no wonder: Jeff Hyslop will be there. You know, Phantom of the Opera Jeff. Today's Special. A Chorus Line. No doubt about it, Hyslop is one of Canada's biggest musical theatre stars. And he can tap dance. In fact, he is this year's honoree as well as performer. Other performers featured in Simply Tap are Brock Jellison (Olympic opening ceremonies soloist, Tap Dogs), Joel Hanna (Riverdance, Revolution-The Show), Heather Cornell (Manhattan Tap), Keri Minty, Shelley Stewart-Hunt, MacKenzie Greenwell, Danny Nielsen, Michael Boston, Lindsay Sterk (Olympic opening ceremonies), Jennifer Bishop, Vancouver Tap Ensemble, Jim Hibbard (BC Entertainment Hall of Fame) and Teryl Rothery (Stargate). Add about a dozen of the best amateur groups from Metro Vancouver, and there you have a show. Tickets are $24 for seniors, students and West Coast Tap Dance Collective members; all others, $29 at, or call 604-629-8849. A limited number of tickets are available at DanceCraft, #103-12827 76th Ave., Surrey