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    Originally posted by SGC and SGA View Post
    Character Name: John Dasani

    Other important facts: I have the Ancient Gene and I know how to use Ancient Technology but I know how to read a little Ancient.
    Please e-mail your biography to Colonel Sharp for approval before posting it here. [email protected]
    Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


      Character name: John Dasani

      Gender: Male

      Character age: 25

      Character species: Human

      Character Rank: Chief Petty Officer

      Character appearance
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 173
      Hair: Black
      Eyes: Blue
      Build: Athletic
      Skin: white

      Pre-Alpha site occupation: Right Before joining the Alpha site. John served in Iraq on a AirCraft Carrier

      Nationality: American.

      Relevant training and qualifications: His qualifications are 10 years of boxing.

      Character specialties: His specialties are some hand to hand combat.

      Character strengths: In Combat it's his marksmanship which he was first in his class.

      Character flaws: He can sometimes on base get distracted by his personal life, but never gets distracted on the battle field.

      Character Traits: Easy going guy. Quick thinker on the battle field. Likes to joke around sometimes and never leaves a man or woman behind even in the worst curcumstances.

      Character Background: John was born in Tuscon, Arizona on December 31 1981. His family is really big military family with his father in the Army and his two brothers, one in the Air Force and the other in the Marines
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      Lance Corporal Mike Sheppard, SG-2

      Chief Petty Officer John Dasani, SG-5

      GateWorld Role Playing


        NPC – Gloria Fuentes

        Age: 52

        Rank: Chief Master Sergeant

        Character position: Head nurse, Infirmary

        Height: 158 cm

        Has been on the Alfa site since the very beginning. Easy going attitude, seen it all – done it all, meaning nothing that happens in the Infirmary surprises her anymore. Very correct with names and ranks. Specialized in OR and ICU-care

        ((Approved by Blue - available to anybody))

        "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


          NPC – Julia Hawkins

          Age: 33

          Rank: None, Civilian

          Character position: Nurse, Infirmary

          Height: 175 cm

          Talks a lot. Always close to laughter and up for a chat, patient or staff doesn’t really matter. Came to Gaia in the summer of -05.
          Specialized in ICU and infectious dieses

          ((Approved by Blue - available to anybody))

          "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


            ((This Bio has been approved - This is an NPC, so feel free to use as needed))

            Name: Mary Irving

            Rank: Civilian

            Position: Junior Nurse

            Age: 24

            Appearance: About 5’3”, with long reddish-brown hair that she pulls back into a loose ponytail while on duty in the infirmary, and green eyes.

            Personality: Usually very shy, but will talk to patients when it seems appropriate. Very concerned for the wellbeing of all the base personnel, and will do anything to put them at ease or to help speed their recovery while injured. Very non-confrontational.

            History: Mary was born to Albert and Gloria Irving. In high school, she joined the JROTC program where she met then c/Sgt. Katrina Sands, and the two managed to keep in touch through the years. She was deeply involved with David Young during high school and the first part of college, but that dream was shattered when he was killed by a drunk driver. Knowing that she always wanted to help people, she decided to become a nurse. She was recruited to the SGC as an intern nurse at the recommendation of Katrina at the age of 22. Soon Katrina became engaged to Dr. Devin Almodeus. Helping to plan the wedding, Mary continued to work diligently at the SGC. Only a month before Earth was destroyed, Dr. Lam requested that Mary be transferred to the Alpha site. Knowing that Katrina had been killed in the explosion, but that Devin had survived, she promised herself that she would look out for her best friend’s fiancée no matter what happened.
            Dear Journal
            My contribution to the Stargate Rewatch experience. Will be updated nearly everyday, and will cover all episodes, and characters.


              ((This bio has been Blue approved. Use him for anything involving computers.))

