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    What else we haven't talked about yet? Here are a few wild and harsh spinoff / SG movie ideas :

    Spinoff idea 1) - Stargate : Genesis
    A new adventure of Ancients, who has just arrived to the Milky Way from the Ori galxy. They just established their first stargate network (universe type of gates). Maybe the main character could be based on the younger Janus, who is a time traveller anyway. Ancients would meet their future allies (and enemies) for the first time here. The story could still have some connection to the current timeline on Earth through a time loop.

    Spinoff idea 2) - Stargate : Titan
    A tv show about the era when we can see the last decadent years of Four Great Alliance as it being corrupted by different hostile threats. The old gate system was replaced with a newer version in the Milky Way . The new connection of formerly isolated worlds would cause a galaxy wide civil war instead of peace and prosperity. The show would end with the death / flee / ascension of the Ancients, but they would also send a few new seed ship to place stargates in the other galaxies around the Milky Way. Most of the Ancients worlds became extinct and abadonned, so the galaxy suffered a mass extinction.

    Spinoff idea 3) - Stargate : Legacy
    A tv show would follow the decendants of Ancients who returned from Atlantis to Earth. They try to secretly protect Earth after the rebellion against Ra and to overthrow the Goa'uld Empire. So they establish a new alliance of the advanced races against the spreading Goa'uld. They could use a new hidden Ancient outpost base on the Moon (or the Great Library of Alexandria) while the Mediaterran sea is under the control of the Roman Empire. Later this alliance (the Roundtable) is betrayed and their attempts will fail.

    Spinoff idea 4) - Stargate : Academy
    A tv show would follow a new group of heroes, who rediscover the mythical, long lost school planet in the Milky Way which played an important role in the past, but then it was abadonned. They have to stop a new alliance of hostile forces, who blocked the FTL drive in the whole Milky Way and they started galaxy wide attacks against advanced human and Jaffa worlds. This new hostile race studied and upgraded their own stargate network, so our heroes must find a way to save both galaxies from their control with the help of old and new allies and restore the broken peace.

    Spinoff idea 5) - Stargate : Valhalla
    This adventure could follow an expedition to the Othala galaxy, where Earth must prove that they are the real heir of the Asgard legacy against the evil Vanirs.

    Spinoff idea 6) - Stargate : Exodus
    A new alien discovery on the Moon would lead mankind into a new galaxy where they could finally meet the builders of the Stonehenge, who use their own transportion methods.

    Spinoff idea 6) - Stargate : Homeworld
    The new show would continue the daily work of the Homeworld Security, who tries to protect Earth from unimaginable galactic dangers.


    * * *

    I always tried to imagine the Four Great alliance the following one:
    - Ancients : explorers - the equality vote on the council
    - Nox : voice of peace, nature, diversity - the isolationist vote on the council
    - Asgard : voice of technology and achievement
    - Furling : voice of violence, control of space, war
    I don't know why I have always felt that is how the SG universe should work. Obviously I don't want to copy the Babylon 5 where the two ancients races (the Vorlon and the Shadow) played with the younger races on their own ideology. And we also don't want again a super overpowered enemy race (like Reapers from Mass Effect), so I believe the FGRA could have been broken up as a combination of different problems (ideology war, rebelling minor races, attacking major races), so soon it or later we would find out how the Furlings have gone and the Goa'uld have risen.

    Since we don't know how BW and RCC imagine the timeline and the different eras of stargate, they could introduce and plan so many settings in advance like I have done it with a little improvisation. So if we could see what happened in the past then we could make "crossovers" in the future etc. Maybe advanced races have raised up and fallen, so they could introduce so much different type of shows. Anyway I am just dreaming.

    * * *

    I have rewatched the two Ashen episode the "2001" and "2010". Well.. They have gone with ships to the Volian world, but later they have found the stargate and managed to dial their homeworld. So technically they must know the 2 fixed location the Ashen and the Volian world.
    1. So they can simply calculate a potential next solar system as I have written above or even with random dialing...
    2. Maybe they kept the ambassador alive, so they could interrogate him. Lucky us he hasn't been on other planets and I doubt the Ashen have got memory adapting technologies (like the Tok'Ra or Galarans (SG-1 9x13)).
    3. We also know that the Ashen terraformed a gas giant into a sun. So there won't be too much solar systems in the Milky Way where we could see such Tatooine type two-sun system. But we know their coordinates anyway... The question is what if an other race of visitor have entered into their space via space ships or via stargate.

    Because just imagine that somebody will find the Ashens and they look like a friendly ally. What would the Aschen do in the Milky Way? Or how could the status quo quickly change? Maybe they would stay in the background for a few years to not meet with the Tau'ri directly, but after they will collect enough informations I am sure they would go for vengeance.
    1. I believe they would try to eridicate the Jaffas (and humans) with biological weapons. Not everybody have got tretonin, so they would be still vulnerable even to symbionte poison.
    2. Same with the Tok'Ra. I doubt that the Rebel Jaffas wouldn't try to eridicate them once for all.
    3. If a hostile force would discover that the weakest part of the Loyal Jaffas and the Rebel Jaffas is the tretonin, then I am pretty sure that everybody would like to capture or to destroy the Pangar. We can only hope that the Tok'Ra would have more secret facilities where they have improved the tretonin in the first place. The tretonin could be also similar to that live extending drug what the Ashen could offer, so maybe we could make references between the two cases.
    4. Earth is very-very vulnerable because of the offworld bases. So maybe they can't destroy Earth directly because of the Iris, but probably they would hurt us other ways through our first colonies.

