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What is your Favorite Charater ep?

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  • flynn1959
    Jack..The fifth man.I love strong soldier Jack not a trace of dumb Jack in sight.

    Daniel...Legacy, wonderful performance M.S does crazy so well.

    Teal'c....Cor-i C.J showing what he can do when given the chance.

    Sam...Beast of Burden.Working with Teal'c to try and help Jack and Daniel acting like a soldier .

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    Jack 100 Days

    Daniel Forever In a day

    Teal'c Redeption

    Carter Solitudes

    My thoughts so far. I'm only up to season six

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  • ecm101
    Someone should keep score...

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  • Sarcazmo The Clown
    For T, like most, The Changeling was an instant favorite. It was on this sunday on Fox, and my sister and I sat literally at the end of my bed in anticipation as it palyed out...even though we'd already seen it. (my older sis was so P-Oed that we didn't call her to tell her it was on...) Great acting by CJ, intricate storyline, very symbolic. All in all my favorite episode of SG1.

    For Daniel, I think either Forever in a Day, or Meridian. Again, the acting was great. The storylines were intriguing, and they both pinpointed a huge change for the character. On the side, I think my favorite SCENE for Daniel is him drunk at Jack's house in S7.

    For Sam it's not one episode, but a miriade of scenes where she's not the defenceless "girl" in need of a man; she's an officer in the USAF. I'll cite my sources; Emancipation, The Worrior (the part where she's demonstrating Tou'ri weapons..I love the look on her face)..I'm just gonna narrow it down to most of season 1-3. Oh yeah, and also Grace & Chimera. heard me. I liked those eps!

    Jack is a tough one...I love him. He's so funny. I think my favorite funny episode for him would be Window of Opportunity, though my favorite part in that ep is where Teal'c shoves the guy with the door. As for his serious military-man side...I can't think of one...Brief Candle, or maybe Cold Lazarus...again, good acting and in CL a definate turning point for the character.

    OH MY GOSH...I almost forgot about Janet!
    Definately Lifeboat for her.... great job dealing with all those personalities and TR did a wonderful job acting in this one. I love the part when she just gets angry at "Martese"! So much that I could say about this one, but I'll just leave it at that.

    For other eps...I'm gonna have to say Thor's Hammer. Not cuz of anything the cast did that was particularly stellar, just because I like Viking myths/Norse mythology and my sister laughs everytime she sees it and told me recently that I'm gonna end up like Kendra; living in a shack in the woods, screaming at the wind. Thanks,'re confidence in me is inspiring...
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  • Lys
    Jack - Paradise Lost

    Sam - Nightwalkers

    Daniel - Maternal Instinct

    Teal'c - Redemption 1 & 2

    Jonas - Prophecy

    Janet - Lifeboat

    Hammond - Disclosure

    Jacob - Allegiance

    Brat'ac - The Serpent's Lair

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  • ecm101
    Originally posted by Madeleine_W
    Sam - Foothold. She's really up against it, not knowing what to do, doubting herself, but just as sharp as ever when she suddenly needs to be. She Saves The Day - yeah! And she gets to say "you're a fool every day of the week, couldn't you take a day off just this once?" (or something) at Harry.
    That is a really good one. I never thought of it as a Sam ep, but it is.

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    Jack - Abyss

    Daniel - Meridian

    Sam - Grace - this was close as i Loved the Devil You Know as well for sam but as a Sam Episode - Grace
    Teal'c - The Changeling

    Jonas - Prophecy

    Hammond - Chain Reaction

    Jacob - Death Knell

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  • majorsal
    Originally posted by ecm101

    What is your favorite Sam, Teal'c, Daniel, Jonas, and Jack Ep and why?

    Ooh, good question! For me...

    Jack: The Fifth Race.

    Sam: Entity.

    Daniel: Meridian.

    Jonas: Prophecy.

    Teal'c: Changeling


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  • Madeleine
    Teal'c - Changeling. It's just fantastic to watch, I think I could go on forever about how great it is, and it's perhaps the only Teal'c ep where Teal'c isn't in control or at least in a familiar situation.

    Daniel - The First Ones. Essence-of-Daniel, that. He wants to learn everything there is to know about the creature that's obviously intending him grievous harm; not to fight the creature more effectively but for the sake of learning. His humour is a lovely part of the ep. And he's prepared to risk himself for someone else just cos it's the Right Thing To Do.

    Sam - Foothold. She's really up against it, not knowing what to do, doubting herself, but just as sharp as ever when she suddenly needs to be. She Saves The Day - yeah! And she gets to say "you're a fool every day of the week, couldn't you take a day off just this once?" (or something) at Harry.

