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    fair enough.... of course he served apophis, and no one ever said apophis would view good as ... well... good


      Thanks. We are getting close to the 5000 views. Thanks again.

      I always have been one of the greatest Goa'uld fan in the Hungarian community. Somebody has to support the "bad" buys. If you read back about the Titan story that could be their redemtion. Maybe they really looked promising as shepherds of different folks in the galaxy as "Systemlords", but then something changed and they became rival and they turned into evil.

      * * *

      I was still thinking about the Omoroka story. I have readed a brief summary:
      If you read it as a Stargate fans, then basically the story writes itself. Gilgames and his friend goes to different locations what could be introduced as different planets. The Hungarian version is a bit more detailed, but tablet 11 what we need... He had a quest to collect a plant from the bottom of the sea of death which makes him young again, but then a snake steels it (!), so he lost the hope of immortality.

      The original epic has got other locations as well where Gilgames could travel through special guarded doors (!). So really... the story could be easily translated that they were stargates.

      The only problem is that this epic playes roughly 4000 years ago, so it would be a bit hard how to fit into the stargate timeline. Earth hasn't had an active gate that time. The Antarctic gate is frozen in a glacier, while Ra (Ea) has brought his own stargate to Earth when he swapped his host to humans.

      Even Istar shows up in the story who was equal to Hathor. There are different rivalry between the gods as well, but the roughly 2700 years old Enuma Elis talks more about it. And it has got Marduk in it, so the EE story could only work while the Goa'uld already ruled on Earth.

      So if Omoroca arrived before Ra then she could have been a teacher for the first human civilization in Mesopotamia. Then somehow Omoroca and Nem are separated from each other, while Omoroca started a fight against the Goa'uld. And we know the end of it that Belos (in my version Baal) kills her. But if Ra and his dynasty arrived later then this story wouldn't fit into the timeline as there was no Goa'uld on Earth at that time.

      Back to the Gilgames myth... Enkidu and Gilgames even visits a special forest (a Cedar forest), what could be introduced as a Nox guarded sanctuary. Maybe the Nox and the Oannes were allies and they were guarding the second evolution of Ancients, who are already ascended, left then returned 10000 years ago into our galaxy.

      The only reason I am still thinking how to create a timeline as we have to leave out "gaps" for other adventures (like the Titan, then the Olympus / Hephaistos story, or the Goa'uld civil war, later the Hathor banishment to America, later Janus and Egeria, or even the visit of the Giant aliens, or any other alien race see Stonehenge and Nacza ideas). Anyway, I am just entertaining myself with such myths, maybe nobody interested at all.

      I had a little look on cuneforms as well:
      I really would like to draw a little stargate, where these ones are on as glyphs. It would be a new stargate network in the home galaxy of the Oannes. They could be introduced as they were interested in the creator of stargates, so they decided to come to the Milky way, but they have delayed a few million years as their "masters" were already dead or ascended. But they have upgraded their own stargate systems with capturing a seeding ship. Maybe they could have this house moving stargate types, so Omoroca could simply "jump" her own stargate temporaly to Earth. Maybe she was there when chosen heroes were sent to quests into the Milky Way galaxy, but then her "gatehouse" have left Earth. Maybe her actions drawed the attantion of Ra to Earth in the first place... Maybe the Goa'uld still had Unas host (and Ra had an Asgard host), then they swapped to humans as they were weakened by the Titans (or the returning Merlin).

      The only reason I am not so sure when Merlin and his knights were active as it sounds weird that a mediaval civilization searched through the galaxy, but Earth was still in ancient times.... You know it feels that the "descension" of Merlin should happen after Ra has left Earth. While the whole Giant aliens story should happen only after in America. This official timeline is confusing.

      Other story idea which could be connected to the Omoroca storyline:
      I was wondering what would happen if ex-Goa'uld could meet on Earth. Imagine a conversation between Vala (Quetesh), hostBaal (Baal), Charlotte Mayfield (Athena) and dr. Sarah Gardner (Osiris). Maybe Athena would try to capture the 3 exhosts to find some unfinished business. It could be even a revenge story how Osiris and Isis were locked up or how could Hathor end up in America...
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      "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

      "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

      "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


        I have found these drawing on the wikipedia. Vilnisr made an amazing job:


        It is so good that we can compare the gate in these drawings.

        * * *

        I was a bit bored, so I deleted the MW glyphs and I've kept the empty gate as a model.

        So I have made an Asgard gate with norse runes glyphs:
        Maybe there could be a triangle Mjölnir motive on every chevron or on the main one at 12 o'clock. I had to add additional runes as I haven't had enough for 38 glyphs. I was not aware that even a rune called "Othala" exists.

        And an Oannes gate with cuneiform glyphs:
        But the main credits goes to Vilnisr as I have just played with his work.

        * * *

        I have made an Ori stargate as an original drawing by myself :

        Well. At least I tried, please don't laugh, I haven't got a calliper at home. I haven't drawned anything for ages.

        I was thinking whether use the oval shape of the Ori or the original round shape should be kept. So the original round one has won, but that is the reason why is no inner decoration on the top.

