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    Originally posted by wine_buyer View Post
    Spent way too much time in the Sam/Jack Jack shippy thread so I only have time for a quick icon drop.

    This one was inspired by a post several pages back:

    And this one...well, If I need to explain this one then just what kind of woohoo are you?

    You know, MW and Johnnie Depp are the only two men my wife allows me to thunk *GRIN*

    *huggles Cags* Poor thing! *Wishing you a decent nights sleep*
    *delurking for just a quick post*
    on that first icon

    *puts her hope-to-be-made-someday sig idea to rest* Darn it. GW wouldn't let me green for it.

    Huggles to all the Woohoos!!!!

    *delurks again to do more job hunting*


      *stumbles in* wow. Quiet day on the thread. I am so, so tired. Ugh! *falls on couch*


        Wooohoood! I caught up! Although, it was a rather ..... strange ..... trip this time

        Originally posted by Cagranosalis View Post
        Nad, I don't know about everything Dutch but... but... Dutch Apple cake is the best. : D
        Oh, you're so right *yummy*

        Aside from my blueberry muffins. Which I made tonight. After much pleading from hubby. And then proceeded to eat 3 because they're just so yummy when they're still warm from the oven. Despite my diet, which until this evening was going rather well

        *huggles Jann for poxy school/group work troubles*
        I'm so glad all that hard work paid off for you [B]Jann[/ B] : ) I really hope you get a good grade off your teacher!

        ET-H, thank you for sharing that lovely story with us. I love hearing about these conventions. Do you know if there's any transcripts from the AT ones anywhere?
        Hehe, now who said about making RDA run? I think it's a wonderful idea.

        *clutches First Aid certificate*
        *hopes no one notices it's about 3 years out of date*
        *huggles Oma*

        Have you got bluetooth capability on your PC? If so you might be able to bluetooth the pics to your PC. You can actually buy bluetooth dongles to plug into the PC if it's not built in but most new ones do have it built in. I have one but, stupid Vista won't recognise it. Failing that, try looking up Windows Synch Centre (it's programme that lets you synch phones and PCs)

        Go you updating your pics and putting your skills to work. : )
        Nope, and cos I have Vista, the bluetooth dongle that I picked up won't install on it either I think it will work on Lea's computer though, so all is not lost

        *looks at pics on my own wall*

        *wonders if it's entirely normal to have pics of your husband's first (ex) wife on your wall*

        *wonders if it's entirely normal to have pics of you sticking your tongue down your best friend's throat on your wall*

        *wonders why brothers can't pose nicely instead of pulling silly faces for pictures*

        *wonders how on earth I thought that poodle perm was in any way, shape or form, a brilliant hairstyle*

        : o
        *backs away slowly*
        Originally posted by DutchIndeed View Post

        *Is late too, but distracts LJ by singing ''Close to you'' very loud.*
        The Carpenters' version.
        While twirling.
        With a burning baton.
        While jumping on the couch (wearing my bunny helmet, mind you).

        *falls off*
        *sets fire to a Joe pic*
        *grabs the lone bottle of wine and poors it over said pic*
        *wonders if that was a good idea...*
        *calls the WooHoo fire department*
        *realises she's still nekkid, wearing only the bunny helmet*
        *and socks*
        *shrugs and dances around the fire as a true hippy wood*
        *uses the blanket thrown at her by the neighbours to put out the small fire*
        *waves at the firefighters*
        *realises she's still nekkid with helmet and socks*
        *waves at the firefighters*
        *happy dances*
        *causes snow to spread all over jumble's freshly shoveled driveway*
        *lands on bum*
        *goes and gets dressed due to cold bum*
        *wonders if Mods mod for streaking GW*
        *looks at padded floor.....realises the walls are padded too ..... *

        *wonders if insanity is contagious*

        Originally posted by Cagranosalis View Post

        Oh and because it's Wednesday...

        <snipped RDA pic cos I've got too many tags...grrrr!....>

        I like his hands too...

        ... among other things. ; )
        *happy sigh* Oh how I love Wednesdays. Especially on Fridays. Or any day of the week really.

        He does have wonderful hands. I love his hands, when they're holding a P-90, a pencil, a baseball cap, me....

