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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe!

    Firstly, thank you for answering a lot of the shippy questions recently.


    It seems that season nine will not be the last...just how high is the probability of season ten???


    Is there any indication that RDA would like to appear in more episodes other than Avalon or Origin? Maybe at the end of the season?
    Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)



      End of Evangellon or Cowboy Bebop, The Movie? Which one do you favour?

      Because I've been having this debate a lot recently and surprisingly a number of people I've talked to vote for EOE. Frankly I found I couldn't watch the second half without getting drunk while hanging upside down, at 3AM in the morning and drinking absurd levels of caffeine beverages...

      EOE in my opinion was nothing but Anno on a acid trip. I'm interested to hear your thoughts, if any though.

      Oh and as always, Glory to you and everyone else involved in all things Stargate. Its not that I don't mean this completely and utterly, but I guess it gets a little repetitive when everyone bows before you

      Hmmm....let me know if anyone up there starts to have their eyes flash or start dressing like its Marti-grads ya?

      The Stargate Technology Centre


        Hey Joe,

        In "Redemption II", we give the Russians the plans for the F-302 and BC-303 and in "Disclosure" Colonel Chekov signals that the Russians want to build a BC-303 as soon as the Americans have finished the testing on the Prometheus so that they may build one with all the problems worked out and so it is cheaper.

        So my question is will we be seeing a Russian BC-303 any time soon?

        "Good Morning Dr. Silberman. How's the knee?" - Sarah Connor 1994


          Hi Joe,

          in his interview for Stargate Magazine #5 (one of the Scapers was nice enough to re-type the whole interview and post it at one of "Farscape" boards) Ben said: "I can tell you that if it were up to me I'd have more screen time with Claudia on this show, because I like working with her and spending time with her. She's an amazing actress, and Vala is a fantastic character. But Vala's main relationship is with Daniel Jackson. That's been slightly disappointing for me..." - can we hope for Vala/Mitchell scenes this season? Or in season 10?


            Originally posted by SueS
            Hey Joe,

            In S9, which episode would you say has been the best episode for each character (Mitchell, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c) - i.e. in your opinion which S9 episode have Ben, Michael, Amanda, and Chris done their best work in?


            Mitchell - Its a tough choice because Ben took such a beating in Babyon, but I'm going to have to say Avalon I is my pick. I remember watching the dailies and all of us being blown away by Ben's all-out commitment - everything from the swordplay to his offhand, very funny delivery. He made Mitchell a very likable character right from the get-go.

            Daniel - I think Michael was terrific in the opening three-parter, but especially so in Origin. We see DJ run the emotional gamut, from flip and fun to fearful and despairing.

            Sam - Amanda does a wonderful job in The Fourth Horseman as Sam struggles to help save the world under an incredible emotional strain.

            Teal'c - To be perfectly honest, Teal'c has a story arc that runs over the first half of the season that makes it difficult to pinpoint one single episode in this case. Every season, Chris just gets better and better - and he has really flexed his acting muscles in the front-half of season 9.



              Are there any plans to bring RDA back?
              I'm from Iowa, United States


                Originally posted by Frostfox
                Hi Joe,

                Lip wobbles, you didn't answer my question.
                Will Bridge/MGM be sending someone to Glasgow for the Hugos in case you win?
                You are aware of what a HUGE honour it is, just to be nominated?

                FF, gazing lovingly at her Hugo, which needs dusting!

                Edited to add, my frock arrived for the Hugos ceremony today, bounce, bounce, bounce, now I only have to win number two, easier said than done, of course! Eeek, Worldcon is creeping up fast.
                Just the fact that we were nominated is a huge honor. Unfortunately, the awards fall smack-dab in the middle of production. Unlike the Saturns which took place in LA (a relatively short haul which allowed us to free up Ben and Claudia to attend and zip back to the set), Glasgow is a little more out-of-the-way. We wish we could go but, alas, we have to produce the last ten episodes of both shows.


                  Originally posted by chocdoc
                  Thank you for taking the time to answer questions!

                  It seems that in the first few episodes after Sam returns, she stays alot on earth. Will Sam being going off-world much in the second half of season nine?