        Then I decided to use the Ori symbols will be the chevrons, while the Ori symbol glyphs should be in a spinning outer ring as the inner looking Ori chevrons wouldn't have looked cool with spike standing outside, Maybe the top symbol hould much larger, but then the "staff" part would have been too long. Kawoosh is formed in the middle anyway, so the standing out parts should not influence active event horizont of the wormhole.

        But back the Ori gate.

        The idea came from the Ark of Truth movie. I know that this opened oval shape would have looked better:
        But then how would it spin? Would there be any "floating deltoid part " between the two edges (holded by energy field ike in their supergate). So I wanted to keep the round form of the original stargate, but the chevrons were directly places assymetrical, so the bottom and top part have got bigger distance. And as I said before that is the reason the inner ring hasn't got the decoration on the top. The other reason is that I have seen this painting on the wall :
        But probably this is about a conquest about the infidels in Milky Way, as the minimalistic Stargate looks like an MW gate. They have sent the Prior through the stargate and even the Beachhead pieces, so they must have at least one working "normal" stargate. Maybe they spied on the Ancients, or they have seen the route of the seeing ships across the universe, so they could have meet with the stargate technology anywhere in the galaxy. They even had their own ring transports as well.

        The whole Ori gate is my little obsession to see some adventure in the Ori galaxy, just to see the aftermath of the fall of Adria and the Ori. Maybe some hostile forces would like to learn how to build more supergates, so Tommin and his people would be in danger etc.

        By the way I would like to mention that there were two different supergates in season 9. One of them is the normal Beachhead, when the pieces came through the normal stargate, but the Camelot supergate was much bigger. You can see the size difference, when Carter was standing on it.

        As I wrote it in my own little brainstorming thread here:
        "One of them could be like a "transformers" type of gate. The gate would like a normal gate, but with a special function it could extend itself. There would be some folded gate parts between the chevron parts (like a folded tape measure), but then it could enlarge itself. So slightly bigger ships (like a tel'tac or alkesh) could fit into it. So if we count the scales, then Orlin gate is size 1, normal stargate size 2, this one would be the "medium" size 3, the beachhead gate is size 4 and the supergate is size 5.

        The other would be a bit similar. In this case the chevrons would be put together by an energy shield, similar to the beachead gates or supergates. There wouldn't be a normal spinning on this one, but we could find out a creative way how to dial it. Probably this idea could work in an other galaxy or maybe as an Ori stargate."

        I imagined the Ori gate with the same colour like most of the Ori staff. So the gate should be white or light grey, with black symbols on it. Maybe the inner ring could be this gold colour with black motives like in the movie. The Ori symbol as chevrons would be completely white (the buttons would be purple). Locking wise I had more ideas:

        1. The symbol of the outer ring would be "copied" between the little oval shape and it would like like a red projection on smoke,

        2. The chevron could turn around by the purple button, so the 7 symbol Ori symbol would look into the puddle.

        3. As a defense mechanism, the staff part could be extended as a barrier what would create a force field type thing.

        4. Or after chevron activation the staff part would pull up itself so it wouldn't disturb the forming puddle.

        The wormhole could be a flame wall. That would represent that power of the Ori in the galaxy. The watery event horizont was in Ancient controlled space, while here would be like a flame wall. (like in AoT). Or simply the event horizont would be orange or yellowish instead of blue, That would still express same thing that these gates are / were in Ori controlled space.

        As you can see I have got a concept, I hope you can follow me.
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        "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

        "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

        "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


          Story idea :

          The future vulture
          The team meets a traveller who has just arrived through the stargate. At first he would pretend like he doesn't remember what is going on and who he is, but then the team would find out that he was trapped in the memory of the gate system as three stargates were calling each other. Planet A called B, B called C then C called A and then the circle repeated itself and he never materialized as he stayed in the memory system. Then later we would find it out that it was not an accident, but he is a proper time traveller (and maybe a war criminal like Linea), so he used this method to escape from his timeline and he hoped that soon it or later somebody will break the circle and he can return into life in the distant future.

          This idea could work with any ally or enemy as well....


          So this is one of the way how to send a team back to the future timeline... Because even if the wormhole travel is only 0,3 seconds, it doesn't matter if they are stuck in gate memory, so they could escape back to the future... Just the timeline would be altered forever for them....

          Or when I was talking about the gate "hub", then such malfunction or technological abuse of the stargate could be monitored and then the new team could be involved...
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          "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

          "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

          "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


            Stargate Origins : Omoroca

            We start our story thousand of years ago.
            Gilgames was a chosen advanced human king in Uruk when Ishtar / Hathor has given him a mission. He and his friend (Enkidu) should have destroyed the remain of a Furling ruins or facility as the Goa'uld realized that one has drained the attention of other alien races to Tauri / Avalon. That could be the main reason why Omoroca and her people came to Avalon in the first place before Ra. The Oannes have got or found that Furling "invitation" what later they will use in the Paradise Lost story.
            Then the story could progress that there was a mystical garden where alien entities (the Nox, the Asgard, the Furling, the Oannes, The Salish and the Giant Aliens etc) guarded and taught the first humans. This place could be the Cedar Forest, what is slightly similar to the Garden of Eden. They played with the humans and they have planted the first seeds of civilization. The Oannes were unique as they have stayed on Earth when every other race have gone long time ago.

