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    Guide to Wendy's Clones, Part 5

    Color: DarkOrchid

    Clone Type: Evil

    Bio: Kev was created by Addy and her Kevin as a gift. Unlike Kevin, my Kev is evil. He is Darling's apprentice. To prove his worthiness to Darling, he took Addy, mixed her DNA with Darling's DNA to create his companion, EAddy. He spends most of his time now looking after EAddy and coming up with new ways to over throw Darling, and take over the world.

    Key Relationships: EAddy,Anna, Isa and Sass.

    Color: Purple

    Clone Type: Evil

    Bio: Created by Kev and Mer, she is Kev's companion. Nicknamed the Evil Brat by MJack, she likes to cause mischief around Kev's lair. She has all of Addy's memories prior to the cloning. Created an evil Cam clone, DevilsFoodCake, because she wanted one(see DFC's bio).

    Key Relationships: Kev and Dev(her personal nickname for DevilsFoodCake)

    Color: Indigo

    Clone Type: Evil

    Bio: DevilsFoodCake(DFC) was created by EAddy. She was feeling neglected by Kev and decided she wanted a CamClone of her own. Disguising herself as the real Addy, she lured Cammie to her private beach house and forced Kevto help her make an evil clone. His DNA is a combination of Cammie and Kev. DFC flies with Cupcake(shift leader) for Alpha Squadron, 3rd shift.

    Key Relationships: EAddy, Addy's Vala, Isa'a L!Vala. Recently he has shown a lot of interest in Addy.

    UPDATE: 03/27/08 Addy is now DFC's official babe toy.
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      Guide to Wendy's Clones, Replicants of Replicant House East.

      Bios still in progress...

      (Duplicate of Gen Hottie)


      (Duplicate of Darling)

      (Duplicate of Addy/Admiral Q O)

      (Duplicate of Gunny)

      (Duplicate of Scruffy)

      (Duplicate of Cupcake)

      (Duplicate of FruitieCake)

      (Duplicate of Mer)

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        Guide to Jess' Clones:


        He is my innocent Daniel clone, the first of all my clones actually as I got him over a year ago at the Pond. He has a penchant for wearing black most of the time, although his wardrobe does vary. He also wears contact lenses and is sometimes seen with glasses when Cutie Pie ends up hiding or otherwise disposing of them. He always ends up getting them back though. He has a real sweet tooth and loves cookie dough ice cream and ice cream cake. He also loves to go camping. Nemesis is (sometimes) Cutie Pie.

        Relationships: He and SweetSammie are a couple. On Dec. 7, 2007 he proposed to her and they were wedded on March 20, 2008. Their son Jacob Samuel Jackson was born on Jan. 5th, 2009. Is friends with Gunny and Musckles.
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          Sweater Boy

          He is my second clone, also an innocent one. Named after his interesting collection of sweaters that he likes to model for me. In the summer he sheds them for interesting shirts. Spends a lot of time in the home office working on translations and whatnot. Tries to stay out of Cutie Pie's way and prefers not knowing what he's up to. Is the real coffee junkie among the clones. Has revealed himself to be a good cook and likes sharing his creations at the Lounge. His specialties are blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, as well as chipotle chicken tacos.

          Relationships: Like Sweetie, is friends with Gunny and Musckles as well as Arrom.

          Cutie Pie

          My evil clone. He followed me home one afternoon and tried to pass himself off as Sweetie. I saw through it but couldn't get rid of him. This was back when I thought we were only supposed to have 2 Daniel clones. He proclaimed himself mine by labeling all his clothes with my name so I gave in and let him stay. Has long hair and insists on wearing checkered shirt and houndstooth blazer combo most of the time. Played Snoopy in the Lounge's production of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Nemeses include Sweetie (whom he likes kidnapping Sammie from) and Rod.