    Anyway when I talked about the biological hazards... We could still study the swarming giant flies (from season 2 "Bane") or even the R75 bugs (season 9 "The Scourge"). They could be used as biological weapons against any world, so it could be introduced as a morally questionable method how to defeat our enemies. I doubt that the Aschen would have problems with it.

    Or the Ashens could be even carefully introduced as a time travelling enemy. What if they studied the solar flares and they managed to go back or to go forward in time. Even their artificial second sun could cause wormhole problems between the Aschen-Volian distance.

    Or they could be introduced back as a main villain that they would capture the replicator signals from Dakara in season 8 and maybe that would lead to some discoveries how can find out the locations of other planets. If astargate was also dialed simultaneously in the neighbourhood solar system then soon it or later the same weakened wave must have reached them as an cho. So the Ashen supercomputers and satellites could find out easier the distance from the time difference, then the potential coordinates. That sounds clever and logical, isn't it?

    And who knows? Maybe they have relocated their own stargate after the black hole incident on the Volian, so maybe they started the experiment on spacegates and gateships as well.

    So anyway... Even if we could rescue them, we should find a right motivation how they would stepup as a major threat to the galaxy and what would their goal be in a long-term. That is the reason it is a bit hard to involve the Ashen as they are so overpowered that it wouldn't be believable how could we defend ourselves. They play the same role like Thanos in Marvel, so they fight against overpopulation, but if they could have a dozen planets, maybe they would change strategy. That is the reason I will believe they could be pefect for the following revelation.

    We could learn about a chronicle of a human race, what played and active role a long-long time ago, but later it would be revealed that they were also the Aschen. I could imagine them as they accidentally have gone back in time (as they are the master of solar flares by observing satellites), so the Ashen have infected and murdered the Ancients 10000 years ago. That would be a really dark plot twist.

    It would be funny to make an episode called "2100", where a group of Aschens have gone forward in time and they will learn some essential informations (maybe about their own defeat), so then they try to travel back in time to eridicate the Ancients once and for all. Maybe they could be responsible for creating the brain attacking infection in the past... Or even the genetic degenaration of the Asgard or the near extinction of Furlings. But if it could happen, then how would we prevent that they destroy humanity on Earth in the past? That could be explained in an other time travelling adventure...
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    "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

    "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

    "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


      Wow. Four guests are reading me at the moment. Yay. New record.
      I have linked this one already, but I tried to read it as an SG fan fiction about the Giant Aliens in an other galaxy. Interesting and inspiring.

      * * *

      It would be nice to make an ongoing Earth based metaplot about Homeworld Security. It could work as a Men in Black in Stargate. They would identify the local alien activity on Earth. Maybe they would visit some digs in different places. Maybe Telford could take over after O'Neill's retirement.

      The story could start with the discovered abadonned Furling base on the Moon or maybe an Ancient satellite still orbiting around Earth. And if they could connect to the data flow of this Ancient satellite, then they could discover a similar network what we could see in the "Game" in Atlantis. So the Ancients have built this safe-in to guard and to watch the Milky Way galaxy. Maybe Earth was an Ancient protected planet, so that is the reason the Goa'uld never dared to enter back here what we were not aware of.

      But this safeguarding system could also draw the attention of some AI / alien races who are sitting in the hub of this network. Or we could gain some informations how our planet looked like a few thousand years ago or we could see what other alien races visited Earth and where have they gone now.

      It could be a good start of slightly different series which plays in the stargate universe, but not necessarily stargate related. Or the clues and signs could lead Earth to same major gate related discovery : the abadonned Academy or the gate network hub or any new 9 chevron address or maybe an Ancient vessel or gate planting ship. There would be so many options.

      They planned the Moon base anyway, so that is the reason Carter mentioned it in Continuum. Maybe they would move the MW gate there or Atlantis could fly there. Or they could connect the base with Earth with ring transports. Or if the MW gate could work there then the Atlantis gate could work on Earth until the cityship hasn't left to Pegasus again.

      The Moon base could be connected to any lunar related mythology. Not necessarily Greek, Egyptian or Mayan, maybe something new. (for connection to the Giant Aliens)

      So when we say the Moon was always watching us then technically it would be true as the base in the Moon or on the surface of the Moon would always study and guard humanity.

      * * *

      Flood myths should be used as part of Omoroca's race expansion in the galaxy. Maybe it happened a long time ago, when they started to destroy human worlds, so that is how they were fighting against the Goa'uld. Then some of them swam back to their homeworld and their society has fallen into a civil war. Since so many cultures remember the flood myth, we could explain that it happened on numerous planets. They have literally drowned the people in many worlds, or they started global climature changes (like ice ages). Then the Nox or the Giant Aliens decided to be involved and then this underwater society was defeated and their agressive "flood crusade" was suspended. Maybe this was the end of an era of mythology, when so many minor natural and artficially created races (read back: the Medusas, the Nymphs, the Phoenix the Kentaurs, the Arakhnes, the Jinns, the Titans etc. or the established ones like the Salish (spirits), the Rhee'tou, the Blue Chrystals, the Unas, the Mimicri Aliens, the Serrakin, the Reol, the Gadmeer etc.) were isolated from each other forever. The Nox felt responsible for the ongoing massacre and they decided to never ever be involved in the evolution of younger races. Maybe some of them were still transported to other galaxies by the Nox, Furling and the Giants aliens, so that would explain the Noah's Ark / Gilgames story idea too, while we could explain the presence of humans (and Earth based mythologies) in other gate systems.
      Then humans could return and re-discover what happened in the past, how the first generation of gods (the Titans) were defeated and then how the Goa'uld spreaded. I believe it could be told to the audience on an interesting way.