                  Although you say that the main story arc is inextricably linked to Daniel, will all four main characters get equal attention and time over the course of the last 15 episodes (because they are a team)? (I know the first 5 cannot involve Sam).
                  All four of our team members will be kept busy this season. There will be episodes that may spotlight one members, perhaps an episode or two in which two members will take the reins, and, of course, episodes in which all four members will play significant roles.


                    Originally posted by Suebsg9
                    so did you guys have to write anything in the scripts for daniels all of a sudden missing beard??? seeing that in 'into the fire' i think it was the eps. michaels hair was cut short for hamlet, you never had an explanation at why daniel got it cut, so i hope you guys were able to write the beard missing

                    and next year the pistons will win it all
                    What beard?


                      Originally posted by Watters87
                      No, Mark Harmon is in 'Navy NCIS', spin off to JAG. JAG had David James Elliot and Catherine Bell and the famous Mac and Harm love story sub plot.


                      Brad said that Jack plays a joke on Hank in 'Beach Head', can you gives us the details on the joke i.e How Jack plays it on Hank or do we have to watch the episode to find out?
                      You'll have to tune in to find out.


                        Hi Joe,

                        In what episodes will we be seeing Gary Jones this year? He was great in Heroes, Zero Hour, and Endgame to name a few episodes and it would be grea to see more of him. Will he be doing more than just calling out the chevrons locking (maybe go off world)?


                          Originally posted by Livi2Jack
                          Thanks for answering Joe, and I LOVED Citizen Joe...brilliant.

                          Question: Do you ever consult with NASA or JPL for ideas about the space program and technical matters? Because I host Friday night Stargate parties for NASA/JPL scientists and they LOVE the show but have a few corrections....
                          We try to be as accurate as possible in our scripts (well, as accurate as possible without sacrificing drama). We haven't had the opportunity to confer with any NASA/JPL scientists - but, hey, if they're offering...


                            Hi Joe

                            Keep up all the hard work on Stargate - can't wait for the new season and characters. My question is regarding old characters.

                            Q: Will Colonel Reynolds, Colonel Pierce or Major Griff be returning in Season 9? Those three characters were great SGC team members who I would like to see again, Reynolds also seems to have grown more respect for SG-1 and Pierce was a great team leader of SG-15 in Season 6.

                            Many Thanks


                            Congratulations on being a Gateworld member for over a year


                              Originally posted by keshou
                              Hi there Joe,

                              According to your blog it's about halfway thru S9. I know there have been lots of challenges the last couple of seasons - budget, RDA's availability, winding up storylines, renewal questions, etc.

                              What has been the biggest challenge so far in S9? And what has been the most rewarding thing so far about S9?

                              And for fun. Do ya'll still have the annual golf tournament? Who's the "Tiger Woods" of Stargate? Do you play, btw?

                              Thanks Joe. Enjoy your hiatus.
                              The biggest challenge so far in season 9 has been in trying to produce 40 episodes of television a year. When I think back to seasons 4-7, I can't believe how lucky we were. The most rewarding? Well, I'm going to wait and check out the fan reaction to the front half of season 9 before offering a response on that one.

                              Yes, Stargate still holds its annual golf tournament. As for who is the Tiger Woods of Stargate? I don't know. I would say that, given the way they talk about their golf game ad nauseum - almost all of the producers. No, I don't play. Honestly, I'd rather hunt wild board with nothing but my bare hands than take up golf. (Note: I have no desire to hunt wild anything, with or without my bare hands).


                                Originally posted by JMallozzi

                                Okay, this isn't really a ship question, so please don't ignore it. It's more a regulations question.

                                Has everybody/anybody at SG actually studied the US Air Force regs that are used to determine the direction of the show? Because many here have and they distinctively indicate that while Sam and Jack's having a relationship is against regs, they also indicate that any friendship of any kind (ie social interaction) between Jack and Teal'c or Jack and Danial (and yes, even a friendship between Jack and Sam that's not romantic) is also against regulations. (And the regs also specifically include "civilian employees" not just members of the AF.) So why is it that this is never addressed on the show, yet the other matter is? Hasn't the Air Force adviser brought it to anybody's attention?

                                I know, I know - I wouldn't want to see their friendships broken up either, but it seems that it should be addressed in some way.
                                Interesting. The Air Force reads all of our scripts and this was never mentioned.