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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Is the the prior we met, the one introduced in Avalon part 2 going to return? This guy rocked.
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      I was wondering what you thought about my latest project...
      I figured out of all people, you would get a kick out of it...

      The Bradys!!????


        Since the Goa'uld arc is pretty much history - I've always wondered about this...

        Did the writing team ever seriously consider "Goa'ulding" one of the team members and if so who?

        P.S. I mean a real multi-episode "snaking" with lasting consequences, not the sort of thing that happened in "Into the Fire".

        Thanks, Joe.
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          Seeing as they have made a point on the show that you can dial a place if you have enough power to establish a wormhole but then you can rely on the receiving end providing the power necessary. So surely the Earth gate can dial to Atlantis now they have the ZPM as it would be able to use power from the ZPM to maintain itself so all the SGC would have to do is to provide enough power to establish a wormhole in the firstplace. Which to actually establish a wormhole didn't seem to take that much as only a few Naquadah generators and one Pj engine on low kept the gate open for almost half a second which is surely long enough to actually start drawing power from the ZPM.
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            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            You're little guys are very cute. ... I have three: Jelly, Maximus, and Bubba.
            Oh, Maximus is a puppy! They're all adorable. We're actually thinking of getting a little black pug from a local breeder this fall as well (which would round us out at three, too). We want to call him "Matisse" if we do.

            Originally posted by JMallozzi
            What are their little personalities like?
            I'm not sure where to answer a question. Just in case I get thwacked by the long arm of the law around here, I'll put a question of my own at the end of this post. Hope that's permitted.

            Personalities: Both of them are little commedians. They love an audience. Mylo is very "Kinghtly", very deep sense of honor and fairness, which he's very vocal about. And he's Mackenzie's self-appointed 'protector'. Mackenzie is a kissing machine and the most curious puppy I've ever met. But she'll share anything(especially with Mylo), she's very sweet that way. They won't sleep apart. Your guys look very close that way too.

            All right, a question (I had to go to goggle for this so I hope it's good!). Actually, this might have a neat story implication some day, somewhere.

            Did you know:
            Two years ago, a team led by Dr Lene Vestergaard Hau of Harvard University slowed light to just 17 m/s (38 mph) in a cloud of ultracold (only about a millionth of a degree above absolute zero) sodium atoms.1,2 This cloud was a special phase of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensate, where all the atoms have collapsed to the same quantum state.
            I know, it hurts my brain too. Maybe "Carter" can explain it better. I thought the speed of light was supposedly a mathematical constant in the universe. Apparently, modern theoretical astrophysics says "that ain't so."

            So the real question is...

            Do you dress up your pugs, too?

            It's a guilty pleasure. Poor babies.

            Mylo (Noobody knows the trouble he's seeeeen...)

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              Gang, we're not here to squish anyone's enthusiasm, just to keep the Q&A thread svelt, on-topic, and fair for all (including Joe). To that end we've asked everyone to please follow these two guidelines:

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              Any discussion of the above is welcome in e-mail, PM, or the "About the Forum" folder. This thread needs to stay on topic. Thanks!



                Hi Mr Joe:

                Season 9 is incredible this year! I can't even begin to pick the best out of the actors, scripts, direction, sets, etc. I really loved "The Ties That Bind", put me in mind of the old Star Trek show, with Harry Mudd & The Tribbbles, a real fun adventure!

                Anyway, I am just fascinated with the awesome sets this year, but was wondering, how long does it actually take to build, and then take down one of the intricate sets, like the village in "Avalon"? It seems like it would be quite an undertaking, although I'm sure the set directors have a whole system set up. I would love to see it done on a special on one of the DVD extras. Anyway, just wondering how much work and time go into the design and building of one of those fantastic sets?


                  The character of Carter had some major arcs over the course of the past couple of seasons where other characters (like Daniel and Teal'c) did not. That said, all of the respective team members will get their opportunity to shine over the course of season 9.
                  Joe - I was not going to continue this here but after reading posts on several other threads I realize I am not alone in my confusion, concern, worry regarding this post you made. We, Carter fans, as well as some fans in general, are not asking for details in the way of spoilers, we are asking for a reason to watch for the Carter character. To provide us some hope that Carter will be a central team member (not that she will be the focus of every ep or even half, or a quarter, of the eps she is in, only that she will be an integral part of the team and the show. I get the feeling that her eps are going to be one-offs for the character, and that the scripts were written with her filling the gaps - no theme, no arc, not from past stories and not any new ones, is this correct? Will there be a consistency to the character not a relegation to filling in the points of the script that need filling with science and technobabble, will the character be important to the storyline, will the character get to show her strengths like leadership, strength of character, intelligence, independence, heroism, kick-a$$, etc. Some insight to any of the above would be helpful. A simple "she will be an integral part of the team in S9 making substantive contributions" or "she is not relegated to the background", anything to let the fans know that this character will not be relegated to wallpaper to be used when needed to fill a gap.

                  As always thanks for your time.


                    Hey Joe! I have an Atlantis question for you today.

                    Why is it when teams go offworld that they remove all their patches? I think they've done this from the beginning and I'm curious as to why. Kinda like how SG teams remove them for earthbound operations...

                    Mary Beth

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                      Hopefully this one hasn't been asked yet, but since it's already been revealed that the scene w/ Sora being traded back in Seige was cut as the script stage, then presumably in the sense of the actual canon she should still be there, so will we be getting at least a reference about her to know for sure, and if so, how soon? An appearance of course is what I'd personally prefer, but even just a reference would at least satisfy my curiousity.



                        I'll be nice now. ;-) Joe, can the device that contained the energy creature in Atlantis (in the second episode of the series) be used to contain an ascended Ancient or Ori?


                          Mr. M.

                          Useless question of the day. Ronon Dex has stirred up quite a bit of interest around here and we've been discussing how old Ronon is supposed to be. He's been on the run for 7 years and was a weapons specialist prior to that (which one doesn't become overnight). RD fans are guessing he is late 20's to early 30's. Has an exact age been specified for him, or will that come out in a later episode?

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                            Hi Joe,

                            It looks like Stargate SG1 is going to a 10th season (congrats!)

                            I would like to know if you do go to a 10th year would we have a chance any chance at all to see Jonas? Even in the smallest. It would be great to see how he's doing.

                            Thanks for your time.

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                              Okay, Joe. I'll try one last time on this question. It's been asked a couple of times now by myself and others. Specifically, when was the great alliance of the four races? Was it Before the Ancients left for Pegasus, after they returned, or in between because it was with the ancients who stayed behind? The answer to this question would probably help in several debates that go on from time to time.

                              Now I'm guessing at this point that maybe you've not answered the question because you can't b/c it might spoil something else. If that's the case, then can you at least tell us if the question will be answered at some point this season?


                                Hello! and thank you in advance if you choose to answer

                                in the past Sg1 has meet other advanced life in the galaxy that seems to be just left off.

                                examples would be the episode where Cater joins in with that Spaceship race

                                and another airing today on repeats (8-15) where anciet celts were liberated fromt he gould by a seeming advanced race wich they now live peacfully with

                                now my question to you Is that are any furture connection to such example being explored and in what fashion?
                                speeling is consequecetial aslogn as yuor poitn gets arcoss