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    You could use some detail on the command bridge. The window could use some depth too, like pull it in some, while adding an outline to the outside of it.

    Its looking pretty good so far.
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      Originally posted by ManiacMike View Post
      Ill see what I can do. I just finished my aurora model, might as well start fiddling with it to make some different classes.
      Theres a number of models on your deviantart


      Do you use these, did you ever finish them?
      Any help would be appreciated, cant wait for the valkyrie
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        The flute and cargo ship were both WAY early in my modeling days. Like the first ships I made. Their poop compared to the stuff I can do now, but If you liked them I can probably do a few render's of them.

        The cruiser, I actually started to remodel it but it was too weird so I stopped.

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          Originally posted by dboy-2007 View Post
          My latest project pretty much completed.


          Designation: FGG-305
          Class: Freyr

          1 Asgard beam weapon
          1 Small Asgard beam weapon
          8x missile tubes

          Trinium armour plating
          Asgard shields

          Asgard Intergalactic Hyperdrive
          2x Medium Plasma Drives
          2x Small Plasma Drives

          2x small NIG


          I like it.

          I haven't worked on a ship in a while, think I'll fire up SketchUp now...


            Originally posted by Lt. Col. Mcoy View Post
            Tep, can you please convert Dr. Lee's helo and the F-302 model in the GWVF pack from .max to .3ds format and send them to me?
            I've modified the Wasp quite a bit in the last few days, So if you want i could get a .3DS file done for you and E-mail it to you?

            I've added a pair of the Mozzie guns along with missile pods and used the landing gear, that was 'borrowed' from a 302 file, from the Mozzie as well

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              Originally posted by Dr Lee View Post
              I've modified the Wasp quite a bit in the last few days, So if you want i could get a .3DS file done for you and E-mail it to you?
              That'd be great. It's

              The New GateWorld Virtual Fleet Database


                E-mail sent

                Out of interest were you requesting the file because you're about to do a scene?


                'You gotta admit, Vampires are just plain cool'


                  How about this for a cool class of war cruisers and attack aircrafts

                  Liberty-class warship

                  Designation: BC-307
                  USS Heracles (in service)
                  USS Iliad (under construction)
                  USS Enterprise (under consideration)

                  Type: Heavy attack vessel
                  Technology base: Tau'ri/lantean/asgard
                  Size: a little bit under the size of an aurora-class warship
                  Hull: high-tensile titanium with a trinium/naquaduh outer hull 1 1/2 meters thick
                  crew: 450
                  ~ Command deck - 50
                  ~ Medical unit - 20
                  ~ Ship Security/ground forces - 250
                  ~ Engineers - 100
                  ~ Pilots - 30

                  Capacity - 800 including staff

                  Power plant:
                  5 mark III naquduh generators
                  1 Asgard neutrino ion generator
                  3 naquduh mark III generators dedicated to cloak and shield

                  1 Asgard intergalactic hyperdrive
                  Ionis Sublight Drive
                  Anti-Gravity Wave Drive

                  Reversed engineered ancient city shield
                  (underpowered compared to original city shield)
                  Reversed engineered puddle jumper/tel'tak cloak

                  Railgun array around ship
                  10 naqudriah enhance nukes
                  20 naquaduh nukes
                  5 gatebusters
                  advanced asgard lasers
                  eclipse-class orbit to surface seige missles
                  basic taur'i missille supplement

                  2 squadrons of F-302s
                  1 squadron of G-404s

                  Asgard beaming equipment
                  transport rings
                  Asgard matter creating thingy


                  After the destruction of the Korolev and the Prometheus the tau’ri fleet was down to 3 mother ships and a few squadrons of F-302s. Earth needed a more rugged battle cruiser that would be able to take on hive ships and ori battle cruisers 1 on 1. After 4 years of designing and continuous construction they had a new class of warship the Libery-class heavy attack vessel. Designated BC-307 USS Heracles (aka Hercules) is the most advanced, largest, and powerful ship ever conceived by the Tau’ri. Jowever it does have a huge pricetag about twice the cost of the Daedalus. After the evident destruction of the ori, it was dispatched to the ori home galaxy to procure ori technology to use against Michael and setup a permanent outpost in that galaxy similar to the atlantis expedition. These ships are very tough and are expected to stay in service all the way into the year 2042

                  G-404 Reconnaissance Interceptor

                  Hull: polarized trinium/titanium plating with an organic shelling and reversed engineered cloaking from a Tel’tac

                  Armament: dual X-699 laser weapons

                  Size: 10 meters long 3 meters wide (size of a dart or an ori fighter)

                  Propulsion: Mark II Naquadria enhanced hyperspace generator


                  Created in Area 51 from a downed Ori fighter and and a stolen Dart, the G-404 is used as an interceptor to attack mainly other fighters. More maneuverable than an F-302 it can another ori fighter 2 to 1. It is also used for reconnaissance, having a cloak and a faster hyperdrive than an F-302 but needs a longer time to recharge. Currently only serving on the Heracles and has a single squadron nicknamed the Ori obliterators.

                  Comment plz...
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                    btw the the G-404 is single seated


                      Originally posted by Dpil236 View Post
                      G-404 Reconnaissance Interceptor
                      Size: 25 meters long 40 meters wide

                      More maneuverable than an F-302...
                      Originally posted by Dpil236 View Post
                      btw the the G-404 is single seated
                      25 Meters long and 40 Meters wide and only one seat? Or am I missunderstanding this?
                      How can something of that size be more maneuverable than a F-302 which is around 6 Meters from wing to wing?

                      PS. Sorry if I'm sounding negative, but I'm not just somewhat confused.=P. DS


                        I'm in need of a bit of advice.....

                        I've had a file on my compy for a while now that was going to be a Tau'ri space station. The idea was that it would be a builders and maintenance yard for the ships in the Tau'ri fleet i've created.

                        This is the latest render...

                        The red blocks are a basic blocky representation of the DSC-304, and as you can see the station is designed to have up to four 'docked' at any one time. Also, as shown by my revised Prommie design it can have up to 12 BC-303-B's docked.

                        It's also got a pair of twin runway Fighter bays and a pair of cargo bays big enought to hold Four of my Churchill cargos ships each.

                        The problem i have is i'm starting to think i've hit the fanwank limit. And i don't want to.

                        ATM i've set it up to be armed with 72 massive cannons and a lunatic amount of Missile tubes. Sorting out these will be the main job for today

                        What should i do to take it away from the Fanwank catagory?

                        'You gotta admit, Vampires are just plain cool'


                          The number of wepons is overkill....a few asgard ebams strategicaly placed would do the job just fine, suplemented by some railgun turets.


                            Maybe an Asgard beam on the end of each 'arm' of the station?

                            I'll leave the guns on the main tower where they are i think

                            'You gotta admit, Vampires are just plain cool'


                              Originally posted by Dr Lee View Post
                              Maybe an Asgard beam on the end of each 'arm' of the station?

                              I'll leave the guns on the main tower where they are i think
                              actualy i think a beam on the ends of each arm, and two on the top and bottom of the hub fo maximum coverage.


                                the central station having 6 beam weapons[3 on a turret, one top, one on the bottom]
                                and the arms having a point defence system[several vls launch systems for LRM's, and some railguns] should be fine