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    How about a kilt AND a leather jacket? Where's that drool bucket?


      Originally posted by Jersey13 View Post
      How about a kilt AND a leather jacket? Where's that drool bucket?

      I dinnae think a bucket's goin' to be big enough, lass !! Olympic size swimming pool instead, perhaps...?!?!?

      Aye, maybe... at a pinch...

      Kilts... leather... both together... och, hell, who's got the smelling salts...?!?!?!?


      "Ye don't understand, I break things like this...!!!"

      The one, the only, the irreplaceable... Carson Beckett




        [QUOTE=Morgania;6056701]How about a lab coat taken from the back?

        Oh yes. I'll take Beckett Booty [tm] any way I can get it. ;D Thank you.


          LEATHER AND KILT? Boy those were meant to be in the same sentence AND ON THE SAME BODY.



            I spend a couple of days away and I miss SO much!!!

            Story of my life...

            KILT + LEATHER = Two hours in Wigan Infirmary's Casualty!!!

            I'd pass out from just the excitement.


              Kinda makes me wonder if any of Paul's fangirls in the audience actually did pass out after seeing him in that wonderful kilt. I'd have come close, that's for sure!


                Originally posted by Jersey13 View Post
                I've heard that people have seen a lot more of his legs in "A Dog's Breakfast". I'm so desperate to see this movie! I'm sooooo glad that it got a distribution deal! *cheers* I wanna watch it!!!
                Really?!?! *dances* YAY! I wanna see it too! Really badly.
                Carson's pointy hair makes my toe happy.


                  Hey!!! D'you know what I've noticed???

                  We haven't got any Carson clones or anything like that!!!

                  I've been looking around at other thunk threads and they keep cloning them.

                  There should be a labcoat Carson clone, black shirt, yellow jacket or white shirt...Oh!!! Also an offworld one.

                  I dunno. What do you think???


                    Carson clones...? I'll have to build us a cloning facility. All you guys have to do is help out at the controls so that everyone who wants a clone can have one!

                    I think the Shep Whumping thread gives out a clone at 300 posts, and another at 500.

                    Good idea? How about a squee? *orders up a clone for self*

                    So who wants one?
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                      I have a stethascope autographed by Paul, does that count? It was in a set with Doc Frazier's, and it included an autographed pic of both of them wearing them. Needless to say, they are part of my very special "All Things Stargate" collection.
                      On fighting:
                      Farrah: "A swordsman does not fear death, if he dies with honor."
                      Dr. Who: "Then he's an idiot."


                        That's awesome, Lida. How much did that cost ya? I assume you won it in an auction...?


                          HAHAHA im 'studying' at home on my day off college and im going over where gluetuel(backside ) muscles originate etc ...some reason it aint going in when all im doing is laughing that scene in sateda...

                          in spoilers ...cos its just so gosh darn spoilery!!!!!
                          You have an arrow, Rodney, in your gluteus maximus(which originates on the posterior surface of the sacrum coccyx)heehee

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                            Haha! His expressiveness in those pics are just so lovely! *fidgets anxiously while waiting for the mail to come* I'm expecting a DVD today...


                              i hate the anxious wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              *anxiously waits with jersey*


                                You've got over 300 posts, Teknikal! How about a Carson clone?

                                click to see your clone being delivered...

                                Carson Clone: Is my new owner ready tae take me home?
                                Jersey130: I think Teknikal wants to take you home with her!

                                Carson Clone: But what if she's mean tae me???
                                Jersey130: Aww, don't worry. Teknikal is a nice girl, right? She'll take good care of you... unless she decides to whump you instead.

                                Carson Clone: *sigh* Well, so long as she comforts me afterward...
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