            Now it looks like Gilgames has killed the guarding alien (Humbaba - maybe a Nox elder)
            But Hathor wanted to give him an other task before he could be chosen to be a Goa'uld host and to live forever. He had to use the newly discovered moon doors (Furling portals), what was a connection between Central America, Mesopotamia, the Antarctcs (and the Moon). Maybe the "moon door" is inactive under the ice at the Antartic and where the fourth one leads on the Moon can be used for an other adventure. So if we could introduce this mini Furling network between our own continents, it could be logical as well, so when the Ancients were active on Avalon this Furling teleportation device were their quick passage between the continents.

            Hathor (Ishtar/Inanna) blackmails him to give eternal life after he has lost his best friend (Enkidu and his girlfriend Shamhat), so she gives a new task to look for Omoroca, who has escaped the battle of the Cedar forest and it looks like she hided in a cenote in Central America:
            It looks like she was trapped in an underwater cave where she couldn't escape or doesn't want to leave. We would learn that the Oannes can be taken as hosts and Omoroca was taken as a host as the Goa'uld has swam into their shrinking underwater oasis colony. She had to use all her energy to maintain a forcefield, while thousands of Goa'ulds have swarming around her in the lake thanks to a special Goa'uld trap. They knew that they can lure her out soon it or later, so they decided to wait for it. She also had to keep them in the cave with her technology, because she was worried that if they can reach the ocean then thousands of Goa'uld can flood the rivers and seas of Earth. Eventually she has lost her battle and she had to sacrifice herself, so she became a Goa'uld host of Chalchiuhtlicue (a rival smaller Goa'uld Queen, who was ruling on the planet Orban).
            The Goa'uld Chalchiuhtlicue has learned many things from her host body, so she started to experiment on such human versions on other planets, which can breath under the water or which can survive in both environment. She has taken many American natives to different worlds with her Ha'tak ships and she also made sure her little "experiments" were spreading as well. Maybe she could convince Quetzalquatl (the leader of the Giant aliens) to use their skull network to escape from Earth. This was the base of different legends about mermaids, syrens etc.
            That is the reason why the Aztec legends says her followers turned into a fish after she cried for years. What Chal hasn't calculated in that she could never leave Earth for a longer time, so she had to return with the Chrystal skull. Somehow her Oannes host was connected to Earth (probably to chemical signature of her space ship which supported her survival on Earth or on the mainland).

            Obviously the other Systemlords were jealous and when Chal's dynasyty started to rise quickly as they could conquer such worlds, which was inhabitable for humans. The System Lords were disgusted by the Oannes-Human hybrid hosts and they attacked them what resulted to flood human worlds in a response. Later even Quetalcoatl turned against her dynasty as well as they realized the Goa'uld won't hesitate to destroy every world against each other. Ra and Hathor wanted to capture and execute this ambitious Goa'uld Queen competitor once and for all. Hathor believed that Omoroca/Chal has got a connection to the Ancient technology what Chal's family member, the Goa'uld Telchak/Tlaloc found on an other planet. The Goa'uld was looking for the Fountain of Youth as some part of this legends was known in the galaxy:
            Telchak made a truce with the Systemlords after the offworld civil war, so the sarcophagus technology was shared. Omoroca/Chal was imprisoned by him (or by Giant Aliens) in this secret cave again until further notice as a punishment as it looked like Omoroca managed to gain back control over her Goa'uld on Earth. He knew that she will protect Earth at all cost, so she will never be able to leave the cave.

            Omoroca knew that some strange Ancient energy signatures has got an effect on the local waters. She was also searching for it, but she couldn't find it. Maybe the Giant Aliens have hided it from her as they were studying Earth for a while now, but their own Furling invitation leaded to America (as the Cedar Forest was destroyed on the other side in the Middle East). When Gilgames found her, he killed all the rival Goa'ulds in the water with a poison weapon from Hathor. Unfortunately this one effects Omoroca/Chal as well, so she tried to negotiate for her life, so she offered Gilgames a secret. It looks like a mass galaxy wild destruction protocoll was intiated by her race a long time ago as they have noticed her Goa'uld captivity, so this flood was not the first time it happened in the past:
            But her race has transported a small amount of humans from the middle-East to other worlds on a spaceship called "Utna" (what would work like a Noah's ark for spreading life to a new galaxy with a new stargate network)
            So we could learn that Oannes were mass terra-formers (maybe from an other galaxy), who made colonies under frozen moons and ocean planets where they moved or placed stargates. They are the master of water related technologies, so they can influence the shape, the size, the spreading with their forcefield technologies. They can even move oceans through stargates with the rewrite of stargate protocolls. Maybe they just simply send such toxic water through, which infects the athmosphere on the other side. Anyway they were not afraid of eridicating human and alien worlds to fight against the Goa'uld this way in the past and as now it happened within the Goa'uld civil war. Maybe the Watergate aliens were controlled by them. They have even sealed the first stargate on the Antarctic with flooding the remains of the Ancient outpost as they believed the Goa'uld will never find Earth, so the second form of the Ancients won't be found and then the human can't be taken as hosts. But then Ra has brought his own stargate anyway so this Oannes attempt had failed to keep them away from Earth.

