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    Bam. Your last interview on beyond the gate "200th" was awesome. I guess you have to have a since of humor when you slam into steel walls thirty times a day. Just wanted to say thanx from all of us who like the subcutaneous blood spatter as part of their sci-fi expiereance.


      Hi, I am quite new to these forums, but i must say BamBam, you are a really awesome fighter!!! I also saw you in The Real World. Great Job! Also, Torri did an amazing job through the entire episode! It couldn't have been easy for her to get picked up and flung and strapped to a bed who knows how many times! I also really loved how John was there for Elizabeth in the episode and helped her through it. I can't help but notice that torri and joe have amazing chemisry on screen and that their characters seem to be developing an even stronger relationship as the seasons have gone on. I just have one question for you that I would just really love it if you could answer for me and that is:
      Do you know if the writers of the show have any intentions of bringing the characters of Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard together as a couple? I think that they would make a very good couple. It seems to me that the two characters have been played out to a point of making it seem as if possible feelings of "more than friendship" exist in their hearts. They at least seem to care a very great deal for one another and I was just wondering if you could possibly answer my question. Do you know if at least their relationship is going to strengthen or deepen a great deal this season? I would very very very much appreciate if you could answer my questions. Thanx. Bye!!!

      sigpicsig by me!


        Hi 2bam!!
        I was just wondering what your opinion was on the fact that sg1 is canceled?

        Do you think it will picked up by another channel?


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          Originally posted by telpethoniel
          ahhh dang...oh well it was worth a try
          I was thinking more as a credited character rather than just running past

          I have another question
          Have you ever worked with Bob Anderson aka Swordmaster?
          I met Mr. Anderson on the series "Highlander" back on season 1 or 2 but I did not get a chance to work with him. That man has done everything and deserves the utmost respect.


            Originally posted by katrin
            yeah sorry didnt catch that till i already posted it lol

            i meant does he enjoy the fight training? and is he as quick witted in reality as his character is?
            Joe is in almost every scene and works constantly, so it's very hard for him to have the time to rehearse properly. So, if he had the time I'm sure he would enjoy the training more so. He is usually rushed and enjoy probably isn't the word.


              Originally posted by katrin
              that seems like so much fun to work on a great set like atlantis and to get to be around so many great people.

              i am wonder if i wanted to contribute to the show on a writting standpoint what should i do??
              Well,.................write lots of action, of course!!!!


                Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor
                OMG! Have you ever told her that? 'Cause, at cons, she told us that she was a horrid fighter and totally weak... I wonder if she's been training at all in the past two years?

                I love hearing these details from you... sounds like you really love your job.
                She's very athletic.


                  Originally posted by Sprinkles
                  Thank you very much for answering about scenes with &

                  Are there any scenes for Michael and Chris ?
                  So far, there has been nothing passed by me that resembles action for MS......but............Chris, on the other hand......has a very large episode coming up..........o, yes......very large. He and I are both excited about that one for sure.


                    Originally posted by tears of blood
                    Hi 2Bam i have 2 somewhat questions

                    will we ever see a Mckay stunt scene, like him fighting someone else, im aware Mckay isnt the strongest guy in the world but him trying a hand to hand fight against a wraith or Genii soldier would be kinda funny, much like on that episode where the team goes with ford onto that wraith ship and mckay takes that drug he took out the guards or something!.

                    and my second question is

                    will you ever be a member of an SG team like on stargate sg1 if theirs an opening, or better yet a main character, sure itd be more work for you but that way the fans would get to see the guy that makes the magic happen and their favourite characters.. cant ask for much better lol

                    or better yet will you go to Atlantis for an episode, like be a character they run into..

                    you dont have to answer all questions maybe one if you want lol thanks
                    The first answer is..............we already have seen McKay in more than one stunt scene....think back to last season, even first will see the evidence. The second answer is...........I don't know that answer as I am not a writer. That would be alot of fun, but I don't know.


                      Originally posted by katrin
                      sorry bout that writting question just that i have no clue who to ask that question to... :|

                      now as for a question perhaps he does know the answer to...
                      In the episode conversions did you train joe on the scenes where he is fighting rachel... if so did it take a number of tries to make it look so very nice on screen?
                      Yes, and yes. I always train the actors previous to various combat sequences.


                        Originally posted by teknikal
                        landing gear!!!landing gear!!!!!
                        i love it!!!!!!!!!! legend!!!!!!!!
                        anyone else sing the 'chihuahua song' when they saw the dog??
                        duh duh duh duh duh...chihuahua!!

                        ok a question...who would win in a fight Sir Bam...

                        Isn't it obvious? Are you a drinking again?


                          Originally posted by Llyrellin
                          All right, I know this is incredibly late but I have finally, finally gotten back home and watched my tape of Sateda....and it was one of the most awesome episodes ever! It was amazing! !!! !!!!
                          Been lurking for a bit and actually read all the posts (yeah, yeah, no life) so I don't have a question; mostly I just wanted to say uberkudos to you, Jason, and the stunt team on this awesome awesome awesome show. .
                          He and we thank you!!


                            Originally posted by ra-hanna
                            Since we're playing spot the BamBam here -- you were spotted, more than once, in the Real World. Does that make you an Athosian Daedalus crew member Replicator Nurse Nanite?

                            And Torri did a wonderful job in carrying this episode. I am very impressed and would appreciate it if you would pass it on to her please. (Thank You James!)
                            That makes me an Athosian that, at times, trains with Teyla, when required, works aboard the Daedalus, and if someone is nuts, is a face from her world she has seen but dosn't know where............


                              Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor
                              Yeah, I nearly "squeed" when I saw BamBam! LOVED the wrestling with Weir. Very convincing... but when I thought about it later, I wondered if Torri had fun with BamBam flinging her around like that!
                              She had a blast!!


                                Originally posted by purpletoo1
                                Spot the BamBam in Real World! Noticed you immediately as the orderly! She didn't stand a chance! Great job! Still looking....

                                Edit: You look good in White! Looks like you have a tan too. You make a great tough guy! *scared*