              Name: Mark Jameson "My hair's on fire!" Steffson
              Rank: Civilian
              Age: 29
              Gender: Male
              Height: 5'11"
              Weight: 230lbs (no metric conversions this time suckers!)
              Eyes: Blue
              Hair: Black
              ATA Gene: Negative

              Area of specialization:
              Computer programming.

              See above

              Happy-go-lucky, with slight tendencies toward sarcasm.

              Recruited into the StarGate program by his longtime friend and mentor, Devin Almodeus, Mark Steffson was brought into the fold of the team attempting to decipher the inner workings of the Alpha Site's StarGate. Born to two parents he doesn't care to name, Mark was enamoured at first with anything that was mechanical and moved, but when he was twelve, his parents bought him his first computer. Admittedly, the gift was a dinosaur compared to today's equipment, but Mark was thrilled with it, and that was what propelled him down the path towards a degree in computer <insert fancy and complicated name here>. He's led a good life, better than his few suriving friends by far and isn't accustomed to pain of the physical sort. His first year of college, Mark struck up an almost immediate friendship with the bitter and sarcastic Devin Almodeus. As time went on, the two grew to be great friends, at one point proposing to start a research team before a certain Major Davis approached the two of them. A year later, Devin convinced Mark to sign the NDA that he'd refused to sign that day. Mark was amazed at what his friend had shown him, and began work offworld soon after that.
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                Name: Jane Gripley
                Age: 24
                Rank: Airman
                Position: SG-5

                Appearance: 1.70m (5 feet, 7 inches). Blond hair a little above shoulders, cut in layers. Grey eyes. Slender, weighs about 62 kg (135 pounds). In civvies usually wears jeans and a short-sleeve T-shirt or sweater and sneakers.

                Personality: A tough young woman, Gripley is someone who can stand her ground. She readily gives her opinion and has a good heart, though she doesn’t always show it. She’s trustworthy and her teammates can count on her. Her flaws include stubbornness: she likes to think she’s right a little too often; sometimes she’s dreamy, not paying attention to what’s said (but only in non-risk situations, in the middle of a fight she’ll pay attention all right); and finally she can be pretty direct, also to her COs, which can get her in trouble once in a while. The directness, however, can also help her and others out in certain situations.

                History: Jane Gripley, an only child, followed her mother’s footsteps into the US Air Force. Her father had been a dominant man, not eager on feminism. However, he died early (Jane was 3 years old) and afterwards her mother, Ms. Dagner (she never re-married), got her strength and discovered she could be more than a housewife. Ms. Dagner, who became a fervent feminist and raised her daughter, thus, entered the USAF at age 33 and climbed in a short time to the rank of Captain. With her new responsabilities Ms. Dagner could not raise Jane by herself anymore and hired a nanny, Mrs. Sunchez. Jane and her new nanny got along okay, though they never became close friends. Jane came to admire her mother more and more for her independence and strength and decided she wanted the same. Jane entered the USAF at age 19, knowing she wanted that career path at the age of 6, making her mother proud. Her outstanding study results and service in Iraq gave her her assignment at the SGC Alpha Site. Once in contact with the SG Program they found that Jane Gripley did not possess the Ancient gene. After having heard of the destruction of Earth and therefore the death of her mother her strength to make it in this Universe hardened and she became tougher and more determined to survive.

