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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hey Joe,

    In S9, which episode would you say has been the best episode for each character (Mitchell, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c) - i.e. in your opinion which S9 episode have Ben, Michael, Amanda, and Chris done their best work in?




      Originally posted by jafacakes
      In this thread there are questions from fans from lot's of diferent countries some of witch are several years behind in transmiting Stargate on tv channels. Many of these fans participate fully on the discussions of this forum and others and greatly enjoy feeling part of the Stargate universe that the internet made possible. You will find that they are also very likelly the proud owners of the box sets and run to the stands at the mention of a magazine article. So my question is what is your position on downloading episodes after they aired in the states?
      And thank you for taking the time to give us answers, even when they are evasive
      Evasive you say? Me?

      I'm sorry. What was the question?


        Originally posted by lov-lee-sg1

        A lot of fans are very excited and are talking on various lists about Vala's return and Dr Lam's introduction to bring a stronger and more realistic female element into the show. The spoiler photos of both Vala (very sexy) and Dr Lam (just beautiful) are very exciting.

        We already know Vala will be central to early season 9 episodes (and please bring her back for more!).

        Will we get any episodes that focus on Dr Lam (either medical knowledge or being central to resolving some story plot - not personal life)?
        Dr. Lam will play a key role in several episodes - but there will not be an episode in season 9 exclusively dedicated to her.


          Joe....I see your up late again.

          Well ...right to the question. I was wondering if you have had a chance to read any personal questions at that email that you left? I also left one on Gateworld if that makes it easier. So you should know about Season 10 real soon.....when will we find out after you hear the good news?
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            Originally posted by ShardsofGlass
            Hi, Joe,
            Thanks for answering our questions. Here's another one. Beau Bridges said in an interview that he researched generals and gave the writers a 40-page report on them, which they incorporated into his character. Did Ben Browder have any input into the character of Cameron Mitchell? If so, what did he contribute?

            Also, I have the same question for all the new cast members as well. Thanks!
            We've all been amazed by Ben's commitment to the show and the Cameron Mitchell character. Here's a guy who, rather than retire to his trailer or go home early, will stick around the set to help the other actors or come up to the production offices and discuss scripts. He's very insightful, very smart, and always looking to improve what's there. He tries to be as involved as he possibly can in all facets of the production.


              Originally posted by divcon
              Hi Joe. Just wondering why there are no Aussies on Stargate. I know we are a little country but we are the closest to Antartica and we have a strong military background. How about sending some Aussies, maybe a crack SAS team out to help out. After all isn't it the WHOLE planet that we're trying to keep safe?

              Actually, if you look closely, you may spot an Aussie or two.


                EDITED! But yes, still the same question for your consideration, "Master" Mallozzi. (Hey, you've got the degree, right? Actually, that brings up connotations some scary areas of fandom, so never mind, "Mister" Mallozzi it is.)

                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                Fourth Horseman offers yet another reunion of sorts while Carter teams with Dr. Lee in an attempt to help capture "the missing piece of a puzzle".
                Yay! I really enjoy Mr. Dow's work.

                Sorry for the whiny tone of the previous incarnation of this post (especially when I offered no cheese and crackers). I know better than to write at 2am.

                The conversation about Dr. Lee's background came up the other day, and it really got me wondering, then bugging me. I know Omnipedia says he's an engineer, but his role has evolved (from an Asian woman) and he's done so many different things in different specialties. Has that just been on the job training or does he have a diverse c.v.?

                (Sigh, yeah yeah, stargate scientists are required before being "hired" to have very broad knowledge so the story can get told.)

                Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. Thank you again. Have fun during your half hiatus.

                Doctor Capt. Voronokova
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                  hi joe
                  just a quick question

                  I was wondering what did you think of the ship resolution in the final episode of JAG. Too mushy? or did it make you all warm inside. Will us shippers ever see anything like that to make us SQUEE again.

                  You re doing a fine job thank you for your time

                  liverpool home of champions of europe.


                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    In Beachhead, Carter will barely have time to unpack before she's at the frontline, doing what she does best - working on a way to help save the day. Ex Deus sees her in the thick of things - reunited with an old friend. Fourth Horseman offers yet another reunion of sorts while Carter teams with Dr. Lee in an attempt to help capture "the missing piece of a puzzle". Ripple Effect - well, can't say much without giving this one away but, suffice it to say, we'll see plenty of Carter in this episode.
                    Hi Joe,

                    For what I've read and from the small hints you have given us, I have the feeling and just the feeling, that even there might not be any timeloop involved, Ripple Effect is in the same line and could bring us some nice memories of Windows of Oportunities?

                    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for being here, stopping by and answering our questions.


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                      In an earlier interview, while discussing S9, Robert Cooper said, "this is Daniel's story". Now, I'm not sure if he meant S9 as a whole, or just the season opener. Since he wrote the opener I'm assuming he's referring to that. So, do you agree with his assessment, and does the idea of this being Daniel's story carry out through the rest of the season or is it just part of the season opener.

                      Also, will we be seeing any more of the Authurian legend beyond what we see in Avalon 1, Avalon 2 and Origins?

                      Finally, okay, I know we haven't even seen the season opener, but have you guys started working on the season finale? Any chance of letting us know anything about it? How about a working title?

