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    Conversion (208)

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    Colonel Sheppard begins to undergo a disturbing physical transformation after being exposed to Beckett's anti-Wraith drug.

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    all in all, not too bad, despite the fact that i had the solution to john's little problem figured out about 10 seconds after walker and what's his name bought it in the cave.

    some nice character moments and, i'm guessing/hoping, the groundwork for a cure for aiden eventually
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      Hehe, I get third post spot.

      Only saw the beginning - mom had to watch something - so I'll watch the rest later. I'm still wondering why Shep and Teyla had to smooch.... well, I get his mind's starting to go so, I guess when in rome. Hehehehehe, wait'll she pulls the gun on him...hehehehe....


        John and Teyla kissed!!! I'm really not a John/Teyla shipper, but it was cute and unexpected! Too bad he was under the influence when he kissed her haha.

        Anyway, this was a great episode and it really kept me on my feet! I really liked lots of Beckett on screen!! He's so cute!


          I loved this episode and I think Joe Flanigan did just a superb job of showing us Sheppard's anguish. It felt very true to Shep's character and very poignant.

          I'm not sure why Sheppard would have needed a flare-light in the cave with his bug eyes? Or did the stuff that was keeping him lucid affect his vision, too?

          One other nitpick...and a very nitpicky one...but the writers have done it twice now, that I know of. First time in The Brotherhood ep, when they had Rodney use "lay" instead of "lie". Now they did it again in this ep, having Sheppard use the wrong word. Both men are too intelligent to make that kind of mistake. The writers need to be more careful.


            this was petty good i really did not think it would be good. in fact i thought i would hate it but i didetn. does any one know that guy name who thorw the grnade in the cave when they were runing from the bugs. i seen him in some other eps befoe but i don;t think i ever heard his name


              I loved this episode!
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                Best episode of this season. I have to admit it, but when Sheppard broke the window in Weir's office, I laughed, I don't know why. Sheppard looks cool as a Wraith. Now back to Galactica on Scifi Friday


                  Well, at least it's definate that they aren't shipping Teyla and Shep! She seemed extremely relieved to let the little faux pas die a natural death... LOL! Of course, to me it looks as if the poor Colonel Caldwell has it bad for Weir!!

                  The premise was interesting but I really wish they didn't wrap it up so neatly... I haven't been the spoiler slut that I normally am this season so maybe some of the consequences of retrovirus will come up in later eps. Of course, they couldn't play it out too much if they want to avoid the Ford redux. I agree with Skydiver that the research looks promising for Ford.


                    I liked it.
                    Spoiler---)>*I just widh they'd used the Daedalus to retrieve the egg sack with the Asgard beams instead of sending people into the lion's den. *


                      After two weeks we are rewarded for our long wait.

                      There are those who say Season Two has yet to live up with it's predecessor, I disagree. This episode alone shows how the characters have progressed and how our crew has managed to adapt to their new homes in the Pegasus Galaxy. Sure, now they have a way home through the Daedelus, but they seem more at home in Atlantis.

                      Conversion was great. There were so many great tidbits, from Sheppard's Doctor Doomish hooded jacket, to his Spider-man wall crawling. Hell, I thought Ronon's little one man alone search for Sheppard was freaking awesome, and that was a bit moment. Major Lorne, in my book, has gone from an annoying Sheppard rip off to a solid supporting character with a vocabulary echoing Bugs Bunny. John's kiss with Teyla didn't seem so much contrived as it seemed to show how he was changing. For all the Wraith's subdued evil, they are animalistic in nature, and John showed it. We even got some great Weir/Caldwell interaction. The chess scene was great, and it hinted what could be a possible relationship.

                      Yet, it wasn't even all these cool bits that made me love Conversion. The big seller was how everyone reacted to Sheppard's change. Weir showed compasion and friendship, she wanted him to come out safe. Beckett was the doctor again, constantly searching for a cure for his patient. McKay was truly concerned, as was Teyla. Even Ronon got in on the action, showing concern for the man who is probably his first friend in years. Sheppard himself showed the most understanding, of Ford. I felt as if I understood Ford a bit, and it seemed that the Atlantis crew was blinded by trying to bring him back rather then understand his mindset. Now John was in a similar bind, and began to realize what happened to his friend. Hopefully he'll show that change in the Lost Boys.

