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Hi all, been a long time again. Sorry but life is busy.

Happy birthday Jumble!! Lovely to see your smiling face again!

Sorry a meet up didn't work for ATX but here's hoping we can try again at the net event in 2020!

I am heading to Gatecon next month so will get to see llp and Martin. llp, sorry to hear about your house woes, is it all due to lack of rain?

Hope all is well with everyone.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to Gatecon now. Between all the various expenses of fixing my house up, it is going to wipe out any "fun and games" money I have put aside. This looks like it might cost me as much as $10,000 by the time everything gets repaired. Actually it is due to too much rain and water and a poor system of drainage on that side of the house. My neighbor on that side had issues as well, but his water also ran over to my corner of the house as well. So I am going to have to do a "rock" type drainage on that side of the house. Apparently the other neighbors on either side have done it already but the former owner of my house only did the one side???? Such fun - but still better then renting. Apparently, rentals have gone up sooo much over the last 10 years. The most annoying part is I could have been able to do some of this myself it I was younger. But at my age, no way. The body just doesn't want to do these things anymore.