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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by JMallozzi
    Originally posted by SueS
    1. With all the emotional turmoil Sam has gone through, and with all the chances that she will be confronted with when she returns to the SGC, will there be any sense of her struggling to fit in or trying to cope with the changes?
    One of the reasons Sam took some "time off" was to deal with some of the events of last season. She'll return with a clearer mind, ready to resume her duties.

    Amanda is an amazing actress!! She brings such depth and emotion to the character of Sam. I would love to see more intense character growth for Sam!

    Will we be privileged to see some of the turmoil that Sam went through to "deal" with those events, or will fans have to create their own backstories on how Sam came to have a "clearer mind"?

    Token ~


      Hey Joe,

      I was talking online with ÜberSG-1Fan tonight and I wanted your opinion on what we were discussing -

      How come in Gemini Teal'c was able to reach into the Event Horizon of the Stargate and pull part of Replicarter back out when it has been established that matter can only travel one way in a wormhole? RC was already fully past the event horizon and in fact she pulled Teal'c part way in but it was established on SGA in 38 minutes that they couldn't reach for the people trapped inside the stargate because they're arms would dematerialize!?! We've batted our ideas back and fourth and now it's your turn to dazzle us with your theory/reason.

      Oh and while your in Asia since you like trying exotic Ice Creams you should try their Octopus Ice Cream (they call it - Taco Aisu), but it don't taste like no Taco
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        Hey Joe,
        This is my first time so i hope im doing this right! *bites nails*

        My question is, is there any info you can give us on 'Beach head'?
        Sounds like a good ep with both Carter and Vala in it!
        I hope it hasnt been asked yet!
        Cant wait till S9!!!!

        Thanks Joe!
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          Hi Mr. Mallozzi!
          We could see a stargate in flames at the end of the Stargate SG-1's Sneak Peak. Can we see a different stargate in the Avalon? I think a green or red stargate with new symbols would be good for the Ori's galaxy.
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            Hi Joe,

            I don't know if you have answered this question previous. If you have sorry for repeating it.

            How many actresses were casted for the part of Dr. Lam and were there any other international known actresses like Lexa Diog?

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              Besides being the daughter of General Landry and having a romantic past with Col. Mitchell is there any other interesting factoids you can tell us about Dr. Lam?

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                Hey, Joe. Another semi-technical question for you.

                The thinking is that Pegasus refers to the Pegasus dwarf irregular galaxy that orbits our own Milky Way and is approx 3 million light years away. Is that correct?

                And my main question along those lines is which galaxy is the Asgard home galaxy of Ida? While Pegasus is obviously based on a real galaxy and we use our name for it. The Asgard gave us the name Ida and our name for it has never been given. Obviously it's relatively close, but having a name would let us figure out which is closer, Ida or Pegasus.


                  Hi Joe

                  Is it possible to harvest the drones from the Ancient Outpost on Proklarush Taonas and have them transported to Atlantis?


                    Hey again Joe! I wonder if you could settle a HUGE discussion that has been going on. In some interviews with David Hewlett and Paul McGillion they have both stated that there is an episode in which their characters get 'intimate' with each other (Duet is the episode if I remember correctly). Now we don't know for sure if its them pulling our leg or if its actually fact. Could you please tell us if their is indeed a kiss between them? Pretty Please? LoL. Thanks Joe!

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                    MCKAY: But, why wait? Why does this guy show up a day and a half after this all starts to do his whole "Prepare to meet your doom" thing?

                    SAM: I don't know. Maybe he wanted to make sure it was gonna work.

                    MCKAY: Yeah, that WOULD be embarrasing, wouldn't it? -- "Nothing can stop the destruction That I bring upon you!" Then the gate shuts down. "Oops, sorry. Nevermind ..."

