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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    We go from "Not Exactly" to Sam nearly liplocking Martouf. Why are we being tortured - is this the nail in the coffin for Sam and Jack?


      Originally posted by JMallozzi
      Hmm. I'd have to look into this. Do you remember in which episodes these various names were referenced? By the way - there's only one Asgard galaxy.
      it's the fifth race bout last 10-20 minutes and new order part one the first 10-20minutes

      please clarify this for us.



        In your notes on Ripple Effect (love those blue uniforms btw), you commented on the Cam/Sam thing PDL was trying to give a visual cue for by saying, "An interesting interpretation I'd never thought of -- but not the one intended." (side note, thank you for having a gag reflex to the idea)

        Dare I ask, what was intended? Or are we to wonder and assume? Because, you know, assuming is OH so much fun. I assume alot. I love assuming. I mean, who needs facts when we can assume??? Oy...that's a lot of snark even for me.

        /snark off

        Seriously, what was your intention as the writer?

        Mary Beth
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          Originally posted by The_Fifth
          hello joe

          will we see more hebridians in the future seasons ?

          Hallowed are the Ori !!!
          Follow the path of the Enlightment !
          Why Sg1 !!?? Why not me!!?? Why !!??


            Mr. Mallozzi,

            Thank you so much for Ripple Effect. Great Episode. Thank you for Martouf, especially. Wish the lip-lock had occurred, but what the hey! At least the chemistry between them was still very obviously there.

            Dare we hope for other episodes like this one? It truly was one of the best in a long, time.

            Thanking you again for Martouf,


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              OMG Joe! How many times have I told you I love you? Two words for you, Rippleeffect (I know that's not one word) and Mitchell! Several of the gals on his thunk thread are now in love with you too!

              Two more for you, Rippleeffect and Martouf! It was so good to see him again!

              Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And again I love you! You are awesome! The entire show was fabulous, clever and showed your extreme talent!
              I enjoyed your commentary on the ep too. Thanks for giving us all the extra cut scenes. Very funny!

              Oh and Collateral Damage was Amazing too!! Very're the best!
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                JOE, any chance that in the DVD release of season 9, we get to see the cut scenes of Ripple effect, in a extended edition (like threads) or just in a deleted scenes file.



                  Hey, Joe... long time, no ask.

                  Loved Ripple Effect, but it struck me as I was watching (and no, it didn't hurt ) that there didn't seem to be many shots with body doubles, or, if there were, they were "touched up" in post. In any case, seems the VFX guys had a LOT of work to do on this ep.

                  So the question is, how expensive was RE in comparison to other eps this season?



                    Another quick Ripple Effect question (can you tell it's my favorite of the season so far?)

                    Why were only the Black and Green SG-1's on the mission? Why not any of the others? Is there a reason in the show or is it just that continuing that multiple character thing was mindnumbingly expensive a la the special fx team?

                    Mary Beth
                    ...pouting because we only got a brief glimpse of the ever so cool bubblegum chewing/Tiger Blue SG-1...

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                      Hi Joe,

                      I'm really loving Atlantis! Could you tell me if we'll get more of a glimpse into Weir's background? I would love to know why she's so "anti-military" (for lack of a better description).




                        Originally posted by gilthoniel
                        Joe, is there any chance that the upcoming 200th episode of SG1 might feature a reasonable amount of screen time for the actual cast and not just the star and the producers like the 100th?

                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        Actually, the 100th episode featured almost everyone who worked very hard, behind the scenes for those 100 episodes.
                        So do we take that as no, the cast won't be featured in the 200th episode either? With no disrespect to the behind the scenes crew or their families who I'm sure enjoyed seeing them, the general audience has no idea who they are nor do they really care. It's the characters we have watched for the previous 199 epsiodes that has kept us coming back and it's a shame that these milestone episodes can't be made without indside jokes that exclude the majority of the audience and ignore the cast we have loved for ten years.



                          First thank you for Ripple Effect and for Janet! I've missed her a lot

                          And I wonder if there are any plans for Teryl to come back to SG1 even if it's just in flashbacks in season 10?


                            Hi Joe!!!

                            Are there any plans to bring back Jolene Blalock as well as Ry'ac in the future or will that happen in Early Season ten?


                              K, a more serious question; I apologise if this has been asked already.

                              Apart from Atlantis and the Mainland, are there any other islands on Lantia and are they inhabited?


                                Top of the mornin' (or evening) to you Joe!

                                First off, "Critcal Mass" was a great episode. It maintained the suspense up until the end, but it did inspire a few questions. I'll only ask one lol. I noticed that
                                McKay advised against using torture while Sheppard believed it was necessary. Obviously, Dr. Weir opted with troture.
                                This is probably something that can't be answered, but my question is, whose advice does Weir value most in moral matters, Sheppard or McKay?

                                On a complete side note--I've read here that you are an ice cream afficionado. Just wanted to reccomend Cincinnati's own Graeter's Ice Cream--in case it hadn't been suggested to you in the past. It's possibly the greatest ice cream in existence, but you'll have to judge for yourself.

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