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Stargate SGU Season 3 Believable Idea for Returning to TV

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    Stargate SGU Season 3 Believable Idea for Returning to TV

    2010: Season 2: The crew goes into stasis while Eli stays behind to figure out how to get himself into stasis as well.

    Series in Cancelled:

    2019: Season 3:
    They get the majority of the important actors back on board with the show. For all actors they couldn't, they are replaced by similar versions; besides the main crew a lot of the others aren't even memorable. Certain characters could also die do to faulty pods.

    The gap in age:
    At some point during the flight the ship has a malfunction affecting the systems of the stasis pods and/or there was some type of problem Rush and Eli didn't anticipate. This causes an issue where they age. Perhaps the ship has a process (a fallback option) where they are put into a medically induced coma, where an IV drip of essential nutrients was in those pods all along, and the ship automatically keeps them alive with it.

    Or perhaps Eli figures out a way where they can only dial out from earth to Destiny (1 way connection). So they can send food over but not gate to earth. And earth never sends any new characters over since it's a one way trip. The crew then lives out their days on the ship. Nothing else really happens in the vastness of space. So a time gap without episode coverage makes sense.

    To account for 9 years of space travel (or whatever is believable for the actors looking older):
    Maybe things don't go exactly as planned and for some reason it takes longer. The flight could be 7-9 years (to account for actors aging); this is a long time, so maybe they opt to go in and out of medically induced stasis comas. The food supply for each pod conveniently only lasts for as long as they need it, so by the time they get to the next galaxy they are hungry and out of luck again.

    The adventure continues...

    SGU had such potential with the origins/fingerprints of the universe plot. It would be a shame, albeit much easier, to create an entirely new show and not continue this one.

    It will never happen but I wish it would.

    I would LOVE to see this come back, although I'm sure that will never happen. But if it did, it's a safe bet that coming out of stasis to start it would be a good way to open. So yeah, some sort of technical problems + unforeseen complications causing it all to take several years to come out of stasis would make sense.

    By the way, was there ever any word from show creators/writers about the direction they were hoping to take if it had stayed on the air?


      There was on Joe Malozzi's blog. I remember reading an entry where he discussed two possible scenarios:
      1. everyone wakes up three years later as per Eli's and Rush's plan
      2. everyone wakes up a million years later, Park's eyes are healed and everyone finds themselves accepting new facts after they accepted the fact they are trapped on a damaged and old spaceship: the people they knew and their beloved ones are long gone.

      Personally, I like the second scenario, because it could actually lead to the Destiny crew actually fulfilling Destiny's mission in the future and then returning a million years back in time to be re-united with everyone they know and love. It'd be a nice change of pace and it would provide for a more original series ending. It would have been also a chance for the show NOT to be dependent on the characters from the previous two shows, which would mean the writers would have to resort to actually come up with more original episode-to-episode plots and sub-plots & stories instead of just recycling old stuff after 15 years and 17 seasons.


        Yeah, I love the idea of the second scenario a lot.


          i did mention another possibility, a ancient expedition sent to intercept the drone ships with full resupply and a perfected arcturus device or atleast a series of overhauls for the ships based around a atlantis style city ship that cannot move because say its wormhole drive is burned out from a malfunction during the trip and the few ancients that were there just set up a stable power source for the city ship, and then fled useing a ship they constructed thier afterwards to rejoin the pegasus or milky way ancients, uhhmm.... and the city ship naturally was broadcasting a recall code the drone ships would recognize and corresponding sets of codes useing a unique comm system they hadnt seen used before except in those long distance body switching devices, so anyways the destiny and any other drone ships that got ahead divert directly to it and thereby drain of energy while transfering to it, but the destiny is depleting its last energy but makes the way because the ancients put in a automated stargate contact protocal for any ships that drop out of ftl short of journeying to the city ship to transfer energy directly to them through the gate.

          this sets up a foil for several episodes as presumably all the sleeper cells wake up hte people before the energy depletes and before the resupply city ship opens up gate contact with them, maybe it looks like a ancient atlantis city, maybe it looks like a wierd hybred between that and a armored city ship so it doesnt have to deal with losing its shields causing issues,

          so yea that was sort of my idea to give a cool side story, and the atlantis style city ship basically downloads all the data before launching a small (relatively speaking by ancient standards) self sufficient drone/probe ship that carries the data back to the pegasus galaxy with a wormhole drive powered by several zpms interlinked


            I have written down one of my ideas here :

            Other option could be that some of the SG:U characters would wake up on a planet then they would find out that somebody has dialed Destiny while they were sleeping. So some characters were rescued by aliens and then we could follow their fight for survival and maybe find a way back to Destiny. Or even the evil Asgards (the Vanir) could have visited them to take them as hostage. Or the Blueberrys. Just it wouldn't be fair that they killled everyone else or the Destiny is just flying away and there is no way to rescue the rest.

            Or they should change body with such people who are near the Asgard core on Odussey. Maybe they would be able to copy the synthetizing program, so if they could re-write the same program on the board of Destiny, then they could make clothes, outfits or even ZPMS or any other energy resources.

            Even other option could be that they took same DNA smaple on Earth and they ask Harlan to make them robot duplicate bodies on Earth. Then they swap the souls and severe the connections, so technically they could return home in their own robotic body. Not the best solution, but it could have been an interesting episode idea.

            But honestly I would still prefer that the SGC/Pegasus team would find out a solution together instead of using an unknown alien force or artifact as a deus ex machina solution. That is the reason I would prefer this beachgate-avengers idea what I have linked above.
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              I think there's plenty alternatives besides Eli managing to stay aboard Destiny and everything going on as usual.

              Alternatives that could really open new horizons for the crew, the ship, the fans... as I've posted elsewhere


                I just hope that someday soon they bring it back as either a series or tv movies. It's such a pity they ended way before it's time. They should re-release again to gain support.