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    Caren Jackson's clones - Part 4.

    Karen Sheppard - Civilian Leader of Astraea City

    Nick Sheppard - Head of Military Operations Astraea City

    Theia Sheppard - Head of Carrier Operations / Science Department Astraea City

    Vicki Mitchell - Research assistant Astraea City / Jumper Navigator

    Full Bio's all clones can be found here:
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      So Hello everyone, and hello to the clones

      I found mine in Chicago, and they just happened to follow me home, so they've been getting comfy in my house, getting all their stuff put away... yadyadayada...
      At first they were kinda shy and only hung out with me....But now they're getting kinda restless, and need to make their own friends...

      So here they are:


      He was the first one that I found wandering around, and I just thought he was adorable... I named him Heineken because he kept 'borrowing' my favorite beer. He doesn't take directions very well, just kinda does his own thing... He also *loves* being right.... But secretly a really sweet guy...

      And then theres:


      I found Mandy following Heineken and myself around, and decided to adopt her as well... She's a bit quirky, but very smart and fun to be around... I think she also just plays up the 'geek' thing a little more than she actually is....
      The only problem is I think that Heineken has a bit of a crush on her...

      Anyways, these are my clones.... now where can I send them for a bit....
      awesome siggie courtesy of jasminaGo


        the wallpaper that goes w/ my clones.

        clicky for larger size

        CKO’s guide to her clones

        Evil Cam/ Evil Vala

        Married this past spring after they eloped to Vegas, the two of them share joint command of missions when the evil clones go on missions. Most of the time they can keep a professional appearance, safe for if they get distracted by one another, then there’s not much that can done. They’ve been taught a simple spell by Jana to use as a silence spell while alone or the rest of the team suffers to the sounds and shouts of pleasure through out the night.

        Vala: likes pestering Daniel, shopping, looking sexy for Cam, leather,
        Cam: shopping for Vala, beer, football, blowing things up, cuddling up with his wife, snuggling, leather, is a member of the Archeangels and is squad leader, his call sign is Cobra

        Relationships: strictly loyal to each other
        As of 04/20/08, they are expecting their first child.

        Cam/ Vala

        They are sometimes mistaken for their evil twins, they fought their attraction to one another, but there came a point where they couldn’t fight it any longer and have been with each other ever since. Most of the time they tend to keep their relationship professional, if they’re not distracted by each other and make a good team as well. They have since eloped and have gotten married.

        Vala: likes pestering Daniel, shopping, looking sexy for Cam, leather
        Cam: shopping for Vala, beer, football, blowing things up, cuddling up with his wife, snuggling, leather, part of the Titans and his call sign is Tiger, he is squad leader.

        Relationships: strictly loyal to each other
        As of 04/20/08, they are expecting their first child

        Evil Dan/ Sam

        First and foremost they are friends and coworkers, their personal relationship came down the line. Sam tried to have something called a life before they got together but she wasn’t happy so she split up with her boyfriend. Who happened to have been the biggest mistake that she ever made…. She was looking for love in all the wrong places when her love was right in front of her all this time. Daniel also tried his luck at having a life but to no success either…. Its true when they say that opposites attract, you have one evil, and one good… so sparks were bound to happen and that’s a good thing, She is a member of theArchangels, where she is SIC, her call sign is Sapphire.

        Likes: science, archeology, astrophysics, technobabble, picking on Cam and Vala after they’ve been caught in a compromising position, beer, snuggling,.

        Relationships: strictly loyal to each other, they have recently gotten engaged.
        Update: as of o7/02/08, they have come forward and admited that they had eloped when they had been on leave, and are transferring to the Alpha site under the command of Nick and Karen Sheppard.


        He’s one of my few Atlantis clones that I have, and currently is part of the trio that share the position of being a second, but will also share that position with both Shep and Cam. He is married to Jana he is her rock, and anchor, and is learning what that means… as Jana’s gift is explained more he learns more about being there for her, he also possesses the ATA gene naturally but is not as strong as Shep’s, he is currently CoS on Atlantis, and has had his own latent magickal abilites activeated by his wife, together they are the power of two, sometimes the spells need both his and Jana’s say in them for ‘em to work.

        Likes: snuggling, cuddling, pleasing his mate, biting on her neck, spending time alone with Jana, cooking, alcohol, flying. He is squad leader to the Red Dragons, his call sign is Warlock, his SIC is Maj. Ewan Lorne, who will be taking over as CoS when he goes on paternaty leave

        Relationships: only to Jana.


