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      Originally posted by escyos View Post
      OMG now I so want one
      Go home aliens, go home!!!!


        Originally posted by KEK View Post
        85 million years ago, grass hadn't evolved yet.
        An old post, I know, but this is a common misconception, so I thought it worth addressing anyway. In your follow-up post you correctly note that we found evidence of grass around 67 million years ago, but from this we actually know that grass existed much earlier. The reason for that is that the grass found 65 to 70 million years ago was highly diversified, which means that it had significant time to evolve. As a result, grass was estimated to be as old as 100 or 110 million years old. This information was readily available when the show came out, so it was not scientifically sound to claim that grass did not exist 85 million years ago in 2011.

        Since then we've made an even more startling discovering. The evidence of highly evolved grass 65 to 70 million years ago came from coprolites (fossilized dung). Here now is an article from 2015 about the discovery of what appears to be grass encased in amber: It's dated to around 100 million years ago.

        In your other post you claim that grass did not take over until after the KT-event and made a claim about how common grass was before then. In reality, we used to believe that grass did not exist at all until after dinosaurs went extinct. In only the last 20 years this long held belief has been upended by these two discoveries. How widespread grass was 67, 85, and a 100 million years ago remains unclear. Grass is one of those things that does not easily get preserved in the fossil record, so we can't yet know how prevalent it was in the landscape during these times.
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