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What is your Favorite Charater ep?

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    What is your Favorite Charater ep?

    What is your favorite Sam, Teal'c, Daniel, Jonas, and Jack Ep and why?
    For me
    I like Changeling for T becuase it opens all kind of possiblities for him.

    I loved Forever and a Day for Daniel it change him; and he started to forgive himself with Teal'c and this also led to the Whole Ascended stuff...

    I liked Fallout of Jonas but I haven't seen all of S6 yet.

    I liked (unlike most) Grace of Sam, it was about the way she feels and won't admit.

    Hmmmmm.... Got to Go with The Fifth Race for Jack it; I like the way he talk to the Asgard.

    I think that this doesn't have to be limted to these five i.e. ...
    I like The Tok'ra pt2 for Jacob
    and I will think of more
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    Tealc - Changeling. It was a great episode, and I enjoyed seeing how Tealc might have been without all the way of the warrior stuff.

    Daniel - Meridian. This was a powerful storyline, and a shocker for anyone who didn't know the spoilers! From the second Daniel throws himself through the glass...well that moment says it all for me.

    Jack - Paradise Lost. A powerful storyline, that had Jack stripped bare, mentally, and reliant on his instincts. It is his strength of mind and character that gets him through.

    Sam - Ascension. I do enjoy this episode, and we get to see Sam without the 'support' of the team. Sure Jack does back her up, but for most of this episode she can only rely on herself, without any of her friends to bounce ideas off of.

    Jonas is the hardest to choose. I don't think that Shadowplay was a Jonas ep at all. In fact I don't think the Kelwona stories really advanced him in any way. I think that possibly Meridian for Jonas too. This was an episode that showed him flawed, but ultimately willing to make the hardest choice of all - the betrayel of his people - for what he hoped was the greater good. But he had to trust SG1 on that - other than what they'd told him he really had no way of knowing they were trustworthy people. Other than his own instincts.


      Jack - I guess this one would have to be 'Window of Opportunity'. Tormenting Jack to a breaking point towards the end of the show. Plus, the double Lost City episodes

      Sam - Grace. Simply a episode for once focused on Sam

      Daniel - Probably Meridan. It really did focus on Daniel's future and was quite a moving episode

      Teal'c - Chengeling. A good epiosde with the big road accident. Great focus on Teal'c

      Jonas - A hard one. Possibly Shadowplay but wasn't really that interesting. Most recently Fallout wasn't too bad



        I loved your choices GateGipsy; Maybe better than

        I loved Ascension(top ten all the way) better than Grace I never thought of it.

        Meridian is a hard ep to call a Daniel when he dies but for jonas it is good too I like it alot and would be one I could watch once a week.
        I'm not here man
        Hello it was me


          Jonas- Prophecy. I felt that it showed us the extreme lengths Jonas is willing to go to and the sacrifices he is willing to make for the good of the team/everyone else.

          Teal'c- Changeling. Great multi-faceted storytelling, lots of depth, lots of insight into his character, lots of really good plot development.

          Daniel- This one's a hard call. I'm going with Torment of Tantalus just because it shows the Daniel I love best, the one so consumed with curiosity and the need to learn and understand everything that he can ignore everything even when the world is falling apart around him.

          Jack- Fifth Race. Because he was still reasonably intelligent and it was interesting to see him try and cope with the knowledge dumped into his head.

          Sam- Again, it's a hard call. I'm tempted to say A Matter of Time because it's a good Scientist Sam ep, but I only saw it once because it I found it disturbing (the fate of the offworld team horrifies me) so I don't have clear memories of it. Nightwalkers was, I felt, a good example of Sam in Charge. It showed that she- and the team- could function quite well without Jack. I appreciate moments like that, especially since they're getting fewer and far between.

          I'll probably change my mind on a few things when I see the other responses.


            I couldn't really think of one for Daniel so I put Meridan as an emotional cliffhanger ending

            I think Enemy Mine was quite a good one for Daniel so that will replace my first choice



              Thanks ECM101. Although I have to say you're stronger than I am - I couldn't watch Meridian that often.


                Daniel: the Unas episodes are good. Not quite as fond of Beast of Burden (maybe because I haven't seen it as much as the others), but Enemy Mine and The First Ones had Daniel in his element. I also liked watching him interact with Reece in Menace and Secrets was good.

