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    Originally posted by sky_blue_waters View Post
    September 15, 2002 , at Gatecon in Vancouver BC, just right at the very end of shooting on season 6: I had a chance to talk to Amanda at the con for just a little bit. And one of the things I told her was that season 4 was definitely 'my' favorite. She asked me back, "What happened in season 4?" I kinda thought to myself, 'what happened in season 4'?!? , 'everything happened in season 4 ', S/J wise. I kind of shugged it off as nothing, Keep in mind that this was 2 years afterwards. But if the deep emotions of the season 4 episodes were lost in the grind of filming or never really sunk in to Amanda's mind; then..., I can kinda see how she lost the 'romanace' in the Sam & Jack's relationship. I mean season 4 was the basis for everything S/J related, IMO. Anyways that's my take on things, I don't really know for sure...

    So what did you think of Amanda when you meet her? I have heard so many wonderful things from the Gabiteers and seveal people before reports came in on their meetings with Amanda from other events.
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      WOW, what a great series of posts the last couple nights. Thank you so much to everyone sharing their AT2 time with us! So many intelligent, insightful comments on where Sam should go next...hard to add to the mix, especially, since I am not too familiar with Atlantis, or its' implied limitations for the characters i.e. no apparent need for a stargate, etc...

      I am leary of Sam moving over to SG1, I guess I can't get past the original 8 episodes of SG1 as my favorites. I am a relatively new SG1 fan, but am fiercly loyal at this point, and hate to see Sam put in scenes as a prop and not a priority. Looking at her skills and experience as if she was sending a resume into Atlantis, what could she do? (Problem is RL transferrable skills don't necessarily garner Neilsen ratings, so hard to approach the character like a potential employee hehe)

      1) She should lead in some capacity, in any career by now, doing an excellent job for 10 years would mean she should be approaching the top of her game. No offense to BB, since I enjoyed him in Farscape, but Sam should have been leading SG1, I know this is repetition, but repetition = learning, maybe TPTB will learn.
      2) How about mentoring/ teaching - she is an astrophysicist, explorer, pilot, has a bunch of military/ mission experience...
      3) What does Sam love to do - solve problems, work with an intimate, close team, (and fly in crazy space races). Any special ops or special science/ exploration teams needed on Atlantis? New problems, new settings... so won't steal from current characters. The bridge commander idea was a good one, even though I'm clueless about what that means since I am a complete Atlantis neophyte.
      4) Hypothetically, if the stargate program was closed down, the military would never put someone as skilled as Sam out to pasture, how could she be best utilized (while keeping everyone happy) in Atlantis...hard to figure out! Haven't thought enough about this to gather all my thoughts, but it does make me realize how hard it must be to write a character into another setting.

      Thanks again for all the generousity shown by AT2 attendees, wish there was a similar con stateside, or better yet, Australia (Not where I'm from, but seems like they haven't had a recent con)
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        Sounds like a great time was had by all attendees....Wish I could have been there. I have lots of hopes for the Atlantis "posting". Should proving interesting provided the PTB *don't* try to base all of their character interaction on Sam and Rodney and let her form relationships with other members of the crew. Rodney is already overbearing of a character on that show, don't need him to be the focal point of yet another storyline!


          I've just sat down to compose my thoughts on Sam going to Atlantis and I noticed they have a thread in the news section on it. People might want to check it out.

          Now I'm off to compose those thoughts, umm now where did I put them????


            OK I have had a wee bit of time to sit down and put my thoughts together on the subject of Sam being added to the Atlantis cast.

            I would love to see Sam in Atlantis, there is just so much potential for her character there if handled correctly. I just do not believe that it will be handled with any finesse at all so I really have to come down on the side of I don't want it to happen.

            I am a fan of both shows but SG-1 was predominant until I slogged my way through S9, now I'd say I'm more interested in Atlantis but not in the same huge way I used to be for SG-1. I feel both shows in S9 SG-1 and S2 Atlantis showed signs of TPTB at Bridge giving in to network interference for aiming for a demographic that the network would like but doesn't have in large numbers. An approach that resulted in very "light" and superficial shows with none of the unique spark of the Stargate Universe though I must say that Atlantis fared a little better than SG-1.

            S10 brought about SG-1's cancellation whilst S3 of Atlantis has improved greatly and is showing promise, not great stuff but it has a lot of potential.

            So how does all this relate to Sam going to Atlantis? I simply do not think that the creative staff at Bridge have the skill and/or the will to pay attention to the characters and integrate any new character to the cast of Atlantis. I honestly do not think that they have learnt anything from the mistakes made on SG-1.

