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SG-1 Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

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    Adam Baldwin (Colonel Dixon) appears with SGA alum Jill Wagner (Larrin) in the movie The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, premiering on the INSP network this weekend.


      Not a new role for Tim Guinee, but a new chance to see an older role. The Lost Room miniseries is now on Amazon Prime. I don't think it's aired anywhere since it was first on (2006).


        While doing a Sliders re-watch, I noticed Gary Jones (Sgt Walter Harriman) playing Michael Hurley, the manager of the computer store where Quinn and Wade work before their sliding adventures started. According to IMDB, he appeared in 3 episodes.


          Peter Williams (Apophis) made an appearance in season 2, episode 9 of The Expanse, the episode title is The Weeping Somnambulist. I'm sure I noticed it the first time I saw it, just forgot to post it. Recently saw it again when re-watching the series to get ready for season 4 (which was amazing BTW).


            Anna-Louise Plowman who was Osiris in SG! is in Netflix's The Witcher.

            The Witcher (TV Series)
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            - Before a Fall (2019) ... Zola



              Amanda Tapping in 1989 commercial.


                Many actors/actresses who appeared in SG1 are appearing in the numerous Mystery shows that are on the Hallmark Channel.

                Teryl Rothery and Lexa Doig appeared in one at the same time. Lexa is a regular on the show and Teryl was a guest. I've seen numerous others that I recognized when I saw them but it took a few minutes to figure out why and where I had seen them.


                  Yep..the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries...I think there have been about a dozen or more made and Lexa has been in most of them as she plays the heroine's best one of the very early ones Michael made a non-speaking, non-credited part where he appeared at the door as a neighbour (a 10 sec blink and you miss him scene) and in the next scene the director Martin Wood's 2 kids and Mia and Sam Shanks also appeared as kids on the street....

                  I LOVE spotting all these Stargate actors in these Mysteries....some of the stories aren't bad either....
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                    I've been watching many of the Mystery shows on Hallmark and am about to start making a list of all the Stargate actors I've seen on them so far.

                    My favorite is the Aurora Teagarden ones, the Bakery Mysteries, the Fixer Upper Mysteries … so far. Allison Sweeney is the star of the bakery series, and I can't help but see here as Sammie Brady from Days of Our Lives long ago.

                    I've seen Bill Dow in the Fixer Upper Mysteries, as well as Dr. Kavanaugh from SGA, and Lt. Kemp from SGA (who plays Aurora's newest boyfriend.

                    Robin Dunne (from Sanctuary) has been on the Aurora Teagarden show for awhile.

                    So far, I'm liking these mysteries, with the exception (sort of) of The Matchmaker Mystery series. I'm finding it a bit hard to see the 2 stars as romantically linked.


                      Here's a link to my post in the The Obituary Thread that's mostly about one time SG-1 guest star Fred Willard who died at 86:

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                        Erik Avari (Kasuf) had a bigger role as Nicodemus in the free, religous tv show called "The Chosen" which is about the life of Jesus Christ.
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                          Last night I was watching a 1975 episode of Columbo called Identity Crisis and spotted a much-younger Carmen Argenziano playing a small part as the coroner at the scene of a murder.

                          From looking at Argenziano's IMDB page, he was a very busy actor throughout his career. He had 20 entries prior to the Columbo episode (including a part in The Godfather: Part 2), his earliest was in 1969.