                Ancient Gene: No

                Other stuff: Is addicted to Mt. Dew and Oreos. Prefers dogs over cats, but likes rabbits even more (don’t ask). Hobbies include running, weight lifting, baseball, and reading.
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                  ((Sorry I forgot to add this earlier))
                  Character Name: Michael Theodor West
                  Species: Human
                  Race: White
                  Gender: Male
                  Character Age: 26
                  Character Rank: Civilian
                  Character Position: Civilian Engineer
                  Assigned room: 30 Sub-level 7
                  ATA Gene: Generally Strong
                  Pilot License: Private aircraft
                  Appearance: He is about 5’10” with short red hair and green eyes. He keeps himself in shape by doing martial arts and swimming. He has various scars on him including two prominent scars on each hand. He has three styles of dress either; coveralls, BDUs, and jeans and a Chicago Cubs Kerry Wood jersey with a lab coat. Some have said when Michael get angry it appears his red hair actually get redder.
                  Personality: Michael tends to be quiet and keeps to himself but when the time warrants he can talk as much as the next person. During stressful situations he keeps his head on straight and down.
                  History: Michael was born and raised Chicago, IL. While growing up he took things apart and putting them back together good as new and create a working drawing. Michael’s parents wanted him to be able to swim and defend himself so they signed him up for swimming and martial arts. Michael took so well to both sports that we was actually starting to compete in events. During high school he majored in both engineering and drafting, plus he was on the school’s swim team. In his junior year of high school the colleges started to knock at his door to come there school as a student and an athlete. He finally chose a school in Virginia since they gave him the best offer plus he had family in that location. While there at the school he studied both engineering and robotics. Once he graduated he stayed to get his masters and work in the engineering labs. While working in the labs we had happened to work on several DOD experiments.
                  After he got his masters he joined an aerospace company specializing in the UAVs. One of the UAVs he was working on happened to be ones being used by the SGC. He spent some more time with the company doing various DOD projects until he finally he was met by two Lieutenants from the Air Force who had him sign some papers and told him the truth about mankind’s past. At first when he was told the truth he thought he was on some hidden camera show but the looks on their faces told him they where telling the truth. He was told because of his work on the various classified DOD missions and his lack of a personal life made him a good cadet for work at the SGC. His blood samples proved him clean of any illnesses and that he had strong version of the Ancient gene. His early work at the SGC was helping keeping the UAVs in good condition, working on robotic research, help keeping the gate running, and help draw working drawings of recovered objects.
                  Michael’s personal life blossomed after his move to Colorado he met a professional dancer named Jane. Both Jane and Michael where taking Ku da Gra a from of Martial Arts in a local martial arts center. One day Michael got the up the nerve to ask Jane if she wanted to go out and get lunch together and she said sure, they had a great lunch at local pub and from then on they had a regular date schedule. They had been dating for about three months when Jane got horrible news she had Breast Cancer. Both Michael and Jane continued to date and Michael even went to some of Jane’s chemo sessions to support her. About a year later Jane got the news she was in remission but she had to call things off because she need to do some soul searching at first Michael was crushed by the news but he finally came around to understand why she need to do it alone.
                  Not long after Jane and Michael broke up Michael was sent off world for his third time. By the end of this mission both the SGC and Michael felt that he had bad luck, when ever Michael would go off world the you know what would hit the fan. Because of his appeared to be bad luck Michael was given training in weapons, survival, and tactics.
                  After about six months of having not heard from Jane, Michael gets a call from her asking if they wanted to start dating again. Michael was at first not sure if he wanted to try to start a relationship with her again but he turned around and started dating. A month of dating passes and once again Jane got bad news her cancer was back and appeared to be spreading to her lymphoids. Jane started to go thorough chemo with Michael at her side.
                  When the incident at the old SGC happened Michael was off world helping a SG team with a robot that helped map building using lasers. When they got the call that Earth gone he his first thoughts where of Jane so he started to tear up but he was eventually pulled himself together, got the robot working, and found some unsafe structures that need to be stabilized. He sadly didn’t have much personal items with him expect a few pictures he carried in his wallet of his dead parents and Jane who was appeared to be getting better; he also had his favorite pair of jeans, boots, and Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs jersey; the complete set of his favorite Sci-Fi television show called Firefly, his own person tool kit carried in a leather case, his personal/work laptop.
                  At first he was not sent to the Alpha Site instead he was jumped from location to location to help out fix things that need fixing since now they could not just call the SGC back on Earth and get a replacement. He was eventually sent to the new SGC to help out with the creation of the Beta Site. When he got his room at the SGC at Gaia it was very Spartan looking expect for the few photos he had. He added more to his room by collecting things on his off world travels and printing images off the base computer.
                  Other important facts: It appears too many that he always carries a cup of coffee which is mostly true. When he is not working on projects for SGC he can be found writing or taking thing apart and putting them back together. Before he starts each day he mediates and practices his martial arts. Many of Michael’s photos he has printed from his computer and the base’s are of Chicago, “Space Camp” in Huntsville, Al., Grand Canyon, and the Earth’s Moon.
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                  Aftermath RP