            Anyway she warned him that they will destroy every Goa'uld world as she was not aware that Tlaloc has betrayed her already and the truce was forged. Omoroca/(Chal) told a story about special naquadah containing grass or plant which only growns in her realm, but it can grant eternal life as an alternate for being a Goa'uld host and it could extend the humans lives. Unfortunately that plants don't grow on Earth (or only the near of the Ancient Fountain of Young device) only on a world called Kur:
            Kur could be an underwater dome (cave) or other planet where Omoroca used to live:
            Or it could be even an other world reachable through the stargate. Gilgames was unfortunately corrupted by Ra's mind control already or maybe his own demons defeated him for the proposed eternal life:
            So he slained Omoroca in half (to kill the Goa'uld queen) and he has never found out what she meant. He believed she was dead, so he had gone back to Hathor for his reward. She became extremely furious as she wanted Omoroca alive and it looks like Ra knew about her plans all along.
            Gilgames had to fight with Gugalanna what was a mythical bull type creature (a former alien host pet instead of Jaffas before they used humans as incubators). As it was killed it released a mature symbiote, so Gilgames became the host of Belos (later called as Baal). He was just a minor Goa'uld here, like an ash'rak, not a Systemlord at all. Anu (Ra) saved Baal, while Hathor decided to search for Omoroca's remain as she believed she only planted the idea of her death in the mind of Gilgames and maybe she is still alive. Secretly Hathor still wants the find the Fountain of Youth alone for herself to get a more advanced sarcophagus in spite of Ra's direct order or something similar reason. She strongly believed that her sarcophagus worked much stronger on the other continent, when she brought it there, but she has kept this information for herself as she wanted to get rid of Ra anyway. News were spreading amonst the Systemlord about her betrayal and disobedience. Ra's position started to weaken amongst the Goa'uld Systemlords as more and more world are inhabited with humans and everyone wanted to achieve better and better hosts. The discovery of the sarcophagus was a huge step ahead what was shared with everyone, but they have always plotted against each other as well. Osiris and Isis were imprisoned in an earlier revolt, while Seth has disappeared. And now even his own "wife", his First Queen has disobeyed him as well, while a smaller, seemingly obedient Goa'uld queen (Egeria) also started her own movement against him as they have felt he weakened. Then the unexpected rebellion started in Egypt. Ra had to decide between his offworld realm and the fate of his dynasty or the ruling over Earth. The Goa'uld have left forever as some unknown alien force (probably the Giant aliens) locked down Earth's solar system and the whole Tauri became only a fading legend amogst the Jaffa.
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            "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

            "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

            "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


              Here are some notes

              And that is the short story what happened on Earth, while a big part of different mythologies were combined with the existing lore. I have to re-read and re-write a few things, but these discoveries would be given step by step to viewers. I am not really a big fan of flashbacks, so maybe this distant past stories could be told by the ex-Goa'uld character(s).

              The real "story" could start with the host of Baal, so it is his "Origins" story, but I didn't want to name it as Stargate Origins : Gilgames. After the extraction of Baal a few years have passed. He asks permission to visit some Middle East places on Earth, maybe an earlier temples of Baal cult. The SGC and the Homeworld Security don't trust him as they know the sideeffect of the sarcophagus use, so Vala and Daniel will go with him. HostBaal is worried that Athena is still lurking around on Earth, so soon it or later he, Vala or Sarah Gardner (ex-Osiris) will be captured and interrogated again what she planned with Vala. He hints a few things about this and that, because he remembers most of Baal's memories. He is 3000-4000 years old and he has spent a huge time in sarcophagus. We know that this can be very dangerous to human mind, so he wants to find a solution how he could live forever again. He will rapidly age any other way and he also needs a cure for his mental issues.

              Anway... He wants to find Omoroca's planet as he strongly remembers her last message that there is this special grass on the planet Kur which could give him eternal life. So basically we would start a second Gilgames myth where we would slowly reveal what role he played in history, that he used to be a demi-god type of king. We would learn that his host is named as Gilgames. Daniel is obviously more than excited as he can speak with a living member of a distant past. Then Gilgames would reveal a few things about his troubled history with Hathor and Omoroca/Chal. Daniel also suggests to find Nem again, but it looks like he has left his own planet where the SG-1 found him 15 years ago. Later we would find out more about the history of the Oannes race and maybe this new adventure could lead to some unexpected discoveries.

              The fourth Furling door to the Moon was just an idea. I was thinking what would happen if there would be a frozen lake under a crater or something and Omoroca would be imprisoned there. If she lives at all or if she became Goa'uld etc. There were different versions in my mind.

              What I really wanted to incorporate the story of the Watergate aliens into the story as well as they could be Oannes related. Maybe a hostile Oannes group would control them or something.. Maybe they are "the escaping fuel" of their space ships... I have to think about it.