      * * *

      I also would like to see some wind related aliens. When I was talking about floating forests filled with helium or any other gases then I have envisoned them as a representative of the "air element".
      Even some characters could be named after different name of winds:
      So as you can see we can always find some histrocial or cultural references even for the bad guys. If they are bad at all. Maybe they are just not understood. They could gain energy from kinetic movement, so a time dilation field would be harmful for them. But that is an other tale... As you can see I have some plans to introduce "biohazards"...

      * * *

      Or it could be interesting to see a war between 2-3-4 races in an other galaxy, but their conflict could escalate into our galaxy, so Earth must choose a side and then they decided to send a small expedition to find a peaceful solution.

      * * *
      Random story idea :

      A team visits a human world which used to belong the Goa'uld Bastet. They discover quickly that the local cats have taken over the planet and they control the humans with telepathic skills. What could happen there? Has Bastet really used a feline type race as host in the past? Or has she experienced on common cats as well? What if she is still alive after the kull warrior attack? How can our heroes escape?!
      Schrödinger or McKay's new cat could save the day...

      * * *

      Random story idea 2 :

      One of the main character could have a dream sequence that Dhaleks comes through the Stargate. So they could play a little Dr. Who - Stargate crossover.
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      "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

      "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

      "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


        New stargate network travel idea - "the housekeeping stargates" :

        "The Yarn"

        A new agressivly expanding mushroom race shows up in the Pegasus galaxy (then even in the Milky Way) which starts to grow some material on stargates then it forms a complete building around the floating space gate. These particular buildings looks all the same. At first they capture only space gates, which are unable to spin and operate, so these stargates will be also blocked from the system. More and more space gates are occupied by this race which will start the block the communication between allies and enemies.

        The next time we would meet race we could find out that they are able to move in / warp in the basic peaceful building around the stargate, but they can modify themselves and make destructive buildings (the "stipes" spaceships). So imagine the space gate, then the "weapon building" regrows around them while the gate stays in the hangar of the stipe, then the hangar door is opened, so the whole building could fly away from the stargate then the next stipe can be created.

        Even later we could find out that this race is not highly intelligent, but they have different fractions as they can controll different races for their own use in their home galaxy. Some tribes will not just occupy spacegates, but they will try to capture stargates on the ground planets too and they won't hesitate to spread a slime thing material which makes rotten the local trees and bushes. Or they will directly try to use spores to manipulate the human citizens to work for them. They could even fire such "spore bombs" from the space gates, so they really want to infect and to terraform every world.

        The team must find a way how to stop these rapid expansions and who or what is the mastermind behind it as the stipes chose carefully their target planets. It looks like the yarns are spreading with the stargate subspace protocol (like the Universe gates), so they can see all stargates around the infected stargate, but they still choose just mostly space gates.

        So our team will take back one of their advanced ships which was built by an unknown alien race and they try to use it for their own advantage. They find out that the rebuilding protocol works after they cleaned this ship from the alien mushroom yarns so they dial stargates and the ship will be rebuilt around the stargate while they are on the board.

        Then the new team decide that they must fly to the hostile galaxy of the stipes so they can stop the mind control of the other local races. Then we could find out their history, culture, motivations, fears, how it has started to spread, how they managed to change and to overwrite the local stargate protocoll in their own updated stargate network, what races were captures and what races have they have met. This idea could work in MW or in Pegasus or in other newly discovered network.

        I know it is similar to the Zerg storyline from StarCraft, but I tried to add a little extra with the use of stargate. At first I envisioned this idea that a tel'tac size building would travel around the spacegates, so this one would be a normal travelling protocol for such travelers who can not fit into the stargate while it can also replace the jumpers in that particular galaxy. We could find good reasons why they have not just simply walked into the wormhole and why you need to use ships as shields in that harsh environment.

        If they could manage to clear a unique ship from infection then this "travelling" spaceship could be a new base for a new spinoff while it keeps the stargates as an essential "drive". So it would introduce a new combination of spaceship based scifi show while the always changing inner stargate could still be the used for "normal" adventures.

        Or we don't want any new network, then this race could be introduced as an updated version of the Seed from Atlantis season 5. Maybe some Wraith have experimented on Asgard/Vanir technologies and they turned against them etc. Or this race just evolved quickly in a time dilation field in the Ida galaxy and now they are free after the death of the Asgard who managed to guard them during the replicator war. Or the Vanir have let them spread. Or they could come even from a completly new galaxy. There would be so many options.

        These could be their own equivalent of Goa'uld ring transport:

        But if you don't like the mushroom conception, they could be replaced by any other alien race. Mushrooms could be interesting as they are neither plants, nor animals, so their motivations could be really extreme and unique.

        * * *

        New stargate network travel idea 2 and 3 - "beaming" and "teleporting" through the stargate

        This one would be slightly different from the "Yarn". It would be a local stargate protocol in the Ida galaxy which used to be under the rule of the Asgard, but now the Vanirs will return and they try to reclaim their heritage, so they won't hesitate to send troops into the Milky Way galaxy as well to capture the Asgard Protected Planets.

        The Asgard has developed a technology, what allowed them to beam persons or items through an the active wormhole. They have also learnt that they can beam back travelers from the other side as the energy transfer is similar to the radio waves. It was used as a safety protocol in their own galaxy, but the Ancients were worried that what if the technology will fall into the hand of the Goa'uld and they will use it for their own use, so Ancients blocked it long time ago in the Milky Way.