                  SG1, Resurgence RP Daniel Jackson


                    Here's mine. It was already approved by Colonel Sharp.

                    Character Name: William 'Murph' Murphy
                    Character Age: 20 DOB: April 22, 1985
                    Character Nationality: American
                    Character Gender: Male
                    ATA Gene: Yes
                    Race: Human

                    Branch of Military: United States Air Force (USAF)
                    Character Rank: First Sergeant
                    Character Position: SG-2

                    Appearance: Short light brown hair; fit; medium build; amber colored eyes; usually a stubble is visible on his face, indicating a lack of shaving. Murphy is 6 foot and weights 165 pounds.

                    Personality: Murphy is a confidant soldier who had quite a bit of fighting experience. He is known to have a dry sense of humor that he tends to use on the battlefield. His loyalty to his friends and comrades surpasses even his desire to follow orders.
                    He loves going through the gate. Off duty, he is very laid back and can get along with almost anyone on the base.

                    History: Murphy was born in Ohio in 1985. His father was a Major in the Air Force, but died when Murphy was young. Murphy dropped out of high school late in his senior year, without his mother's approval. He received his diploma, but immediately signed up for the US Air Force to follow in his father's footsteps. He flew in many bombing and rescue missions during the conflict in Iraq. He has flown an F-22 Raptor, B2 Spirit, HH-60 Pave Hawk, and the F-302 (after joining the SGC).
                    In 2004, Murphy was approached by a USAF Major that told him about the Stargate program. He had been selected for his skills as a pilot and a soldier. Murphy joined the SGC, where he learned he had the ATA, or Ancient Technology Activation gene.

                    Other important facts: Murphy lost his entire family on Earth.
                    Murphy's weapon of choice is a P90 submachine gun, and a Beretta 92FS pistol.
                    Murphy enjoys going offworld through the Stargate and feels it is one of the only ways to unwind, especially if he is ever involved in a firefight.
                    Murphy was currently on a mission with SG-15 when Earth was destroyed. Rogue Goa’uld had attacked them. They team finally had beaten them back and made a break for the Gate. The team was taken out and Murphy was the only one to get through the gate to the Alpha site.
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                      Welcome to our little corner of the 'verse.

                      You talked to the Team Leader of SG2 already? You have to be OK'd by Planetary Alliance to join her team.
                      I'll add you to the Player list.

                      (psst - It's rogue (roag) not rouge (roojh). )
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                        ((Rouge means red in french))
                        Lance Corporal Mike Sheppard, SG-2

                        Chief Petty Officer John Dasani, SG-5

                        GateWorld Role Playing


                          Oui. Je parle Francais un peu. Tres peu maintenant. Tres peu.
                          Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                            ((Approved by General Blue))

                            Character Name: Dr. Astra “As” Eibhleann Fleur Owen
                            Celebrity Model: Dianne Farr
                            Species: Human
                            Gender: Female
                            Age: 31
                            Hair colour: blond
                            Eye colour: green
                            Height: 5’8 (183cm)
                            Weight: 125lbs (72kg)
                            Dexterity: Left handed
                            Nationality: Australian/Irish
                            Marital Status: Married with 3 children
                            ATA Gene Status: Natural
                            Nick Names: As by family and friends
                            Distinguishing features: Astra has a butterfly tattoo on her left breast. She has a large gold dragon on her left shoulder that looks like it is in flight. She has a circular Celtic tattoo that is purple in colour and is own her left ankle.


