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Thank you, Stargate Universe

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    Thank you, Stargate Universe

    With everything that's happened, I wanted a place to offer my heartfelt thanks for a show that I thoroughly enjoyed, for every episode it's been on.

    Stargate Universe is the first show where I've had the unique opportunity to thank the people responsible for entertaining me, where there was a chance that the people involved could see my letter, without having to go through an agent or a mailbag, etc. (Thank you, Interwebs!)

    From moment one, I've watched every episode, mostly from the edge of my seat and this has been some of the best TV I've seen in a long time.

    I wanted to say how much I've appreciated not only the entertainment, but for all the extra goodies. From the stunning visuals, to the Kinos and set tours, to back stage extras that let us see what's going on. I also loved that with this show, like none other that I've been a fan of, there has been a sense of connection with The Powers That Be, whether that's at GateWorld, on Twitter and Facebook, various campaigns, or Joe Mallozzi's blog.

    This show made me think of bigger things and brought a true sense of wonder, not only for the message but for the simple journey itself. Even if it's only two seasons, I'm cherishing those discs.

    Thank you, sincerely,

    Elaine G

    please read this post for further information about this thread's purpose, thanks!
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    I'm going to second that.

    SGU stands as being one of the greatest Sci Fi shows I have ever seen. It's quality on every level.

    Good going TPTB, for making the brave decision to not just settling for repeating yourself for years to come.

    "Five Rounds Rapid"



      I completely agree! Thank you for the best two seasons of Stargate yet (in my opinion), and some of the best seasons of sci-fi ever


        Completely agree with everyone in this thread. Especially cherishing the discs. 1.0 and 1.5 are my favorite DVDs ever - I've watched them more than anything I have.


          Last night I watched "Darkness" on one of my local channels that has SGU in syndication.
          I was reminded again what a fantastic show this is- and last night I didn'tyet know SGU had been cancelled.(Or I would have been shedding a tear)
          I second and third every thing that's been said above-great Sci-fi, great everything.
          I will sorely miss SGU


            Well said, Elaine.


              Great post & I agree with everything you said. I would've never watched anything "Stargate" without SGU. I thank them for bringing me to this wonderful franchise and bringing me great entertainment for 2 seasons!


                I agree with everyone here as well.

                I too watched Darkness not once but twice lastnight, on two different networks. And it brought back memories of watching this episode for the first time. Couldn't believe how short some of the cast's hair was (Patrick, Peter and Louis for example).

                I will always cherish this series and the DVD's especially. I wear my SGU T-shirt and hoodie today proudly.

                The cast and crew of Stargate Universe ROCK and I will always be better for having known you. LOVE ALWAYS!!!!
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                  I have watched my SGU season one Blu-Ray set more than any Blu-Ray or DVD I own, and while I am extremely upset at the cancellation, I consider SGU to be like Firefly; while it is sad that it never got to tell its full story, what we have is worth appreciating


                    I totally agree! Thank You! In fact I saw season 1 at the store and was deciding whether or not to get it or wait for the complete series set, but I got it because 1) it would help let MGM know I still care 2) I want it now!
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                      And now some compliments from me.

                      I think that SGU is one of the best sci-fi ever created. I did not like last 2 seasons of SGA, but I was simply amazed with SGU.

                      SGU will be my first thing to buy on DVD (Slovenia is a pirate nation, noone buys DVD's)


                        Yeah, thank you my beloved Stargate Universe, the first series where I was following all the beginnings with the casting calls, the trailers, the birth, the life and then unhappily, the death, and together with the background videos and little stories, thanks to MGM site and Mr. Mallozzi's blog. A very exciting and rewarding period, and the first time that I make fan vids about the Stargate franchise.


                          I'll likely buy the season 1 and season 2 blurays. And I don't buy much these days, I've been unemployed too long. I would say DVD, but I just got a new player for my birthday.

                          Great imagery throughout the series. I just wish it had gone on long enough to get it's legs, so to speak.


                            Stargate Universe, while I didn't think the franchise itself was ready for such a show for the tone just yet, was a great show. The second season was really putting everything together.

                            Thank you, Stargate Universe, for continuing the adventures through the gate.


                              Thanks to particularly the cast and crew, it looks to me like you did everything that was asked of you by the creative staff and for that you should be applauded.

                              I'll stop short of saying thank you to the creative staff though, I feel they are the ones who have dealt the killing blow to SGU and possibly the entire Stargate franchise.