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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    [snip]Any chance we might see Claudia again at the end of season nine? She just seems to give the show that something extra.

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      Congratulations on Avalon I and Seige III!! Well done!

      Will we learn more of the backstory as to why Jack and Sam accepted different positions?


      Token ~


        Joe will you ever bring back daniels grandfather and the giant aliens? It was a shame that you didnt have time to bring back the actress that played catherine, or the late actor that played Ernest Littlefield from the torment of tantulas episode. Or have time to visit that world of ancient alliance. Will you bring back daniels grandfather this year or ever?


          Dr. Mallozzi,

          [snip]"Window of Opportunity." I'm sure this has been asked before but which planet were O'Neill and Teal'c golfing to? If I have to ask one of the other writers about this, could you forward this question to them and respond when you get the chance?

          Thank you.
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            hi joe heres another question about the nox, ancients, asgard and furling. In previous epsodes you stated that the nox source of power comes from mastering of the mind and its powers. The asgard source of power comes from obtaining knowledge and science. However we dont know anything about the furlings. We know that the ancients were scientists that obtained knowledge and tried to master the power of the mind and shared the same mind type powers like the nox. Is this a subtle hint from you guys that the asgard and nox are trying to ascend like the ancients. The asgard throught obtaining knowledge and nox throught the mastery of the mind? Could it be that the reason we dont see the furlings anymore its because they too have ascended?


              [snip]when the final edit comes in, do you sometimes look at a scene (even if it is an important one) which just throws the tone of the episode and it's pacing complete off or flat like this one, and what do you then do?
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                [snip] Claudia open to being in more episodes next season (or even this one, if it isn't too late)? Are the writers/producers/etc. open to it? I think she'd be a fantastic addition to the cast for more than just a few episodes or a single arc, even if she weren't a regular.
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                  [snip]will we be seeing Thor any time soon? ...Heimdeil? or Loki perhaps???
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                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    That's a (back)story for another AU episode.
                    This makes me wonder: is there an idea for an AU episode this season? I remember another question in which someone asked if there was going to be either an AU or clip show this season and you answered "definitely", and my immediate assumption was that that answer was regarding a clip show, until a later response of "what clip show?" of yours cast that into doubt.



                      (Quick reminder - posts in this thread are supposed to be questions, and are supposed to be directed at Joe Mallozzi. One question at a time. And a six-paragraph review of Avalon doesn't count as a question )



                        Question huh? Ok, Joe what did you think of the SG1 premier?


                          Joe, you had mentioned in a previous post that someone other than Carter will be in a similar situation as "Grace" and "Death Knell". Just curious, would this happen to be our favorite whumping boy, Dr. Daniel Jackson?



                            Hi joe

                            i have been wondering about this will grateful is you could answer.
                            Q - Why would the ancients give human life back into the pegasus and if they didn't then why don't they have the ancient gene?
                            i just love to give and recieve GREENS


                              Hi Joe:

                              I loved the premiere of SG-1, it was a great set-up for things to come. Liked the way Ben Browder was listed on the credits, as 1st, but still one out of 3, but NOT listed as the "star", and MS still got his "special" billing. It worked out well, as I assume since he was the star of his own show, it would have been a demotion to be listed otherwise, but it can be considered as not exactly top billing, as it doesn't say "starring", just the 3 names, then the traditional "with" for Beau Bridges for his recurring status, and it would have hurt MS status in his career to have removed the special "MS as Daniel Jackson" .

                              Did all of you have to consider and think, etc to come up with the perfect way for the credits to run, or was it agreed on with their agents, etc.? However you came to the decision, it was a perfect compromise.



                                I enjoyed seeing the introduction of Mitchell in Avalon but felt I was very much seeing a work in progress as far as fleshing out who this guy is and what makes him tick.

                                My question - how much is in your character "bible" (if there is such a thing) on Mitchell's established character traits, his flaws, his demons, his backstory, etc. Did RCC produce a weighty tome for all the writers to use? Or is it a pretty short list and you guys just experiment with what works as you move thru the season and see Mitchell's interaction with other characters.

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