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    Bottom Line: Disjointed and preposterous, this miniseries sinks quickly to the bottom.

    Meandering over four hours, flowing in every direction, Syfy's "Riverworld" is a lot like the river around which it is set -- a twisting tale without a well-defined beginning or end.

    Matt searches for Jessie, who might be a captive of the villain, Richard Burton (Peter Wingfield). Except that Burton isn't all bad. He thinks Riverworld is a place of unending suffering and, when he's not contributing to it, he wants to end it.

    The story feels as if it was written as the film was shot. The fight
    choreography lacks the finesse of shows at Knott's Berry Farm and the dialogue sounds like the work of a committee. Not that this will come as a surprise to Syfy, which wisely elected to burn it off on a single night.

    Airdate: 7-11 p.m. Sunday, April 18 (Syfy)

    Cast: Tahmoh Penikett, Mark Deklin, Jeananne Goossen, Peter Wingfield, Romina
    D'Ugo, Arnold Pinnock, Laura Vandervoort, Alan Cumming, Thea Gill, Meg Roe,
    Bruce Ramsay


      SG1 / MacGyver - RDA/Chris Judge 'Live and Learn' repeated on SLEUTH:

      'Live and Learn,' the MacGyver episode that Christopher Judge guest starred on is repeated on SLEUTH on Sat Apr 24 at 3am and Sun Apr 25 at 5am. MacGyver, of course, stars Richard Dean Anderson.

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        SG1 - Comic Book Movie: Exclusive Christopher Judge Video Interview:

        At Comic Book Movie:

        (Video embedded at the site.)

        Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks Upcoming Comic Book Movie

        He also tells how he was almost Blade.

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          SG1 - Earth's Mightiest: Christopher Judge Video Interview - 'Rage of Angels':

          At Earth's Mightiest:

          (Video embedded at the link.)

          Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks New Television Series

          The actor says his new show will be very dark.

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            SG1 - Claudia Black (Vala)

            Claudia will be guest starring on the May 11 episode of NCIS entitled "Borderland". It airs at 8PM eastern on CBS.
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              Ah, that's the episode name. Thx.

              Daemon's TV has a nice pic from it.





                Winnipeg Free Press - ONLINE EDITION

                North End actor living large
                North End product making splash in Hollywood, Vancouver

                A North End raised actor is making his mark on the silver screen and TV with roles in such projects as I Spy, Human Target, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Supernatural and Stargate SG-1.

                Aleks Paunovic’s first break into the world of acting reads like something out of a Hollywood script.

                "I was playing in a band on stage and got asked to audition for a role by a casting director," said the 40-year-old actor.

                The role was a minor part in the 1993 HBO film Heads starring Jon Cryer and Jennifer Tilly.

                REST AT LINK ABOVE


                  from twitter


                  Mike Dopud, author, actor, stuntman joins us for a live chat! on NDB Media 3 will air 05/03. #BlogTalkRadio


                    SG1 - Beau Bridges guests on Bonnie Hunt Show Thur May 6:

                    Beau Bridges guests on the syndicated Bonnie Hunt Show on Thursday, May 6. Please check your local listings for channel, date and time.

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                      Michael Shanks


                      Michael about to start a new film project - "Faces In The Crowd" - starring Milla Jovovich and Julian McMahon, & directed by @Julienmagnat


                        Ben Browder in "Naught for Hire" (web series)


                        Ben Browder will star in Naught for Hire, and will be Executive Producer! Unlike some of the fake future news posts here, this is the real deal. We're very excited to have a star with his enthusiasm and fan-following in the role of Nick Naught.


                          SG1 - The Province: Colin Cunningham Interview:

                          At The Province (Vancouver, BC, Canada):

                          (Please follow the link for the complete interview.)

                          Lawyer takes back seat to no one

                          Vancouver-based actor once lived in his car -- but not this time

                          By Dana Gee, The Province May 5, 2010

                          Living in Your Car

                          When and where: Friday night at 8:30 on HBO Canada

                          Colin Cunningham knows all too well what the main character of the new TV series Living in Your Car is going through.

                          "I never asked anyone on the show if they did, but I actually lived in my car," says the Vancouver-based Cunningham, about six lean weeks in the early 1990s.

                          "It was a 1984 Honda Civic. I remember I had to take all the stuff out of my back seat if I wanted to recline the seat. So, I had to put all my stuff on the hood of the car. Basically, I slept with one eye open watching all my stuff..."


                          At IMDB:

                          Series filmed in Hamilton & Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                          Only available (so far) on HBO Canada.

                          Colin is a guest star in episode #7.

                          Unfortunately, HBO Canada blocks access to their site if you're not in Canada.

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                            COLIN CUNNINGHAM



                            Winnipeg Free Press

                            New TV genre: The comeuppance comedy

                            Even Steve's lawyer -- an equally abominable unindicted co-conspirator named Neil Stiles (Colin Cunningham) -- is reluctant to help. All he's able to secure from the loathsome litigator is the keys to a luxury sedan which Steve has signed over to him in order to avoid having it seized by the taxman; and it's a good thing he regains possession because, as the show's title suggests, Steve is going to be spending a lot of time reclining on that fine Corinthian leather.

