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John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan Appreciation/Ship/Discussion Thread

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    Have not been in here in some time, miss everyone, I made a thing, but its not JT related nor is it part of th challenge, not sure if I should post it or not

    This is the Assassin's Way part 17 complete
    "Elegant beauty is Nature. but only for the gentle and soft Flower" ~Hu Ge
    "The one thing every new hairstylist must learn is how to do hair in a combat zone!" Bob; owner of Bob & Weave's Combat Salon in Red Dust Club, an original story currently in progress


      Post it!

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      It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


        Originally posted by Everlovin View Post
        Post it!
        You asked for it!


        Its not Stargate related though, its actually fanfiic related a major Assassin's Creed/Frozen crossover fanfic, Basically, the guy in the shot here, Named Mark, {whose faceclaim is Avi Kaplan} is charged through a powerful vision to protect the Heart of the Mountain, in this case, Queen Elsa

        This is the Assassin's Way part 17 complete
        "Elegant beauty is Nature. but only for the gentle and soft Flower" ~Hu Ge
        "The one thing every new hairstylist must learn is how to do hair in a combat zone!" Bob; owner of Bob & Weave's Combat Salon in Red Dust Club, an original story currently in progress


          Exelently done.

          Click here daily to give free mammograms

          It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


            Originally posted by Everlovin View Post
            Exelently done.
            Thanks; it took me two days to find the crystal. I already had the background and character images too! Took me about two hours to make once I got the crystal and edited that to fit my need; the crystal had so much other stuff in the shot with it I had to isolate the crystal and cut out the rest of the stuff around it

            This is the Assassin's Way part 17 complete
            "Elegant beauty is Nature. but only for the gentle and soft Flower" ~Hu Ge
            "The one thing every new hairstylist must learn is how to do hair in a combat zone!" Bob; owner of Bob & Weave's Combat Salon in Red Dust Club, an original story currently in progress


              Challenge #84 was all about Fly Away.






                Challenge #85

                This week we're going to be a bit more technical. I know how much you all hate icons, but they do make you think outside the box, and any time you do that, you improve and learn. So this week, make 6 icons focusing on your favorite TV show. You can do all 6 on one show, or six different shows, or 3 and 3; whatever you want to do. Icons can be 100x100 or 120x120.

                Please take all 6 icons and put them together on one background [say 350x350 or 400x400 something like that] so I am only posting one picture per set. Thanks! You can make up to 10 sets of 6 icons each.

                If you really despise icons, try making them anyway. You might like it if you're making them of your favorite TV show.

                Entries due to me by noon your time Monday August 17th.


                  Posting the challenge a little early today......only had one entry:
                  Challenge #85 was 6 icons/TV shows.



                  Challenge #86

                  This week we're going to do a make up/catchup/redo challenge. Thanks to the wonderful and lovely Libero, all of the past challenges are listed here. {challenge #84 was FlyAway, all things that fly and challenge #85 was 6 icons/TV shows; they are so new they have not been added yet.}

                  Look through the list, pick [or several] that you missed or maybe want to try again and do them! When you send in your entries, please let me know what challenge # it is.

                  Entries due to me by noon your time Monday August 24th.


                    Challenge #86

                    Due to lack of entries, I'm extending this challenge another week.

                    To be honest, I'm seriously considering not doing the challenges anymore. There are so few entries anymore, and so few people actually active on GW anymore. It's sad but without the pull of SG1/SGA, we have all moved on to new shows, and have become involved in other things in our lives.

                    I am still able to run the challenges, and would love to do so. I guess I just need to hear from you guys that you still want to do it. If you have any suggestions on how to change the format, maybe make it more enticing, I would love to get some feedback.

                    So I'm extending the challenge this week. We're going to do a make up/catchup/redo challenge. Thanks to the wonderful and lovely Libero, all of the past challenges are listed here.

                    Look through the list, pick one [or several] that you missed or maybe want to try again and do them! When you send in your entries, please let me know what challenge # it is.

                    Entries due to me by noon your time Monday August 31st.


                      Hey Peeps!!!! Long time now see. Love all the art.
                      It is sad that we are slowly losing the SG feeling. *sigh*

                      A W.I.P. ( Work In Progress ) from the past. Never got to finish this RR(Round Robin). lol I think it's been over 4 years. Anyone up to the challenge?

