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    Actually, you were supposed to PM this to either Colonel Sharp or myself before posting it here. It looks good though so, it can stand.
    I assume that you've read this post on the premise behind our corner of the 'verse? Here's a couple more links to bring you more or less up to date. Alpha-site update. Beta-site update. AU information.
    Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


      Actually, Sharp did approve it when I sent to him before posting here. Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that at the first of the post. Thanks.
      Dear Journal
      My contribution to the Stargate Rewatch experience. Will be updated nearly everyday, and will cover all episodes, and characters.


        oh, yeah, she's approlved
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          Blue has approved of this Character.

          Name: Travis Andrew Oxford

          Age: 31

          DOB: 26/4/76

          Height: 6’ft

          Rank: Captain

          Appearance: Short sandy brown hair, brown eyes, medium build.

          Ancient Gene:
          Does have it, but doesn’t know it.

          Character Qualifications:

          He’s excellent with computers, knows three languages beside English. Fluent (SP?) in Spanish, Mandarin and bit of Russian. If he’s got spare time he enjoy woodwork, he will make just about anything his imagination takes hold off (nothing too rude)

          Army: While he’s not an expert of guns, he would able to tell you in details all about them. Planning is his best strength and he dislikes to be the last one to know about what goes around him.

          Skills: Hand to Hand combats as well as the art on ninjutsu..

          Character Bio: Born to a high school teacher Clara Oxford and Admiral Andrew Oxford of US Navy in South Carolina in US. Travis is the youngest of the three children. Growing up he always wanted to joint he Army, unlike his older brothers who ended up joining the Navy.

          As a student he was mostly top of his class and graduating from high school with full honors. Enlisting in the Army at the age of 18, Travis went on to become one of the best snipers with M249 SAW Para, and MK23 in his group. He’s also deadly with a M9; hand him one and it’s a done deal. Served with South Carolina National Guard in Kosovo in 99, at the age of 24.

          Once he got back home he befriended a new next door neighbor’s daughter who was 19 at the time and was a recent high school graduate herself. Unknown to him, her father was the Air Force Major.

          Romance had soon taken hold between the two. Their romance ended two years later - which he ended himself - when he was stationed elsewhere, and her joining the Air Force.

          Due to his sniper abilities he was recruited to the top secret project known as Stargate Command in mid 2002 and sent to Beta site.

          Odd Facts: He’s full of random facts. He can be diplomatic when required. Most of the time he likes to plays dumb. He loves hotdogs, milkshakes and coffee along with comic books.


            Name: Benjamin “Ben” Sway
            Rank: Lieutenant British Army Rank
            Age: 27
            D.O.B: 18/04/1982
            Species: Human
            Gender: Male
            Height/weight: 5’10, 65kg
            P.O.B: London, UK

            Basic camouflage combat uniform, he has short dark brown hair about two inches long with light blue eyes and fair skin. Ben is never clean shaven instead having slight stubble on his face. He has no tattoos or any other distinguishing marks.

            Loyal and hard working, Ben is a strong leader and kind friend, working well in a team or individual he is calm and relaxing and does not anger easily. He has a strong sense of duty while being serious on operations Ben is a down to earth guy, has a good sense of humour and is very friendly up for a laugh.

            Ben left 6th form college with three qualifications in Physics, Chemistry and Maths with a half qualification in Biology. Leaving at age of 19, due to failing his first year he spent three years overall. He left straight for the British Army joining as an Officer in Logistics and began specialisation in Bomb Disposal. He was posted in Germany to train German troops in bomb disposal and demolitions for two years, and then serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Logistics Commander for a year each. He was then transferred to the American Marines to train some troops in Logistics and demolitions and was finally recruited to the SGC as part of a British American joint operations. He was posted at the Alpha Site during building works where he has come to stay after the destruction of Earth.

            Other Information:
            Trained in the use of all weapons and explosives, trained in special tactics and surveillance. Exceptionally good fitness rate and good knowledge of engineering and technology.

            Has a strong Ancient Gene.