        Now the knowledge will fall into the hand of the remaining Goa'ulds, Loyal Jaffas or/and the Lucian Alliance or any other race in the Asgard galaxy. The beaming technology could be used in two different ways:
        a.) Since the Goa'uld hasn't got the Asgard beaming technology, they had to modify it to their own needs. They have discovered that two Goa'uld ring transport can move material between each other if there is an active stargate connection between the planets. It can be only used one-way.
        b.) The Vanirs won't use the Goa'uld ring transport, but they can beam much larger units. In their case they would adapt the technology to move their spaceships through the stargates as they are unable to fly in hyperspace.

        So if the FLT blockade is still on then both of our enermies would gain some temporarily advantage, which could be a disaster for the Taur'ri. Lots of stories could be written how this discovery would change the status quo in the Milky Way (or in the Ida galaxy), while we could use some restrictions as story elements (distance, direction, amount, time, failure rate etc.). Even our own team could get some trouble when they end up in the wrong places or accidentally duplicated or if our enemies could sneak spies on Earth if they could find other hidden ring transports etc. And we could find a logical explanations why the Asgard (or their ally) needed such technology in the first place, that is the reason I suggested what if some race are sensitive to the event horizont and the molecular rebuilt process, but they still want to enjoy the stargate network. Maybe the cloning of the Asgard was harmed by the use of wormholes of the stargates or whatever. Anyway maybe it is a way too powerful technology for the Stargate universe, just it would be nice to see it an action.
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        "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

        "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

        "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


          Although I have not read this thread completely, I still intend to do so. It's just that I have other, more important things in my personal life right now, however, I did come up with a couple of ideas for a spin-off. There's currently two here, but more ideas are on the way. Would like honest opinion about these ideas of mine. If you don't like them, I don't mind - really.

          Stargate: Mythology Gate
          The spin-off takes place a couple of years after the Wraith have been stopped and the Destiny had completed its mission with its crew, which has discovered that they've been chosen by the ship to be there (thus, finally finding out that Rush was actually telling them that they've been the chosen ones to help Destiny complete its mission). However, the outcome of the final battles in the Pegasus Galaxy and the final exploration days on Destiny have uncovered yet another secret: somewhere, there is a unique Stargate that can not be activated by any dialing computer, puddle jumper's dialing console or DhD, but by a very complex password that has to be inserted into the gate itself at a specific place, date and time. Daniel and MacKay, along with a somehow recriuted Samantha Carter and dr. Rush find out that this gate is capable to dial only 1 gate address and that's the gate address that can not be dialed from any other SG network, Supergate, Watergate or any other known form of Stargate. This rises interest from all of Earth's allies throughout MW and Pegasus Galaxies, including those the Destiny crew had visited and not a lot of time can pass before everyone starts talking about a Mythological treasure, left behind by the Ancients for the first person that gets to the address. However, there's one problem: no-one knows how to actually activate the newly discovered Stargate, which is a combination of the Destiny, Pegasus and MW-type of Stargate. Some 500+ years pass and eventually, the mystery becomes a problem for everyone and a war starts between Earth, all of its allies and the remainder of some of Earth's former enemies, who all unite AGAINST the SGC and start threatening Earth and its population. However, great-great-great children of some of our former heroes discover a tablet on their back yard along with a note from Daniel that the unique Gate is the answer to all of Earth's problems. Against the approval of the government, the military and all officials, the new team illegally uses the SGC's Stargate to go to the planet where the unique Gate was originally discovered (which has become known as Mythology Gate in the meantime). During their search, they discover that the MG was moved by someone 10 years ago to another planet, perhaps even to another Galaxy. Now designated and proclaimed as an illegal SG team by the SGC and unable to go back, they are forced to follow the little clues that they got from their great-great-great parents so they could locate the MG and its knowledge and restore piece - at least to their own Galaxy that's not been present of their daily lives for the last 250 years.
          However, they have no idea that their adventures will take them trough different realities and dimensions in order to complete the mission that's been brought upon them - and not by personal choice. They have to learn everything about the Ancients, the Goa'uld, Ori, Wraith, Replicators and every possible piece of the Ancient Stargate mythology that their predecessors had already known and every event and experience their great-great-great parents have gone trough.

          Stargate: Missing
          The spin-off features various SG teams in the Milky Way, Pegasus and a few other Galaxies suddenly disappearing during their missions and any data and work by them being suddenly being gone as well - however not from the overall history. At first, General Carter wrongly assumes that it has to do with the time travel, but when Teal'c arrives trough the Gate unannounced, it becomes clear that the SGC isn't the only place the same events had taken place. Bra'tac and Todd have gone MIA as well under very suspicious circumstances. Wraith have been disappearing mid-battle with the Atlantis expedition, with specific expedition members suddenly being back in the Atlantis gateroom for no apparent reason. Similar events take place on Destiny with the now re-grouped Destiny crew, who have been assigned to a new mission. When the body of another dead Baal clone shows up out of no-where (who appears to be shot in the forehead) on Teal'c home planet and another one back on a few other planets including Earth, she calls Daniel, Jack, Mitchell and Vala and shares the new events with them. An investigation finally reveals that Baal had a time-machine (the same one from SG: Continuum) and that SG-1 did manage to put everything back on track, however, visiting the time-machine, Carter discovers that the device had a failsafe: If Baal isn't the one to change the timeline, the timeline will eventually try to correct itself to what it was before Mitchell travelled to 1929. All of SG-1's victories following the Baal extraction ceremony are being undone thanks to that failsafe, including various late missions of the Atlantis expedition and some of the day-to-day missions of the Destiny crew. SG-1 attempts deactivating the failsafe, but each time someone tries to turn it off, the events are reset. Eventually Carter is forced to abort any SGC missions, she even ends up trying to bring back the Atlantis expedition and the Destiny crew to the SGC, only to see the same event happen over and over again. To make everything even weirder - General George Hammond suddenly appears in the SGC's briefing room! It becomes obvious that something is missing - or better said - someone. Now the US president must recruit a special SG team which is not affected by the time resets (luckily not all of Earth became affected with them) and find out who's causing all of the trouble - but this time, without the help of the members of the now legendary SG-1 team, the Atlantis expedition or the Destiny crew or anyone who was working with them in the past.
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            Thanks for the ideas and a respond. This topic was about a brainstorming new races, new heroes, new enemies, new stargate networks, new gate related technologies, new bases, so basically new spinoffs. Maybe I scared the people away with the amount of ideas.