                      By Everlovin
                      part 1
                      “I really don’t give a damn what you have to say. I have it on the highest authority it is neither Goa’uld nor Ancient technology. This was found among the wreckage found over Nevada, Arizona and California after the Wraith tried to invade Earth.” Mr Parker turned away from the conference call with fellow Trust members around the world. The city below was dark. Pulsing with dark hidden agendas. A perfect place to both blend in and rise above the masses.

                      “I have people tracking her. Find the woman and bring her back to the lab. We must find out the purpose of this technology. Only she can activate what we’ve obtained. No not fail in this, Parker. Your position in the Trust is not all that secure.” Mr Wayne’s clipped voice issued the edict and was suddenly absent.

                      John was having a perfect day. Even if it included shopping. It included shopping with Teyla in San Francisco’s Chinatown. They wandered from shop to shop. Bought various things that caught her eye. Cloth for her people - should they ever get back to Pegasus, lanterns for her quarters on Atlantis, toys for Torren, mock weapons for Ronon. Somehow through it all, John didn’t mind being a pack mule and bank account. Seeing Teyla’s face glowing with happiness was worth anything.

                      It wasn’t until well into the afternoon that John’s instincts kicked in. Someone was following them. John cursed himself roundly. He didn’t know how long they’d been followed; he didn’t know if they were following him or Teyla; he didn’t want Teyla’s day ruined.


                        By Alexandra 7
                        part 2

                        His cold, gray eyes remained on the target as he traveled down the winding market streets. Dressed in stone washed jeans, a dark pin-striped shirt, and a charcoal black Armani blazer, Adams had hoped to go unnoticed as he tailed his target. That was until they had wandered into Chinatown. Now he felt like a giraffe let loose in the penguin exhibit. Things were not going according to plan. Adams kept moving, rudely bumping into anyone in his path as he slipped his hand into the silk-lined pocket of his blazer to retrieve his smartphone.

                        “Let’s find out who your escort is, my dear,” he whispered to himself, scanning through the SGC’s dossier on his phone. Finally, he stumbled upon a match. Fear gripped his stomach into a knot as Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard’s profile appeared on screen.

                        “Mr. Parker,” Adams said in a low voice. “We have a problem.”

                        Static crackled in his ear, signaling his ear piece had come to life.

                        “See to it that it’s taken care of, if you value your life,” Parker hissed.


                        John’s eyes narrowed with concern as he glanced behind them once more, confirming his suspicions. They were definitely being followed. The man stood out like a sore thumb since they had wandered into Chinatown. He shook his head wondering why they couldn’t have just one day together.

                        “You don’t think Rodney would like it?” Teyla asked curiously as she held up a strange dragon-like sculpture.

                        John turned back to her and couldn’t help but to smile upon seeing her expression. She was so close to him that he could smell the gentle, yet sweet fragrance of the soap she used, still lingering on her skin. He closed his eyes savoring the moment. If only that man hadn’t been following them…

                        John?” Teyla asked quietly, concern etched on her face.

                        “I’m not buying gifts for McKay,” he responded, his attention elsewhere.

                        Teyla watched him for a moment before adding, “Why do you think that man has been following us for the last couple of hours?”

                        John sighed heavily as he looked into her eyes. “I don’t know, but I got an idea.”


                          By Scifan
                          part 3

                          John gives Teyla some of the bags he is carrying and she looks at him with confusion in her eyes.

                          “Trust me,” He simply replies, but with a serious expression on his face.

                          He quickly grabs her by her hand and leads her down one of the allies.

                          “Let’s see if we can lose this guy,” John says as they maneuver through the crowd of people.

                          Adams begins his pursuit as soon as he notices they are no longer in his sight. He is furious with himself for losing them. Being threatened by Parker distracted him, but it’s not a good enough excuse. He has to find them… her, before Parker’s other operatives updates him about the situation.

                          John looks back and almost relaxes, thinking he lost their shadow, but as they are about to round the corner onto one of the streets, Adams and John see each other.

                          “Crap!” John yells. “He spotted us?”
                          “Perhaps we should find our vehicle and return…..” she catches herself before she says Atlantis’ name. “…home.”

                          “Sounds like a plan to me… if only I can remember where we parked,” John replies.

                          “I believe it is in this direction,” she says as he point to the direction she thinks the car is.

                          “Adams!” an angry voice buzzes in the pursuer’s ear.