        Mistress to her clan, friend, lover, telepathic, telekinetic, she recently has discovered that she’s a strong Wicca, it’s not a learned magick, but rather it’s natural, she had denied that part of her… but there came a time when she could no longer deny it, she draws her energies from nature and from time to time will do some deeper meditations using incense, candles, multi colored crystals and charms to center herself… at times her chosen mate, Evan, will join her as they strengthen their bond. She also have the ATA gene naturally and in her its stronger then usual due to her own gifts magnifying what she can do, she and Evan are also expecting their first child, twins to be exact. She has learned that she is also a Wiccan high priestess and has taken to wearing a lot of robes and gowns, to signify her place, and has learned that she has two half sisters, Karen and Karlin, she is close to both of ‘em. Karen is currenty expecting her and Nick’s first child, a son and they have just tied the knot. She is also a Whitelighter to her sisters and will protect then from harm. She had a one time lost who she was as her own gifts started to become stronger and had gone on a vengance spree after she had seen Karlin get shot, and had for while lost her path, she has since done some stronger and more dangerous rituals to purify herself. As a witch she will use magick for most things. She has better control over what she can do, but she is a force not to be reconned with.
        Likes: beaming from place to place, blowing things up, spending time with her clan of clones, making out with Evan, biting at his neck, alcohol, science, history. Her SIC is Theia, who will be taking over her place as Tactical and Military advisor, when she leaves to go on her maternaty leave.

        Relationship: chosen mate to Evan, but is a friend to all, spending time with Karen as she helps her learn her gift, she and Evan are considered family to Nick and Karen, they enjoy picking on each other.

        As of 04/23/08, they had their twins, a boy named, Ian Marcus Lorne and a girl named Jade Marie Lorne.

        Evil Lorne (Spike)

        He’s made a few appearances, but he’s my newest evil clone, but he’s around but prefers to spend most of his time in the darker sections of Jana’s lair. He’ll only come out to play when it’s dark or when the mood hits, his weakness is neck. He is a souled vampire

        Likes: neck biting, the darkness.

        Relationship: has spent some time with Karlin.

        Evil Shep/ Evil Dex

        They are my two gay Atlantis clones. They met on a mission and Shep took him under his wing to guide and train him, course the sparks flew as well… but was it fate or destiny that brought them together, really cant say. They have recently allowed another to join their bed from time to time, Karlin, they call her their princess.

        Likes: sparring with each other, snuggling, cuddling, pleasing each other, beer, and football.
        Shep is a member of the Predators, his call sign is Anthos

        Relationship: purely with each other, they only slash with each other but also enjoy it when Karlin joins them in their bed.
        They have recently gotten engaged.
        And as of 05/03/08 they went to Vagas to get married.

        Apollo/ Sammy

        The two bad boys, they are my troublemakers and love to fight each other and love the same woman.

        Sammy is strictly Neelan’s boy toy and loves to spend time with her., but will from time to time spend time with other ladies if he wants to do so., he has also spent time with Anna

        Apollo loves to lose his towel for the lovely ladies
        He has been with GLD, and with Anna

        Likes: fighting, alcohol, flying, shooting things.


        One of my first clones, he shares the duties of being a second with Evan and Shep, he loves to flirt with the ladies from time to time, was given the ATA gene via gene therapy

        Likes: beer, flirting with the ladies, flying, he is a member of the Red Dragons, his call sign is Zeus and is under the command of Evan Lorne

        Relationship: likes to spend some time with the ladies as well…. He and Shep had both spent time with Vicki, which resulted in their first time sharing a woman, is in a relationship with Vicki, they have spend time together after his patrols and haven’t left her room or his room til he has to go on patrol… they have just began to date, as of 04/20/08. They are engaged and have moved into together.
        Update: they are now married, and will soon be leaving to the Alpha site under the command of Nick and Karen Sheppard;


        The other part of the trio that shares the duties of second with Cam and Evan, he is one of my earliest Atlantis clones, but like Cam and Evan he also is a pilot, and has the ATA gene naturally.
        Likes: flying, flirting with the ladies, beer and football, he is a member of the Red Dragons, his call sign is Pantha.

        Relationships: has been with Kali, but then he does flirt with the ladies as well, he and Cameron their first experience sharing as they had both spent time with Vicki, he is currently single, he has reecently spent time with both Karlin and Theia, he wanted to have to hot babes in his bed, and they were willing… After Karlin had to atend to her duties, he spent time alone w/ Theia, which led to them having a relationship with her, it has since progressed, as of 04/20/08, they are engaged and expecting their first child.
        Update: as of now they are married and will soon take their leave to the Alpha site, where he will be performing the duties of SIC, under Nick in matters of the military.

        Thus ends the guide to Jana’s clan of clones, each of them have their own homing beacons implanted and have gotten used to having Jana communicate telepathically to them…and they are each able to project their thoughts with those who have the ATA gene, but only most of the time she will communicate with Lorne, Shep and Cam… while Shep and Cam are still getting used to it, Evan has gotten used to it and it also serves to strengthen the mental bond that he shares with Jana.
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          ok... here goes
          make yourself comfy


          my first clone.
          he is my right hand man and is never far away...
          unless hes in atlantis with DR.J...
          in CastleMayo hes second in command after me.

          likes: explosions, fast vehicles and teh Ladies

          relationships: is close to DR.J(shares a mind link with her of some sort), calls her Dream, has a fondness for Cajn and CKO


          my second clone.
          the name explains it all...
          well it used... until he met the wii...
          now hes turning geek

          rarely seen out of the company of Brendan, the two are BloodBrothers.

