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    Citizen Joe (815)

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    A barber from Indiana confronts Jack O'Neill, claiming that he has been seeing visions of SG-1's missions over the last seven years.

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    I believe you guys are getting Citizen Joe today. D'oh! (I'm so sorry I couldn't resist. )

    It was, is, and always will be GREEN


      It was interesting, mainly clips of sg1, but the end was good, jack was quite amusing in parts.
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        Sweet episode. A little loose at times but great sattire on the fans throughout. One negging point was the flashback at the end: They really couldn't make dsnny's hair look better?

        Aside from that and the slighty ludicrous ending very good for a clip episode.
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          great episode. Dan Castellanetta was brilliant.

          Best Line was from Joe's wife, her opinion of the stories:

          "Well, the team dynamic's not what it used to be..."

          It was a well written episode that told an interesting story, and had a nice ending. Considering what's gonna happen in the last few episodes, this feels like a nice change of pace. now bring on the final 5!


            it wasnt as good as atlantis' "clip" show but i was was hilarious how the show is able to make fun of itself the way it did
            Like when one of Joes employees asked him why they hadnt met the furlings yet and that they sounded cute like ewoks
            or Joe's wife saying that the stories lacked the character interaction that used to b present

            double LOL at how Jack saw visions of Joes life for SEVEN years and didnt find it strange at all !!!


              Hillarious episode.. i agree that "clip" at the end was awful, but other than that good show


                i was about to watch it when the channel (sky one) went black and is still on now through atlantis meanin i miss both


                  yep i liked the end too was good.
                  Im not into them clips from previous shows, it was alot better than ones ive seen before.


                    I found it amusing when we found out Jack has been having visions of parts of the life of a babour in Indiana for 7 years and never mentioned it to anyone


                      Fantastic episode. Very refreshing.

                      Loved the Furling in jokes, and the Jonas stuff.

                      Great ep. Loved it all
                      moebius spoiler

                      btw you could totally tell the clip of Daniel and Jack looking over the quantum mirror artifacts was new, because Daniels long hair seemed faked, and it looks just like it does in the Moebius pics Tooooo...fasionable....and modern....rather than scruffy s1-3 DJ hair.
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                        Brilliant, brilliant episodes. Did I spot Damian Kindler when Joe was running down the street in delight? The funniest parts were the little in jokes for us:
                        - "When do we get to see the Furlings?"
                        - "Is she with child?"
                        - The whole Wormhole X-Treme bit
                        - "The team dynamic's not what it used to be..."

                        ... and so on. One of the best parts is when Joe broke down after Daniel died. And he joy after he came back in Abyss. Oh, the following is to Shadow:

                        They do remember Jonas!!!

                        Frankly, Joe was pretty much doing the same thing I'd have done at the SGC


                          I thought this episode was great!!
                          it was really funny seeing Joe the barber telling all these stories, and how people reacted to the certian episodes he told, like 'Hundred days' when the woman gettin the hair cut asked if she is pregnant, at the end, i think in a way it said what the fans said about certian episodes.

                          such as when joe's wife mentioned episodes like 'The Light' or 'Sentinal' as some of the more weaker episodes.

                          how fans can prefer more character driven story lines rather than lots of action and how the character story lines became more weaker by season 5, and joe's reaction to when he found out daniel dies!! or when daniel revisits in 'Abyss' it was great!! how funny was it when he saw wormhole X-treme on the tv and it was canceled after 1 episode!!! lol

                          i was half expecting to see joe go through the stargate, im not sure y jack ended up telling joe's wife its all true, isnt that a major breach of security.

                          for flashback episodes, considering much of the main cast werent' even in it!! was a good episode, well done and nicely referenced on things like will we ever see the furlings, the reetou, alternate universes, anubis, etc

                          i think not only did the episode actually admit it had some great story lines, but also that it had some really bad ones, and the fact joe's friends basically said alot of stuff fan's have said about the series, like how many times can they save the world?!, just interesting to see a show actually have the guts to do that its not something u see everyday i dont think anyway.

                          thank u!!!


                            moebius spoiler
                            (although how dodgey did daniel's hair look when they did the flashback to tbftgog, tho not actual flashback, it looked so greesy!!!! - hope it dont look that greesy in moebius)
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                              Good ep loved the satire and many nods to fans in there

                              Also the bits with tealc cracked me up joe greating him with the arm shake and also when he said didnt u used to be more golden ha funny.

                              As clip shows go it was very very good