                          “Yes, sir,” Adams replies. He can tell by the tone in Parker’s voice that he now knows of the situation.

                          “Stop your pursuit and head back to headquarters,” Parker says sternly. “You’re position has been compromised and I have other men handling it right now.”

                          “Yes, sir,” Adams says with a soft, but frustrating sigh.

                          As John and Teyla near the area they left the car, the crowd of people around them begins to become denser. It is difficult for them to get through.

                          Teyla starts to feel her hand slip away from John’s, “John!”

                          “Hold on, Teyla. We’re almost out of here.” He tries to hold to her hand tighter, but as he does… her fingertips pull away.

                          He swings around to see her, but in that very brief moment she has already vanish.


                            By Hope 24
                            part 4

                            John stood still for a moment, frowning, too stun. Too stun to move, his heart stopping, then to an increasing pounding in his chest. Teyla’s familiar form and face was no where to be seen in the crowd around him. John began to franticly scan the moving crowd of people around him for any sign of Teyla as he fought to keep his fears at bay. John started to back track from their path, from the area that their car was located to where they were previously, searching, uncaring, that he may have been slightly shoving some of the people out of his way as he called out Teyla’s name repeatedly.

                            Something in the near distance drew his attention. It was the color of clothing. It reminded him of the outfit Teyla was wearing today. So he tried to get a better look. John hurriedly tried to make his way through the crowd of people. From his position, what he could see was that the person wasn’t alone. They were being accompanied by two men. The two men formed a wall around the person. The two were on both sides of the person, shielding them. And the men’s clothing may have seemed in tune with their surrounding, looking as if they were regular shoppers, but his instincts told him these weren’t civilians. His heart told him it was Teyla and she was in trouble.
                            So John hastened his pace, moving through the crowds, scaling steps, two or three at a time. He now had visual confirmation by his proximity that the person who was with the two men was indeed Teyla.
                            The men were just entering the near by parking lot and he was on their heel. They hadn’t notice his progress on them yet.

                            John saw a large black SUV making its way toward the two men who had Teyla, her body almost seemed lifeless now, being held up, and carried along by the two men. The SUV stopping, as one of men grabbed one of the doors to open it. That’s when the man saw John and notified the other man who turned toward John’s approaching form. John was now in a full out sprint to the parking lot and the waiting SUV.

                            As John got to the parking lot, the two men and Teyla were in the SUV and the SUV had sped away to navigate the maze of the parking lot, toward the parking lot entrance/exit, the sound of screeching wheels in their wake. Instead of chasing the SUV down, John ran toward the parking lot entrance/exit than the speeding SUV.

                            The driver of the SUV slowed when he was near the exit there were a couple of cars ahead of him waiting to gain entrance into the flow of the moving traffic. As he was about to proceed into the flow of traffic, there was a slight sound to the back of the SUV.

                            It was John. John tried to grab onto the doors of SUV, just as the SUV pulled into traffic. The SUV raced into the moving traffic, gaining speed as John tried to hold onto its frame. One of men in the vehicle did notice John and notify the driver of John’s presence on the outside of the vehicle. The vehicle seemed to pick up greater speed then. The wind played havoc with John’s eyes and hair, his shirt flapping in the wind.

                            The SUV would speed up then slow down, to only speed up again; in a cat and mouse sort of game. Forcing John to adjust his grip and to secure his footing on the SUV’s bumper, during one of these moments, a sudden sharp turn caused John to loose his grip. John fell to the ground, falling to the street in the path of oncoming traffic.


                            Teyla’s eyes flutter opened, her eyes trying to adjust to her darker surroundings. She was finding it hard to focus. Her head ached. Except for her body jerking with the movement of the speeding SUV as it drove through the city’s landscape, her body felt almost numb.


                              By Jeyla4ever
                              part 5

                              The ride itself was uneventful. Teyla didn't even try to free herself for she knew it was hopeless in her current state. Besides, she had no idea who these people were or what was the purpose of her abduction.

                              She surfaced in the shadows and felt the strains in her hands. Looking around she was suddenly aware of a black shape looming above her. How come everything seemed so blurry, she thought. As her vision cleared, she noticed that she was in fact in a moving vehicle as the dark figure's face formed that of a man staring at her intently.

                              Her thoughts were not coherent at all. But she felt the vehicle come to a full stop. Two strong arms caught her and two grim silver eyes looked down at her. When her thoughts did become coherent, she realized whose arms and eyes they were and noticed that the others around her were knowingly smiling, all except him.