            Let's look at the situation (as far as we know it) for Atlantis. The existing large cast has not had justice done to it in terms of character development but Atlantis PTB have admitted that and are apparently taking steps to remedy it. Female characters are not handled all that well currently in the Stargate Universe and this is true of the characters of Weir and Teyla on Atlantis.

            It appears that the cast changes are
            Paul McGillion (Dr Beckett) is out of the main cast but may be in future S4 eps.
            Jewell Staite is coming in as a doctor of some kind
            Amanda Tapping will be appearing as Sam Carter but it is not known in what capacity or for how many eps
            Michael Beach is also supposed to be appearing in Atlantis

            I feel that TPTB haven't dealt well with the existing female characters so I hold no hope that they will deal well with the above changes either. I would rather have no Sam than have her character further mistreated by TPTB. As a matter of fact I wouldn't like any character from SG-1 to be migrated to Atlantis because I don't feel that it would be done well.

            Did TPTB not learn anything from the cast changes to SG-1??? AND who exactly will be showrunning Atlantis?? If BW and RCC are off concentrating on the movies and perhaps a third show, who does that leave?? Please don't let it be the rumoured

            To TPTB at Bridge I would like to say "Just say NO to STUNTCASTING" and try instead some solid planning of plots and development of characters as it will take you further in the long run.

            To Amanda, I wish you well in whatever you end up doing in the future but if you have a choice I would consider saying goodbye to the character of Sam Carter because I honestly feel that TPTB are no longer interested in the character and you will not fare well. You deserve better.

            Sam Carter is a great character and Amanda Tapping is the amazing actress who brought her to life and gave us fans 10 years of enjoyment. I hope the future treats both of them well.


              Well nothing like making a second attempt at this seeing as my computer crashed when I tried last night

              Firstly, many thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences of AT2. It's been great hearing about your experiences and its just made me look forward to Avalon this weekend even more (if that was possible).

              Secondly, minigeek, the poster looks incredible! Fantastic job and if I could green you again I would

              Lastly, in regards, to the discussion of Sam/Atlantis....

              At this point its all speculation about how many episodes/whether she'll be recurring or regular and I do think it makes a difference which it is in terms of what I would want for the character.

              If they shift the character over as a regular to SGA then I would have more concerns. Firstly, because I can't see SGA purists welcoming the addition and I don't particularly want to see the character disparaged simply because she has moved across. Secondly, because I believe it would it mean the continuation of the ambiguity of the Sam/Jack arc which is not good for the character and unresolved angst re Sam/Jack must be extremely boring for AT to continue playing as an actress given the number of years its dragged on *or* it will mean the resolution I don't want (that they don't get together). Thirdly, because I don't see unless DH does leave where she would fit in the regular cast if based on Atlantis itself. This last concern also plays with my concerns should she become a recurring character.

              While the obvious solution is to write her into a role where she is able to visit often or somewhere where the team are likely to run into her often (command of a ship or the mid-way station) but not base her on Atlantis itself, I tend to agree with golfbooy that it limits the character rather than utilising her to her fullest. Yes, it would be 'cool' to see Sam in charge and would utilise her leadership/soldier aspects but it would potentially ignore her science side and the underlying value of Sam as an asset to the SG Programme. Quite frankly doing the run from MW to Pegasus, and continually turning up with the big taxi to run the SGA team places is not the blowing up the sun excitement that I'd like to see the character enjoy; and sticking her in the void between the galaxies seems to be more of a punishment command than a reward for a shining star of the programme. However, both command roles would admittedly provide some interesting character development stuff if done right.

              That leads me nicely on to my next concern which I think is shared with quite a few that the writers might not be able to move and develop Sam positively given how they've handled the character in the past two seasons of SG1. Sam Carter hasn't been centre stage for a while and even when there has been an attempt to put her there in S9 and S10 the results haven't always been in-character or a story that really served to show the character to the best of her abilities despite AT's great acting of whatever she's been given.

              Having said that, I still believe there was a lot of positive stuff in S9, and S10 certainly seems to be showcasing her as leader/soldier/scientist rather than focusing on one-dimension as they did at the beginning/mid S9. Having heard about AT's comments on The Road Not Taken, maybe this is another positive indicator that the character might finish the weekly serial TV run/movies of SG1 on a high. If that is the case, then I guess I'm with others in not wanting to see that diminished by anything that might happen with the character in SGA.

              Ultimately, if Sam does turn up as a regular or recurring on SGA then I would obviously still be glued to my TV watching what they do with the character and hoping for good things but I would much prefer to see the character get to shine in a couple of guest appearances which I think is the more likely scenario anyway. (Apparently Teal'c was the one meant to crossover in SGA S2 according to a transcript of a DVD commentary I read somewhere recently).