          Relationships: Is good friends with SweetThang and Darling. Everyone gets worried when those guys get together. He likes to flirt with many of the girls at the Bucket/Lounge, including mayogaelz (Anna), GLD, Wendy, and Addy's Vala. He created his own Sam clone named Puddin' Pie and insists she is his and his alone. Speculation is that he did it to make Vala jealous, but no one knows for sure.
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            He is my newest clone (after MS' character Melburn Ross from OL "Mary 25"). Like Cutie Pie, he came into my possession after he followed me home, although this time it wasn't from work but from dinner. He's another innocent clone and since he's quite shy (although he will remove his shirt if I ask him to ) he doesn't have a lot of friends. Still he is kind and polite to all the ladies in the Lounge.


            My Sam clone, she was created as a girlfriend for Sweetie. When she isn't technobabbling over some astrophysics project or catching up on her journals, she likes to go camping or to the beach with Sweetie. Sometimes ends up getting kidnapped by Cutie Pie for whatever reason... I think he has a crush on her.

            Relationships: She and Sweetie are a couple as of March 20, 2008. On Jan. 5th, 2009, she gave birth to a boy named Jacob Samuel Jackson. Is friend to all the other clones, even Rod who appears to have a crush on her - which she is oblivious to, for the most part.
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              I only have one clone...cuz he is more than enough of everything combined for me! This is Adam everyone! he rarely comes out much. He has issues. He really doesn't play well with others 'cept me

              he really has teh lovely arm porn

              I chose Adam from Sumuru cuz at the time I was the only hussy interested in MS with the dreaded 'gerbil'. It was all in jest...and then one day !poof! I realized he was the only one for me. While I do tend to look at the other clones/roles that MS has played...he is my favorite!


                Jess' Clones... last batch


                My Jack clone. Interesting story behind him - last year before Christmas I was struggling outside to get some of the lights up. He just walked on over and helped. Said I looked like I could use some help and he loves doing outdoor projects. Then said that someone had sent him over to be my clone... never figured out who. *shrugs* Likes doing things outdoors such as fishing but also loves staying in watching The Simpsons and hockey.

                Relationships: Likes spending time with TMan, Teal'c clone. Not slashed with him though - as far as I can tell anyway.


                Rodney clone. Another stray (as far as I know) clone. Has an office down in my basement filled with lots of techie stuff... computer network mostly. Big fan of The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and other various sci-fi/horror shows. Has a crush on Sammie and tried to kidnap her once. Nemesis is Cutie Pie, who loves tampering with Rod's computer/network every free chance he gets. However, since he helped Cutie Pie create his own Sam clone, things seem to be better between them... at the very least they respect each other. But who knows how long that will last...
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                  And finally....


                  Stray Teal'c clone. He doesn't stick around too much, usually comes and goes whenever he pleases. Likes looking intimidating whenever the situation calls for it and assists in clone rescues. Likes playing video games. Is sometimes found at a game or watching TV with Jon.

                  Puddin' Pie

                  "Puddin'" for short. She is an evil Sam clone, created by Cutie Pie when he found the apparatus that allowed Jess to create Sammie. With the help of Rod, he tweaked it somewhat in order to make an evil clone. She is Cutie Pie's alone. There is speculation that he created her to make Vala jealous when she started ignoring him after a misunderstanding, but no one knows for sure.

                  She likes to flirt with many of the male clones she finds, even some of Jess' own clones, like Mel and Sweater Boy. Much to Cutie Pie's chagrin, obviously. He needs to work on her some more...


                  My newest clone. Sam Winchester clone from Supernatural. Usually just called "Sam" ... only referred to as "SamWin" to avoid confusion when among Samantha Carter clones. Has been mine since late August (2008). I was driving to work one morning when I saw him sitting on the side of the road with a duffel bag. He has a brother named Dean whom he was road-tripping with, but they apparently had a falling out and he was striking out on his own for a while. Came home with me and is now a part of my clan. Has big interest in folklore and the supernatural. Was convinced Cutie Pie and Puddin' were possessed by demons when he first met/observed them. But it was a misunderstanding. Keeps to himself most of the time, though spends time with Sweater Boy researching said folklore.

