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    The Atlantis team finds a culture that lives in relative safety from the Wraith, because they hand over their criminals to the Wraith -- and crash-land in the volatile penal colony.

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    Thats what happens when you deal with the wraith. You get screwed over. But this was an awesome ep.


      Was anyone else seriously distracted by that pink-haired wraith's beard clapping when he talked? I'm going to have to watch it again, just to figure out what he said.

      I am so blessed! Cherriey made this cool sig; scarimor made this great Dr. Lee smilie and Spudster made another neat one Dr. Lee RULES!

      Myn's fabulous twilight bark smilie:


        Loved this episode! While I rank Duet as the greatest comedy episode of the series, I rank Condemned as the second best episode, with RSF's performance in Runner slightly beating it.

        From the neat plot twist in the middle of the episode to the little lines from each character, I was enthralled. We have new enemies in the Allessians, Ronan getting some great lines, making him a sarcastic kind of guy ("Taste's good.") And then of course McKay's reply, "This isn't the time-how good?" This episode made Ronan grow on me a lot, and now I want more flashbacks like in Runner. His new coat was cool.

        By far my favorite moment was Shawn the Wraith, as I've dubbed him. He is like Christopher Lee's Dracula. Cultured, politically skilled, and scary. He made me fear the Wraith all over again! Utterly brilliant. I can't wait to see more of him.

        Five out of Five.
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        Rush rocks.


          My thoughts during the episode.

          Merrin.... nice name.... hmmm where have I heard that before....LEARNING CURVE
          The guy from DEMONS --- making deals with the badguys again?
          what am i mcgyver ---- I like Mckay in this ep a lot
          Sheppard\dex fighting already? Dex willing to follow orders? --- I like Dex in this ep
          Naturally lazy --- I like Sheppard in this ep.
          Tough Weir -- that was cool.
          Good fight scene -- I like Teyla in this ep.

          1 drone agains a cruser???.. we need more drones.
          An SG team caused the distructions of yet another civilization.... good job guys we keep this up and we will be the only ones left. Oh yeah and we let more dangerous criminals loose in the galaxy.... again good job!

          Overall I really rather liked the ep, except the ending.
          Joseph Mallozzi -"In the meantime, I'm into season 5 of OZ (where the show takes an unfortunate hairpin turn into "the not so wonderful world of fantasy")"

          ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

          AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


            Well I sure hope Major Lorne had the foresight to blow up Jumper One before leaving.

            The magistrate was played by the same guy that was the preist in "Demon," incidentally.


              I loved the team dynamic in this ep. Ronon fits in great. The McShep was back in full force. I liked the Wraith dude muchly. It was nice seeing Weir go off world. I loved Shep trying to break the tree branch and seeing him doing some street style fighting. Shep style.

              Loved Shep calling ronon Chewie and the dynamic between Shep and Ronon.

              I hated the ending. Too fast. But watching them all dive through the gate had me rolling.

              Biggest complaint is..the so called bad guy dude/inmate was so not scary. Threats and all...not scary. From spoilers I expected someone really BIG AND BAD. And I would have preferred to see the team on the run and hunted and such. But at least this was about the TEam.

              And on a shallow note. Shep dressed down to his tight black shirt? Nice pecs. Now if he'd just wear the right sized pants. LOL


                Originally posted by Infernorhythm
                We have new enemies in the Allessians
                I would be very surprised if we see the Alesians again.
                aka Nur-ab-sal

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                  good episode overall

                  nice to see Dr Weir off world again

                  Ronon getting shot through the leg..OUCH and yet he was still able to walk/run ok..... liked him in this episode

                  and the chewie comment had me laugthing

                  I enjoyed this episode as much as Sg1 this week so 4/5 for me


                    This episode has tought me 2 things:

                    1. Wraith Cruisers are awesome. Not only do they look sweet, but they can enter atmoshpheres AND survive an ancient drone hit in their belly. Tough little ships. They also have pretty cool albeit light rapid fire weapons. Judging by the lack of darts i would guess they do not carry them though. So i am guessing these things are strictly for blowing stuff up.

                    2. Wraith can indeed have interesting personalities. The Wraith in this episode seemed to enjoy the mind games he was playing. Also, a Wraith as a dinner guest? Talk about an uncomfortable situation! I hope we see this guy (and his cruisers) again.


                      Originally posted by Redwall
                      I would be very surprised if we see the Alesians again.
                      I'm only going by what the spoilers for Condemned said. A new human enemy.

                      Glad to others are digging on the Dracula-esque Shawn the Wraith. He rocked.

                      Yeah the "Chewie" line and Sheppard's attempt to break the branch was brillaint.
                      Rush rocks.


                        Hmmm... interesting ep. Great McKay stuff, interesting exposition on his character from Leader Dude and Crazy Scientist.

                        LMAO at Shep hurting his leg trying to break that stick. Nice to see a touch of realism in the show.

                        Lorne KICKED ASS!! LOVE him!! More, more, more. Quiet but effective force and such a lovely snarl. And he can fly a jumper! Bonus!

                        Weir was great, too, IMO. Forceful and decisive and not annoying at all. And LORNE! WOO! Heh. Sorry, had to get that in there again.

                        Interesting stuff from Ronon, too. Ripping his arms up trying to get free. I like him. More good, if incidental development.

                        Didn't like the Wraith, though. Uglier than usual and he seemed to talk funny.


                          Did anyone notice how off the sound was? The music was louder then the actual dialogue making it really hard to hear what they were saying. Then there was the part in that big hall placed that echoed making it even harder to hear. I hope this is a one time deal with that so I can catch what I missed at the next showing tonight.

                          But other then that GREAT ep! Loved McKay, Loved Shep, LOVED Lorne, and I even found Weir surprisingly interesting.

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                            Awesome episode!

                            A Wraith as a dinner guest is just completely outta this world. Just what exactly was Shawn (the Wraith as names by infernorythm) eating, anyway?

                            And the Wraith Cruisers were great, too.

                            Oh yeah, can you believe they didn't kill the Wraith this time around? I mean wow. Shawn's got some great personality, and I think he'd make an awesome recurring Wraith. I half expected a cage and dead wraith at the end of the episode.


                              Oh yes, and WOOHOO to Christian Bocher too! Love him, even if he was all scruffy and ugly and bleah in this ep.

                              Wonder if we'll hear from him again. I hope so...