                              "Bates?" Teyla barely whispered.

                              He did not comment.

                              She suddenly thought of John. And she knew that somehow he was not present.

                              "What have you done with John?" Her eyes blazed with a curious cold light.

                              He moved his head close to her face. "I believe he is of no concern at the moment."

                              "Why have you captured me against my will?" She demanded.

                              But he only stared, his eyes unsettling her.

                              He paused and his eyes squinted as he neared her. "Do not haste the inevitable, Ms. Emmagan." His hands tightened around her and he pushed her closer to him. "Where we're going, he will never find you."

                              She tensed, watching his expression, but she couldn't tell what Bates was saying to her anymore. She felt as she'd been stabbed. She wanted to just curl up and make everything go away. Her hands clenched into fists but the rest of her body was completely separated from her mind. She didn't know if she was standing, sitting, or simply laying on Bates arms.

                              Everything in her mind told her that she was in trouble, but her body was simply not responding to any of her wishes and she wasn't even sure what those were anymore. All she knew was that one minute she was having the best day of her life, but she couldn't think anymore. She was too confused and numb. She just wanted to be back in Atlantis, back with her son, back with the man that she...

                              Teyla didn't know what she thought. She was finding it difficult to think at all. She stared back at Bates, but there was nothing in his eyes that could tell her anything. So, she averted her gaze away, and suddenly, she heard murmur voices all around.
                              Voices, many voices.

                              Her head pounded and her heart raced as she stiffened in shock.



                              John stared at the bright glow of the flashing lights in front of him.

                              For two hours, he'd been searching frantically for the SUV and nothing. He ended up calling Stargate Command and now he was headed to central headquarters for what most likely would be several meetings that he didn't care to be at right now.

                              Teyla was out there, in harms way, in an unfamiliar territory.

                              Crap, crap, crap! How could this be happening? What did they want from her? Was this a random kidnapping or was this something much bigger? Think John. Think.

                              His heart was pounding so hard, it felt ready to jump out of his chest.

                              Find her. That's all that matters.

                              "Colonel Sheppard." A lieutenant brought him out of his thoughts. "We're ready when you are, sir."

                              With clenched fist, John stared back at the shops from afar where only hours ago he was having the best day of his life next to the woman that he...

                              "Let's go."

                              And without looking back, John got inside the helicopter heading back to Stargate Command without Teyla by his side.


                                By YappiChick
                                part 6

                                “so men just came and took Teyla?” Woolsey asked, leaning forward in his chair in the conference room at Stargate Command. “You know that her disappearance could compromise the location of Atlantis--”

                                “I don’t care about Atlantis,” John interrupted, his voice cold. “We need to find Teyla.”

                                Sensing Sheppard’s agitation, Woolsey calmed down. “All right, let’s go back with what we do know. You and Teyla were being followed by an unknown subject for at least two hours, right?”
                                “Yes, and we tried to get back to the car when she was taken by two different men.” John felt a wave of guilt pass over him. “The search for the SUV was a bust,” he said sullenly.

                                “Maybe not,” Rodney said, walking in the room with Ronon.

                                The two men turned to look at him.

                                “San Francisco has traffic cams set up throughout the city. We got access to the footage and I finally managed to find what we are looking for,” Rodney explained.

                                “Actually Zelenka--” Ronon started.

                                “It doesn’t matter who found it,” Rodney said, cutting him off. “There was an SUV picked up leaving Chinatown at about the time you said Teyla was taken. We tracked it to here.” He pointed at his tablet. “It’s down by the docks. We couldn’t track their specific location because the traffic cams don’t go that far.”

                                John stood up. “We need to get down there.”

                                Rodney exchanged a glance with Ronon. “There’s something you should know.”

                                “We know who took Teyla,” Ronon said.

                                John looked at Ronon. He couldn‘t wait to get his hands on who took Teyla. “Who?”

                                Rodney tapped his tablet a couple of times to get the grainy image from the traffic cam loaded and held it up for everyone in the room to see.

                                “Bates,” John muttered.

                                “I’m not sure why he would take her,” Rodney replied.

                                “Actually,” Woolsey said awkwardly, “I have an idea. About a month after Atlantis arrived on Earth, Mr. Bates has been AWOL. We believe he has been working with the Trust.”