            I wanted to do something similar with the Ashen. Episode title "2100". The Ashen travel to the future, where they learn their fate, so they have gone to a distant past where they try to kill the Ancients. The only reason I don't like your future spinoff idea as it was set really far away and maybe the audience would like to connect to the current timeline. So my idea was what if a team of new heroes will try to stop the Ancients in the past, so they would operate in the pre-Goa'uld era, what I would call as "the Age of Mythology". Lots of new mythology based races could be introduced and they could place them with clever writing whichever galaxy and gate system they want.

            And if we could involve time travel, then they could plan in such events which could have an affect on the current timeline. For example:
            - If we meet a new ally or enemy, maybe they could be extinct or hiding later, so that could explain why SG-1 or the Atlantis expedition has never meet them.
            - Or if they could find ruins, maybe we could see the same place in full potential or glory 5 or 10 thousand years ago etc. Imagine the Dakara as it created life in the MW... Or the civilization which created the "mirror" technology.. Or the Atoneiks or Gadmeers in the past etc.

            The main problem with time travel, that every decision makes a new potential future in the multiverse. So a self-repairing timeline wouldn't happen as every small or big decisions would create endless number of new realities. I was thinking on this problem how to explain why the Ancients didn't want to be involved in the material level after Ascension. Maybe they will guard a planet, a race or an event to happen anyway what should not be affected as even an isolated place can cause something in the future, what could change the past like a complete Moebius effect again. Like Sheppard was an Ancient all along, who will travel back in time etc., but then it would be a ripoff from Babylon 5.

            I was not really happy that time travel was also used to duplicate things in SG. Our heroes suffered enough, but suddenly they just steal a ZPM from Ra and an other reality just gets in a box. It is a bit easy writing to upgrade them. Similar things happened in the University. Destiny was accidentally duplicated then every item were collected quickly. It is clever scifi, but it has still felt like a cheating. And it is hard to accept that a reality will boldly sacrifice themselves for a potential future, while they don't get anything from it. I mean it is noble as heroes, but not really realistic that they accept their fate and they would die, but then a future themselves will be happy etc.

            The unique gate could be located in the Hub which is a centre of the Stargate network. They could be also a good start for a new spinoffs. Maybe this unique gate could be like a "chameleon", so it could change the colour of chevrons and the glyphs. And maybe it could be a secret weapon to hide it in the gate network as a "normal gate".

            * * *

            Random idea :
            I was thinking what if the Great Library of Alexandria was an alien academy or even the "Academy"?
            Because what if some pat of the Library was actually a "time capsule" from the past. Ancients educated the humans (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans), even alien races communicated with the locals. So it could have played like an entrance room to Earth. Maybe the Stargate was still working there in an other timeline... Or the whole Library was teleporting people to other planets where they could see all the wonderful mythological creatures (new alien races), but then the connection was broken and then the starting point to access this place was also destroyed on Earth. Or maybe it was hided by the Ancients or the Nox. What if it was moved to the Moon by the Furlings?. I believe it could be interesting to involve this building in the history of Earth. If it story could work as a "time capsule room", then maybe it has showed up in different periods of Earth and now it became the centre of Homeworld Security...

            So that is the reason I said that if the writers and producers could plan ahead then even future spinoffs or storylines could be hinted here or there as more and more places, events, races could be placed on the timeline of stargate what could be revisited later.
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            "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

            "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

            "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


              For my "Mythology Gate" idea, I was thinking more of the current knowledge somehow being lost for some reason. Like someone decided to kill the existing SG program on Earth because they did not like what Earth and the entire MW had both become due to the actions of our heroes. So what if our heroes were actually an activist group following their forced departure from the Stargate program, trying to prevent the new Word leaders (i.e. Earth Leaders) to change the facts to their likings and force Earth's own allies to change their beliefs? They are outed and eventually the new Earth's leadership gets their own way of changing all the facts. What if, let's say, the SG-1 team members and their fellow SG team members from other SG teams (including some SGC staff members) are permanently banned from the program and forced to pretend that everything they've been trough and everything they did did not happen? This creates a tension between Earth and its allies and shakes their trust in the people of Earth. Daniel, Sam, Rondey and Rush find out that the MG can lead to a mythological place, made by the Ancients which holds not only their ENTIRE history, but their entire knowledge, including the knowledge acquired in the Milky Way, Pegasus and by the Destiny crew. However, the new SGC leadership can't do anything since the current government had become power-hungry and is only interested to gathering power and he upper hand in everything no matter who or what. So 500+ years pass and the great-great-great children of our heroes are entrusted with a mission by their great-great-great parents, a mission that's been just waiting for the right moment to happen. During those 500+ years, 250+ years have passed since the start of occasional, never-ending disputes between Earth and its allies, which has led the allies to turn sides and to turn their backs on the SGC. This is where your idea would come in - "The Age of Mythology", however, no time travel would be used, just different realities and universes in order to get to the Mythology Gate first and then get it to work and also, bring back some proof that things have gotten out of control from Earth's side, and not from the side of the now former allies like Earth is trying to prove.