          Likes: computers, Teh Ladies and all things gadget


          An alternate universe Shep he fell through a rift (literally... he landed in my bed) and decided to stay.
          he formed an instant bond with Kirk.
          he was a cop in his other life and his law abiding tendancies sometimes cause friction with the evil clones

          likes: guns, nice clothes and Teh Ladies

          Brendan and Kirk relationships: apart from me they only really have had any contact with Wendy(DJGirl)
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            Precious (shep) is what he so colourfully put as an omnisexual. male or female he will flirt shamelessly. he is slightly more evil than he is good which leads him into all sorts of scrapes and escapades.

            likes: everyone

            relationships: anyone but has a special fondness for Flash (Firefly's), Sparkle (Isabel's) and the ladies in the Lounge and Bucket


            Teyls (Teyla) is a woman who ALWAYS gets what she wants.
            usually to be found in the grounds of CastleMayo running drills or training, she is the undisputed champion in the clone circle.

            likes: fighting, dancing, singing, shep based clones

            relationships: has an on / off thing with mattg and occasionally is spotted with precious


            a major pain in the butt as far as Precious is concerned Rod is our resident 'expert'.
            He recently caused a huge uproar in CastleMayo that ended up in a few clones being transported to another universe. Tries to be a ladies man but is always over shadowed by Precious.

            likes: technology

            relationships: just me so far


            my big loveable bear.
            always around when i need him most chewie also acts as a bodyguard for my bestfriend.
            he has a penchant to play the hero for any damsel in distress... but she has to ask for his help first.

            likes: helping ladies, being manly and gentlamanly

            relationships: im nearly sure i saw a straykeller here once...


            appeared one day after Rod had an accident and he hasnt left since.
            i dont know what i would have done without his experteese on a few occassions.

            likes: fishing and turtles

            relationships: has spent time in atlantis and has developed a crush on the Doc.

            missing from photo:

            Marcus (Lorne)

            a loyal friend to Precious he even puts up with his constant jibes about his previous few years working for the government in a semi-desk job and his time undercover in the vampire underworld.

            likes: the chain of command. and Teh Ladies.

            relationships: has been to Wendys a few times.

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              Johnny [johnathon o'niell]

              Rarely seen out of the company of Donal or Cat he is a semi-reclusive fellow.
              he prefers to stay inside watching the Simpsons or the many sports channels.

              relationships: Cat, GLD

              Cat [sam carter]

              the true mastermind in the castle Cat has repeatedly proven shes smarter than rod.
              he blindly refuses to believe this though and remains in denial.

              relationships: Johnny

              Donal [daniel jackson]

              a ladies man when he tries Donal prefers to play it cool most of the time.
              he often goes off with Bub on nights out to see their ladiefriends and can often be heard shouting at Precious and Chewie in games tournaments.

              likes: artifacts basketball and his girls

              relationships: GLD, Dr.J and Wendy... but always looking for new friends dr'j calls him beanie

              Bub [cameron mitchell]

              Has a roving way and will flirt with anyone who catches his eye.
              loves challenging his fellow clones to videogames tournaments.

              likes: videogames, basketball and women

              relationships: Gld, dr.j and Wendy... but would like to meet more he calls dr.j wildcat and she him tigre

              BubbleGum [vala mal doran]

              her aim in life is to convert Cat and i into girly girls... so far its not working.

              likes: all the girly things in life... and leather.

              relationships: has tried unsucessfully to break both Bub and Donal but she never gives up

              TMan [teal'c]

              out resident sci-fi expert NTeal'c is steadily making his way through all the classic movies of out time.
              his current favourite is a little known film called A Dog's Breakfast.

              likes: all things sci-fi or film related. kicking other clones butts in fighting and training

              relationships: StrayIshta is occasionally spotted at CastleMayo

              Bookei [jonas quinn]

              regularly lost in the estensive library Bookie is a species rarely spotted in the wild... however if you need a studdybuddy hes your man

              likes: books, learning, quiet ladies

              relationships: is too shy to approach anyone.