              But anyway the Oannes could have their own little stargate network in a new galaxy, so if we don't want to involve them in the Milky way, their network could be still introduced. That was the other reason I was thinking about cuneiform glyphs as they looked enough advanced to modify the stargates in their own galaxy. Maybe they have found a seeding ship, but their own Destiny ship has never reached their galaxy. Or they were found too primitive ten thousand years ago etc. But then they wanted to meet the Ancients, so they directly travelled to Avalon (the Tauri), but the Ancients have died out / escaped / ascended a long time ago.

              The story could also involve or mention the Giant aliens. We don't know whether the Goa'uld has never found the Chrystal skull on Earth, but they must have contacted the Giant aliens on other planets. Maybe the secret of Omoroca would be in their hand. Maybe Chal used the chrystal skull to send away his new followers to different worlds, but then the Quatzalcoatl and his people turned against the Goa'uld when they could see how much worlds were harmed with their power hungry conquests.

              It would be nice to reveal as well that Omoroca is still alive and she played an active role in the search of Sangraal. She is the Lady of the lake.

              And if we definately would like to connect even more storylines, then the Universe blue aliens could know about the Oannes. Maybe they are cousins or something.

              P.S.: I have reached 5700 views! Yay, thank you, gaters.
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              "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

              "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

              "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                Little story idea :

                I was even thinking on a time travel episode, where a new team wants to meet the Furlings. They don't know where are they now, but they know where they were. So they jump back to meet them in the Heliopolis and maybe to ask the help of the Alliance for a future problem. That cause the damage in the DHD in the first place in the palace, then a ripple effects in the timelines prevents them to achieve their mission and they will cause more trouble then good, so they decide to prevent the future themselves to arrive in the past.

                * * *

                A little off. Abydos Gate Database - PLANETS in Stargate : SG-1 and Atlantis


                You can find more pictures if you click on "kepek" (pictures).

                Unfortunately there is no English version of it, but the most important informations can be still understood:

                "Képek" = pictures
                "Lakói" = residents / races
                "A bolygó részletes jellemz?i" = the detailed description of the planet
                "Epizódok, melyekben szerepelt" = related episodes
                "Általános leírás" = discription
                "Kapcsolódó karakterek" = related characters

                Even the gate addresses will be there, if they were known. As you can see we have put many-many effort into this giant database. Three of us have made it. Most of the articles were written by me 10-15 years ago, maybe the Google Translator can provide some translations, but since the Hungarian grammar is reallyy difficult, probably it won't be any use. So at least try to enjoy the photos of the planets.

                This is the link for the VEHICLES / SHIPS :

                This is the link for the RACES :

                This is the link for the MISTAKES :

                I translated the first two seasons already, so I plan to continue, if you don't mind.

                By the way... The database was not updated after the season 8 of SG-1 as we became a bit more lazy or less enthusiastic... Ooops. So mainly SG-1 season 1-8 and Atlantis season 1-2 are in the database. So don't look for Stargate : Universe. Oops.
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                "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                  Almost 6000 views. Yay.

                  Clava Thessara Infinitas - the "Hub"

                  So I was thinking on this idea for a while. I believe this Ancient treasure room would actually be the hub of the stargate network in the Milky Way galaxy. Nobody knew why it was locked down or abadonned.

                  The new team would find a mysterious Ancient vehicle, what they would give a nickname as the "Shell". This is such a vehicle, which is capable of carrying passangers or rebuilding itself around a stargate through active wormhole, so it would use it as a "stargate drive". They earn the nickname shell as the pearl is the stargate and the protective building, the shell will be this new vehicle. Or if you follow the Hub allegory, then the Hub was like a police station type of facility where the shell(s) used to function like the police cars. They could follow all the stargate activity in real time as the gates inner memories and synchronization has gone through this lost Hub base. Like a giant router, where every gate expands the local gate protocoll in subspace like a "wifi". The Ancients always believed that the biggest weapon is knowledge, so that is the reason why the hub is called as infinite knowledge as it was a reference to the infinite distance what they can explore with it.

                  Anyway these shell type of vehicles were used to investigate such faulty gates and DHDs were something unusual activity happened. It could be used to create forcefields in toxic atmosphere or if they were underwater or in space. Then something happened and the whole hub disappeared like it has never existed. There were legends among different races that maybe one day somebody can find this "treasury room", because who can master the hub, can hopefully positively guard the stargate network and maintain the peace in galaxy.

                  The Hub used to be maintained and kept in secret by a Genie, who lives in the DHD chrystals of the network. Maybe he locked down the planet centuries ago. We can later explain why he needed this desperate act and where the whole facility has been (transphase, other galaxy etc.) The Hub has got a nine chevron address, but it can be only reached safely through this "shell" ship.

                  I tried to explain how it would work earlier, so basically a piece of transphase technology would allow to rotate the building pieced into an active wormhole, where it could materialize itself around the stargate and then to return to normal phase. The Ancients were planning this type of travel the next achievement after the puddler jumpers as it can rebuild itself in space or in any harsh environment. They were planning not just to maintain the current stargate networks, but even to follow the seeder ships with this technology, so even if the Destiny gates haven't got DHDs, this shell ships carry one on it which adapts to the local stargate network and it can also locate the stargates in the near. Basically it works like an advanced version of dialing ships, what Eli used in the Destiny. They knew that the Destiny was abadonned a long time ago, so the remaining Ancients were working on an alternate solution, but then the plague interrupted the experiment and the normal life of the hub.