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                      Dear Mr. Mallozzi:

                      When do you have time to sleep and spend with your family if all you ever do is blog and write SG scripts and if I understand correctly, make ice cream? Actually, I think the ice cream part is the best part about you. If you have young children, I'm sure they agree. I love the show so much that I keep watching the reruns on Stargate Mondays over and over and over....The show never gets boring. I did finally catch a little tribute to star trek in Wormhole X-treme: it was the beam out at the end. It was the old way they used to beam on ST:TOS.

                      Keep up the good work and I'm never hurt or disappointed if you ignore all two of my questions on this forum that I've asked and of course which I don't remember. But if I ever move to Vancouver and I invite you and your family to my housewarming party, you could make it up to me by bringing me ice cream. I should be moving there in about 50 years or so. Say hi to SG-1 and SG-At. casts for me. I hope you guys make it to season 11.


                        hi again, about the asgards. if you think about it aren't the asgards pretty much weak, since they have small puny little bodies. i mean to build their colonies and motherships.. they would need machines of some type to build other machines to build other things.. so pretty much if the machines that builts everything for them dissappears.. wouldn't that makes the asgard pretty useless? i just don't see them capable of lifting anything above 10 pounds. and on another subject with the asgards. In the episode the fifth race we see one of the asgards use his hand clear oneills mind.. what else can that hand do?.. oh yea im not picking on the asgards.. i love them, just wondering


                          Hi Joe a quick question about the BC-303

                          The Asgard equipped the Prometheus (and later the Daedalus) with their tech. With earth planning on building a fleet of BC-303s will these be similarly equipped or will they be built using earth tech?

                          Oh and it was stated that the Daedalus was specifically designed to carry the alien tech that was just tacked onto the Prometheus. So does that mean that the alien tech was removed from the Prometheus and put on the Daedalus or that earth got a second set of alien tech?


                            SGA QUESTIONS:

                            1. Wraith female from Rising - Care Taker or Queen?

                            2. Is there a difference between a Wraith Care Taker and a Wraith Queen? Will it be explored in Instinct or Conversion?

                            3. Are all Wraith females = Wraith Care Takers/Queens

                            4. Wraith Queen per Hive Ship or just one amazingly powerful queen?

                            SG1 QUESTIONS:

                            1. Ori Priors - Are they human?

                            2. How malicious are the Ori intentions for converting everyone?

                            3. Do the "Alterans" = Ascended Ones aka The Others or Ascended Ancients?

                            Thanks for your time.


                              Hiya Joe!

                              Thanks for answering our questions! It's very much appreciated.

                              My questions seems to have been missed, so I'll repost it here.

                              "A Harcesis is a child born from two Goa'uld hosts. This is considered forbidden by the Goa'uld System Lords because the Goa'uld genetic memory is passed down to the offspring, making the child a threat. (Goa'uld reproduce their own kind asexually.) The Harcesis possesses all the knowledge of the Goa'uld who fathered it." - Taken straight from the Gateworld Omnipedia

                              If the Tok'ra are an offshoot of the Goa'uld, is it possible for two Tok'ra hosts to bear a child born with the genetic memory of the Tok'ra that sired the child? If so, will we ever see anything like that?? With their dwindling numbers, lack of hosts, and the fact that they are not evil like the Goa'uld, I would've figured they'd consider this option.....

                              Thanks Joe!!


                                Hey, Joe this has undoubtedly been asked before, but will we be seeing or hearing about the furlings this year, in SG1 or Atlantis?

                                Also, can you give some hint as to who the "that character" is which you referenced in your blog?

                                Is it Aris Boch, Skaara, Chaka, Martin Lloyd, Cassandra, Sarah/Osiris, Rya'c, Kinsey, Jonas Quinn, Felger (please no!), Ishta, Alec Colson, Joe, Maybourne, or perhaps Nicolas Ballard? (did I say enough names? )

                                Additionally, could you give some info on the episodes Charlie, or whatever it's been renamed, and The Tower, as well as some more info on Kvasir?
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