            Weapons and Equipment
            Basic Opps pack
            M8 carbine Assault Rifle with attached optical sight and laser dot.
            SIG P226 Pistol
            Two Grenades
            Combat Knife

            Demolitions Pack
            Surveillance gear
            Meet the Karn, the true race of the stars.


              looks like this FA is MIA on his second character too


                I thought that username sounded familiar. I couldn't find anything on a previous character though. I dumped some of the 'inactive characters' to save space on the lists.
                Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                  he was a jaffa at the beginning of Giaiaquake


                    Oh joy another person who's MIA.


                      Vincent, how about if you edit your previously posted Biography? Please.
                      Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything



                        Name: Brian Hunt

                        Age: 45

                        Species: Human

                        Gender: male

                        Height: 5"11

                        Appearance: Short hair, dark/dirt blonde, slightly above average strength

                        Personality: Brian is a man who on the surface appears to be kind hearted and caring soul and while he can be, everything he does only furthers his own agenda. He keeps everything close to his chest. He also is a very conflicted soul who often finds himself struggling to decide what is the right thing to do.

                        Character history: Brian is a man of high intelligence. He excelled at academics on the University level and was recruited to join a secret organization known as the NID. At first Brian was assigned to an NID SWAT team and later he was chosen to conduct missions on his own. He has been through para-military training.

                        When the NID was first told of the construction of an off world settlement they decided they needed a set of eyes and ears there to keep tabs on the events taking place there. They sent Brian. He arrived on Gaia slotted as a factory worker and grew to be a influential member of the community. He has however chosen to stay out out the limelight brushing aside offers to take political office. He is active though in the upkeep of the town and is a friend to all.

                        After the destruction of Earth Brian ceased NID operations and became the voice of a growing movement among the townspeople of Foreston. After a meeting with the leaders of both the military and the town, Brian Hunt became a liaison stationed at the base for the civilian population.
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                          Character Name: Ryn Chikozu

                          Age: 25 (DOB: 18 April 1982)

                          Character Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

                          Position: NCO of SG-3

                          Appearance: Bright red hair (she got nicknamed Carrot Top in her youth - it fitted her though she hated being called that. ), green eyes, quite pale skin (it doesn't tan), normal yet muscular build: she has a well-toned body, almost sculpted, though there are a lot of scars on her back - most of those from knives and bullets. Even with her "faster" healing, scarring is still possible.

                          ~Height: 1m80 (5'9'')
                          ~Weight: approx. 75/77 kg (convert)

                          Physiology: Because she is from the Alternate Universe, there are some things that are different about Ryn's physiology from regular humans:

                          - She has a faster healing rate because of her faster metabolism (I.e. a paper cut would heal in 1 day as opposed to 3 days, and it would take a broken bone to mend in two, three weeks as opposed to six, depending on how severe the break.). It's not super-fast, but, faster. Say half to 3 quarters the time of normal.

                          - She could be susceptible to hypoglycemia and thus needs to eat regularly, though small snacks (powerbars) between meals help. She is used to this and doesn't think anything of it.

                          - Pain killers have less of an effect since they pass faster through her system. Either a high initial dose would be needed, or a shorter dosing schedule (say every 5 hours instead of 8).

                          Personality: Can be intensely emotional due to circumstances but it's always short-lived and she can always get back to her normal self fairly soon after the outburst. She is very loyal - once a superior has earned her trust and respect, it is for life. She'll follow orders but not blindly, will often question commands given if she feels they're not valid. This has landed her in trouble a lot... but somehow, she always got back on her feet.
                          She is highly skilled, overconfident, yet sometimes shy (whenever new situations occur - she never knows how to deal with that and then gets withdrawn). Once she is used to a situation, her true, confident (some would say cocky and arrogant) personality surfaces. She has a strong sense of justice, doesn't see things grey - only black and white.

                          - high combat skill, expert in several martial arts;
                          - high pain threshold.

                          - see physiology
                          - fear of flying
                          - arrogance

                          History: Born on AU-Earth, Ryn was orphaned at age 3, and got since sent from orphanage to orphanage. She suffered tumultuous childhood and teenage years as result.