                      Thanks again.

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                        Originally posted by JMallozzi
                        We've all been amazed by Ben's commitment to the show and the Cameron Mitchell character. Here's a guy who, rather than retire to his trailer or go home early, will stick around the set to help the other actors or come up to the production offices and discuss scripts. He's very insightful, very smart, and always looking to improve what's there. He tries to be as involved as he possibly can in all facets of the production.
                        I'm going to bet that the ideas for at least one or two scripts for future SG-1 episodes are already in Ben's head!


                          Forgive me if I am re-phrasing questions that have already been asked and answered, but here goes:

                          Question 1: On behalf of the Sam/Jack shippers (wait, please keep reading! It's not that bad! ), will S9 provide any intentional hints as to the status of their relationship? I say "intentional" because we S/J shippers have the uncanny (annoying?) ability to find "ship" in almost anything.

                          Question 2: In YOUR opinion, what is the likelihood of RDA returning for future episodes? His most recent response was "Maybe, maybe not." How would you quantify this? ("Highly likely," "likely," "not-so-likely," "highly unlikely," "only if there's a 10th or 11th season," or "God only knows?") I know you can't speak for RDA, but what is your prediction?



                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            We're realists. We know that we can't please all of the people all of the time. Some fans will love certain episodes, other fans will hate certain episodes and love others, and other fans will predictably hate everything and harken back fondly to episodes like Emancipation, Broca Divide, Hathor, polyester shirts, pennywhistle candy, and the Edsel.
                            Joe - to quote the immortal Archie Bunker "was this a shot" at Carter fans? You likely know that a lot of Carter fans, when asking to see the old Carter often refer to the strong, independent, intelligent kick-a$$ soldier Carter was and they often reference Emancipation and Hathor for various reasons that is why I ask. Also, BTW some of my finest outfits are from the knit twins - poly&ester and I still play my pennywhistle whenever I am melancholy for the days of yore.

                            Thanks for joining us.


                              Originally posted by Sum1
                              Hi again, Joe. Thank you for answering my previous questions - I've thought of some more I hope you will answer too.

                              1. Can you explain a bit about the process you went through joining the show and why you chose Stargate? Has your perspective about the show changed at all over the years?

                              - Paul and I have the same Canadian agent as Robert Cooper and he introduced us to Robert by way of a spec script we had written. Rob thought the script strong enough to let us a pitch some ideas for the show. We pitched Robert and Brad five ideas - two of which we wrote in season 4 (Scorched Earth and Window of Opportunity) and another which found its way into season 6's Descent.

                              I don't know if my perspective about the show has changed as much as its evolved along with the show.

                              2. Stargate SG-1 will, as of season 9, surpass ST:TNG in episodes, beating out the longest Star Trek series and may soon de-throne the X-Files as the longest running Sci-Fi series. What do you feel has contributed most to the show's success? Oh, and congraultations for being part of managing this feat!

                              - The fans. Without their support, the show would have been cancelled long ago.

                              3. Do you often watch the finished episodes of the show? When you do, does the final product ever differ from the way you envisioned the episode as you wrote it and comment on that (maybe in a positive way, or in a negative way)? Could you provide an example of such an episode?

                              - I don't often watch the finished episodes of the show since I'll watch a given episode countless time before it is finished (dailies, director's cut, editing, producer's cuts, mixes...). On occasion, I'll sit down and watch an episode with my wife to get an outsider's take.

                              The product almost always differs from the way I envisioned the episode. Sometimes, it can be as small as a ship I imagined traveling from right to left actually flying left to right - other times, it can be the loss of an entire scene (ie. a couple of scenes form Its Good to Be King that never made it to your t.v. screens). Obviously, the differences in the way I've scripted a given episode and the way it turns can be both positive and negative experiences. More often than not, the positives come from the actors adlibbing lines/reactions or the director coming up with a clever way of shooting or blocking a given scene. The negatives are usually associated with actors not saying the lines as scripted.

                              4. I'm a bit confused regarding the Asgard ships, specifically the newer class seen in "Unnatural Selection". They are shown to be huge compared to the Prometheus (like a gunboat facing a super-battleship), yet we only ever see Thor on them. Is there an actual crew that we just don't see? The ship seemed pretty empty in "New World Order", too. It seems like it would be hard work for Thor to run a ship of that size alone, especially if it were to be boarded. If there is a crew, can you possibly give us an idea of how many crewmembers would be on a ship that size (maybe relative to Prometheus' crew compliment)?

                              - The ship's are advanced enough that they do not require a full crew complement as would, say, the Prometheus.

                              5. Regarding the Sam and Jack relationship storyline - is there any special resolution to this story that you personally would have wanted to see? After four years, I'm sure you've come up with or come across lots of possible solutions and I'm curious which one you think is the best.

                              - Its no secret that I'd like to see Jack and Sam together when all is said and done.

                              BTW, you mentioned it wouldn't be economical to have Jack appear over the phone like Chrissy from season three of Three's Company. It was actually season 5 of Three's Company.
                              - I stand corrected.


                                Hi Joe

                                for SGA, will Mario Azzopardi or David Warry-Smith return to direct episodes?