                  The main advance of the shell ships would be that they can jump between huge distances much easier as they need to use the ninth chevron (without the eight) for jumps. Basically they turn on the 9th chevron to support their own transportation with the Shell. They use the combination of the energy of the active wormhole, the transphase and the subspace technologies, so it looks like dr. Rush was wrong about the 9 chevron addresses. The Ancients would have never built in such dangerous wormhole activity into the stargate network, where complete planets can be exploded because of the energy needs. It looks like Rush and his team dialed a nine chevron address through a normal stargate, while this little tel'tac sized ships can do it much easier and safer. The shells can't jump to a distant nine chevron address directly, but they can jump between 8 chevron addresses much easier. Maybe all shell ships would also have their own complete 9 chevron long gate address like an ID number. So theoratically all normal stargate was able to call or to dial this Shell ships. What can be handy if they want to return to it without the Shell, but it can be also dangerous if an enemy finds them as well.

                  So the new adventure would start on one of this shell vehicle. The mysterious Genie could give them some task to prove themself to be worthy in the Milky Way, while they make a deal with him/her that they can use this technology to go after the Destiny crew. The alien also has got his own past and maybe he is not completly honest why he really shared and helped with this technology in the first place. What they have quickly realized that the Hub has gone and it is not in the Milky Way anymore. It looks like the final "shell" has just landed in the hand of Earth.

                  The new team would manage to find and to take back the Hub later, where their new alien friend will be the leader and a new hostile alien race will also show up to take it away from them again. That is how the new SG adventure starts..

                  * * *

                  The limits of this technology can be still discussed like why could it not dial the Destiny directly? Can it jump galaxies? Does it use only 7 or 8 chevrons? Can it dial transphase gates? What does the 9th chevron do? etc. I believe it could work as a next chapter in the Stargate mythology. I imagined a little tel'tac sized ships with a few rooms that would be essentially our new base which can maintain a small crew. It would have different compartment, so "shell based" stories could be written how they discover all the functions or if something goes wrong they can be isolated etc. They could investigate the past of the shell as well, what could also lead to new discoveries. While the stargate would be in the hangar, which can be released, so the shell could leave the gate behind and fly away when it is needed, so essentially the shell could be a big brother of jumpers for explorations. Or maybe the Shell could half itself, so the hangar part would be locked with the stargate, while the inner part could work as and individual space ship. Or if they simply open the door they can walk around on the surface of the dialed planet etc.

                  It depends where we want to move the story, this technology could be used in the Milky Way, maybe to visit some other galaxies (the Ida or the Pegasus galaxy). And as the story progress we could find out what happened with Hub, who is the mysterious "Genie" and what could happen if a new hostile race also uses the shell technology for bad reasons. etc.

                  So if you read back a few pages there were some ideas about the Genie, then lost alien races, hostile new races and I tried to spin a few gate related malfunction where our special new ship could be used to save the day...
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                  "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                  "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                  "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                    No wonder 'views' keep climbing, these ideas are more than good enough for one or several SG shows or at least mini-series.

                    As always, the hard part isn't the technology, or the backstory, or the 'trigger', but the people, and the direction, the kind of stories that will be told. Often, superpowered gadgets or entities get in the way of good storytelling. Here they only need to malfunction a bit, or suffer some sort of amnesia. Which will also save on budget. P-}

                    BTW, I found Google Translator gives readable English versions of your .hu website/database. Wonder if they're accurate, tho.


                      You haven't been here for ages. Thanks for the feedback. As you can as I was busy in the last few weeks.

                      I agree with you, we don't need more hyper-super-mega ascended enemy. I want to tell stories with a few little twist, maybe to fill some plothole, maybe to answer some unanswered question etc. But I believe we have to introduce some new technological elements, what could start lots of new storylines. SGC is not only the one who should be able to upgrade themselves, so even our enemies could learn from alien ruins.

                      Even this little "hub" idea with the "stargate drive" ships (aka "shell" or "yarn") could be used for investigating anomalies what we were brainstorming before (VR memory world, time travel, multi-dial, master gates, multi-DHD, higher DHD functions, higher gate function, safety protocolls). And even the "shell" could also lead to new discoveries as well. We have seen the basic stargate network (Universe), the normal stargate network (MW), the stargate networks with gateships (Pegasus), so the next step could be this new vehicle which uses the stargate system(s) as "drive". (Not to mention the earlier Stonehenge, the multigate, the transformers gate, the Vanir and the Ori network as well....)

                      But honestly I am just an enthusiactic fan, so it is not really my job to write a new spin-off or a new Origins story. Just I felt that most of the fan fiction are focusing on character moments, while I prefer the techn / mythology related stories. Just I was thinking about so many things, that no idea was properly written or explained to the "audience". But I hope you still enjoy my little brainstorming session as currently this is my fan fiction "style".

                      * * *

                      Our database was quite accurate and more detailed than the GW one or the wikipedia, but that was 10-15 years ago. We haven't updated it since Atlantis season 2, so it was discontinued after 2003-2004. You have no idea, how much effort and care I put into it to entertain and to inform the Hungarian SG fans.