                          Military Career and Commendations: At 18, she decided to join Military service since that was the only thing she thought that would be as close to a family sense as she possibly could get.

                          Tours of Duty: She enlisted with the AU-USMC in 2000, starting her approximate 3-4 month training then.
                          - Operation Iraqi Freedom (2000-1) (Iraq) : her platoon protected a Red Cross medical facility and liberated several villages;
                          - Operation Enduring Freedom (2001) (Afghanistan) : protection of supply convoys.
                          - Further training for six months (2001-2), including hand-to-hand combat up until level 5 advanced, martial arts, weapons' use
                          - Selection into Stargate Command (mid-late 2002)

                          - Navy and Marine Corps Medal -for actions during the Iraq mission, she saved her team from an ambush, as well as a certain visiting Air Force General Hank Landry, who was inspecting the platoon she was serving with. In actuality he was looking for possible SGC recruits which he found in Ryn.
                          - Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal -for actions during the Afghanistan missions, which also gave her her promotion to Gunnery Sergeant. She earned both for risking her life several times over to save civilians and her fellow marines.
                          ** NOTE: This is AU stuff. I figure Landry got around, and thus Ryn got noticed. In my version of the AU, Hammond never was SGC Commander, it was Landry all along, all the time.**

                          Current history:
                          Her abilities and commendations were what got her selected into the Stargate program. She was part of the AU-SGC for two years (2002-2004) under the command of Brigadier General Hank Landry, who had originally met her in Iraq in 2000. In late 2004, Ryn got sent to (AU)-Xanth (PX2-897) to strenghten the ranks of the Alpha Site. This happened just prior to the Anubis attack which subsequently destroyed Earth.
                          She then spent about two years with the Alpha Site's SG-12 (2004-2006), and those two years weren't fun. Her team bullied her, to the extent of her almost going insane, and it didn't help her personality much. When the prospect of a long-term mission came up, Ryn jumped at the chance to sign up.
                          General Belousov sent a science team to P3G-689 (aka Eden), since its minerals and other resources would prove valuable.
                          The team investigated what they could, though they encountered troublesome locals. Ryn was part of the security detail to protect the team. The mission lasted a full Gaia year. This was due to seasonal events which influenced the local resources the team was studying, and after the mission, the minerals were used for the base's integrity and further development. Ryn took that year on Eden (a nickname for the paradise planet) to heal herself.

                          Just coming back from that mission, she got placed on SG-8, temporarily, with the prospect of joining the Alter-SG-3 once they get the DHD that they came for. She will test the LGR long-term.

                          Other facts and tidbits: Ryn's favourite colour is skyblue, like how the earth sky is coloured just after dawn. She likes nature: woods and ponds are her favourite. Her favourite sweet treat is Duo Chocolate Spread (hazelnut/white chocolate flavoured). She likes her coffee black, although prefers the cinnamon-spiced variety. She'll eat any food, she's learned since childhood to not be picky, though she's always hated too spicy or too rich food.
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                            Name: Robert Aiden Hughes

                            Age: 25

                            Position: SG-5

                            Rank: 1st Lieutenant

                            Branch: Marine

                            ATA Gene: No

                            Appearance: 6�2, about 215 pounds, excellent physical condition. Brown hair, often slightly spiked. Blue eyes.

                            Personality: Often comes across as being younger than he really is. Once you've gained his respect, you've gained it for life, and he is fiercly loyal to those few he considers friends. He does, however, have a rather short fuse, stemming from a very strong fear of failure. He's also quite intelligent, though he tends to cover it up to some degree in order to appear 'cooler.' Relies almost too much on his athleticism and he's always been overconfident about it.

                            Bio: Born to Ian Hughes and wife Sarah Hughes, his mom died when he was young. Ian trained his son to follow in his footsteps, but often mistreated him. Every lesson taught was important, but failure carried a steep penalty. Occasionally so did success. Robert was stuck between rebelling and trying to impress his father.

                            Earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, where he also played football for all four years. He backed out of the NFL Draft, where he would have been an early round one selection, to the surprise of many.

