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    1. And we open with...a nice modern planet...then a conversation between two people I don't know. Fine.

    2. Mitchell Kirking...meh.

    3. Daniel had some good lines here.

    Overall though, meh filler.


      Actually I like the whole memory stuff, as it has already been presented within former storylines, eg. "Keera/Liana".
      But since the whole character of "Mitchell" comes across as completely "artificial" to me and that unfortunately never changed, I just can not manage to take interest in whatever is happening to him. I just don't care.
      So, the ep. itself is a quite solid one - but had me bored nevertheless.


        One of my favourite episodes! Here it becomes obvious that Mitchell is not a substitute for O'Neill but a totally different person. And you can see that "the band is back" - they all care for each other!

        CARPE DIEM


          This episode is basically a filler, but one where we get a little more background on Mitchell and what makes him tick.

          I think the idea of implanting memories is interesting, but as the episode shows, it's fairly easy to erase a memory or supplant it with a new one. In the hands of the wrong people this could be an ethical nightmare, which the episode goes with.

          Also, the moment the ex-husband said that he and the victim were married once, he should have jumped to the prime suspect list... he would have been on there faster than you could think it, in every cop-show I watch. But SG-1 clearly doesn't watch many crime shows.

          The house was also used in ... err...can't remember the episode, but it's also Narim's house.
          And the office with the wooden bookcase against the walls, was also used in Space Race.

          Clever re-use of locations.

          Also... Anna Galvin.

          How would you rate SG-1's "Collateral Damage?"

          Good -- because Anna Galvin...


          3-episode quiz: The Fourth Horseman I, The Fourth Horseman II & Collateral Damage

          Jigsaw puzzle: Collateral Damage
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            This episode was good but in some way I had a feeling that it was toooo much Cam and other characters were just standing around. Standing and drinking, standing and looking at something, standing in SGC, standing next to Cam.
            But the ending surprised me.


              It would have been fun to see how Mitchell could have remembered some scenes with Crichton from FarScape. That would have been a new meaning of brainwashing in fan fiction potential.
              "I was hoping for another day. Looks like we just got a whole lot more than that. Let's not waste it."

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                Wouldn't that have broken some television walls...
                Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum

                Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


                  Collateral damage seems like a description for the last time Soul stalked FH.

                  The fake murder is a common scifi cliche. I think what I like about this episode is how we got to see Mitchell's background and get insight into how he thinks. Their is something I loved about seeing Cam and his father. I noticed they kind of dropped the lack of evidence story with Tealc and Daniel.

                  Good with 6:42 and 12/15
                  Originally posted by aretood2
                  Jelgate is right



                    ​ ​



                      It was interesting seeing Mitchell’s memories, but the murder inquiry was a bit boring.


                        I do not understand how shows get away with episodes like this. This is a complete rip off of an episode of Star Trek Voyager where Tom Paris is accused of murder.

                        But maybe the Voyager episode came later, i'm not sure.
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