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    I think it looked larger as theirs didn't have much in the way of thickness.


      Originally posted by lordofseas View Post
      We have no idea what would happen if something passed through the event horizon of the Supergate. Imagine putting an Ori Mothership through the supergate. Would you expect an Ori mothership of the same size to come out on the other end? No. We also don't know what the tidal effects of the black hole through the supergate would have on the receiving gate, on Destiny.
      funny thought, instant shrink-a-dink
      the object going in the super gate exits the regular stargate by a directly proportional sizing, these once great and huge ships become bed-models for you to lay down

      conversely, the object goes in, and, only that which is directly centered comes through the other end.....i will fly the ship guys......don't worry i will be very careful, i'll get through
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