                      Rush rocks.


                        Nice Makeup. I mean, really very creepy and cool. Bugs in the cave were very cool.

                        I got a very, very good team vibe in this ep. Seeing Mckay, Telya, Ronan all sitting around worrying was great. I figured Ronan would be practical an unmerciful but he wasnt. Beckett really, really shined in this ep too. He may be a fraidycat sometimes but not when its important. (the collar thing was funny).

                        I hated that BOTH the redshirts bit the dust, thought that was a bit too much but as soon as they were introduced I figured at least one of them was dead-man-walking.

                        I hate ship but I could just see the little shippers running for the Weir\Caldwell thread. BTW I thought Weir was a bit unreasonable toward him at the end. He offered an olive branch and she slapped it out of his hand. I am all for tough Weir but come on. We know Caldwell wants Sheps job but I think he really is only doing what he think is best.

                        Looks like theres a "Kavanagh" on the Medical team too. Wonder if we will see more of him.

                        Hey a German gaurd with a wraith stunner, very nice.
                        Video games, very, very nice.

                        I liked this ep quite a bit. I like team and I think this was very team. Good job SGA.
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                        ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

                        AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


                          1st commercial break.

                          Watching later than I usually do.

                          Okay, WHY with Rodney whinging again? Do stop this crap.

                          This thing with Sheppard? It's creepy.

                          Spreaking of creepy, John and Teyla were fighting then... whoa. I'm sure if I stuck my head out the door I could hear the shouts of various factions of fandom.

                          And Caldwell and Weir? That was flirtation. Anyone who denies it is just full of beans.

                          Back to it!
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                            I loved this ep. Fave of the season so far. Everyone was great but it was JOE who got the chance to finally shine. My waiting for a Shep ep wasn't in vain. And I love how this mirrored 38 minutes only NOW they are FAMILY.

                            Everything worked. It wrapped up a bit too quick and neatly, but I can live with it.

                            I liked the moments that were addressed. I liked the Shep and Weir moments. Very telling of how close they've gotten because they are the leaders and they've been through alot together.

                            I was thrilled to see some Sheppard and Beckett moments and I loved the Shep let him off the hook immediately. In spite of the fear SHep had to be feeling, he was still the guy I've come to love. And it was cool to see the change in him. Joe nailed it beautifully. Even to conveying Changing Shep's emotions with the bug contacts in place. Beautiful acting.

                            The physical stuff was well done.

                            The team moments were just right.

                            The kiss really showed the start of the change and I like the Shep realized it.

                            I laughed at Shep and Ronon running scene.

                            And the team wanting to stick around at the end was perfect. So much Fanon moments became CANON in this ep. It just really rocked.


                              Originally posted by babaganoosh
                              I liked it.
                              Spoiler---)>*I just widh they'd used the Daedalus to retrieve the egg sack with the Asgard beams instead of sending people into the lion's den. *
                              I wondered the same thing, but it adds intrigue. Yes, Caldwell does have it bad for Weir, I predicted that though, there was something in one of the original previews, a look shared between the two. Kiss between Teyla, and John, it was okay, I would have prefered myself to be on the receiving end of her lips, but I wasn't.

                              Dr. Beckett said that the Colonel was devolving, but it appeared to be evolution to me, his agility, dexterity, everything seemed to be advancing, from that of the normal human limitations, how quickly he climbed that fence, how easily he ambushed those officers, another look at the Wraith superiority complex, they think that way, because they are superior to humans, I mean really.

                              This was a good episode, the make-up, the back & forth with Weir and Caldwell, Ronon having compassion, caring for someone, and a spoiler, the Daedalus permanently in Atlantis, since the constant voyage between galaxies is taking such a toll on the ship, fantastic!