                            REST AT LINK ABOVE




                            Living in Your Car’ fun to watch

                            Living in Your Car is a new Canadian comedy series that debuts Friday on HBO Canada. It tells the tale of former hot-shot executive Steve Unger (played by John Ralston) whose arrogance and illegal business practices lead to the loss of his company and a brief jail term, and now he’s trying to rebuild his life.

                            rest at link above



                              Amanda Tapping is Nerdage’s #13 actress with geek appeal. She played Samantha Carter in “Stargate SG1″ and “Stargate Atlantis.” She now stars in and executive produces “Sanctuary.” The third season of “Sanctuary,” in which she plays Dr. Helen Magnus, is in production now, and the second season comes to DVD this June.

                              Last fall, she talked to Nerdage about “Sanctuary”:

                              REST AT LINK ABOVE


                                Syfy Scares Up 40-Movie Marathon For Memorial Day Weekend
                                Lineup Includes Network Premiere Of Dushku's 'Wrong Turn,' 'Lake Placid 2',' Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus'
                                MCN Staff -- Multichannel News, 5/7/2010 1:49:00 PM

                                Syfy will kick off summer with a four-day marathon of films over Memorial Day weekend.

                                The stunt, encompassing nearly 40 movies, begins May 28 with "Cold as Ice" films, featuring Ice Spiders (Patrick Muldoon and Vanessa Williams) at 5 p.m, Wyvern (Nick Chinlund) at 7 p.m.and Yeti (Peter DeLuise) at 9 p.m.

                                On Saturday, May 29, Syfy unleashes horror movies such as Open Graves (Mike Vogel) at 3 p.m. and Wrong Turn 2 (Erica Leerhsen) at 7 p.m., leading into Wrong Turn , starring Eliza Dushku, at 9 p.m.

                                The "Don't Go in the Water" marathon on Sunday, May 30 showcases fan favorites from Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus (Debbie Gibson) at 3 p.m., Lake Placid 2 (John Schneider, Cloris Leachman) at 7 p.m., Mega Piranha (Barry Williams, Tiffany, Paul Logan) at 9 p.m. and Supergator (Kelly McGillis) at 11PM.

                                The holiday gala concludes on Memorial Day, May 31, with a Stephen King movie marathon. Patricia Wettig and Dean Stockwell star in the two-part The Langoliers at 11 a.m., trailed by Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald in the four-part The Stand at 3 p.m.

                                MAY 28 - "Cold as Ice"

                                09:00 AM - AVALANCHE: NATURE UNLEASHED
                                11:00 AM - FIRE AND ICE
                                01:00 PM - POST IMPACT
                                03:00 PM - SASQUATCH MOUNTAIN
                                05:00 PM - ICE SPIDERS
                                07:00 PM – WYVERN (Don S Davis) *
                                09:00 PM – YETI (Ona Grauer, Peter DeLuise, Aarol Pearl)
                                11:00 PM - ABOMINABLE
                                01:00 AM - ICE SPIDERS (repeat)
                                03:00 AM - POST IMPACT (repeat)

                                MAY 29

                                09:00 AM - DEATH TUNNEL
                                11:00 AM - HALLOWED GROUND
                                01:00 PM - 100 FEET
                                03:00 PM - OPEN GRAVES
                                05:00 PM - JOYRIDE 2: DEAD AHEAD
                                07:00 PM - WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END
                                09:00 PM - WRONG TURN
                                11:00 PM - SHALLOW GROUND
                                01:00 AM - GHOULS
                                03:00 AM - SHAFT, THE

                                MAY 30 - "Don't Go in the Water"

                                09:00 AM - DINOCROC
                                11:00 AM - SNAKEHEAD TERROR (Gary Jones) *
                                01:00 PM - SPRING BREAK SHARK ATTACK
                                03:00 PM - MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS
                                05:00 PM - SEA BEAST
                                07:00 PM - LAKE PLACID 2
                                09:00 PM - MEGA PIRANHA
                                11:00 PM - SUPERGATOR
                                01:00 AM - SHARKS IN VENICE
                                03:00 AM - HAMMERHEAD: SHARK FRENZY

                                MAY 31

                                09:00 AM - SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK AGAIN
                                11:00 AM - STEPHEN KING'S THE LANGOLIERS - PART ONE
                                01:00 PM - STEPHEN KING'S THE LANGOLIERS - PART TWO
                                03:00 PM - STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND - PART ONE (Corin Nemec)
                                05:00 PM - STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND - PART TWO (Corin Nemec)
                                07:00 PM - STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND - PART THREE (Corin Nemec)
                                09:00 PM - STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND - PART FOUR (Corin Nemec)
                                11:00 PM - CHILDREN OF THE CORN: REVELATIONS (Michael Ironside)
                                03:00 AM - FATA MORGANA ep of SANCTUARY (Amanda Tapping)

                                Quite honestly, the only two films worth watching Well, The Stand is good, but it's long. Langoliers is a better book. Possible there are more SG folk in these movies.