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    Subspace Capacitor solution

    I've read a few discussions on many sites on how the SGC could realistically dial Destiny within a short time frame.

    But out of all the possible solutions in setting up a supply line, couldn't the SGC just build a subspace capacitor? In the SGA episode 'Daedalus Variations', Rodney learned of the technology that could generate near ZPM levels of energy. It seemed to function similarly to project Arcturus but less powerful and more safer. Seeing at it was originally built by them it's within their ability to do so. Of course Sheppard disagreed with the technology after the whole alternate reality jumping fiasco. But it's able to generate an abundant source of clean reusuable energy, why not? Certainly easier then looking for another naquadria rich world or hunting ZPMs littered around two galaxies. Less time would be needed in trying to understand how to build their own ZPM or the Asgard's neutrino ion generators.

    If one is not enough dial destiny Destiny I don't see why they wouldn't be able to build multiple capacitors to build up enough power to dump into a gate giving it enough juice to go that far. If the IOA has issues with expenses then in the long run it will save them quite a bit on the electric bill.

    The problem is that it's not just similar to the technology seen in "Trinity," it's the same thing. They both draw vacuum power directly from subspace, which, as we know from "Trinity" and "McKay and Mrs. Miller," has catastrophic consequences.

    If the other reality found a way around the exotic particle problem that blew up a solar system and threatened the existence of another universe, it wasn't said in the episode, and McKay didn't learn anything that would tell him how to do that. He barely even had time to figure out what the device was and how to reverse their reality hopping. So if he suspects the alt reality might've figured out the Arcturus problem, that doesn't change anything as he thought the technology was viable in season 2, thought it could be exploited again in season 3, and, knowing his ego, has probably spent time thinking of ways he could make it work since then. He's thus in the same boat as he was before the episode.

    However, I think it's more likely that the other reality was willing to employ such dangerous technology because they were using it to hop realities. If they draw a little energy from subspace from different universes, then the exotic particles may not have time to go nuclear, as it were, and if they do, it's in another reality and thus not their problem. This is very similar to what McKay thought in relation to the bridge that was built in "McKay and Mrs. Miller." (Albeit, the thinking was that they were more likely to destroy an unpopulated universe than a populated one.)

    I don't know if any use of the technology at all has the potential to lead to an exotic particle problem, or if it takes a minimum amount of time. If the former, it's possible there are realities that the Daedalus jumped to that are already dealing with the fallout, while others were as fine as the reality "our" Sheppard and co. come from. It also means that using it once to dial the Destiny could have some percentage chance of literally blowing up in their faces. If the latter, it may take using the device a few times before something bad happens, so the capacitor may then be a viable way to dial the Destiny initially, but they wouldn't want to use it more than a couple of times or so.
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      An interesting point of view. But arguably if it is based on project Arcturus with the exact same specifications in the episode 'McKay and Mrs. Miller', then they successfully or luckily found an empty universe to draw infinite power from. But if it's drawing power from the universe it's in then it gives us an idea on how much power can be drawn before things go 'nuclear' as you say.

      If coming near zero point power levels is still within the safe point then they can use the experiment Carter (dead one) was doing in the episode 'Lines in the Sand'. Instead of using one device to draw from multiple realities, use several devices to draw from random realities before switching. If parallel realities are theoretically infinite, then supposedly they can build several subspace capacitors working in parallel each drawing power from an alternate separate reality before dialing a different reality to draw from them. Thus this would create a work around method for project Arcturus of near infinite power without running the risk of destroying any universe.

      I think this should work if the above facts are true.


        It's not possible that the device was drawing energy from other universes than the one it was presently in. To create a bridge between universes in the first place, they need an alternative source of zero point energy...

        CARTER: Exactly. Yeah, we're hoping to use your proof as the theoretical basis for building a bridge from a parallel space time to ours.

        JEANNIE: The energy you'd need would be enormous to the point of absurd.

        McKAY: Absurd we can do. We have something called a Zero Point Module which essentially does what we're attempting on a smaller scale -- extract energy from subspace time.

        This is also true of the process developed in "The Road Not Taken" to draw energy from multiple realities as the alt Carter was using the last bit of energy from the nearly depleted Proclarush ZPM to conduct her experiment.

        The alt Daedalus, however, had no ZPM, and the capacitor was repeatedly drained to zero, so it could not be used to open a bridge after every jump. They therefore must have been drawing energy from whatever universe they were currently in. However, "The Road Not Taken" suggested that even drawing a microsecond worth of energy from individual universes could lead to a fallout of some sort:

        Oh. Well our Major Carter found a way around that. She designed the machine so the bridge would only open for a microsecond. The idea was to steal small amounts of energy from thousands of different universes, thereby minimizing the fallout in any single one.

        So rebuilding a capacitor that draws energy from their own universe is potentially risky, even if only used for a short period of time. It's possible that the people from the alt Daedalus didn't care because they were desperate and wanted to use the technology to steal ZPMs and other technology that they could reliably use in their universe, so they were not concerned if they caused problems by using the capacitor in other realities. On the other hand, we didn't see any fallout, so it could be that they solved the exotic particle problem. Good luck to McKay figuring out how they did that without having the device to reverse engineer or specs to study, though.

        They could instead continue to pursue alt Carter's efforts to draw energy from multiple realities, but given Lee's statement that they were only minimizing the fallout, it's perhaps better to pursue technology that causes zero harm to other universes, especially for a group that has an abundance of ZPMs and is not in danger of immediately being destroyed.

        One potential problem is that, if they successfully develop that technology and make long term use of it, there are going to be an untold number of universes that branch off from them that will likewise do the same. Over time, the number of universes stealing small bits of energy from other universes will grow exponentially and the likelihood that they would be drawing from the same realities, including each other's, will increase. I'd imagine the fallout from that would be fairly severe, especially since it wouldn't be easy for heavily impacted realities to contact all of them and tell them they need to stop before it's too late.
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          First, sorry for the mistake. Episode was "The Road Not Taken" and not "Line in the Sand" on my part.

          Secondly, holy s*** you're right. Hypothetically, it could work this way. But then that would spawn an entire branch of alternate realities who are doing the same thing. With the possibilities of overlap it could cause a universe to go nuclear.

          Ehh, back to the drawing board I suppose. I guess project Arcturus really is a failure. Unless they find an empty universe then it just simply cannot be done.