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    Originally posted by ShadowMaat
    Well, Hammond was probably good about keeping up with things like that. Plus, the transfer of power is still relatively new. Probably heaps and gobs of paperwork involved with that.

    Loved the mention of the kitchen problems. They got the wrong potatoes! hehe
    I bet Luke was absolutely livid. How can a man make general and not know anything about potato consistancy?
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      I can see Luke getting increasingly irritated with Jack this season- and not because of Carter! Or, not just because of her...

      Jack better watch it or he'll be lucky to get crackers and water.


        This episode didn't exactly enthrall me, which is something I rarely experience with SG-1. I think part of the problem was that I'm starting to get itchy to get offworld. LOL

        Still, it had its moments. Loved the potato part. Loved the "Who shot me?" part. Loved wondering how young General Hammond from 1969 stayed so wonderfully fit and youthful all these years Entertained myself by trying to list exactly how many times and it what ways Sam has been possessed by something.

        I wasn't anticipating the Anubis twist, and I also wasn't expecting that he'd overtaken Jack. At first I thought he might, in that corridor scene after he came out of Sam, but when they started the auto-detstruct I thought it was Jack trying to push Anubis into making a move again. I always enjoy when a plot twist surprises me, so... that was good.

        Not sure about the new doctor, though I did recognize her from Mysterious Ways right off the bat. She did seem overly... professional, to use a euphamism, but I'm willing to give her a chance. We'll see what happens next week. I like her voice, though.

        I still want to get offworld with the team, but Zero Hour looks interesting, too.
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          I don't mind either kind of episodes, off-world or on, i still like them But the new doctor was a bit, well all in previous posts said what i was thinking, so i won't repeat. Because of spoilers, i had a hint who the villian in the episode would be, but didn't know if was true, but yes, liked it
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            Originally posted by littlemigueljr
            I don't mind either kind of episodes, off-world or on, i still like them But the new doctor was a bit, well all in previous posts said what i was thinking, so i won't repeat. Because of spoilers, i had a hint who the villian in the episode would be, but didn't know if was true, but yes, liked it
            I don't mind on-world episodes either... though theres more action in off-world episodes...


              Originally posted by ShadowMaat
              My biggest question is: Why the hell didn't they activate the iris??! It can stop stuff incoming, but a shield works both ways!
              I had the same question, but it was kinda answered when it turned out they were actually tricking Anubis onto that ice planet. Waiting around for the Ancients to get involved (something I don't think was going to happen since the whole Anubis mess probably wouldn't exist if they were more competent ), it likely would've entailed a miffed Anubis zapping all of them.

              As to the need of a body: I believe the body was necessary for Anubis to find another shield again, but otherwise he likely could've gone through the gate all on his own.



                *sob* MISS JANET *sob*
                Not much to be done about it now, but can't they warm the new Dr up a little!!
                BTW, I think they mentioned at some point in the dim dark past that only planets (with habitable atmospheres??) have a P-____ designation. Didn't they mention M - for moon at some point????? You got me on what KS is for tho..
                Other than that, agree completely with Taupecat. Thrilled I didn't get spoiled on this Aunibis thing..... happy to see some resolution (after all it seemed a tad convinient that he could just die in an explosion... ).
                I too thought Jack was merely trying to force Anubis's hand with the self destruct, its fun being out of the loop! (just don't try it every ep ).
                LOVED the team stuff, now if only they could get offworld...


                  I like how Jack still wears BDUs rather than the dressier short-sleeze shirt that Hammond often opted for.
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                    I know it has been said a million times but the whole Daniel not remembering was just hilarious. The WHOLE conversation was hilarious not just "Who shot me?". The potato thing was also hilarious. O.O "No!" ROFL!
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                      So Anubis cannot leave/depart a frozen corpse or did he perhaps die with the Russian?

                      I was disappointed the O'Niell character did not rise to properly greet the character of the Russian officer. It turned out to be anubis, but still, that was not known at the time.

                      The episode did a good job of keeping us out of the loop. I thought, initially, that the Russian would be recurring character now and then. Thus I was hoping he was Navy and SPETSNAZ. Moot, of course, as he is now a popsicle.

                      The potato quandry was genius.
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                        I liked it but my question was why did the major go ahead and use his key to start auto destruct...I mean you know O'Neill just shot Carter and Anubis appears to have left, then you have O'neill say come over here and lets turn on the auto destruct (only reason would be the blow the gate and I don't think they would do that even if that meant Anubis would escape) and you don't even seem to think hey maybe Anubis took over Jack now....If that was me I would of not have done so and would of ran to someone like Carter or someone else about it (depending on how fast she recoved form the zat) instead of just saying ok sir and then getting owned by Anubis...


                          If Colonel Vaselov was frozen fast enough, he might not be dead. Or maybe Anubis is keeping him alive to save himself. If/when a Goa'uld ship finds him, they may use a sarcophagus to revive him and then Anubis will leave him to make a shield or whatever. There is some hope, I really liked Alexi.

                          Major Kearney (AKA Young Hammond) was also cool, he should be Carter's 2IC.
                          Secretary-General of GATO ¤ Defender of F.O.R.D.


                            Yeah, Anubis is a pretty smart dude!



                              The SciFi Channel has updated both the "Stargate SG-1" and the "Stargate Atlantis" sites with episode synopses for tonight's episodes:

                              STARGATE SG-1

                              Download teaser for "Zero Hour":


                              "Lockdown" Episode Synopsis:


                              Plus four photos and a General O'Neill sound byte -- "The Problem with Yukon Gold Potatoes"



                              STARGATE ATLANTIS

                              "Hide and Seek" Episode Synopsis:


                              Plus four photos

                              And a "Did You Know?" feature on:

                              According to Dr. Beckett, "We believe ATA, or Ancient Technology Activation, is caused by a single gene that's always on, instructing various cells in the body to produce a series of proteins and enzymes that interact with the skin, the nervous system, and the brain." In his experimental genetic therapy that could allow ATA with treated humans, "we're using a mouse retrovirus to deliver the missing gene."

                              Download teaser for "Hide and Seek":


                              Download the ORIGINAL Stargate Atlantis teaser:





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                                Thanks for the links! I'm gonna go check them out now