                            He knows weapons (that his dad started his training when he was young didn�t hurt). Those weapons he hasn�t seen before, he can usually figure out with almost stunning speed. He claims he does his best work under threat of impending death, but he isn�t beyond rounding up on times to make it seem more impressive when he finishes ahead of schedule.

                            The young weapons expert was a natural choice to be approached by the SGC.
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                              I decided to start a bio for her, since she is being used alot right now. If youa have any suggestion PM me.

                              Dr. Julianna Steele (NPC)

                              Character Name: Dr. Julianna Steele
                              Character Position: Captain (USAF)
                              Character Nationality: American
                              Character Age: 36
                              Character D.O.B: Janurary 22, 1970
                              Character Species: Human
                              Character Gender: Female
                              Character ATA Gene: No
                              Character Height: 5'9"

                              Character Appearance: Tall, long medium brown hair, which she keeps put up and out of her face, green eyes.

                              Character Personality: Always has time to help a patient no matter how small the task might be. Tends to worry about things she can't control, especially Dr. Aaronson, she feels he pushes himself to hard, and isn't afraid to tell him so.

                              Character history: She is the third child to James & Nina , she has two brothers and one sister. Growing u pin Chicago was hard. Her father was a union worker and her mother a teacher. Yet she was always encouraged to follow her dreams, and since she was a child she desired to help people by becoming a doctor.
                              She knew her parents couldn’t afford medical school, so she took it upon herself to find away to get there. She joined the USAF and used that as a means to get through medical school. Upon her graduation she was given the chance to become an officer, so she took that as a sign that she could help her country and people at the same time.
                              She did her internship at Chicago’s County General Hospital; than was asked to travel to Colorado Springs, and did her residency there before being offered a position with the SGC at the age of 30, being chosen specifically by Dr. Janet Fraiser.
                              She was married in 1995 to a Captain in the airfore Steele. She put her personnal life on hold to further her career in medicine and the military. Nevertheless earths destruction did hit her rather had, she was very close to her parents and siblings. After earths destruction she had a brief relataionship with Major Rhea.
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                                Name: Emma Grace Lu Ban

                                Age: 29

                                DOB: 10/23/1977

                                Height: 5’6”

                                Rank: Captain

                                Appearance: Short blond curly chin length bob, stunning green eyes, 123lb., athletic build.

                                Ancient Gene:
                                Discovered she has it by accident … and only she and one other is aware of it.

                                Character Qualifications:

                                Speaks French and Spanish fluently. Has a talent for understanding the working and ability to repair anything mechanical. Loves to read fantasy. Has an utter love of getting into people's heads and learning what makes them tick. Has a quirky sense of humor tainted by sarcasm.

                                Air Force: Graduated tops of her class. F15's were her area of expertise. Mission planning is her second favorite. Certainly not a guns fan but can defend herself when needed. Her forte is explosives.

                                Skills: Quick on her feet … can think her way out of any situation, especially when in a pinch. Trained Predator Pilot.

                                Character Bio: Born to a chemist who graduated from the US Air Force Academy. Her mother a model for Ford's modeling agency. Emma Grace is the oldest of five (always claims to be her dad’s first son).

                                Being a daddy’s girl, she of course followed to the Academy. Her passion for climbing and rappelling and any high adventure sports lent her to the "no fear" attitude that caused her to graduate as one of the top pilots in her class. A fact she keeps very well hidden is that she graduated top of her class academically. Another fact she tries not so successfully to put behind her is all of the problems her attitude has caused her.

                                Due to her flying and explosive abilities combined with an extensive knowledge in the sciences, she was recruited to the top secret project known as Stargate Command by an unnamed high ranking official who saw a lot of him in her and wanted to give her a second chance … after almost a year attempting to return from a secret mission she was assigned to prior to “the explosion”, she has made her way to the Beta site.

                                Odd Facts: She is an absolute choccoholic. Loves to dance and has a passion for all types of music. Her fave saying is “you can’t blame a girl for trying“. She is an incorrigible flirt.

                                ... this character was app'd by Gen. Blue ... well s'pose that should come with a disclaimer ... not necessarily approved of the character ... but ok'd for play!!!

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