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    Nina, thank you...I just love that video of Joe messing with Rachel at the con. Too hilarious. Poor Rachel, or lucky Rachel.

    Mrs. B...HOPE GOT YOU TO WRITE? Oh, I am reading right now!!!


      *wipes tears of excitement* YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS, Mrs. B!!!

      I love the part where John tells her to get behind him and she replies back, NEVER!!! LOVE IT!


        LOL!!! Thanks Camy! Your too funny dude! Maybe I will keep this fic going.......


          I insist!!!!


            Originally posted by CazzBlade View Post
            Sci - can't read spoilers so i can't read your idea

            Laura - do you mean one of the team or one of john and teyla?
            J or T
            Originally posted by scifan View Post
            Laura, you electricuted yourself? Did you go get checked at the hospital?? **HUGGLES** You poor thing. Hope you're doing better today.

            Nope, though I should have. Lol. Thanks hun
            Originally posted by CazzBlade View Post
            Fic Club day

            Post your thoughts on chapter 1 of Needs of the Body and Soul


            What do I like?

            I've read the whole thing so... I can't really keep it down to just chapter 1.
            But, I love how funny it is. All the way through, there were moments where I had to stop reading and think "Oh no... she didn't!" The one-liners were great.
            I love that John gives over to his primal side - he doesn't want to but he kind of does and I love that. Making John lose control... *thoughts wander off in all directions at that thought*
            don't worry, soon we won't have to say goodbye.

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              Love the fic MrsB! Is it Hope's birthday today?
              What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!


                Yup, Cazzie. It's Hope's b-day today.


                  Thanks Cazz~


                    Originally posted by MrsB108 View Post
                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE!!

                    Guns firing rapidly in their outstretched hands, John Sheppard & Teyla Emmagan ran steadily towards the western horizon.

                    “How many are there?!” Teyla shouted as they continued, her breath slightly rasped.

                    Sheppard took another shot behind them, this one over his left shoulder and hitting the chest of one of their oncoming attackers who fell awkwardly face first onto the dusty ground.

                    “I don’t know!” he yelled back watching Teyla hurtle over a large rock in her way. “Maybe fifty!”

                    Their mission to this world had obviously gone very wrong. They’d been sent to Planet YMA626 in hopes of meeting a much-talked-about race called the Morrows, a traders group who were highly regarded on many other planets.

                    But their arrival to the planet had only brought Colonel Sheppard and his team to meet another race; one far less peaceful as they ones they’d hoped to meet.

                    The town had been empty; presumably the entire Morrow clan had been killed though none of them had found any bodies.

                    Ronon and Rodney had gone back through the Stargate to assemble reinforcements to help them scour the planet while Sheppard and Teyla remained behind to begin the search for any survivors.

                    It wasn’t more than thirty minutes after the other two had left before Teyla had heard a soft sound from the nearby woods that she thought could have been a moan; some sort of cry for help.

                    She radioed Sheppard who then met her by the tree line and together they had entered, ready for anything.

                    But not ready for them.

                    Human-like creatures with strange marks and tattoos covering their faces had come from practically every angle surrounding them, all of them with sneering lips and deep guttural sounds emerging from within. They carried deadly looking spears, blades, and arrows; the tips dripping with blood from freshly killed victims.

                    Sheppard, aware they held no technological weapons, tried to ward them off, pointing his gun at them and saying gently, “Now, now boys. See this? This will kill you in an instant, so you should really rethink this strategy you got going……”

                    The nearest of the strange tribesmen lunged at Sheppard; an eerie shriek escaping him as he flung himself through the air with arrow raised.

                    Sheppard shot him straight through the neck leaving a spurt of blood to come flying out the back end and spraying over several of his kin.

                    “Teyla…..,” Sheppard said warningly, realizing that may have not been the smartest move considering how many of them were increasingly emerging from tree and brush.

                    She took his unspoken message and the two of them began slowly retreating back towards the tree line keeping their weapons poised in hand.

                    It wasn’t more than five seconds or so before the entire swarm of tribesmen came rushing towards them like a pack of wolves, primal and unrestrained.

                    Sheppard and Teyla each shot a few of them before turning their slow back pace into a full out run heading towards the Stargate.

                    Here, they were running for their lives again; something to them that never seemed to get old.

                    Sheppard clicked his hand against his earpiece letting it squawk once before shouting into it, “Ronon, Rodney, get your back here NOW with those reinforcements! Teyla and I are heading back towards the ridge and are being pursued by a bunch of freaking cavemen!”

                    “Roger that Sheppard,” Rodney’s voice came back a little too calm, causing Sheppard to grimace outwardly.

                    “Roger that; I’ll give him ‘Roger that’….,” he muttered angrily to himself.

                    Sheppard had been leading the way and his momentary distraction had caused him to make a slight error in direction.