              Whoever originally posted AT commenting that they had utilised the clause in the contract for her to appear on SGA phrased it as though AT had been approached to be in a 'few'. I believe that was also the intention at the beginning of SGA S3 but in the end that turned out to be only 1 episode. So, overall I'm sceptical about suggestions she's 'crossing over' completely and in all probability it may turn out to be one or two guest appearances.

              In terms of how they've used her guest appearances on Atlantis to date, two of the episodes have really focused on the Sam/McKay dynamic; two of them on Sam being a touchpoint with home. So, in terms of what I'd like to see; if she's going to have a few episodes on SGA, then as a viewer I'd like to see something different. I'd like her teamed up with the women and having a real girl power type story a la Hathor or having the opportunity to interact with Sheppard more (not on a shippy basis but more of a buddy/buddy air force team leaders type thing).

              However, I'm sure what we'll get is more Sam/McKay with the emphasis being on her science aspect. Since probably one of the draws for AT herself in doing SGA is getting to work with DH then I can't say as a fan of AT I'm too upset about it although as a fan of Sam Carter I'd like the character to do more. So if the story was McKay/Sam again with the main thing being science it would be great if the story could also include showing Sam as a leader/soldier too.

              If it is guest appearances, neither would I be fussed if they leave her being on SG1 (I would love if they had her resuming leadership of it) and 'guesting' because of a science project with McKay or some ambassadorial thing she might need to do or some other excuse that gives her a temporary visit. Nor would I expect massive character development given its just guest appearances.

              At the end of the day, I'm always happy to see Sam on SGA and so long as they don't make Sam OCC and stupid (or, as a S/J shipper, have her randomly kissing anyone - although if they do have her kissing Jack on SGA I'll be immensely happy), I'll just be pleased to see the character again.

              Hope all that made some kind of sense...
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                Originally posted by Tracy Jane View Post
                I think. Did I report all that right?
                That was pretty close to word for word, TJ. Well done.

                (And I still lurve ya for your bit )


                  HOLY MOSES...sheesh you guys can's just taken me 2 hours to catch up...I wish I could stick around and post something profound but honestly speaking I just want to reinterate something I've said already....You guys are brilliant...thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wonderful posts...take care everyone and be safe happy!!
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                      Originally posted by ses110 View Post
                      I like the Sam character for many things as well.If another Fan wants to like Sam just for the Sam/Jack Ship that is there right.The Fans can like a character for whatever reason they want.Why would it bother an Actor? The Fans help pay an Actors Salary.When you are an Actor on a TV Show or Movie you have to understand there is a good chance you will be involved in Ship and there is a good chance you will be bombared with Shippy questions from Fans and Interviewers.I'm sure there are plenty of out of work Actors would have no problem with doing Ship.
                      Ses, hun, actors (most actors worth their salt) are all too aware of the fact that many "viewers" (and the studio executives) view them as little more than meat at a market whose integrity (artistic and otherwise) is up for sale. The problem is that, no matter how much some viewers might think artists "get paid to take whatever they're given and like it", there are real people under those character masks. And real artists.

                      The nature of an artist is to look for ways to evoke a response via their artform, to impart something of relevance. The fact that they might care about their character's integrity (in so much as they've crafted that character for years) is really not something that should be condemned because an artist needs to feel something in order to emote it. They need to care. An artist who doesn't care or who does anything they're told simply for a paycheque is not an artist. If Amanda did not care about Sam Carter's strength and integrity as a character, then Sam Carter would not be half of the fantastic, dynamic and unique character she is today.

                      Your demand (as a viewer) is not uncommon, but it is (if you can forgive me for saying so) somewhat uninformed. Amanda has a tremendous sense of integrity as an artist, and whether her viewers always 'agree' with every one of her choices for Sam or not, that sense of integrity is what DOES make Samantha Carter shine on screen for us.

                      I'm a shipper, myself. Not necessarily a hard-core shipper, but a shipper none the less. That doesn't mean I can't see the logic or the caring behind Amanda's (personal) ideals when it comes to the Carter character. Don't sell her short. She's a fantastic artist, and she's good people, too!


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                        Happy Birthday, Poz!!!!

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                          Originally posted by the dancer of spaz View Post
                          You know, I don't think the ship issue between Sam and Jack will ever be resolved. And I don't mean resolved PROPERLY, or resolved for the good of all... I mean, I don't think it'll be resolved. And, I hate to say it, but I've never been so happy that ship was so ignored at the convention. There were a couple of questions, but for the most part, there were no questions in regards to how it's going to work out between Sam and Jack in the end... And ya know what, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda glad.
                          The oft-touted "resolution" means they [the writers] have to go there again, and I'm so happy to forget it. While it wouldn't kill me to hear a reference at some point later on (e.g. in one of the movies) that Sam and Jack had already made the beast with two backs one night when we weren't looking and got "it" out of their system (I could handle that, in fact, provided it were to have happened when they were not in the same chain of command and never going to be any where near one again), I'd rather let it continue to disappear. That's a "resolution".

