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    Ship Day

    It's that time of year again . . . that special day that brings shippers together from all over the world to share the joy that is Sam & Jack: THE BEST SHIP EVER!

    by Ikorni

    Bring your favorite pics, vids, stories, games, and art celebrating this amazing relationship over the years. Or just pop in and say hello and enjoy the goodies.

    And don't forget to invite all your friends by sporting this great sig and avi set made for us by the talented Ikorni!

    We will also have some great Pre-Ship Day activities to get us all excited and ready to go. This year we will be bringing back the drabble challenge and the count down to Ship Day. We may even have an art challenge or two!

    I hope you are excited! I know I am!

    Sam & Jack - Always!


      Party over in the Sam/Jack Ship Day Thread for the next 24 hours!

      Come Join Us!!!

      by Ikorni


        I say if the old writers of SG BW & company ever get another scifi/space show to write ship right they must be forced to watch Babylon 5 & Farscape to write it right I consider myself a shipper despite how they write for ships
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          Shipsgiving is Saturday, November 16th!

          Join us!