                            She is a naturally shy and quiet person. She can be very stubborn and pigheaded, which she got from growing up with six older brothers. She is very loyal to her team and friends. Her closets friends know that she has a very nasty temper, which she can normally control. Astra has a sarcastic and dry sense of humour. She's honest and open, would rather tell the truth then to cover it with a lie. She tends to have different mood swings: from being very happy to very dark and brooding. She can be absent minded.

                            Abilities and Attributes: Astra has skills in archaeology and languages. She’s had weapons training, but doesn’t like to use guns. Astra prefers either zats or stunner type weapons, as she doesn‘t like other forms of guns, they make her feel uncomfortable. Astra has a black belt in Krav Maga and Karate.

                            Hobbies: Astra loves to sing, play guitar and the piano. She loves playing cricket and archery whenever she gets the chance. Astra collects books, teddy bears, cows, dragons, cats, fairies, and seashells. In her spare time she loves to travel, read, listen to a wide variety of music, and spend time with her family and friends.

                            Likes/Dislikes: Astra has a love of Martial Arts and meditating. She loves Italian food and the colour blue. She loves camping and exploring. She loves books, music, and art. She dislikes rude, arrogant, obnoxious, people who lie and steal. She has a sweet tooth and loves things like Cadbury chocolate, apple pie with cream, and strawberry ice cream. Astra has had a fear of flying ever since she was little and prefers her feet firmly on the ground.

                            Background History

                            Astra grew up in a military house hold that resided in Canberra when not travelling around the world for the Air Force. Her family consisted of six older brothers Patrick, Sean, Iollan (ul+an"), Lorcan ("lor+can"), Cormack, and Darcy. Her mum Fiona; was a nurse, and had been a Wing Commander (Lieutenant Colonel) and her dad Lochlan; was an expert with various weapons, and had been a Air Chief Marshall (General). All her family members were part of the Australian Air Force.

                            She grew up in a traditional Irish where she had been taught to speak Gaelic, the myths and legends by her Gran when she was little. Astra hates her name Eibhleann and prefers to be called Astra. Only close family called her Eibhleann. It was a tradition in her family that each child be given an Irish name for their first name.

                            Astra was sent to a prestige boarding school in Sydney when early enough due to her parents military commitments of travelling the globe. During holidays she either went with her parents or stayed at home with them in Canberra. She was an excellent student; studying hard whenever she wasn’t playing sport or performing music. When she graduated high school with top marks, she followed her heart to study language and archaeology with the full support of her family. She applied for a university in New York and when she was accepted she moved there immediately. While in New York she met her husband Brian Atherton a doctor (also a keen archer and cricket player) and they had three children; (6) Enda Elspeth Gwen, (4) Nuala ("noo+la") Olwynne Iseult, and (2) Owein Edmond David.

                            When she finished university she worked for another one while she published her work. After sometime she was approached by people from the Stargate Programme when they became interested in some of her works on Ancient Egyptian culture. She accepted the invitation to work at the SGC and moved her family and their pets straight away to Colorado. She spent her time between working in the labs and being on a off world team. Astra had been off world with her team when news of Earth’s destruction reached them and they were ordered to return to the ALPHA site. She grieved for the loss of her family by going into herself while still being able to continue on with her work. She is slowly reaching out to other people again.
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                              Approved by Colonel Sharp.
                              I thought we were in need of team geeks like Carter or McKay, since only SG-3 has a true techie in Taylor, so I made up this character to cover that need.

                              Character Name: Dr. Mohinder H. Suresh
                              Character Age: 30
                              Character Nationality: Indian
                              Character Gender: Male
                              ATA Gene: Yes through gene therapy
                              Race: Human

                              Character Rank: civilian scientist
                              Character Position: SG-4

                              Appearance: Wavy medium sized black hair; fit; medium build; Brown eyes; dark skin; usually a stubble is visible on his face, indicating a lack of shaving.

