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    Name: Dr. Stuart Fairchild
    Race: Human (Tau’ri)
    Character Age: 38
    Military (and branch): N/A Civilian
    Main position: negotiator-psychologist
    Secondary position: theologist
    Assigned: Unassigned

    Character appearance
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 183
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    ATA-gene: no

    Rank: Civilian

    Pre-Alpha Site occupation: Security Service (MI5), Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)

    Nationality: British

    Relevant training and qualifications:
    Advanced forensic sciences
    Advanced forensic pathology
    Advanced interview and interrogation techniques
    Hostage rescue tactics
    Basic firearm training
    Basic close combat training

    Personality: Stuart is a very focused individual who is very analytical in everything. He has a certain charisma that gets along with people. At times, Eric can be a little brash and insensitive. (Think Hugh Laurie in House MD)

    History: Stuart grew up as the older of two children to Professor Gregory and Amanda Fairchild off the British Coast. Stuart grew up as a very intelligent child who became aware of complex situations due to his sister, Nia having autism. His sister’s diagnosis made Stuart want to pursue a career in mental health and DD.

    As a student who excelled in a highly prodigious private school, Stuart was accepted at Cambridge University were he majored in Psychology with a sub-major in Religion. Stuart continued his education after getting his bachelors in Psychology with a double masters and doctorates in his field.

    Stuart published a doctoral thesis on Mathematical Psychology which garnered him the attention of the British Security Service (MI5). There Stuart became highly decorated in profiling and interrogations.

    A few years later, Stuart was selected on the assessment staff of the British Joint Intelligence Committee. (JIC) It is there were Stuart became quite adept and appreciated at analyzing situations and the mental state of British operatives on a wider base.

    When the United States revealed the existence of the Stargate Program to diplomats that would later be the International Oversight Advisory, Stuart was one of the first recommended to represent Great Britain. Stuart continued his work of analyzing Goa’uld and other hostile activities from the Gamma site when Earth was destroyed. When the opportunity arose to be on a field team for Alpha site, Stuart jumped at the opportunity to get a first hand look at the info he had been assigned to analyze.

    Interesting Facts: Stuart was actually ranked in the top 25 of chess players on Earth before the explosion
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        apparantly there was a misunderstanding. the post can be undeleted when/if it is approved
        Where in the World is George Hammond?



          thanks Sky, I think I'm going crazy, I might have to undelete it but I'll let you know
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            Got Sharps approval..for sure this time

            Character Name: Warin Jones
            Character Age: 29
            Character Rank: Sergeant First Class
            Character Position: Unassigned
            Appearance: 5'9'' Short dark brown hair, military style high and tight...Brown eyes...165

            Personality:Total Nerd...with a little hero mixed in...not very outgoing...very pulled back, and introverted, though he can sometimes take unnecessary risks.

            History: Born and raised in Texas, was strait A student from the moment he stepped foot in a school. Graduated at the age of 17. Enlisted in the military at 18. Served in the Army for 11 years making it to the rank of Sergeant First Class. Served in the 2nd Gulf war as a tech specialist. Whiz with computers. Asked to join the Stargate program in 2004. Assigned to the Alpha site in 2005 to do research on technology to make sure it was safe to take to earth. While there took a course in F-302 Flight. Has Basic Flying Skills
            Other important facts: has the Ancient gene.
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              Sorry to be a hater and all, and I apologise if I overstep my boundary, but a 24 year old Sergeant First Class is unheard of. An SFC is required to have 15-18 years of military experience, not a mere 6 years.


                Not Entirely true, in the army you can enlist as a PFC as long as you meet certain qualifications...after 1 year your guaranteed a promotion...and then there are only 3 ranks to get through before its totally plausible for a 24 year old to be a SFC


                  Actually bro, I should have caught that. It is pretty much impossible to be 24 and an SFC. To qualify for a waiver from PFC to SPC is 18 months, not 12. Also, it is considered rare for one to be SSG in 5 years. However, 15-18 years is too much. You should be E-8 probably promotable too. Some people are even SGMs. I would say 10-12 years is about right for the average SFC. If you enlisted at 18, I would say 26 at the MINIMUM. And that would be for a high speed Soldier. Remember, at that point you are needing to be picked up by a list, there is only so much you can do at that point. Up through SSG, it mainly relies on you and time. After that, it is only partially based on how much you do.


                    i fixed it...added 5 years


                      That makes a lot more sense.


                        Character Name: Gabriel Michaels
                        Character Age: 37
                        Character Rank: 2LT
                        Character Position:
                        Appearance: Known, and teased, for his young appearance. Brown hair, high and tight hairstyle. Tall, lean, and muscular. One look and you can tell he is military.
                        Personality: Thinks outside the box in every situation. A military man, through and through, he always makes sure that he is the first person off world and the last person to return.