              As for my other idea - Stargate:Missing - it also would not have involved time travel, it would just deal with fixing the final outcome of the failsafe of Baal's time machine. Sure, it would be interesting to see an SG team arriving trough the gate just about when Sam is about to set up the Stargate for time travel and perhaps seeing them even saving Sam and Teal'c from being killed before trying to warn the two about the failsafe, but that would be too easy. I was thinking more like an SG team (not affected by the failsafe) using the Hammond to go to another Galaxy and planet (so they would stay unaffected by the time resets). They would eventually figure out that Baal did not operate alone, but in the agreement with another System Lord who's been in the hiding all this time and of whose existence no-one even had an idea. The new System Lord would be called Myth'ha (I know, lame name, but I've got to call him something) and the new SG-team has an unexpected encounter with him and it isn't long before they become allies since it turns out that Ball tricked Myth'ha when Baal promised him that the fail-safe would not affect his secret little Jaffa-based alliance. Since it did, his Jaffa warriors started to turn against him and his alliance ended up collapsing pretty fast. Now the new SG team, along with Mtyh'ha must figure out how to fix the timeline without actually doing any time travel, since it would only make matters worse for everyone.
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                Ohh I see. Every idea is a good idea. I will be really interested what they will announce on the 19th July.

                Mythology gate : I believe they touched this subject in Continuum and it was a bit depressive that Earth has never used the stargate and the program has never been started. But I like your vision, it could still work in an AU adventure. Just I don't see how it would work as a season long story, but it depends what else would you like to tell about this situation.

                Missing : You can not really hide from a time reset. What if somebody kills the anchestors of humanity x thousand years ago, then you can not hide anywhere as theoratically everything is erased from th future. But as I said every fan fiction gives something new to the SG, so even this story could have happened somewhere. And as much as I love the Goa'uld, they should be only secondary villains now. You know a new spinoff needs new enemies and allies. And somehow I can't imagine Baal as he would care about any other System Lord.

                Talking about AU possibilities, I have written an idea a few comments before. It would be nice see an alternate Earth or any newly introduced hostile race, who would visit different realities and they try to forge alliances with the AU themselves. This way they could learn so much about the possible outcomes of world dominance that they could learn all the secret bases, the biological weaknesses, the dark secrets etc. about themselves and then their enemy. Even the "black SG-1" could have come from this world and it would be an interesting twist that our former heroes could be villains in a new SG mini-series.
                "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                  About the "Missing" story: the disappearing plot would eventually become more complex since it would go beyond Baal's time changing mission and Mitchell's travel to 1929 at the end of SG: Continuum. Even when the complete SG-1 was killed in Baal's timeline (save for Mitchell), they are all alive and well once things return to normal. So the time resets would only somehow be connected to only SG-1, those who came in close contact with them when the extraction ceremony succeeded at the end of the movie and everyone that was around the SG-1 members (including Jack) following their return home from the ceremony, but not anyone who DID NOT come into a close contact with any SG-1 team members and that's a lot of people since they still have to keep the program a national and military secret. Basically, the plot would affect anyone at SGC and Stargate Homeworld, but not outside of those two places since Carter would immediately suspend any missions trough the Gate and stop anyone who was in a close proximity of any SG-1 team member to even leave their work place. So, for example, anyone in the White House would be fine - including the president. The government would be also immune to the time resets except for a few individuals who would be isolated from the rest for safety reasons. Maybe families of those individuals would have been forbidden to leave their homes for the same reasons. Any state company, agency, service provider, post office etc. and those running personal businesses should be immune to the time reset thing. Life would be completely normal for them, but not for long as there would soon be reports of - for example - children suddenly being home after leaving for school. Also, the time reset wouldn't make anyone permanently disappear, it would just suddenly return them from point B to point A (their starting point). So Atlantis and Destiny would be affected too since Carter would try to bring them back, thus making things a lot more complicated in the Pegasus Galaxy and on the Destiny. Well, maybe there would be at least some people on both Atlantis and Destiny who would be immune to the time reset thing so that gate missions would not have to be aborted completely. Same goes for Earth - some people would be completely immune to the time reset, while others wouldn't and those others would still be able to live and function normally - at least on a temporary basis.
                  As time would be running out on Earth, the new SG team would have to save their home Galaxy and their home planet from total and complete destruction. Not to mention Atlantis and Destiny. This would make an excellent multi-season storyline in my opinion since it would feature Myth'ha and the new SG team going trough all sorts of dangerous missions, one of them being to get the time resets be more apart from one another and also get them to be slower in order to gain more time for finding the right solution to the problem.

                  I will post a more detailed synopsis for both "Mythology Gate" and "Missing" soon, or better yet, I'll send them to you via PM so we don't take this thread off-topic much further.


                    You have to plan such changes carefully. If you want to make this story work, then imagine the fate of Destiny, Atlantis and SG-1. We know that some SG-1 characters where active under the events of Universe season 1-2, then 8-10 years have passed. So that is the reason I tried to explain and to imagine what could have happened with all the main heroes, while we want to introduce a few new one. I like your idea, just open a new thread for it, so more people can see it.

