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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Avatar28
    Joe, can you clarify for us the name/names of the Asgard's galaxy/galaxies?

    It seems to be causing some confusion.

    It seems we have a galaxy named Ida containing a planet named Othalla (Seas 2, Fifth Race).
    We also seem to have the planets Halla and Orilla in a galaxy that is also named Othalla.

    So, what is the situation? Do the Asgard inhabit multiple galaxies (Ida and Othalla being two of them), or is there only one Asgard galaxy the it was renamed in the series canon for later seasons? Or was it just a goof? Or what, exactly?
    Hmm. I'd have to look into this. Do you remember in which episodes these various names were referenced? By the way - there's only one Asgard galaxy.


      Originally posted by skritsys
      I have enjoyed seeing Gossett, Jr. on the show and wanted to know if there might be any future recurring characters that will feature any other prominent actors/actressess?
      The only reason I ask is because I really enjoy the arcs
      We do have a major arc upcoming in season 10 involving a new character. It has yet to be cast.


        Originally posted by Betelgeuze
        Hello mr. Mallozzi,

        My apologies if this question has already been answered. But i would like to know if we will see Janus again.

        My thanks in advance,

        Its unlikely we'll see Jaus again.


          Originally posted by fatesfortune
          Hey Joe
          First let me apoligize if this question has already been asked, or answered, the thread is just too long to read I'm just wondering if there will ever be an episode on SGA that shows the normal day to day routines, occurances, problems and exploring. No wraith, or Genii, or enemies in general, just a bunch of the little things about all the characters while there at work and when they're off duty as well, that shows a normal day on Atlantis.
          We've discussed the possiblity of doing this type of story. No firm plans to do one as of yet.


            Originally posted by mahram
            Joe I was noticing the similarities between the Nox flying city and the atlantis flying city. Are they sister city, or based on the same technology. Or its something you want to keep secret for a future episode?


              Hi Joe,

              OMG, I loved Ripple Effect, it was nearly perfect, best episode this season, congratulations. So my question: Any particular reason why you didn't make it a two-parter so we could have enjoyed it longer and maybe would have had more scenes with the guest stars?

              Thanks for answering and I would love to see more like this episode next season!!!
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              Thank you, Skydiver


                Originally posted by xkawaiix
                Hey Joe,

                I was wondering, are we going to learn more about the Athosians some time next season?


                We have been bouncing around a few Athosian ideas lately.

                Hey! Mashimoro!!!


                  hey joe, i've been hearing (mostly good things) about ripple effect, i'll see it on tuesday, hoping to be able to interpret some possitive s/j shippy stuff.

                  on a completely unrelated topic though!

                  What's your favourite quote or quotes of all time?


                    Originally posted by ses110
                    Hi Joe,

                    As a Sam/Jack Shipper does an episode like Grace Under Pressure bother you and why do 99.9% of the Male guest Stars have to fall for Sam?Thanks
                    Not really. It was all in Mckay's head. 99.9%. Its more like 50/50.


                      Okay ... see now I have to know.

                      Just saw Ripple Effect and I loved it except what the heck was OUR Sam doing about to kiss Martouf? She's never had romantic feelings for him other than those left by Jolinar...they were just friends. Was it about repressed Jolinar feelings resurfacing or what?

                      Mary Beth
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                        Originally posted by S.G.C
                        Hey Joe,

                        Will the 200th Episode involve a crossover with Atlanits or will it be SG-1 only?
                        It will be strictly an SG-1 episode.


                          Ok, Joe.

                          As I said on your blog, the debaters are *so* missing their debating class on Tuesday. I'm rescheduling for "personal reasons" (i.e. Ripple Effect) In the meantime, I've had continous spoiler provision from Mary Beth and Nell, so I have a question.

                          Was the husband and father meant to be Jack or Pete (in your mind)?
                          Yepp, it's blank down here.


                            Originally posted by Dani347
                            What kinds of questions do you enjoy the most?
                            Questions that pertain to scripts I actually wrote.

                            What kinds of question to you hate the most?
                            Anything to do with the Ancients.
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                              Originally posted by Dr Weir
                              Hi Joe,

                              I was wondering if the natural colour of the hair of the wraith is white only? All the wraith have white hair apart from the Keeper, Elia and the one in Condemned. Would I be right in thinking that maybe the Keeper and the wraith in Condemned dyed their hair and Elia might had done the same or her hair was black because she was a child?

                              Thanks, Caroline.
                              Actually, you'll be seeing a couple of different looks for the wraith late in season 2.


                                Joe, I'm giving you a standing ovation right now for Ripple Effect! LOVED seeing Janet and Martouf again and the spark between Sam and Marty was wonderful. Were there any other old friends who you'd invited back and who couldn't come? You don't have to name names!