                  No relationships of interest as of yet, although has new friends in Addy's RCam and RCWendy.
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                    Maeve's clones (part 1 of 4)
                    SpaceMonkey aka Spacey

                    Spacey was my first clone. He is a slightly crazy but good clone. He is a season 9and 10 Daniel clone (with occasional use of late season 8 particularly Threads.)

                    His girlfriend was Rommie but these days it is Caro. He likes spending time with Wendy.


                    Thor was created because he is my second favorite SG1 character. He is the technology expert in the house and is in charge of the beaming tech.

                    His ship the Daniel Jackson is in orbit over Bran Haven
                    thanks Stef

                    Thanks Wendy


                      Maeve's clones (part 2 of 4)


                      Rommie was originally intended for Spacey but then Gabe came along and swept her off her feet. Her hobbies include blowing stuff up and flirting with every male clone that comes along. Her shipself- The Andromeda Ascendant - is in orbit over Bran Haven.

                      Key relationships include Gabe. She likes to alternately plot with and toment Kit and Kat (Iffy's Ba'al clones). She likes to hang out with Mitchie and Pluffy (Iffy's Mitchell and Daniel clones)


                      Gabe is my Balance of Judgement clone. Gabe is the sweet kind Gabriel not the insanely evil Remiel. He gets really upset if someone messes with his Rommie. His shipself- The Balance of Judgement- is also in orbit.

                      He is almost exsclusively Rommie's property.
                      thanks Stef

                      Thanks Wendy


                        Maeve's clones (part 3 of 4)

                        Caro is my Carolyn Lam clone. She devides her time between monitoring Kooky's condition and being Spacey's girlfriend.


                        Kooky is my Daniel clone from my favorite episode Legacy. He is mostly insane but has his lucid days when he is allowed out of his padded room.

                        He only has ever visited Addy but would love to visit others. It should be noted that he is extremely inocent and I'd like to keep him that way.
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                        thanks Stef

                        Thanks Wendy


                          Maeve's clones (part 4 of 4)


                          Harry is my newest clone. He is a Kevin Harrison clone from Under the Mistletoe.

                          He has a fondness for GLD.

                          Stray Lester

                          He has just shown up today so I have no idea what to say about him. I am thinking about keeping him so who knows.

                          General notes about Bran Haven clones- They never ever slash. If you try they won't visit you again. They are also all good clones. Not an evil one in the bunch.=)
                          thanks Stef

                          Thanks Wendy



                            He's the sensitive thinker of the bunch and used to keep to himself quite a bit. He loves spending time at my cabin in Julian or tinkering with every machine he gets his hands on. He's third in command at my place (after Alpha and Cub) but the first clone I got. I've had him since the summer of 1999.
                            Decided on the name Jay after many requests. He tried getting me to agree to "J-Rock" which is an amalgam of his initials, JRC. I convinced him he was way to white bread to get away with it, so we settled on Jay, 'cause he just won't deviate too far from his original name, John Robert Crichton.

                            He's learning to share me and himself very well and he'll flirt with just about any lady in the Furance or Lounge. He's pretty willing to share, but much prefers devoting all his "special" time to one lady at a time.
                            10/8/2007, ETA: Has developed a crush on Wendy's MSam clone and tries to find ways to sneak off for alone-time with her.
                            10/19/2007, ETA: Has recently found an attraction to Sass, Isa's rather boysterous, leather-loving clone.
                            12/28/07, ETA: SUCCESS! Thanks to the EMitchells, Jay's finally enjoyed his first "alternative" multi. Since then, my Cuddles and I have also been able to expand that experience for him.
                            12/14/08, ETA: Is now Shift Leader in Gamma Squadron with Mitchie as his wingman.
                            1/29/09, ETA: After Wendy's Sam dropped the "M" from her name, Jay finally proclaimed her love for her and is a much happier, more secure Crichton clone. His recent experience with RFruitie also helped him reach beyond his initial shyness and he's now much more playful.