                          Originally posted by ShimmeringStar View Post
                          Scari's a very prim and proper English gentlewoman... kinda like.... Mary Poppins???!

                          *Ducks flying chopsticks and Smarties*

                          Oh wait, if I'm being called Mary Poppins, I'm in good company, aren't I? Cool!
                          (those record-breaking Smarties at GABIT made my tummy ache )

                          Originally posted by ses110 View Post
                          If only TPTB resolved the Ship Years ago the Actors would not have to answers questions about the Ship constantly.The Ship could have been in the backround instead of being front and center because it's been dragged out forever.I just do not get what the problem is if Sam/Jack are together.It's entertainment.
                          Air Force regulations, for starters. "Resolving" it years ago would have meant not starting it in the first place. There was no other kind of "resolution" acceptable during seasons 1 to 8, other than not having it. Post season 8 it's still questionable re. the chain-of-command issue. Just because Sam and Jack aren't in the same unit/command doesn't mean some stuff doesn't still apply.

                          Originally posted by golfbooy View Post
                          ... Regarding the rest of what you said, this is why I wish that the writers had done something with the Sam/Jack ship when RDA left. They really needed to either go through with it or end it. I don't care. But it's not like either shippers or anti-shippers have forgotten about the issue.
                          It's only the shippers who keep reminding me of it, bless their cotton socks lol!

                          Originally posted by ShimmeringStar View Post
                          Actually Ses... and pardon me if I'm getting short, I'm finally hitting the wall where I do need my sleep now... but it really doesn't matter if any ship or story line is resolved or not because fans and interviewers will continue to ask the same questions over and over and over and over.

                          Originally posted by Strix varia View Post
                          She's really working that hat

                          Originally posted by majorsal View Post
                          you know what's funny? i'm too shippy for the sam thread, and too sam-centric for the shipper thread. *whimpers*
                          Stay! If you weren't here, sally, who would have kicked me to write Baal & Sam-whump?

                          And Happy birthday Poz

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                            Originally posted by Strix varia View Post
                            Happy Birthday, Poz!!!!
                            Yay...another birthday...happy birthday Poz...have a great day!!
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                              I posted this on the anti-season 10 thread as well.

                              You know I am wondering if part of the problem with their writing of
                              Sam Carter is that they don't believe she is "real"

                              well let me tell you-she is very real. I know because I am raising one.

                              My daughter has been a math and science person since her father first taught her to do math in her head. She is in her senior year and applied to Tufts for their School of Engineering. She is taking Multi Variable Calculus because it is fun.

                              How many of us have daughters that are Samantha Carters?

                              I wouldn't be surprised to see high numbers. I look at the friends my daughter has in her program in the Math and Science Academy and there are lots involved in Math and or Science in a big way.

                              Maybe they need to open their eyes.
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                                Originally posted by golfbooy View Post
                                Alright, I'll be the dumbass who asks. What's this last bit all about? Was there some reason to think that the probable season ending cliffhanger revolves around Jack? Or were you referring to a cliffhanger for Sam Carter personally, ie ship? Or am I just being a total mental midget and spacing on the whole thing?

                                Regarding the rest of what you said, this is why I wish that the writers had done something with the Sam/Jack ship when RDA left. They really needed to either go through with it or end it. I don't care. But it's not like either shippers or anti-shippers have forgotten about the issue. And, judging from the vehemence with which it's discussed on every single SG forum, nobody is ever going to forget about it. Having the subject be the giant pink elephant (insert PardoxRealities' most outstanding graphic) in the room for the past two years seems to have only exacerbated everyone's patience. Had the writers made an actual decision on the whole thing, ridiculously small and insignificant internet factions be damned, at least both Amanda and Sam Carter would have been able to move past the whole thing. It would be something the character went through, then continued to grow. As it is, Sam's attraction/love for Jack is still an obstacle/issue that the character hasn't dealt with. And it niggles everybody, no matter how they want it to turn out.
                                I agree. I'm a huge shipper, have been for years. But it reached the point where I just want a resolution. One way or the other. Obviously I'd prefer that somehow they be together and I don't think that it has to interfere with everything else that Sam is, but I could live with a "we tried it, it's not what we thought, let's move on and be good friends".

                                At this point, I do think there needs to be a "trial period" at least because there has been all this build up and to just pretend that it never happened would be even worse than the ambiguity we've been given.