                    There had been two paths in the direction they’d taken. One towards the Stargate and the other….well, they really didn’t know where it went.

                    In all the excitement of being chased and dodging the whistling thump of incoming spears that seemed to never end, he had chosen the wrong path and Teyla only came to realize this as he did to which they both exchanged a troublesome look.

                    “Well be fine,” he reassured her over the rushing air of their run. “There must be another way to the gate from here, wherever this comes out.”

                    She nodded and just barely escaped catching a throwing knife in the back, hearing the whoosh-whoosh of it turning over through the air a second before it would hit.

                    They ran for almost an hour. They were beyond tired and had no idea where they were headed. The adrenaline within them was winding down and fatigue was starting to wear their muscles thin. The pack of blood-thirsty warriors were relentless behind them.

                    “Well be fine,” Sheppard said again.

                    “Yes, you keep saying that Colonel,” Teyla said back pointedly.

                    Sheppard shrugged, “Yeah, well……”

                    Then they both stopped dead in their tracks. Sheppard put out a hand to even ensure Teyla had stopped so that she would not fall off the unending cliff they had just emerged upon. It ran straight along the edge of the woods and Sheppard could see no other paths. He looked down over, watching the skidding rocks and dirt sift down from their stomping pace and listened to them echo and clatter against the rock wall and assumed it splashed into the faraway water he could barely see below.

                    “Crap,” he said aloud.

                    “Yes,” Teyla repeated. “I believe so.”

                    Before Sheppard had time to even consider forming a plan or reassuring Teyla once again, their enemies gathered behind them and Sheppard felt a hard knot form in his chest.


                    “Teyla, get behind me,” he said, trying to think of anything.

                    “Never,” she said, raising her gun high and taking perfect aim on one of their heads.


                    Her shot rang out and it had been perfect indeed, landing right in the center of the forehead of the far left tribesman.

                    But as the noise in her gun had emitted, one of the other tribesmen had released his spear from the far right and it nicked Teyla’s shoulder hard and sent her spinning into the air and over the cliff.

                    “NOOOO!!!!” Sheppard screamed, reaching out pointlessly towards her blurred form.

                    He watched her fall down the abyss towards the dark waters below and anger washed over him and he turned back towards their attackers.

                    “I’ll be back for all you sons of b.itches…..” he said calmly and evenly looking at many of them directly in the eye, just as they released a swarm of arrows towards him. Then Sheppard took a running jump over the cliff after her.
                    Dude!!!! Love my birthday’s gift!!! Brings me back to the days I use to see stories by you, Ruby, Sci, Yappie, etc. Now, apparently another there is another chapter forthcoming right? You can’t leave it like that.

                    Thank you so much dude!!!
                    Sigs made by the talented Cazzblade, Donna, Jeyla, Linda, Luciana, Mayra, Mrs.B, Padme
                    Scifan, Teylafan, WraithLord & YC & me.

                    Thanks for the memory to the cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis.
                    WraithLord - R.I.P.



                      Happy Birthday!!!

                      let's get this party started....



                        Hope!! Happy birthday, chickie! I hope your day is filled with the most wonderful blessings. (No fic, but I'm working on one with a Teyla-heavy focus right now )


                        Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place. --Mark Twain


                          Happy birthday to Hope then! I'll make you a pressie tomorrow... I've gotten a bit behind
                          What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!


                            Yeah, today is Hope's birthday. Miine is tomorrow and AMC's is on the 19th. That's all for the month (I think).
                            Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place. --Mark Twain


                              Happy Birthday Hope!!!

                              Incredible story MrsB. will it continue??

                              Great banner Jess.

                              back to babysitting.....


                                It won't let me green you, Lea.

                                It's beautiful!!! I'm starting something inspired by Mrs. B's AWESOMENESS! but all for Hope....hopefully, I'll have it done by tonight or tomorrow. I won't post it in though until I get a beta so it may be till the end of the week that I post it. Here's a snippet....

                                AU fic....

                                The silence wrapped around him like a welcoming blanket on a cold winter’s morn. Only when he was alone did he relax. He liked the space, the emptiness. He had a place to sleep, and a place to sit. He had the bare necessities of a man that doesn’t need much, although he could have so much more. A television, a computer, a fully equipped kitchen with just enough for him; all would eventually be donated to a nearby charity once his job was executed. Besides, it amused him to live in the heart of Atlantis.

                                Eventually, he would leave like every other place he’s ever lived in. In his line of work, there could be no traces of anything behind which is why the cleaning service was so vital in his entire plan.

                                His computer was his Achilles’ heel, but even that had to be constantly erased with regularly wiping the hard drive, then removing its content and installing a new hard drive. It was all very time consuming; however, it was necessary and part of his life. He never complained, he simply did it and it got him to where he was today; untraceable, unrecognizable, and the best in his field; the perfect assassin.

                                yes, it will be JT You guys should know better.