                            He likes football, beer, building things and science. He built himself a paddle boat that he keeps at the Julian cabin.
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                              We chose the name Alpha 'cause he's second in command but the most senior male in the house, essentially the Alpha Male (and since Cub is kind of his protege....) and when I mentioned that, he flipped. He just loves it. He can be quite mercurial, so don't piss him off. His mood can swing like bloomers on a clothesline in Kansas. But he's very reliable and also quite protective of me. Since he manages to command respect from the others, I put him in charge when I'm gone.
                              ETA: Already has a nickname from ShippyChick: Alphie
                              ETA: Commands the Goa'uld ship Malduran for Addy's defense forces with EDSam as his 2IC.
                              ETA: Now hold the rank of Brigadier General in above-named defense forces. Will no doubt be named "Head of Clan" soon, too.

                              He'll wander off with just about any lovely who crosses his path, if he knows I'm already busy but has a special fondness for our Evie, Addy, Wendy's FruitieCake and Addy's Aeryn clone.
                              Has been spending the vast majority of his down time with Evie. They're not exclusive, but they are very attached to each other. Has been known to slash (usually with my Cuddles) but usually just shares.

                              Loves football, beer, and experimentation. *wink wink*


                              My first female clone, she's my new gal pal. She's being included on Alpha's page here because he's the one who told me about her. When she was just a stray Vala clone, she was invited up to the Daedalus II to have some fun with Alpha, Cammie and two other Vala clones. She became very attached to Alpha then and now has her very own room at my place.
                              ETA: Also Loves spending time with Jay and Addy's MJack and Danny. She really adores the good guys.

                              We're still figuring out her likes and dislikes, but so far she loves hot guys (duh), white wine spritzers, and learning new things. WATCH OUT!
                              She's found a love for Nibbles' cherry and raspberry beers! The boys are very happy about that. We're expanding her beer education so she' willing to try most beers these days.
                              She still prefers the good guys to anyone else.
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                                Cuddles (formerly NLD)

                                We discussed this name tonight, and he just fell in love with it. He's just too cuddly not to. He was my second SG clone, but he hates being "in charge" so I usually just let him do his own thing.

                                He has no problem sharing "fun" with whoever's already in the bed but he really has a thing for Master Jack and now FruitieCake.
                                10/19/2007, ETA: Has taken Addy's CamSyn on as a pet project, trying to help the guy overcome his trepidation about "walking both sides of the street" and recently was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor by particpating in two seperate three-ways with him... in one day.
                                11/08/2007, ETA: Has developed an infatuation with Isa's Sparkle (who wouldn't? ) as well as a taste for leather ties, bondage, and extended stays away from home. He also has one of the most comprehensive "adult toy" collections on the planet and he's always willing to share the fun.
                                1/29/2009, ETA: Is very secure in his relationships with everyone in my house, CamSyn and MJack. Is very fond of weekend and holiday trips to Vegas where he manages to win enough to be known and get comps from several of the 5-star hotels.

                                Loves science, people watching, and flirting in the Lounge.

                                Kamuela (Sam)

                                I "found" Sam while I was in Maui with the EMitchells over Memorial Day weekend. He was bussing tables at the restaurant we visited Saturday night and I couldn't get him out of my head for the rest of the weekend. ECVala, bless her heart, convinced him to have a long talk with me and I talked him into leaving paradise for the comforts of a real home. With Alpha spending so much time with Evie, he agreed to let Sam have his old room downstairs until we can build him one of his own. He wants to do the work himself.

                                While his name is Sam, I met him in Hawaii so we're calling him Kamuela, which is Sam in Hawaiian. There are about a gazillion Sams running around already. We're hoping it reduces confusion. He'll answer to both Sam and Kamuela.

                                He loves good beer, espeically microbrews, adores kids, and likes working with his hands... and he has wonderful hands. *sigh* He doesn't slash but he seems willing to share. He's very down to earth and not a fancy dresser at all. He's also very snuggly.
                                12/14/08, ETA: Has taken a job and apartment on his own. He can usually be found at the beach near the apartment building he manages... or at my place with me.
                                1/29/2009, ETA: Is now my official boy toy. I just can't help myself.
                                7/10/09, ETA: Also runs his own surf-school... ad available in MJack's weekly newsletter.
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