                    I don't know if you have ever seen or listened to the SG1's Unleashed mobile game, but there is a time travel machine in it :
                    Maybe your story could work with this device, but actually Baal's time machine is also there as an option.
                    "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                    "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                    "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                      I'll have to do one more re-watch of all thee spin-offs and take notes so I get a more accurate story. But for now, the "Missing" storyline could easily be worked into a 5 or 6 season-long storyline. With most (if not all) of our heroes trapped back on Earth, Atlantis and Destiny and with them having to put their faith and trust to actions and decisions of a new, young and newly-created SG team while not being kept in the loop by them does provide for a really nice storyline. Maybe I could do a story where our heroes go trough their time on the Stargate program and think about their past actions and what could have they done differently with being haunted by the idea of the huge possibility of getting themselves in a much worse trouble a lot earlier. Also, the end of the story could easily be made into a lead-in into the "Mythology Gate" storyline.

                      Anyway, it'll be a while before I come up with a concept - probably a couple of months. Until then, I'm going to follow this thread.


                        Back from holiday.

                        This place could be a new starting location for our SpaceJinn. I couldn't remember that the secret treasure storyline was continued in the second half of season 10, but now I have rewatched the "Dominion". If I remember well they have never found it.

                        * * *

                        The Chameleon gate

                        I was still thinking on this idea. The old-new team would discover that an advanced race captured an Ancient seeding machine and they created and upgraded their own stargate network not just in their home galaxy, but they also placed their own upgraded stargate in the Milky Way, the Pegasus Galaxy and the Ida Galaxy as well. These special stargates can use an alien mimicry technology, so it means that where they are placed they adapt to the local stargate network, so it is able to change its own glyphs or chevron colour. The main reason is why they needed this technology as they are jumping between galaxies. Maybe this "chameleon" gate could be a unique stargate in the Milky way and then this gate type would be the centre of the newly discovered "housekeeping" technology where a complete teltac size building/ship could be transported through the stargate.
                        This chameleon gate could be also used to dial stargates in transphase (what the Nox used to save / lock / hide developing young alien civilizations).
                        Later we would find out that this technology could be used for bad reasons, so we could introduce the new hostile civilization which spawns warships through stargate.
                        And even later we could find out that not only persons or buildings or ships, but complete planets (or solar systems) can be relocated if we ever reach that stage.
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                        "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                        "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                        "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                          if you really want a good stargatesg1/stargateatlantis cross over,how about stargate: Eleos


                          Eleos, the off world base built and designed as a massive infrastructure building center to rebuild and help aloft all the broken worlds destroyed by wraithe and gouuld attacks, based in the milky way but with a massive world generator that can power factorys or open a gate to the pegasus galaxy, useing asgard ancient hybred technology that can enable the world a near endless supply of energy, it is earths gambit not just to gain the following and alliance of every world they can come across, but to remove any enemies by removing thier followers to them, and perhaps with time even them.

                          by removing the troubles and trauma of the gouuld they eventually come upon a ally as they go through rebuilding worlds each episode with new troubles doing so and making alliances they come upon a newly discovered gould tech world, Meretsegar, a prison of sorts where the world is blockaded above by countless mines and weapons platforms the planet has no control over, and on it, a ascended gould who could never give up her duty to her people, before the sarcophagus'es were made, she found her soul in helping her people rather then raising jaffa soldiers she raised priestess healers and symbiote raisers who were given the strength to do thier duties as citizines with perfect health.

                          when attacked by the gould that came for her power she found herself ascended and surviving a nearly impossible attack to survive, but the gould she killed with her powers and was cursed by the ancients in a unique way, if she used her power to leave her world or even to travel or appear as a god to any human or jaffa, her world would be destroyed and her people dead.

                          anyways just a fun what if, a good gould not corrupted by sarcophagus


                            Thanks for the post and the idea.

                            Honestly the only ascended Goa'uld was Anubis in the timeline of Stargate SG-1. And this whole ascension storyline is a bit awkward for me as how can you move those characters equally with our main heroes? So they had to weaken them or they just randomly sacrificed themselves to bring balance to the universe. I am not a professional writer, I wouldn't consider myself even an amateur writer. Just I simply felt it was "cheating" from the TPTB. They created ultra-powerful good and evil characters, but then they didn't know how to solve the whole problem what they have created in the first place.

                            If you read back this little "brainstorming" thread, it is rather about new technologies, races, story ideas which build on the current canon, how I would extend this scifi realm. 10-15 years have passed in the timeline and in the real life as well, so as much as we love SG-1 and the Atlantis, those characters should be written out (like marriage, having children etc. ) and new heroes should continue the adventures. It is a shame that MGM can't see what a great opportunity they waste. They could introduce so many different settings in different eras that they could easily run 3-4-5 spinoffs in the next 20 years.

                            Back to your story. I always wanted more direct connection between the Milky Way and the Pegasus galaxy. Now they both folks know about each other:

                            1. So if a Wratih Hive could hear that there is a much bigger feeding ground (the Milky way) just a few weeks / months flight away, then they should fly here...

                            2. While a fallen Goa'uld Systemlord could also hide in the Pegasus galaxy.

                            3. it would be time to see a Goa'uld in a Wraith host as a new main villain.

                            4. Maybe the Travelers could also work as a "taxi" service between the two galaxies. Why would they not fly to the MW to settle down from the Wraith civil war?

                            5. Or how could they same lighting aliens show up in the Pegasus galaxy too?

                            6. What about the blue chrystal aliens? Is there a secret what we don't know about this "Unity" race?

                            7. And the Asgard was also "recycled" in SG:A, but I have hinted a few things where the Vanir storyline could lead.

                            8. Will they rebuild the Midway Station?

                            9. I also imagined what if soembody could find a Chrystal skull in the Pegasus galaxy? Could we use it as a direct connection to the Pegasus galaxy? What was the Giant Aliens opinion about the Wraith?