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                a regular john crichton clone, butch can be a little crazy at times but his heart is always in the right place. just dont threaten him...

                likes: leather and weapons

                relationships: sundance but not exclusively


                butch arrived home from his most recent run with her in tow. they have become insepreble so she has been oficially accepted as a clone of the realm.

                likes: leather and weapons

                relationships: butch but open to suggestions


                a lively charming clone until his friends arrive. while hoban has been accepted his friends remain strays for the time being.

                likes: flying, loud shirts, pirates and dinosaurs

                relationships: StrayZoe


                a most definitely crazy girl but she is a lovable rogue.
                can flip moods at the drop of a hat but can usually be relyed upon in a scrape. not even teyls is a better fighter...

                likes: logic

                relationships: her, herself and she

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                  My clones pt 1


                  First clone of mine... Cam clone. He's been the head of the clan since I had a clan. Does not like to deal with computers but is in charge of weapons at home. Has become more serious over time but still loves to kick back and enjoy a beer or few.

                  Relationships: Likes to hang out with Neelan. Does not like Tulip, mistrusts him.


                  Daniel Clone. Started out good, but decided to turn evil. Had some training with Darling and RECam but he quit both times, not wanting to put in the time. This has resulted in an evil clone that can't quite get it right. His plans usually fall through or don't get very far. Would like to be in the same league as the other evils but has a looooooooong way to go. Has a lair on my large property, not sure where though or what technology he has aquired.

                  Likes: Coffee.

                  Relationships: None really... Though I believe that Mer's Sam slapped him once.. does that count? His failiure at being and evil has resulted in him staying out of most of the feeds to the lounge. He and Dingy were good friends when he was good, and Dingy has stayed an aquaintence. Really doesn't have any friends or relationships and would like to improve this.

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                    ShepClone that I caught with a net during a mad stampede of strayShepclones in the JFTthread. Name means Shadow. Very easy going, loves to flirt. Enjoys lounging around, teasing any and all RodneyClones, having a beer (only light beer or pale ale. Won't touch mixed drinks and doesn't like dark beers).

                    Relationships: He and SweetPea get along very well. While Kage has the makings of a leader he is more than happy to let SP take the responsibilty. He adores Fruitie and will defend her if needed.


                    RodneyClone sent my direction by Addy who also helped name him after Schrodinger. Snarky and likes to keep to himself working in his office (that he once shared with Tulip). He's in charge of all communications and technology at the cabin. Has begun to train Akane in some basic aspects of security after a recent attack at the cabin. Will not admit it, but he needs help.

                    Relationships: Had a good friendship with Tulip until Tulip dissapeared. Doesn't talk about it much. Had a thing for Mer's Sam for a while. Was recently cared for by Jenn and has developed a crush on her.
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                      Newest clone, arrived during an extended leave from the Lounge. John Crichton Clone. Named for a type of Japanese Apple. He is currently being trained in the security protocals at the cabin after a recent attack. He's great at tracking, topography, and enjoys hunting and long hikes. He has a fascination with old style weapons such as bows and arrows, preferring the recurved bow, and would like to take up sword fighting. He was shy and slightly immature at first but has grown more confident and mature. He has a good relationship with SP and Kage. He tolerates Dingy more than the other clones, but does not put up with the hypochondrianism. He deals with Tulip in a way that keeps everyone in contact but otherwise leaves him alone. He would rather drop dead first than admit to his own injury/illness.

                      Relationships: Admires and respects MasterJack. He has recently enjoyed the company of Bunny.

                      Myself and my clones reside in a small house in the woods. Doing this has made me realise that I have too many clones in this tiny house so we're going to have to renovate. Currently SweetPea is the only clone who doesn't have to share a room (Tulip is supposed to be sharing with Dingy yet hasnt' been here to do so.)

                      Update: March 09: Renovating is almost complete. Purchased more land and now have a large property which is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It is almost completely surrounded by forest, with a glacial run-off river running through the northwest end. There is an abandonned mine that has yet to be explored also.
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                        Originally posted by Toomi View Post
                        My clones pt 1



                        First clone of mine... Cam clone. He's incredibly sweet at times but has a tendancy to put his foot quite firmly into his mouth. Loves to be outdoors and with friends. Have a laugh over a beer or two. A little hot tempered but cools down quickly.

                        Relationships... none really (an unfortunate side effect of foot-in-mouth syndrome, but we're working on it!)

                        Hey! I have a good relationship with SweetPea... my poor boy. Did she say you stick your foot in your mouth a lot?


                          I just noticed...ValaMalduran also has a Butch and Sundance, but we didn't realize mayo did when they were introduced in the boudoir. Oh well. *giggles*


                            Originally posted by Admiral Q O View Post
                            I just noticed...ValaMalduran also has a Butch and Sundance, but we didn't realize mayo did when they were introduced in the boudoir. Oh well. *giggles*
                            Oh well. Just one of the reasons finding names for the clones is so difficult.


                              Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor View Post
                              Oh well. Just one of the reasons finding names for the clones is so difficult.
                              Yep...especially when peeps use ones direct from the show.


                                yes i so suck at namin my clones... so most of the time i dont'.. makes it easier on me