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    Originally posted by Crazedwraith View Post
    Lol. How about the scene wear the all point zats and staffs at each. And jacks like: "Whu??"
    That didnt seem like a fair stand off i mean zats need 2 shots to kill the staffs need 1


      Originally posted by Selmak View Post
      Malek was kind of a coward... leaving Bra'tac.
      No it was the only intelligent move I mean the **** was he going to do


        This ep shows the differences between the Tok'ra, the Jaffa and the Tauri. I missed somebody saying: Your ways are not the only ways - I don't know which of them were the most likable or should I say dislikable. Nice shooting scene although I'm not a friend of weapons.
        I love the scene in the end: Bra'tac and the knife - moving!

        CARPE DIEM


          Amazing episode, one of my favorites of season 6. Very Predator-like obviously. I like Jacob's play on "if it bleeds, we can kill it"... "if we can see it, we can shoot it"


            I am wondering how different this ep might have been, had the events of the "Cure" episode been Before this one?


              A good episode that built a good foundation for the Jaffa and the Tok'ra to be allies.

              I loved that Bratac saved the day and gave an awesome speech at the end.


                Gonna cheat a little and quote myself...

                Originally posted by Falcon Horus View Post
                Divide & Conquer

                Or in this case, put the Jaffa and Tok'ra against one another and the problem will resolve itself. Except the Tau'ri are meddling in the affairs of the Goa'uld again. Good thing too or we would have had a civil unrest in the resistance.

                More applicable at the end was the phrase: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."


                Another one of those episodes that has some really cool shots, like O'Neill firing the 50cal. -- quite spectacular. Or Bra'tac kicking some serious butt, or more accurately is getting kicked down but he fought bravely nonetheless. And the end scene where he makes that speech and throws the dagger into the ground.

                We stand... united!
                I still agree with my previous assesment of this episode, and I'd like to add that Malek is a coward and why did they add the sounds of zats closing in that stand-off moment? There were no opened zats to speak of. As far as I could tell all the zats were in the closed position to begin with.

                This definitely remains one of my favorite season 6 episodes.

                How would you rate SG-1's "Allegiance?"

                Excellent -- no question


                3-episode quiz: Shadow Play, The Other Guys & Allegiance

                Jigsaw puzzle: Allegiance
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                  I too quite like this episode. It makes sense that the Jaffa and the Tokra would have a lot of bad blood even if they are working together. You can just look at the history that this scenario happens all the time. It is a little slow going to identify the mystery of the Ashrak but that largely doesn't bother me as the focus is exploring and then fixing the bad blood. I kind of like Bra'tac knife metaphor. I still find Jack doing a 360 with the machine gun to be pointless. I give it a good
                  Originally posted by aretood2
                  Jelgate is right



                    ​ ​




                        it was missing arnold schwarzeneger, but it was a good episode etc

                        perhaps as a tokra, or some sg team member, or leading a squad of guest stars lol


                          ahah he could even appeared as the governer of california getting to meet the tokra and the jaffa and taking up arms to help hunt the problem


                            6 minutes 59 seconds and 13/15
                            Originally posted by aretood2
                            Jelgate is right


                              I have just rewatched this episode. Quite nice, but the body count was a bit high.

                              I love that shot when the Jaffas and Tok'Ra are holding weapons to each other. Well done.

                              I have noticed little mistakes.
                              1. When the Tok'Ra escape through the gate, the chevrons are not lit on the Stargate.
                              2. if the Ashrak was a Goa'uld, how could the Tok'ra not sense his presence if Bra'tac and Teal'c were capable?

                              Jonas was strangely written out of this episode. He and Hammond had only one scene.
                              "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

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