        Originally posted by jumble View Post
        Oh I think we should! It may not be as big as the 40th, but 'tis our duty to celebrate it

        I've also got

        Leeds Shipmeet - 9th - 11th April (I think : S)
        Cornwall Shipmeet - sometime in the summer because [B]Oma[/ B] has promised us sunshine and a beach party........ didn't she?
        SE - 28th July to 3rd August (for [B]Sarai[/ B] and me at any rate ; )) Uh, the dates we're away I mean

        My diary has never been so full : D
        Heh, well I did promise the beach party, but I'd bring your wellies rather than flip flops if I were you

        Hey! Did I click on the AU button by mistake? Things were kinda....normal....around here for a while there

        Originally posted by jumble View Post
        Oh : (

        Right, that's IT! I'm cancelling the plans for the Woohoo Art Awards : (

        The way you're going, by next year you'll be turning out so much amazing stuff that the rest of us won't stand a chance of winning anything : (

        We'll be too ashamed to show our work [I]anywhere[/I ] : (

        We'll be hiding in the WooHoo House bathroom whispering about [B]Pukkie[/ B] behind her back, plotting her downfall : (

        WooHoo 1 : Did you see that last wp?
        WooHoo 2 : The one with all those amazing effects? Yeah : (
        WooHoo 3 : And she's still claiming she doesn't use masks :rolleyes :
        WooHoo 4 : .... or brushes.....
        WooHoo 1 : She does make Martin look awesome.....
        WooHoo 2 : Yeah, and she writes those tuts [I]knowing[/ I] we won't understand a word of it
        WooHoo 3 : Y'know, it still rankles that the only time Martin came on the thread was to tell her how AWESOME her artwork is
        WooHoo 4 : Yup! Didn't even give poor Jumble a second glance....
        WooHoo 1 : ..... that pic just never gets old......
        WooHoo 5 : Ok WooHoos, time to take action!
        WooHoo 6 : Yay! Who's going to write the trojan?
        WooHoo 1 : ...... I love the way she blends the line around his jaw....
        WooHoo 4 : A trojan?
        WooHoo 1 : .... makes it look all soft, and yet soooo firm...
        WooHoo 6 : You know, one of those virussy things that'll screw Gimp and stop her using it
        wooHoo 1 : ..... just like it actually felt when he hugged me......
        WooHoos 2,3,4,5 and 6 : Oh shut up [B]Sarai[/ B] :rolleyes : You're getting as bad as Jumble

        *they all look sadly at Jumble, gibbering in the corner....... where she's been ever since The Sanctuary Experience robbed her of her brain.......
        Well, I guess that proves it! Insanity is most definitely contagious

        *huggles all the Woohoos who suffer from migranes* I had no idea so many people had them!

        *huggles LJ*

        *high fives Bekki* Great news

        at Bree's icons!

        A Shipper Trip to Amsterdam sounds fantastic! I'm struggling to get to Leeds right now though, so I think Holland is definitely out of the picture Unless I can persude Lea that he'd really like to go to Amsterdam....


          Originally posted by luvnjack View Post
          *stumbles in* wow. Quiet day on the thread. I am so, so tired. Ugh! *falls on couch*
          Maybe the WooHoos are reserving their energy for The Birthday celebrations

          Or GimPSing loads of pretties

          Oma there's no insanity here, just a normal week in the lives of the WooHoos


            Well, I was thinking I might try screen capping some of the DVD extras and bts stuff just for some new pictures. That might have to be my contribution.

            Woodnight WooHoos.


              *runs in without a brain*

              Party is almost starting...oh noes! My brain lost it and PS wants to do weird things

              *runs around in circles*

              Must make something soon...ish

              *falls down*


                *headesk* It's Jan 16 already? Awwww - but I havent made anything yet!! And I have to go to work RIGHT NOW!


                I shall have a poem ready when I get home from kidlets have their big concert today - yeehaaa!!!


                  *stumbles in*

                  I have nothing made for the birthday
                  I shall have something before the celebration is over though
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                    Get away from Joe, Ashleigh!!!

                    *whack whack whack*

                    No assistants were harmed in the posting of this picture.


                      Breakfast is being served

                      in the Hippy Bus

                      with a nice healthy Bucks Fizz to wake us up

                      That should keep you going for a while


                        And the podcommentary is up for eps 212/213 Kali

                        Martin, Lee, Callum Blue and Gordon Remple (Editor)


                          *stumbles in*
                          *grabs a glass of Bucks Fizz*
                          That should wake me up Boy I had a good sleep last night, feel all kinds of better

                          It's Party Time, Yay!!!

                          So where is everyone??
                          Artwork for All | Sig & avi by JadedWraith


                            Originally posted by josiane View Post
                            *stumbles in*
                            *grabs a glass of Bucks Fizz*
                            That should wake me up Boy I had a good sleep last night, feel all kinds of better

                            It's Party Time, Yay!!!

                            So where is everyone??
                            Still asleep I guess .....

                            *pops a cork to wake the WooHoos*

                            *looks around*

                            Don't make me pop the balloons......


                              *turns music up REALLY loud*

                              Happy Dancing with Broccoli


                                Well that ought to wake some of them up!

                                *happy dances*
                                *drinks some more bucks fizz*
                                Artwork for All | Sig & avi by JadedWraith