                Jack: The Fifth Race. Also Show and Tell. Seeing him with Charlie the Reetou boy was really great, and was a great episode for Jack.

                Sam: Singularity. A strong Sam, a compassionate Sam, a caring Sam

                Teal'c: the hardest. I only saw about half an hour of Changeling, and I spent most of that time explaining the basics of Stargate to my mom, so I couldn't concentrate on the episode. I thought Threshold was pretty good.

                Team Character ep: Serpent's Song. Also saw some nice Janet characterization as well.
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                  My Fave Character Eps:

                  There are loads of good eps that I guess could be classed as 'Jack' eps but I'll have to go for Abyss. There was some great acting from RDA and it was a great episode.

                  Definately one of the recent season 7 eps, it feels like there have been a lot of Sam centred episodes recently. I'd probably go for a tie between Grace and Death Knell because both were great!

                  I'm not really sure which is my favourite Teal'c episode, I did like Birthright but i'm not sure if that is classed as Teal'c ep

                  Lifeboat springs to mind straight away but I don't think its my favourite Daniel ep, I think my faves are The First Ones and Enemy Mine..I'm a bg fan of the Unas

                  No doubt about this it has to be Prophecy, it was a great ep!

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                    Fav Jack ep; Cold lazarus. Ummmmmm, Jack's soft eyes and all-the-walls-are-down look. ")

                    Fav Daniel ep: That's a tough one.... I'd have to say, FIAD, because it tied in so well with the Movie, COTG, Secrets and created the Harcisus story arc. And it was well acted, too. ")

                    Fav Teal'c ep: Threshold, again, because it tied in so well with all the little tidbits of info we'd been fed throughout the series, and we got to see how the big, quite fellow really felt inside.

                    Fav Sam ep: Hard to pick just one, but I'd have to say, Emmancipation. There's something about watching that girl kick bully butt that makes me happy. ")

                    Fav Janet ep: Lifeboat.

                    Fav Hammond ep: .... wait,... there are no Hammond eps....

                    Fav Apophis ep: Serpent's Song.

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                      There is a hammond episode. Sort of. I have no idea what the title is, but it is when Hammond resigns because of the NID and O'Neill and Maybourne get involved to help him. I guess it's not really a episode devoted to him but it is based around him



                        Found the name. It's Chain Reaction from season four



                          Jack: Abyss:
                          to me this showed that his humour is used as a front, to make people believe that he isn't as smart a she is, to show people that he's just an average guy. When really, his very basics are the strength of mind and heart. And that despite not saying how he feels to those he cares about, he misses his friends and loves them dearly. And that like anyone else, he can only take so much

                          Daniel: Meridian/the curse/torment of tantulas
                          Combine these three we see how Daniel thinks and feels and how he evovles.
                          We see how much running from his past has hurt him, how his believes that people are inherently good, and is often disappointed. and how, in the long run, he's willing to make a sacrifice for the greater good

                          Sam: Better the devil you know/grace
                          I think these twoshow that she lives very much on her emtions, yet keeps them bottled up while at work witht he men. Because she wants to fit in, because she's afraid to be seen as week, and sometimes she can't keep everything bottled up inside. That she does care about her father, in ways that they don't discuss enough.

                          Teal'c Into the fire/Threshold/the warroir/Changeling
                          These four episodes show to me what teal'c is all about. About his family, and freedom for his people, yet he's not quite ready to go it alone, without his friends.

                          Jonas: Prophecy
                          simple, everyone else has put it already


                            hammond - chain reaction
                            janet - rite of passage
                            jack - the fifth race
                            sam - jolinar's memories
                            teal'c - threshhold
                            daniel - meridian
                            jonas - prophecy
                            jacob - allegiance
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                              Teal'c- Changeling. Brilliant. Enough said.

                              Daniel- Meridian. Showed even someone as good natured as Daniel has self-doubts.

                              Jonas- Im gonna go against the popular vote here and say Nightwalkers. Wasnt specifically a Jonas episode, but he wa so SHerlock Holmes it was cool!

                              Sam- Grace. Absolutely awesome. Same reasons as Meridian as well, Sam has saved the planet several times, but still doesnt feel like her life is perfect.

                              Jack- Impossible to pick. WoO was good for comedy, but as you can maybe tell from above I prefer all the 'sad' episodes, so Abyss it is. We all knew Jack had a bad past, but this brought to light that this shadow inside him is still there in his mind.