                      * * *

                      You can find me on the Stargate : Command website:
                      While GW is the real forum, that platform is rather used for visual entries. I tried to be useful there and to show a few interesting things.

                      * * *

                      Back to the Omoroca story. That would essentially an Omoroca-Baal story. Maybe it sounds a bit forced, but they could live in the same time. I didn't want to change the Oannes necessarily evil as if they have save some part of the humanity in the past, then why would they turn evil now?

                      But anyway I was thinking what if an ecoterrorist race placed some "bomb" on different planets. Basically it would be some spores or toxins which are frozen in water. If the climate of the planet reaches a critical level, then the ice melts and the toxins kill the citizens to "free" the planet under the influence of civilization. Then we could learn that they have also left such "climate capsule bomb" behind on the Antarctic when they have flooded the first stargate. Maybe this type of unfair retaliation has already started on different planets in the Milky Way. Our new team must find the responsible race and to find a way how to stop the process.

                      The Tok'ra and the Jaffa would also find such world when everybody burned to death, but there is no explanation what is going on. Maybe we could find out that the Watergate aliens flooded these worlds, the people burned (and drowned) in the process, then they moved back to their own planet or maybe the "water" has sublimated into the athmosphere like a living organism.

                      So the leader of the Free Jaffa State : Teal'c would ask the help of the Tauri to investigate what could have happened. They visit the planet of Nem, then maybe they could try to contact the Watergate aliens for little clues etc.

                      Then I was thinking that the rapidly aging Gilgames (exBaal) could be rescued temporaly by Todd, who could give him back a few years. But why would he help him if this cross-over happens in the story?

                      So anyway I am still thinking how to tell the tale of Baal and Omoroca the right way. I tried to establish approximately what happened in the past with the combination of the lore, Egyptian, Sumerian and Aztec legends if you noticed, but I have to find out a good story for the present as well.

                      * * *

                      The hub story could still work with the FTL blockade what we talked earlier. However initiated it, they must have done for that particular reason that the hub activates itself and return to duty. Maybe the flood attacks also served the same reason as a hostile race also would like to find it as well, so basicall even these different stories could be merged into each other. etc.
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                      "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                      "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                      "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                        I was lurking around... viewing, with nothing useful to post.

                        I too like sci-fi/myth-based fics more than the character-based. Witness my own. Take one simple, already-seen tech, spin it for what it's worth...


                          6027 views. Yay. Thanks everyone.

                          I am not good enough at English to write a fan fiction. Yours is so detailed like a movie script, well done. It would be much easier in my own native language.

                          You are right, if we don't have the right main characters and then the right lore fitting setting for bad guys, then any technological upgrade idea is just wasted. But that is the reason I like brainstorming "independent" adventures and alien technologies, which could fit in MW/P/U or any other stargate environment.

                          Here was an other thread which characters I would move to a new spinoff:
                          My vote would go for Cassandra. She must be now around 25-30 years old, so she can be introduced with any profession. She has got an established past in the lore, while she has got a direct connection to SG-1. She is also a hok'tar (advanced human), which can be handy in storytelling.

                          Second vote would go for Todd. He is a fan favorite and he has got direct connection to the Atlantis backstory, while he could be as a scientist. Maybe it would be too much to use him as main character, but he could be at least returning.

                          Third vote would go for Varro. He is also a fan favorite. If the actor could be signed up again, then we could tell an interesting backstory why his "clones" should up on different planets / galaxies. He could be a victim of some Vanir/Asgard experiment, when they compared the planetery evolutional effect on the same test subject. Just it would be a bit too much about cloning, since they used this option for Beckett and Baal as well. But who knows? Maybe there is a connection...

                          Fourth vote would still go for Vala as Claudia Black is amazing. But I would imagine her now as a half-settled mother next to Daniel. 10 years have passed, so she wouldn't go into too much action at age 45-50 now and maybe she turned into a responsible parent. Or she goes for "collecting" exotic souvenirs with her daughter, while Daniel educates students in offworld universities. I definately imagined them as they are living together offworld.

                          * * *

                          We talked about potential technological upgrades and new stargate networks, the troubled past, characters, new mythological races, but we haven't discussed the current state of the galaxy. The stargate shows were always US army centric, so I doubt a "pure" civil settings would be accepted by the fans. But I am still interested how would you imagine the future of the Milky way? Hundreds of worlds were enslaved by the Goa'uld, then the Replicators came, then the Ori crusade started, while the Lucian Alliance also caused some trouble. Then what? Would they establish a United Nations type galaxy wide organisation? Because we have heard about the Jaffas that they would try to establish a Jaffa State with a parliament, but would happen with other worlds? Would the humans world cooperate and trade? Or would they exclude non-human races? How would it work in such a scifi world, where theoratically everybody could call everyone? Would they form coalitions? What would happen with those worlds where the stargate technology is not public? Or if there is a civil war? What would happen with the poor planets and the rich ones? Would they control their own "immigration" between worlds? Would the planets accept a common constituation (like contactology rules, gate related safety mechanisms etc.)? Or at least to accept some guidelines who to deal with undeveloped ecosystems or worlds... How would they prevent gate travel related fatal injuries, if anyone can put a forcefield / Iris / other defense on their stargate? Can we talk about real borders if they can visit / conquer each other with ships in space as well? Many-many interesting questions, which could shape the setting of a new SG show. Just share a few ideas.
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                          "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                          "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                          "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                            Write your fic in your preferred language. Let nothing stop you. Google Translate to English afterwards. P-}

                            I set out to write SGU's Season3 Opener. But it grew, and grew... Now it's either a movie, or a 3-episode Season opener.


