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The Siege, Part 3 (201)

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    The Siege, Part 3 (201)

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    Atlantis and the route back to Earth are on the line when the Wraith assault the Ancient city.

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    Loved it... however I have a comment and a question.

    Somebody needs to show Sheppard how to salute; and how is Ford able to fly the Jumper? Don't you need the Ancient gene?

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      Im pretty sure they injected it to the people in atlantis. or that was a big hole in the script.

      I was very pleased with that episode. I assume sga will be a search for aiden from here on out?


        I loved it! This season is going to rock! The Daedalus was very cool and I was extremely happy to see Novak and an Asgard on it. I was extremely worried about the whole Super-Ford thing, but now I'm incredibily excited to see how that all turns out. Not quite sure yet how I feel about Colonel Steven Caldwell, but we'll see. All in all, a great start for the new season IMO.

        And that's my two cents...
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          They probably gave him the therapy during the seige part 2.

          Overall it was a neat episode. I liked the city decloaking in the middle of a mushroom cloud. And McKay was right, the shield did look good when under attack.

          Man, they put that poor city through a lot...


            Originally posted by Ace
            how is Ford able to fly the Jumper? Don't you need the Ancient gene?

            I was wondering the same myself.

            And that's my two cents...
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              no opening credits....I thought it resolved the first two hives quite nicely. Ford's eye....freaky...looking forward to the next episode.


                Awesome episode

                Hive ships are huge!


                  The first fifteen minutes were a bit anticlimactic, but overall I thought the ep was great.

                  The wraithe *are* space vampires. I made the connection at the start because of the 'wraith' thing, but I didn't think they'd do a 'you can become one' deal. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Ford.

                  The colonel guy doesn't seem that interesting, but he might be interesting as he plays off other characters in the future. I question the decision to bring in that woman who hiccuped though...

                  As for the Asgard 'Hermeod'...I *know* that name. I'll have to do a google search to make Norse mythology connections. I think it's really interesting to bring an Asgard character into the mix. All and all, a great start to the second season. Though I have no idea where they're going from here.


                    the plot was amazing, it kept me guessing even though I had read a few spoilers. I wonder when the wraith will figure out the charade with the city.


                      My god....that has to be the best episode of Atlantis I've ever seen. I mean, wow. I can't even think of stuff to say. Waiting for next week is going to drive me insane, that's for sure. I hope they keep up this quality of episode.
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                        I loved it. I loved Sheppard's journey throughout. The man looked shell shocked by the end but he did what he had to do to help keep Atlantis safe. And the cool thing was how everyone had something to do. I'm intrigued by Caldwell cause I know his attitude and his dynamic with Shep and Weir is going to change in future eps. I loved Hermiod's attitude. Funny. I liked how Teyla was able to use her gift. HOw Rodney and Zelenka worked to make Shep's idea come to life. That's the teamwork that is the heart and soul of Atlantis for me. I loved the Shep and Weir hug. Shep was LOL

                        I liked the Shep and Rodney moment. Too short but nice. I like how Ford has changed, Rainbow had something to do. Beckett handled things well as he could with Ford.

                        I was excited all the way through. The reviews for SGA were harsh. And most blew it off as an all techno ep. heh. Must be they watched something else. It rocked out. I couldn't even get through ten minutes of SG1 before wandering off to do something else, but I was riveted to SGA.

                        It gave us great FX and great little character moments. Oh..and the Shep and Everett scene was perfect. I loved the closure it brought and Shep's reaction to it.


                          I was amused at how Hermoid was getting ticked off without really saying anything. Disgruntled Asgard noises.....hehehe.

                          Nuking the Wraith ships as they came out of hyperspace rocked! too bad they couldn't get any more.

                          5 down, 55 to go in this quadrant

                          Hermiod: "Crap indeed!"


                            2 words

                            Loved it.

                            Mckay befor he was saved by Teyla, as the wraith were about to munch on him, had me on the floor.

                            Also I loved that they call hermoid ''Hermy'' as a nickname XD.

                            And the hickup lady from prommie unbound was there as well that surpised me.


                              Few more things I wonder if the colonel will recover from the aging thing. In the defiant one McKay theorized that the aging might not be permanent. We don't actually see him die. And I wonder if the reason the wraith that went into the ocean was killed and Ford survived was because in 38 min. that insect doesn't react well with water. Maybe that's why the ancients built the city on water.