                            10. What happened with the other intelligent races in the Pegasus galaxy?

                            And these are just rough quick improvisations how the official writers could connect to the two seemingly separated "playgrounds" to each other.

                            * * *

                            Stargate Origins : Omoroca

                            - the Goa'uld Belos who killed Omoroca is actually the Goa'uld Baal as he had many names in history
                            - the host of Baal could be Gilgamesh, who could reveal lots of new informations about his past life as the parasite is removed in "Continuum"
                            - The Gilgames epic would be a nice way to tell how Baal has chosen his host - Gilgames wanted to live forever
                            - Gilgames is rapidly aging without the sarcophagus and the healing skill of Baal, so he asks permission to visit those countries what used to be part of Mesopotamia
                            - the story could involve more Sumerian / Akkadian legends (but Mot, Baal, Marduk, Tiamat was already used as Goa'ulds) - maybe Gilgames (aka ex-Baal) wants to find Omoroca or her ship
                            - alien artifacts could be found in Syrian / Iraq wars, so those ones could land in the hand of the USA army or rouge NID agents
                            - what if Athene also wants to capture him or to find that treasure / life extending technology what GG is secretly looking for (with or without the help of Daniel and Vala)
                            - if we could introduce the Gilgamesh storyline then we could talk about flood myths, what could be connected to Omoroca's people and their fight against the Goa'uld and how the Great Alliance was divided how to react to this conflict which started to affect more and more planets in the Milky Way
                            - maybe Omoroca is still alive in a shrinking oasis in the middle of the Sahara, but this alien Oannes-Goauld war caused the rapid growing of the deserts thousand years ago what caused a wound on the surface of Earth
                            - or maybe Omoroca became a Goa'uld host of Siduri and Baal just simply killed his rival/lover as it couldn't break Omoroca's mental resistance, but it leaded a great civil war where the Oannes started to flood the human worlds through the stargates (including the Ancient outpost in the Antartica too) to wipe out of the Goa'uld worlds
                            - the Oannes were explorers, so they were interested to meet the Ancients who placed the first stargates in their own home galaxy, but then they upgraded it to their own special needs, so they have overwritten some gate protocoll (to be able to move seas and oceans through the stargate)
                            - the evidences of this alien conflict were collected in the Great Library of Alexandria, what could be a new ongoing storyline for future SG projects (read back for more details) as that could be the CTI or commonly known as the "Academy" what was moved away from Earth by the Furlings (or any other alien race)
                            - even the story could lead to the Ark storyline that the defeated Oannes left the Milky Way with a few human folks from the Middle-East under the guidance and protection of the Nox (it would be nice to see a new stargate with sumerian glyphs in their home galaxy...)
                            - but this story could only work if we would know how long the Goa'uld have been on Earth, what races knew about their plans that they will relocate people from Earth, what happened with the Great Alliance etc.
                            - when has Ra brought his stargate (maybe the original Stargate was frozen by the Oannes to block access to Earth) then what role they have played in the rise of the Goa'uld etc.
                            - I always considered the Oannes part of Great Alliance - maybe they have offered them the 5th race position, but they have refused it (together with the Giant aliens, but that is an other story)
                            - or we could introduce the Merlin leaded "Roundtable" type alliance then they could be part of that group who wanted to overthrow the Goa'uld, but they have failed for different reasons

                            Basically it sounds like a flashback story, but it would be a direct SG-1 adventure where we could learn more about the past of Baal and Omoroca. If Cliff Simon could return of course. Anyway I will think about it a bit deeper and as soon as I find out a more detailed version, I will share it here.
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                            "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                            "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                            "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                              no i meant the gould was a good gould, preferably a gould queen, but that she ascended by chance to defend her world and its people because she was not corrupted by the sarcophagus, and i only suggest it as a maybe, with the plot device she cant enter her ascended state to leave the world or trick people into serving her or believing her a god

                              the ancients dont like..... alot of things, but they are practical, and thier can be good gould, thier could have been many fractures in the gould queens, one made the tokra, who were arguably good, why not one who instead of making warriors made artisans, and workers who had health and good care?

                              someone the ancients could find a respectable entity in, and would explain why someone took a chance on anubis, if one gould can be good, why not another, anyways the general argument is the sarcophagus makes it unlikely for one to ascend as they lose part of thier soul in its use each time, or atleast part of thier mercy and compassion

                              so naturally the gould would have blockaded her world, perhaps lead by hathor? or hathor actually at that time still had love for her, or a fondness, and simply demanded the other Gould settle for blockading her world with automated defenses? a lot of Gould queens seemed to disappear, we only know of two, but their many others supposedly....


                                My "good" Goa'uld idea was the Hephaistos story if you check it on the first page. He could have play a "dr. Moreau" type of Goa'uld as a genetic blacksmith, who create new races with mixing animals, humand and aliens as he wanted to create new host bodies which can adapt to different environments easier. But then his strange and weird and mostly underrated experiments were stopped by the other Goa'ulds and he had to flee, but he still managed to hide a few on different worlds. That was the "age of mythology", but then most of them were hunted down or wiped out one by one. But I am sure if such a Goa'uld could create new "life" then he would gain the support of the Nox who respected all life. Even if they are engineered.

                                Anubis was helped by Oma Desala. We don't know what he was doing for 1000 years, but maybe he was locked up or tested.

                                So if I could imagine a Goa'uld to turn good then it would be the influence of the Nox or something. But honestly Teal'c stated that he has never heard of good Goa'ulds until they haven't meet the Tok'ra. So basically the writers have modified their own canon as later he referred to Tok'ra legends a few times.
                                "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                                "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                                "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."