                        History: A rising star among the more classified sectors of the Army. Gabriel Michaels graduated high school in the top five percent of his class in Northern Virginia. Immediately after high school, he enlisted in the Army as an Infantry Soldier. Earned his Jump Wings and Air Assault wings shortly after graduation from Basic and Advanced Training.

                        Michaels served in Operation Desert Storm as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division while still enlisted at the rank of Staff Sergeant. Attended Ranger School and earned his Ranger Tab in early 1993. Deployed to Somalia in October of that same year. Upon return from Africa, Michaels competed in, and won, the Army Best Ranger Competition in 1994. Shortly thereafter, "Gabe" earned a bachelor's in Military Studies.

                        Michaels attended the Special Forces Qualification Course in 1998 and earned his Green Beret. Within months, he received his promotion to Sergeant First Class. Deployed three times with 3rd Special Operations Group as a Platoon Sergeant. After showing great potential, he was picked up for the Stargate program in December of 2000.

                        Starting as a Master Sergeant, Michaels served various roles for the Stargate program. Started as a member of SG-24, going on several missions. He attended Officer Candidacy School and upon receiving his commission, Michaels became leader of the Quick Response Force on the Prometheus. It was there that he also began learning how to pilot a F-302, though he is still a little shaky. Lieutenant Michaels was assigned on Temporary Duty to the Alpha Site in order to train more thoroughly in the -302. Shortly after his arrival however, chaos ensued as a result of the destruction of Earth. Currently, Michaels is working on his degree in Physics.

                        Other important facts: Lieutenant Michaels hates to be ordinary. As such, he has always strived to be the best he could be, whether in school or the military. To this end, it frustrates him beyond belief that he is currently an average F-302 pilot. He was discovered to have a weak, yet present form of the ATA gene. However, he was unable to join the initial Atlantis Expedition due to other duties. He is known for his military mind and his ability to get out of sticky situations with all members of his team in tact. While his means may be unconventional, Michaels never breaks the rules but is willing to try anything within them to get the mission accomplished.


                          Name: Rosie Thomas
                          Age: 34
                          Rank: Major
                          Position: Base JAG

                          Appearance: 5ft6, athletic build, with shoulder length, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes.

                          Personality: Though not naturally a quiet person, Rosie believes in keeping her private life separate from her professional one, and is usually found away from the gossip bases. She's a mature and independant young woman who leads a healthy extra-curricular life, which includes hobbies such as reading, writing, singing and jogging.

                          History: Longing to get away from her small town life, Rosie enrolled at Columbia University in New York. As an undergraduate, she majored in Economics and Political Science at Columbia College and also joined the university's ROTC detachment. Instead of the 4 year professional officer program, Rosie chose to take their two year General Military Course without service obligation during her freshman and sophomore years.

                          After graduating, Rosie continued at Columbia University, this time in the Columbia Law School to study for her J.D. Upon successful application to the Air Force, Rosie's studies were continued as part of the Graduate Law Program.

                          Rosie's first post was a three year tenure as a judge advocate (JAG) at Hanscom AFB in Boston. When this was completed, she was transferred to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs where she served a further two years. It was at the two year point of her second post when she was offered a role at the SGC in Cheyenne Mountain, which she gladly accepted, knowing the profile of the base. Given her extensive knowledge of the Stargate Program, Rosie was invited to join the team at the new Alpha Site in 2004.

                          Soon after Earth's destruction, Rosie was granted extended leave, as the base had no need for a judge advocate.


                            NPC ~~ Joshua Samuel McGregor

                            Rank: First Lieutenant

                            Position : Chaplain

                            (since the death of Gaia's chaplain on the Alarius, McGregor is covering both bases. Serving half a week at one place, half a week at the other.)

                            Height: 5’11”

                            Age: 32

                            Appearance: Sandy Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Well trimmed beard and mustache. Average build.

                            Personality: Warm, friendly, huge heart. Loves people and loves his calling in life. Is a great listener and will do anything for anyone. Very perceptive and willing to act on what he reveals. It is his greatest desire to serve others.

                            History: Born in Scotland, grew up in the Trossachs where he would spend all of his spare time tromping along the trails of the local mountains. His family moved to the United States when he was fifteen. It was shortly after that that he found his faith. After earning his degree in Archeology he realized he was still missing something so he finally decided to follow his calling. He completed his degree in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. He decided to serve in the military shortly after his ordination. He was brought to the SGC as a result of his additional background in Archeology. Joshua is a robust outdoorsman. He is living with the pain that his first travel through the gate was estimated to be the last to leave earth before the explosion.

                            appr'd by Blue/Sharp

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                              (hahaha, according to the Board's time (And my time), and the time it says you posted your posted the bio three minutes into the ~~~Future~~~ oooo ahhhh.)
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                                oops!!! i ASSUMED from Blue's post and then found your post and then ...

                                a mere wrinkle in time ....

                                may the repercussions not be too severe (or the punishment)


                                course we all know what 'assume' means!
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