                              Actually I have written a longer fan fiction called "Feltámadás" which means "Resurrection". I had some life crisis, so I have spent a big amount of time writing it in 2000-2001 when the SG-1 reached only season 3 or 4 and I was watching it in German on RTL II. It has got 25000+ words on 25 pages with Times New Roman character size 9. It was mainly a mythology based story how the team was forced back to return to Abydos. Funny enough that lots of elements have showed up later in the Stargate shows. My "SG-1" briefly mentioned Atlantis, then it happened as a spinoff. There was some transphase stuff as well based on Egyptian mythology. There was a scene in it, where the stargate connected to a spirit realm / afterlife that one has also happened in Meridian. Now as I have re-read it, it is rather funny than good as my characterization was pretty bad and even the franchise really evolved a lot after season 3-4. But anyway I was very proud of myself, then only 2 people were willing to comment about it and they said the story was too complicated and there were too many dialogues. So these feedback broke my enthusiasm as an amateur writer, then I have never published a longer story again. Maybe I should not have given up so easily as nobody was born as professional writer and it needs lots of practice. If you are interested and I haven't scared you away, then I can send you in email the doc file, but probably the Google Translator would mistranslate it as the Hungarian grammar is really-really complicated. Or I can write down the abbreviation of the story here.
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                              "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                              "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                              "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."


                                I have also imagined some DHD or gate related technological upgrades / safety feature if the Hub could be introduced :

                                1. If the chrystal could "scan" to DHD user then it could establish whether the travellers is a human or not. Then the dialed planet's DHD could communicate with the other DHD, so the safety of the journey could be established by new gate protocols.

                                2. All stargate should have an individual ID. If they have got an ID in the network, then maybe the Hub could suspend individual gates through the inner memory network. This way they could sen out orders to lock particular stargates.

                                3. If they can identify individual gates, then they could make subgroups for local user races. Like a local Avengers type program would control a bunch of stargates around the same world. This step could be essential for different galactic civilizations.

                                4. Gates could send incoming travellers through memory then back or to any other world like Anubis did.

                                5. Maybe the 7th chevron's colour could change like a "lamp" if the journey is safe to the other side, so that is the reason it would be essential to have the "pre-programmed" MW race profiles in the DHDs. Maybe these profiles could be also modified or changed in the Hub. It would mean same races would never ever be able to use the stargate system. So many stories could be based on this if it is used or if it is abused etc. Or even the new council type scenario could work together to develop such safety option as they combine the Goa'uld/Ancient/Asgard technologies for the greater good of the whole galaxy.

                                6. The Hub could sense if a stargate or a DHD is damaged or malfunctioned and it needs replacement or repair. So essentially they could see such stargates which are unable to spin, but it can still communicate with the other stargate within the inner stargate memory network. This way the Hub could see which stargates were buried.

                                7. The Hub could also see if a stargate was put into transphase mode in permanently (by Nox) or just temporaly.

                                8. The Hub could see the Sodan worlds as they work like an inner teleportation network within the stargate.

                                9. The Hub could see if anyone made any other modification on the network (like adapted VR world, send back loops, extended travelling time worlds, Asgard beam, Goa'uld rings, Stonehenge activity and even the McKay-Carter birdge).

                                10. The Hub could see if anyone entered with gateships into the wormhole, so it could make a log about the puddle jumpers / Jaffa vehicles / any new developed jumpers. The new "shell" type ships could be also monitored in real time.

                                11. The Hub could see if a gate is underwater or in toxic atmosphere or in space if it is non-stoply have a connection/pressure on the stargate. Maybe the DHD or the chevrons would have such sensors which would help the different races, so the race profiles could be important.

                                12. The Hub could see all Ori supergates in the Milky Way...

                                13. The Hub could also see even the blackholes or solar flares which could affect the journey, like the satellite network in Continuum.

                                14. The DHD could have a virtual tour guide feature that was the Genie idea. That character could serve the stories as a "living MALP", but I talked about it a lot now.

                                15. Later this VR character feature could be turned into a communication way to the different worlds. Like a TV chanel projected through the stargate. Or warnings could be sent around.


                                So many-many little gate related ideas, which could lead to new adventures. Maybe some of them could be explained why we haven't seen before as the Hub could have been turned off, destroyed or removed. Maybe the extra stargate protocol options were turned off for a reason or even a new enemy twiddled it. Maybe some protocol changes of the DHD/stargate could be inherited from more advanced stargate networks. Or some of them could be a direct modification as any advanced civilization could access gate related technologies, what we talked before.
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                                "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

                                "Never underestimate your audience. They're generally sensitive, intelligent people who respond positively to quality entertainment."

                                "Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."