    Jack - Abyss. It's not one that 'sums up' Jack, in fact it shows him at his very lowest. But it's so well acted, very dramatic, and it's a well-done study of someone trying to hold himself together when he knows its inevitable that he'll break, soon enough.

    Janet - Lifeboat. Wow, she was awesome, she had a Bedside Manner for each of her patients that was really compelling.

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  • kiwishell
    As a Daniel fan, there are a number of episodes that focus on Daniel that I enjoy. But I think my overall favourite would have to be Season 3s "LEGACY".
    Michael Shanks acting in that was amazing. Did he visit a home for the mentally disabled before doing the part? He just played it perfectly. The vacant look on his face, nervous pacing, and it was amazing what they did to his eyes. Wonder what drops they used, as Michael's eyes even had the drugged out glassey look. It was a super episode


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  • keshou
    Jack---- Abyss. Really caught a glimpse into Jack's soul in that one, saw all the facets of his character on exhibit: his humor, his courage, his desire to protect, his desire to survive, his self-doubt, his strength.

    Teal'c----Threshold. I finally felt like I understood Teal'c after seeing that episode. It was a long time coming. Changeling and Serpent's Venom were also really good episodes for Teal'c.

    Daniel-----Meridian This is a difficult choice and I'm not really sure, but I guess I'd have to go with Meridian for all the reasons already mentioned. I also really liked The Crystal Skull, because I really love that snarky side of Daniel.

    Sam----- In the Line of Duty has always been one of my favorite Sam episodes. Grace was also a fascinating look at Sam.

    Jonas-----Homecoming.. Geez this is the hardest because I still don't really feel like I know that much about the character. I picked Homecoming because I finally had a chance to see him distinguish himself side-by-side with Daniel. Next would be Metamorphosis because I started to see a different side to Jonas.
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  • major_gater
    Teal'c--Threshold. So much of Teal'c backstory was revealed. I fell in love with the character because of the episode.

    Jack--Window of Opportunity. So much of Jack's character was revealed during all the wackiness. Also loved the way RDA went from wackiness to drop dead seriousness "on a dime". I also like Chain Reaction for Jack.

    Daniel--Hard to say. I think his character was revealed slowly over time. If I had to pick one it would be...There Before the Grace of God

    Sam--Space Race.


    Janet--I don't remember the title just now, but the episode where Cassandra gets sick.

    Hammond--Chain Reaction and Disclosure. I love how Hammond outwitted Kinsey

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  • Lord Loz
    Teal'c- Changeling. Brilliant. Enough said.

    Daniel- Meridian. Showed even someone as good natured as Daniel has self-doubts.

    Jonas- Im gonna go against the popular vote here and say Nightwalkers. Wasnt specifically a Jonas episode, but he wa so SHerlock Holmes it was cool!

    Sam- Grace. Absolutely awesome. Same reasons as Meridian as well, Sam has saved the planet several times, but still doesnt feel like her life is perfect.

    Jack- Impossible to pick. WoO was good for comedy, but as you can maybe tell from above I prefer all the 'sad' episodes, so Abyss it is. We all knew Jack had a bad past, but this brought to light that this shadow inside him is still there in his mind.

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  • angsty_otaku
    hammond - chain reaction
    janet - rite of passage
    jack - the fifth race
    sam - jolinar's memories
    teal'c - threshhold
    daniel - meridian
    jonas - prophecy
    jacob - allegiance

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  • Majson
    Jack: Abyss:
    to me this showed that his humour is used as a front, to make people believe that he isn't as smart a she is, to show people that he's just an average guy. When really, his very basics are the strength of mind and heart. And that despite not saying how he feels to those he cares about, he misses his friends and loves them dearly. And that like anyone else, he can only take so much

    Daniel: Meridian/the curse/torment of tantulas
    Combine these three we see how Daniel thinks and feels and how he evovles.
    We see how much running from his past has hurt him, how his believes that people are inherently good, and is often disappointed. and how, in the long run, he's willing to make a sacrifice for the greater good

    Sam: Better the devil you know/grace
    I think these twoshow that she lives very much on her emtions, yet keeps them bottled up while at work witht he men. Because she wants to fit in, because she's afraid to be seen as week, and sometimes she can't keep everything bottled up inside. That she does care about her father, in ways that they don't discuss enough.

    Teal'c Into the fire/Threshold/the warroir/Changeling
    These four episodes show to me what teal'c is all about. About his family, and freedom for his people, yet he's not quite ready to go it alone, without his friends.

    Jonas: Prophecy
    simple, everyone else has put it already

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