                              Personality: Mohinder has a very focused personality, once his mind is set on doing something nothing will make him go back. He likes to believe in people's word as written in stone, especially the closest friends. He's naturally shy, almost dorky and incredibly bright. Doesn't have much trouble making friends, but likes to keep to himself. He loves children. He's Buddhist and so believes in serving his collective as a way to achieve Nirvana.

                              History: Mohinder was born in Agra, India, son of Chandra and Shanti Suresh in a middle class family. He studied in many schools all over the country as he grew up because his father kept moving all the time, which made him someone who accepts a change of location easily.

                              When he came of age, he was admitted to the University of Pune where he gained a diploma in Physics. He continued his studies and earned a PhD in Astrophysics from the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics also at Pune, India.

                              He wrote a paper on wormholes and parallel universes that earned him a spot in a symposium at the USA where he met Dr Rodney McKay and Colonel Carter who later asked him to join the international group studying the outpost at Antarctica under the IOA and Dr Weir, but the idea of leaving to Pegasus to find Atlantis with the others scared him and so he declined a place in the expedition and continued the research at the Ancient outpost.

                              After a year he was asked to go to the Alpha Site for an opinion on a matter and he went believing it would be just a temporary assignment, no more than a week. He had no issue with the change, but being in another world was a concept that still scared him a little. He could deal with that though. Due to this exchange, Mohinder was at Gaia when Earth was destroyed and his temporary assignment became permanent.

                              Not dealing well with the fact that all his family died on Earth, Mohinder went to live in seclusion at the edges of Foreston, but he's healed and ready to come back to active duty at the base.

                              Other important facts: Mohinder lost his entire family on Earth. Having received training from the SGC when he joined the Outpost research crew his weapon of choice is a pistol. He doesn't like big weapons like the P-90 and is not at ease handling one of them, so instead he will carry pistols and a zat when on mission. His aim is relatively good for a civilian.

                              Mohinder is not very used to go to other worlds through the Stargate, having done so few times, but if it feels necessary for the greater good, he will go wherever he must go for his people and his team.

                              Place of start: Foreston.
                              Awesome sig made by *E*K*R*. Thanks!!!!!


                                Finaly aproved by sharp with one change and there might posibly be a hair color change before long

                                Character name: Amanda Blake
                                Character age: 32
                                Character species: Tau'ri
                                Height: 5' 4''
                                Weight: 126 lbs.
                                Hair: Longer dark-brown
                                Eyes: Hazel
                                Build: built more like a runner

                                Rank: N/A Civilian

                                Personality: Easy to get along with but can be a stubborn pain in the butt if she has to. She is very protective of her patients but not sure of her abilities as a psychologist in this big job.

                                Character Background:
                                Amanda was left at a church where she was given the name Amanda, and then was adopted by the Blake family. In her teen years, Amanda was rebellious; staying out all night, partying with friends, skipping classes, and talking back to her parents. One day, the three of them were in the car driving home, when they were involved in a car crash. Her adopted parents died, but she survived. Not knowing what happened or how she survived, Amanda took it hard and did a huge turn around. She stopped drinking and started to do well in school. At the same time she also picked up a love of mind puzzles and mind games. She was 17 when her parents died and so she lived with her Aunt for the three month period before she turned 18 and moved out and moved in with a school friend till they graduated.

                                After graduating from high school, she got into Berkeley due to good test scores and a strong essay on the death of her parents. In college she got her Bachelor of arts, majoring in psychological studies, followed by a master of psychology, the she got her doctorate in psychology with an emphasis military based/caused psychological problems. Her doctoral thesis on PTSD related military veterans and combat incidents. Right after getting her Doctorate she published a paper about the affect of different music on people and did an experiment using different music with military troops helping them cope with coming home from the battlefield. The Airforce noticed her and asked her to work on one of their bases and after seeing how well she connected with the troops moved her to the Gamma site.

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